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Index to the X-titles: 1 / 22

Author: Darren Duncan
Created: version 1.0 first posted 1997 August 13
Updated: version 2.0 last modified 1998 February 10

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*                  Index to the X-titles                   *

Version: 2.0
Created: 13 August, 1997
Last Updated: 10 February, 1998

Author: Darren Duncan
E-Mail: cst97021@camosun.bc.ca


This FAQ is meant to be a comprehensive index to all of the
issues of the various X-titles out there.  There are about
1200-1500 issues listed, which come from 12 complete
X-series, as well as many limited series and one-shots. 
Every X-title that I know of prior to July, 1996 is included
in its entirety; only some titles following that date are
included, and they go right up to the present.

This FAQ is a work in progress.  I have made every effort to
be complete, but by no means have listed every single
existing issue.  I have started with the most important
series and issues, and I am working outward from there.

For the sake of simplicity, I have not included any reprint
series in this index, preferring only the original stories. 
If you want to find reprint series, such as Classic X-Men or
Marvel Milestone, the X-Men Reprint List does a much better
job than I could.


Issues of the same series are grouped together, and each
series is ordered alphabetically between the other series. 
I have found that this is the best sorting order when you
need to find particular issues.  

The standard issues for each series are ordered mostly by
issue number.  Non-standard issues, such as Annuals, are
inserted between standard issues of their series based on
their relative publication / chronology order.  For example,
Uncanny X-Men Annual #9 is placed between issues 199 and
200.  If you think that Annuals should be placed after the
standard issues instead, please let me know.

Complete series are grouped together first.  Following them
are the limited series, and following them are the
one-shots.  All issues related to the Age of Apocalypse are
grouped together as well.

This information is currently available for each issue:
1.  Series Name
2.  Issue Number
3.  Publication Date
4.  Cover Price (US)
5.  Cover Price (Canada)
6.  Total Number of Pages, not including covers
7.  Story Details --

This information is currently available for each story in
each issue:
1.  Actual Number of Pages Used
2.  Name / Title of the story, including if it is part of a
named multipart storyline
3.  Occasionally there are comments telling what larger
storyline this is part of, or some characters present.
4.  Often, when an issue contains featurettes, pin-ups, 
"Report Cards", text features, etc, I include them in the 
index too.

Although there is a lot of information in here, the table is
not 100% complete. If there is something about an issue that
I don't know, I left those spaces blank, to be filled in
later.  Most of what is missing is WOLVERINE #s 1 to 48 and
a number of limited series.  If anyone can help me here I
would greatly appreciate it.  Just about everything else is

This information is currently not in the FAQ, but I plan to
add it eventually:
1.  Physical Format: kind of paper, enhancements, cards
included, wraparound covers, gatefold covers, etc
2.  Creator Credits: Writers, Pencilers, Inkers, Colorists,
Letterers, etc
3.  Characters present in the story
4.  Story Synopsis
5.  Every single X-Men guest shot in existence (practically

A lot of information that I don't have here is available
elsewhere on the WWW.  Check out Marty Blaise's "X-Page" to
find links to them.

Time Periods Index

For the sake of clarity in this FAQ, I have grouped all of
the hundreds of X-issues into 7 distinguished time periods:

Period 1: Sep,63 to Mid-75: Original X-Men
Period 2: Mid-75 to Dec,85: All-New All-Different X-Men
Period 3: Jan,86 to Sep,91: Absense of Xavier
Period 4: Oct,91 to Feb,95: New Storyline Begins
Period 5: Mar,95 to Jun,95: Age of Apocalypse
Period 6: Jul,95 to Jun,96: Rise of Onslaught
Period 7: Jul,96 to present: Newest stories

These are the issues that are found in each period:

Complete Series

Period         1       2       3       4       5       6       7

Start        Sep,63  Mid-75  Jan,86  Oct,91  Mar,95  Jul,95  Jul,96
End          Mid-75  Dec,85  Sep,91  Feb,95  Jun,95  Jun,96  present

CABLE                                 1- 20 XMAN1-4s 21- 32  33-pre*
DAZZLER               1- 42>
EXCALIBUR                     1- 41  42- 86 XCAL1-4  87- 98  99-pre
  Annual                              1-  2
  Special Edition              1
GENERATION-X                          1-  4 GNNX1-4   5- 16  17-pre
  Annual                                                '95 '96-pre*
NEW MUTANTS           1- 34  35-100
  Annual               1      2-  7
  Special Edition      1
UNCANNY X-MEN  1-93  94-200 201-280 281-321 ASXM1-4 322-333 334-pre
  Annual       1- 2   3-  9  10- 15  16- 18             '95 '96-pre*
  Special Edition      1
WOLVERINE                     1- 46  47- 90 WEPX1-4  91-102 103-pre
  Annual                                                '95 '96-pre*
X-FACTOR                      1- 70  71-111 FACX1-4 112-123 124-pre*
  Annual                      1-  6   7-  9
X-FORCE                              <1- 43 GMEX1-4  44- 55  56-pre*
  Annual                              1-  3         &CAB'95 &CAB'97*
X-MAN                                         1-  4s  5- 16  17-pre*
  Annual                                                    '96-pre*
X-MEN  v2                             1- 41 AMXM1-4  42- 53  54-pre
  Annual                              1-  3             '95 '96-pre*
X-MEN UNLIMITED                       1-  7 XCHR1-2   8- 11  12-pre*

> DAZZLER #42 is actually Mar,86
< X-FORCE #1 is actually Aug,91
s (split) X-MAN originally replaced CABLE, then became its own series
* Period 7 issues in these series aren't in this Index

Age of Apocalypse (Period 5)
  X-MEN: ALPHA ons      #1
  AMAZING X-MEN         #s 1-4
  ASTONISHING X-MEN     #s 1-4
  FACTOR-X              #s 1-4
  GENERATION-NEXT       #s 1-4
  WEAPON-X              #s 1-4
  X-CALIBER             #s 1-4
  X-MAN                 #s 1-4; split
  X-MEN CHRONICLES      #s 1-4
  X-UNIVERSE ls         #s 1-2
  X-MEN: OMEGA ons      #1

Limited Series and One-Shots

Period 2
  BEAUTY & THE BEAST ls #s 1-4
  ICEMAN ls             #s 1-4
  KITTY PRYDE & WOLV ls #s 1-6
  LONGSHOT ls           #s 1-6
  MAGIK ls              #s 1-4
  NIGHTCRAWLER ls       #s 1-4
  WOLVERINE ls          #s 1-4
  X-MEN / ALPHA FLIG ls #s 1-2
  X-MEN & MICRONAUTS ls #s 1-4

Period 3
  FALLEN ANGELS ls      #s 1-8
  FANTSTC 4 vs X-MEN ls #s 1-4
  FIRESTAR ls           #s 1-4
  X-MEN vs AVENGERS ls  #s 1-4
  X-M SPLT: STARJMRS ls #s 1-2
  X-TERMINATORS ls      #s 1-4

Period 4
  ADV CYCL & PHOENIX ls #s 1-4
  BISHOP ls             #s 1-4
  CABLE-BLOD & METAL ls #s 1-2
  DEADPOOL: CRCL CHS ls #s 1-4
  DEADPOOL v.2 ls       #s 1-4
  GAMBIT ls             #s 1-4
  ROGUE ls              #s 1-4
  SABRETOOTH ls         #s 1-4

Period 6
  X-MEN: PRIME ons      #1
  ASKANI'SON ls         #s 1-4
  FRTH ADV CYC & PHX ls #s 1-4
  STARJAMMERS ls        #s 1-4
  STORM ls              #s 1-4
  WOLV GAMB: VICTIMS ls #s 1-4

Period 7
  ONSLAUGHT: X-MEN ons  #1
  NW MTNTS: TRTH DTH ls #s 1-3


This FAQ is for everyone's use and enjoyment.  I would
greatly appreciate anyone's help in improving it.  If you
have any information, suggestions, comments, criticism or
praise then I would love to hear from you.  If you see any
mistakes or omissions, please let me know, and I can fix
them.  Send e-mail to the above address.

This FAQ was compiled from the issue information provided by
several sources:

1.  The initial information in this FAQ came from my own
countless hundreds of hours of careful reading and
notetaking of each issue, since 1993.  All information was
double-checked at the source to insure accuracy.

2.  I used "The Official Marvel Index to the X-Men" (1994;
written by Murray Ward with help from others, and published
by Marvel Comics) to fill in information on all the Uncanny
X-Men issues that I didn't have at the time (about 225 of

3.  I later used Daniel McEwen's "dazzler.txt" to fill in
information on all the DAZZLER issues that I didn't have at
the time (36 of them, which is most).

4.  Later still, I used Robert Diehl's "Index to the
New Mutants 1-100" v1.1 (10 Aug, 1996) to fill in
information on all the NEW MUTANTS issues that I didn't have
at the time (26 of them).  I also used his "Index to
X-Factor 1-111" (3 May, 1997) to fill in information on all
of the X-FACTOR issues that I didn't have at the time (12 of

5.  All of the above applied to my personal database.  When
I decided to release it on the WWW, as this index, I used
Borere's "X-Men Continuity FAQ" v1.0 (Dec, 1995) as a guide
for how format my introductory layout.

Revision History

While most of the life of this FAQ was a personal database
on my home computer, I have (rightfully) referred to the
first WWW release as version 1.0.

0.1 -- May, 1993: started reading X-Men comics, and
immediatly started keeping records on them.  Throughout the
next few years I bought 100s of issues and extracted titles
from them all.

0.2 -- Mar-Jul, 1994: supplemented my info with the official
Marvel Index.

0.3 -- 1995-1997: found some info on the WWW that was
focused on a few series; I used these to fill in gaps.

0.4 -- 13 Aug, 1997:  started converting my personal index
into a form suitable for the WWW.

1.0 -- 21 Aug, 1997:  first released this FAQ onto the WWW
under the name "Index to the X-titles", as version 1.0.

1.0.1 -- 10 Dec, 1997:
    * fixed some display problems; improper line-wrapping
    * updated my e-mail address
    * added a little more issue info
    * removed HTML that made background white

2.0 -- 8 Feb, 1998:
    * completely re-formatted the index:
      - issues now sorted by series first instead of by date 
      - information for each issue is formatted into a block 
        rather than a line, making it easier to read.
      - now there is an HTMLized Table of Contents, for 
        quick and easy navigation.  Also, background is now 
        white again
      - overall simplification; removed unnecessary 
        introductory info
    * added a little more issue info

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