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Power Pack Issue Reviews: 13 / 15

Author: Dan Wilson and Brian Alan Smith
Updated: no later than 1998

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 Issue #53 Cover

Power Pack:
Issues 53-55

Cover, Issue #53, by Bret Blevins, Copyright 1989, Marvel Entertainment Group.

53: Chinks in the Armor! Written by Terry Austin. Penciled by Ernie Colon. Inked by Joe Rosen.

The "Acts of Vengeance" storyline, putting villains into new books, brings "Daredevil"'s Typhoid Mary and "Fantastic Four"'s Dr. Doom into the Power Pack fold. Kind of a strange issue, especially for the romance-like relationship between 13-year old Alex, and Mary, who's at least in her twenties. Typhoid Mary battled the team and lost, then tells a version of the story to Doom, in which she wins. Doom only wants the secrets of Kymellian technology, but instead, Mary and her low-level psychic abilities manipulate Doom into giving a psychological insight into himself. So now, Mary sees Doom's "chinks" in the armor that is his soul. It is a Doom/Typhoid Mary story with Power Pack tacked on.
Rating: Two and 1/2 stars

"Dino-Might!" or "Boys and their Toys!" Written by Judy Bogdanove. Penciled by Jon Bogdanove. Inked by Hilary Barta.

The final go-round for Bogdanove, and he brings his wife in to help wrap things up. Reed and Sue Richards take Jack and Franklin to see a robotic dinosaur display at a mall, and the two young heroes wind up fighting the Mad Thinker instead. The Thinker decides that his best chance at getting rich, quick, comes from robbing a mall, and he tries (unsuccessfully, of course) here. Ignore the fact that Bogdanove forgot to put the correct symbol on Jack's chest, and enjoy all the artistic references to Bogdanove's friends and family. It's not worth the purchase price of the book, but there's also a nice cameo with Calvin, Hobbes, and the parents, who actually get a word in edgewise ("Sigh...all these wonderful models, and HE still has to do his usual shtick!")
Rating: Three stars

Mysterio! Written by Dwayne McDuffie. Penciled by Steve Buccellato. Inked by Dan Spiegle.

My first complaint: Julie, who makes a big deal of telling Katie to call herself "Starstreak" when she gets the acceleration power, saying "That's what I wish I had called myself!", is now Lightspeed again. (Though this comes and goes.) Secondly, while I appreciate the effort to make this issue an homage to Scooby Doo, the interest of Mysterio in scaring everyone out of the Powers' apartment building is never explained. Alex even says that himself at the end, wondering whether Mysterio's interest in the building would bring him back. Well, it won't, and that "ominous" ending only becomes silly in retrospect. An unnecessary issue.
Rating: One star

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