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X-Men Continuity FAQ v1.0: 1 / 11

Author: Eric Borer
Created: 1995 December
Updated: 1998 January 12

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Last Updated: January 12, 1998

Author: Eric Borer
E-Mail: (borere@ulv.edu) or (borere@aol.com)


What is continuity? Among other things, it is the chronological history of any
given comic character, team or book, and is that pesky thing that prevents a
character from appearing in two books at the same time. (Or at least it's
supposed to, if the editors and writers are doing their jobs correctly.) In
that vein, this FAQ is meant to be a comprehensive list of all issues of the
various X-books, as well as significant appearances by X-characters in other
books, in the order that they occur in Marvel history. It would probably be
impossible to include every single appearance by all the X-characters, since
many of them were done rather gratuitously and without regard to continuity,
so some can be safely ignored. Likewise, I have disregarded most issues of
titles which include former or future X-characters, but do not influence the
history of the X-books, such as Defenders, Dazzler, Avengers, and the early
Psylocke and Captain Britain appearances.

But every effort has been made to include everything else, and although the
list is mostly complete, there are still quite a few holes. Any help filling
these holes and correcting any errors on my part would be greatly appreciated,
as well as any comments, questions, suggestions for improvement, or
contentions you might have. Feel free to post them to r.a.c.m.x or send them
to the e-mail address of your choice: (borere@ulv.edu) or (borere@aol.com).


This FAQ is essentially a laundry list of all the issues, arranged in
chronological order by their place in the history of the Marvel Universe, not
date of publication. A brief description of the story is included as well,
except in the case of anthology stories, which include the title and main

The first section of the list is for stories that take place before the events
of X-Men, vol. 1 #1, the second section is the mainline X-continuity, and the
third section is for stories that take place in the future. For simplicity's
sake, I have taken the stories from all the many alternate futures/realities
and treated them as if they all take place in the same timeline as the current
X-stories. An issue's place on the list is determined by the time in which the
bulk of the story takes place. For this reason, "framing" introductions and
conclusions (New Mutants #92, for instance) are generally not considered, nor
are any of the many flashbacks that occur. Stories that are split evenly
between two times (such as Uncanny X-Men #141-142) are placed on the list in
both appropriate places.


Much of the information in this FAQ comes from the Official Marvel Index to
the X-Men and the Wolverine Saga Limited Series, and most of the rest comes
from my own reading of the books and the input of too many helpful individuals
to list here, but there are a couple other sources that deserve mention and
thanks: Martin Blase's *m-blase@ux4.cso.uiuc.edu> Age of Apocalypse continuity
list and the Hellions FAQ compiled by Paregoric Greenstool
(mrlavin@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu). Props also go out to  Aardy R. DeVarque
(jhahn@nslsilus.org) for his tremendous assistance.


All the books and characters included in this FAQ are copyright of Marvel
Comics, so be careful messing with them. If anyone wishes to use this FAQ on
his/her WWW page, FTP site or other such forum, you're welcome to do it, but
please include the proper attributions.


This is a list of the abbreviations used in this FAQ:

CAB = Cable
CXM = Classic X-Men
EXC = Excalibur
GX = Generation X
MAV = Maverick
MCP = Marvel Comics Presents
MF = Marvel Fanfare
MGN = Marvel Graphic Novel
MTU = Marvel Team-Up
NAT = X-Man
NM = New Mutants
PXX = Professor Xavier & the X-Men
UO = Uncanny Origins
UXM = Uncanny X-Men/X-Men, vol. 1
WOL = Wolverine
XFC = X-Force
XFR = X-Factor
XM = X-Men, vol. 2
XMU = X-Men Unlimited

bu = back-up story
LS = Limited Series


This is a list of issues and appearances I haven't been able to fit into the
list, but which I suspect belong somewhere on it. If anyone has any
information on them, let me know at one of the addresses above.

Codename: Genetix LS -- Wolverine guest appearance
Hell's Angel/Dark Angel 1-6, 11 -- X-Men/Excalibur guest appearances
MCP 22 - "Suffer a Wolf to Live" (Mirage/Wolfsbane)
MCP 31-38 -- "Dark Shadows" (Excalibur)
MCP 41 -- "Force Fed" (Freedom Force)
MCP 90-97 -- "Servants of the Dead" (Cable/Ghost Rider)
MCP 100 -- "Nightmare" (Wolverine/Ghost Rider/Dr. Doom)
MCP 110 -- "Night of the Ripper" (Nightcrawler)
MCP 110-116 -- "Typhoid's Kiss" (Wolverine/Typhoid Mary)
MCP 117-122 -- "Claws and Webs" (Wolverine/Venom)
MCP 123-130 -- "Passion Play" (Wolverine/Lynx)
MCP 131 -- "These Foolish Things" (Wolverine)
MCP 132-136 -- "Brothers in Arms" (Wolverine/Cyber)
MCP 137-142 -- "Rumble in the Jungle" (Wolverine)
Marvel: Shadows and Light -- "The Spoon Job" (Wolverine)
Spotlight on Starjammers LS -- Starjammers vs. Deathbird
Wolverine: Inner Fury -- Wolvie vs. virus
XFC 8 -- Cable/Six Pack vs. Baron von Strucker
XM 33 -- Gambit vs. Sabretooth in Paris

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