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Index to Defenders 125-152 (The New Defenders), including Iceman LS, Beauty & the Beast LS, Valkyrie one-shot: 2 / 3

Author: Robert Diehl
Updated: Version 1.0, last modified May 25, 1997

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Issue:	Defenders 137
Date:	Nov-84
Story:	Hearts and Minds (22  pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Gargoyle, Iceman, Angel, Valkyrie and Aragorn,
Moondragon, Cloud
Regular Characters:	 
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	an Afghani wizard; Moondragon (the demon, in flashback)
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Isaac is huge and threatening, his demonic body under control of the
	Bobby freezes Cloud into icicles and shoots them at the wizard; he tries to
suffocate the wizard, but is forced to turn corporeal.
	Valkyrie is forced to attack Isaac with Dragonfang, but can't bring herself to
kill him, and he bats her away.
	Moondragon tries to talk to Isaac's mind, but the wizard catches her.
	Beast recognizes the Gnostic names the wizard mentions and tries to convince
him the Defenders are spirits from his god.
	Angel captures the wizard and tries to wrest the pentagram amulet from him,
but it is magically protected.
	Gargoyle slams his fist down on the Defenders; Beast uses Dragonfang to cut it
off. The hand becomes a monster, which Cloud kills with lightning.
	Cloud likewise blinds the wizard; he makes Isaac give him "true sight," which
lets him see the Defenders as they really are: the Beast a scholar, Warren a
dove, Bobby a jester, Cloud a man and a woman. When he looks at Valkyrie and
Moondragon, he runs for his life, out of the huge pentagram inscribed around the
battle site, thereby breaking his control of Isaac.

Issue:	Defenders 138
Date:	Dec-84
Story:	Three Women (22  pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Gargoyle, Iceman, Angel, Valkyrie and Aragorn,
Moondragon, Cloud
Regular Characters:	Candy Southern, Dolly Donahue, Sassafras the dog
Guest Stars:	the Hulk, Wolverine, Captain America, Namor, the Silver Surfer,
the Thing, Rich Little as Humphrey Bogart, Galactus (as holograms); Mentor of
Titan (in flashback)
Villains:	an Afghani wizard; Moondragon (the demon), a demon, Mantis
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	The wizard is afraid of death (Valkyrie) and the dragon (Moondragon)
and runs into the mountains. Warren calls forest rangers to go find him. Beast
accuses Moondragon of being evil; Cloud defends her.
	The team returns to Warren's home; Candy has installed new holographic
security and an automated infirmary, where remote-access doctors check out Isaac
and say his hand may grow back. Dolly is relieved.
	Moondragon goes off alone to ponder the nature of evil; Cloud is now switching
genders often; Bobby is unable to deal with it.
	Isaac was in touch with Moondragon's mind (last iss.) and knows her dark
secret. On Titan as a young woman, she took her teachers' studies too far, was
confronted by the Dragon of the Moon, and bound it. She took its name to
commemorate her victory, but has subtly become like the still-struggling dragon
over the years.
	Hank and Warren announce that Candy is to be their leader, since they need an
organizer more than a field leader.
	Meanwhile, Moondragon is attacked by demons and Mantis as she meditates, and
is thrown through the door.

Issue:	Defenders 139
Date:	Jan-85
Story:	Hungry Like the Wolf! (22  pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Gargoyle, Iceman, Angel, Valkyrie, Moondragon, Cloud
Regular Characters:	Candy Southern, Dolly Donahue, Sassafras the dog 
Guest Stars:	Odin, Red Wolf (Talltrees)
Villains:	Mantis, Trolls
Other Characters:	William MacAllistaire
Synopsis:	Mantis attacks, but then disappears when Hank snaps Moondragon out of
her trance. She complains that everybody is against her; Cloud and Dolly comfort
	Angel flies with and eagle and gets a warning from it: trouble in the earth.
He investigates and finds that there have been deaths near a silver mine on an
Indian reservation. The team jets there.
	Isaac's hand is growing back, but it is human, not gargoyle. Moondragon admits
she had been trying to remove her headband; the resultant telepathic energy is
what drew Sole (iss. 132) and Brand (iss 135) to the mansion.
	Red Wolf meets them at the reservation and leads them into the mine. Valkyrie
realizes that they have passed from earth to Asgard, and they are attacked by
trolls, whose breath turns all as to stone, except Valkyrie.
	The troll smith is making weapons, using the blood of men and cattle. He sees
Odin's band on Moondragon's head and starts to remove it; she considers it, but
decides not to be tempted by power and keeps the band. She splashes the blood of
Red Wolf's people on him, and he uses it to free the rest of the team. Valkyrie
pulls the roof down on them, and emerges victorious from the rubble. Odin makes
his band fall off Moondragon's head; she has passed the test of humility.

Issue:	Defenders 140
Date:	Feb-85
Story:	The Heartbreak Kid! (22  pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Gargoyle, Iceman, Angel, Valkyrie and Aragorn,
Moondragon, Cloud
Regular Characters:	Candy Southern, Dolly Donahue, Sassafras the dog
Guest Stars:	 
Villains:	Danny Atherton Shepard, Ephraim Soles, neo-Nazis
Other Characters:	Vera Cantor; Harry and Louise Shepard; Edna Mae Terry; Hiram
Synopsis:	Beast sends flowers and a note to Vera, whom he has neglected since
he left New York. It works.
	Moondragon has a new, modest costume; she shows no modesty otherwise. She
admits to having tried to telepathically make someone fall in love with her and
remove her headband; this explains why Warren, Bobby, and Cloud all had feeling
for her.
	In a small Midwestern town, Sheriff Shepard locks up his son, who raped Edna
Mae because she's black.
	Moondragon senses this; she, Warren, Cloud, and Valkyrie go to investigate.
They arrive just in time to stop neo-Nazis from starting a riot. Moondragon calms
the crowds' minds, and they go to Danny's trial.
	He says it's okay to rape a black, inciting a spectator to take a shot at him.
Moondragon stops the bullet, then forces Edna Mae to remember the truth: Danny
telepathically made her remember giving up her illegitimate baby, and her
subconscious mind transformed this into rape. Danny explains that he faked this
to break the hearts of everyone who cared about him, so he could remove their
heartbreak. He leaves.
	On a farm near Defenders' mansion, a cow gives birth to Soles (iss. 132),
covered in sores, and he attacks the family. Monstrous flowers sprout hands,
reaching up toward the mansion.

Issue:	Defenders 141
Date:	Mar-85
Story:	All Flesh Is Grass! (22  pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Gargoyle, Iceman, Angel, Valkyrie, Moondragon, Cloud
Regular Characters:	Sassafras the dog 
Guest Stars:	 
Other Characters:	Chris Larmouth, the Shirers, Sheriff Garvin Macken
Synopsis:	Larmouth works as a plane mechanic for Warren, works out, and dreams
of being a super-hero. His health food sprouts inside him, swelling his muscles,
then tendrils burst out from him.
	The security system alerts Beast and Iceman, who freezes Chris until a cure
can be found.
	In the valley, plant-like men are riding horses, and tendrils with human
appendages are sprouting out of the ground.
	Bobby and Isaac lock up the mansion tight against a spore-infested fog, while
Beast goes into the lab to investigate. The rest of the team returns from the
Midwest (see last iss.) but are unable to approach the mansion.
	The next day, the spores form a huge slime-mold, which crawls up the valley
toward the mansion. Moondragon realizes it is about to reproduce and jumps into
it. She calls Isaac to join her in the slime, and joins minds with him. Together,
they dissolve the creature. (As a byproduct, Isaac's hand is healed.)

Issue:	Defenders 142
Date:	Apr-85
Story:	M.O.N.S.T.E.R.! (22  pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Gargoyle, Iceman, Angel, Valkyrie, Moondragon, Cloud
Regular Characters:	Dolly Donahue, Candy Southern
Guest Stars:	 
Villains:	Adrian Leverkuhn Castorp, Sen. Robert Kelly
Other Characters:	Chris Larmouth, Fontaine college students including Helen
Williams, Harold, Art Wagner
Synopsis:	Adrian is a student at Fontaine, an epileptic, a six-fingered
pianist, and can only see in infra-red. 
	A student rally describes the current anti-mutant prejudice (see Dazzler: the
Movie), and points out that Kelly and Hank will both be lecturing there soon.
	Larmouth is still on ice (see last iss.). Moondragon gets nauseous while
meditating. Bobby talks to Cloud and promises to be there for her/him.
	At Beast's lecture, Adrian accuses him of being a clown, when mutants need a
real advocate. Hank has no answer. Adrian complains that his mutation is not
enough to be a hero, but is enough to be persecuted.
	At Kelly's lecture, he advocates the Mutant Registration Act: "If there were
thousands of H-bombs in basements across the country - wouldn't you think it a
good thing if somebody knew where they were?quot; Adrian attacks him, going right
through his bodyguards, Bobby, and Hank. Cloud senses electrical equipment on him
and zaps it. Turns out to be an exo-skeleton, needed because of a degenerative
nerve disorder. He can no longer play the piano.
	Beast helps him found MONSTER (Mutants Only Need Sensitivity, Tolerance, and
Equal Rights), an advocacy group.

Issue:	Defenders 143
Date:	May-85
Story:	Another Runner... (22  pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Gargoyle, Iceman, Angel, Valkyrie, Moondragon,
Cloud; Andromeda (see iss. 146)
Regular Characters:	Candy Southern
Guest Stars:	Mentor, Runner (in flashback)
Villains:	Moondragon (the demon)
Other Characters:	Tony (see iss. 145)
Synopsis:	Flashback: Thanos of Titan's ship crashes into a car in the desert,
killing Moondragon's parents.
	The demon Moondragon taunts her. Valkyrie tells Gargoyle that they must not
interfere as she faces this challenge. She makes Candy leave the mansion for her
own safety.
	In New York, Andromeda emerges from a submarine, feigns an injury, and gets a
stranger named Tony to take her home.
	Moondragon finds the slime (from iss. 141) still inside her. The demons tells
her only he has the power to kill it, but she would rather die than let it loose
in the world. It shows her the other Defenders: Cloud blames Moondragon for
messing with her mind; Bobby comforts her.
	Moondragon remembers meeting Runner, an interstellar traveler, on Titan. She
ran off with him, exploring, but he showed her a star about to nova and explains
that he cannot intervene. Disillusioned, she returned to Titan.
	Moondragon is convinced that people are not worth dying for and accepts the
demon. She attacks and easily defeats Isaac, blinds Warren, and disintegrates

Issue:	Defenders 144
Date:	Jun-85
Story:	Dragon Midnight (22  pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Gargoyle, Iceman, Angel, Valkyrie and Aragorn,
Moondragon, Cloud
Regular Characters:	Candy Southern, Dolly Donahue, Sassafras the dog
Guest Stars:	the Valkyries
Villains:	Moondragon (the demon 
Other Characters:	Gen. Argyle Fist
Synopsis:	Moondragon has killed Valkyrie (last iss.), and is horrified but
intoxicated with power.
	Candy calls Beast, and he, Cloud, and Iceman jet back from Boston. Aragorn,
wild, attacks them in midair, and Bobby calms him.
	A renascent, giant-sized, Odin-boosted Valkyrie confronts Moondragon,
surrounded by demonic energy in the form of a huge dragon. She opens volcanoes;
Valkyrie closes them. Candy notifies the army; Valkyrie summons the rest of the
Valkyries. Cloud has the blinded Angel fly her into the dragon, to confront
Moondragon, but when she learns she likes being evil, attacks her with lightning,
which strikes her heart and disperses the evil.

Issue:	Defenders 145
Date:	Jul-85
Story:	Five Women (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Gargoyle, Iceman, Angel, Valkyrie, Moondragon,
Cloud; Andromeda/Andrea
Regular Characters:	Candy Southern, Sassafras the dog, Dolly Donahue
Guest Stars:	Dr. Strange, the Hulk, Wolverine, Captain America, Namor the
Sub-Mariner (as holograms); Johnny Blaze; Seraph alias Nancy Turpin (see iss.
Villains:	William Taurey and the Royalist Forces of America (in flashback)
Other Characters:	Gen. Argyle Fist, Tony, Roxanne, Chris Larmouth 
Synopsis:	The army helps clean up the mess; Moondragon and Valkyrie have
disappeared. Argyle advises the Defenders to get better connections in the
government, if they're going to be having battles like this.
	In New York, a slightly blue-skinned Andromeda makes copies of Tony's credit
	Doctors are unable to cure Warren's blindness, and when they examine Cloud,
they find she's nothing but anomalies.
	Blaze (the former Ghost Rider) cycles past the army and security system to the
mansion, with Roxanne. They had seen the Valkyries (last iss.) and came to help.
	Valkyrie reappears and explains that Moondragon still lives, whereabouts
unknown, and the demon is gone.
Moondragon checks into a hotel in the Mid-East.
	The Defenders consider disbanding, Blaze rejects Warren's offer to be their
new mechanic, but borrows money from him.
	Turpin sneaks into the med-lab, makes a date with Hank, and identifies Cloud
as Carol Faber, a local girl killed in a car crash.

Issue:	Defenders 146
Date:	Aug-85
Story:	Fun! (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Gargoyle, Iceman, Angel, Valkyrie, Cloud;
Regular Characters:	Candy Southern
Guest Stars:	Thor, the Hulk (as holograms), Johnny Blaze, Seraph/Nancy Turpin
Villains:	Hotspur
Other Characters:	Roxanne, Tony, Gen. Argyle Fist, Higgins, Wong, Sarah
Synopsis:	Cloud acts as Warren's eyes as they go flying together.
	In New York, Tony and Andromeda go to a club. Andromeda realizes that Hotspur
is slashing the people as they dance, and they aren't even noticing it. She
confronts him; he runs away.
	The Defenders to go New York, staying at Dr. Strange's house, so Warren can
get better treatment for his eyes. Turpin goes with them, and reveals herself to
Cloud as her sister.
	Valkyrie senses death; the team investigates and finds Hotspur leading a
midnight revel in Central Park. Valkyrie attacks him; he explains that he is
already dead and can spit soul-fire, and he defeats Valkyrie and Beast. Andromeda
shows up in armor and confronts him.

Issue:	Defenders 147
Date:	Sep-85
Story:	...And Games! (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Gargoyle, Iceman, Valkyrie, Cloud; Andromeda;
Moondragon (as a memory)
Regular Characters:	Candy Southern
Guest Stars:	the Interloper; Sgt. Nick Fury (as an illusion); Seraph/Nancy
Villains:	Hotspur 
Other Characters:	 
Synopsis:	Gargoyle takes a jewel from Strange's house. Andromeda apprehends
Hotspur, accidentally breaking his arm. He pops it back in place; Valkyrie
attacks him, and he gives her a vision of trolls that Beast wakes her from.
	Hotspur has summoned high-tech demon troops. The Defenders battle and are
captured by the Hades-engine, which drains their powers.
	The Interloper walks across Siberia, intimidating wolves. He senses a dragon
in the world.
	Hotspur explains: he was an 18th century British peer who formed a gang of
sadists and made a pact with a demon to cheat death. He was recently summoned
back into this world, and plans to conquer it.
	Inexplicably, Sgt. Fury shows up from WWII, frees the Defenders and gives them
machine guns. They almost fire into the demon troops, but realize it is all an
illusion, except the guns, and they were about to kill Hotspur's revelers. He
wants them to kill for fun.
	Gargoyle makes Cloud remember her pain over Moondragon, forcing Hotspur to
feel the pain he always caused others. He screams and disappears. The revelers
are released.
	Turpin reveals herself as Seraph. She knows who Cloud really is, and has come
to take her away.

Issue:	Defenders 148
Date:	Oct-85
Story:	The Kickshaws Consignment (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Gargoyle 
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Hellcat (Patsy Walker Hellstrom), Son of Satan (Daimon Hellstrom),
Rufus T. Hackstabber (Groucho Marx); Oliver Cutlass, Typhoon (Kwan Tai Fung),
Hannibal King
Villains:	Minerva Bannister
Other Characters:	Capt. Van Vliet, Det. Henry Crun (SFPD)
Synopsis:	Hackstabber recklessly drives the Hellstroms in his cab to Van Vliet,
who has hired them, along with Gargoyle and Beast, to get an artifact: the lesser
grey god.
	Crun breaks in through the door; Cutlass through the window, followed by a
grenade, which Hackstabber volleys back with a tennis racket (handy).
	Cutlass sends Crun after the grenade-thrower; he is also after the missing
artifact, which was shipped under the name Kickshaws. But Van Vliet doesn't know
where it is. Daimon says it is a danger because it can revive old enchantments.
It was made by the Six-Fingered Hand.
	Van Vliet is found dead (poisoned, and stabbed with an ice dagger). A shot
leads all outside, where Crun is under attack, and they rescue him.
	Cutlass figures it out: he takes all to Bannister's mansion, finds the lesser
grey god, and shows it is a fake. King, a former vampire, arrives and says
Bannister wanted to be one, too, and wanted the lesser grey god to revive the
enchantment. Van Vliet killed himself to avoid the same fate.
	The Defenders defeat Bannister's goons and have her arrested. Hackstabber
polishes his hood ornament: the lesser grey god.

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