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Index to Defenders 125-152 (The New Defenders), including Iceman LS, Beauty & the Beast LS, Valkyrie one-shot: 3 / 3

Author: Robert Diehl
Updated: Version 1.0, last modified May 25, 1997

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Issue:	Defenders 149
Date:	Nov-85
Story:	Lonely as a Cloud--! (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Gargoyle, Iceman, Angel, Valkyrie, Cloud; Andromeda 
Regular Characters:	Candy Southern
Guest Stars:	Seraph; Namor the Sub-Mariner, Hulk, Dr. Stephen Strange (in
flashback); the Interloper
Other Characters:	Tony (in flashback); Vera Cantor; Carol Faber, Danny
Synopsis:	Following directly from iss. 148, Seraph claims to be able to restore
Cloud's memory.
	Andromeda explains that she is a warrior from Atlantis, became disgusted with
the sexism there, and decided to join Namor's old team. They accept her.
	Hank meets with Vera, apologizes for never being around, and gives her a watch
that can signal him.
	In flight, Cloud splits into both boy and girl, giving off lightning that
knocks the pilot Hank out. Angel, blind, takes the controls and avoids a crash.
	The Interloper goes into a Soviet base in Siberia to look at maps. His cloak
of fear prevents the guards from interfering, and he walks off over the ocean
toward New Mexico.
	Seraph takes Cloud to a hospital in West Virginia, where her male and female
selves are lying in comas. She remembers now: she was an unhappy sentient cloud,
made contact with the couple as their car crashed, was overwhelmed with their
trauma, and became them, forgetting her original mission.
	Seraph takes her to the site of the accident, so she will remember the rest.
She passes out; Beast has Gargoyle fly her up where she came from; she remembers
all, including the danger. She flashes lightning, and all disappear.

Issue:	Defenders 150
Date:	Dec-85
Story 1:	The Stars in Their Courses (34 pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Gargoyle, Iceman, Angel, Valkyrie, Cloud; Andromeda 
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Seraph, the Cosmic Cube; Captain America (in flashback, and as a
template for the Cube)
Villains:	nasty green aliens including Sir Kaltenborn de Register-Cambric, the
Star Thief
Other Characters:	nice brown aliens
Synopsis:	Cloud has transported the team to deep space, her home. She is a
nebula; she will be a star someday. She points out an area of space where the
stars are winking out.
	A fleet of alien craft appear and take the Defenders on board. A brief fight
ends when Seraph uses her power to give ecstasy to the aliens. Through video
tape, they explain that they are refugees from a dead star.
	The Cosmic Cube, now a stellar object, appears and explains it was trying to
contact Cap for advice, but got the Over-Mind instead, who is MIA. It takes Cap's
form so it can fight alongside the Defenders.
	The aliens pilot them into the void, where they are confronted by the Star
Thief, who is insane and destroying the stars for aesthetics.
	Beast and the aliens determine its home planet. On arrival, they are attacked
by its inhabitants and crash land aboard the Cube's simulation of Cap's shield.
They fight through to the Star Thief's real body and find him, a small child,
blinded by a laser and in a coma. They gather around her bed and think good
thoughts, and she returns the stars, wrapped up in a little bag. She had tapped
into the power of the Cube to fulfill her whims, but now knows better.
	Cloud affirms her/his love for Bobby, and returns to space. The Cube returns
the rest home.

Story 2:	Sassafras, The Dog Filled with Fear (4 pages)
Feature Characters:	 
Regular Characters:	Sassafras the dog
Guest Stars:	Nick Fury, Dr. Stephen Strange, Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, Prof.
Xavier, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, the Thing, the Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic, Capt.
America, Sherlock Holmes and Watson, Thor, the Hulk, Ghost Rider
Villains:	Manslaughter
Other Characters:	soldiers Michael Kaye, Barry
Synopsis:	Back in New Mexico, Kaye accesses Beast's computer games, and
Sassafras chews on the remote control. He is attacked by holographic images until
cornered. Then Manslaughter turns off the game and rescues him.

Issue:	Defenders 151
Date:	Jan-86
Story:	Second Degree Manslaughter (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Gargoyle, Iceman, Angel, Valkyrie, Andromeda 
Regular Characters:	Candy Southern; Sassafras the dog
Guest Stars:	the Interloper, Seraph; Elf (as a hologram)
Villains:	Moondragon, Manslaughter
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	The Interloper walks across the sea in a storm toward Moondragon,
aboard a ship. He bides his time before attacking.
	The Defenders see Seraph off to Russia and return home. They find Candy,
jumping out of a cake with a super-hero costume on, calling herself "Southern
Belle." She kisses Warren, knocking him out, and turns out to be a hologram
disguising Manslaughter. He says he wants to join the group; they say he's nuts.
	Bobby finds the real Candy, but gets trapped in bed with her; he desiccates
Andromeda, pins Isaac's hands with her trident, and puts bug-uglies on Hank. But
then Valkyrie catches him and gives him her war-face.
	The Defenders easily free themselves, and Manslaughter apologizes, then tells
them he's set the mansion on fire and escapes. He holds Warren hostage in the
blaze until they agree to let him join the team. Candy still refuses.
	The Interloper appears and neutralizes him. He had taught Manslaughter his
tricks, apologizes for him, but says he must indeed be accepted into the team. He
points out the solar eclipse heralding the return of Moondragon.

Issue:	Defenders 152
Date:	Feb-86
Story:	The End of All Songs (38 pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Gargoyle, Iceman, Angel, Valkyrie, Andromeda 
Regular Characters:	Candy Southern, Sassafras the dog
Guest Stars:	the Interloper; Artus Dux Bellorum (King Arthur, in flashback);
Reed Richards, Johnny Storm
Villains:	Moondragon, the Beyonder
Other Characters:	Chris Larmouth, Carol Faber, Danny
Synopsis:	Note: this is part of the Secret Wars II crossover.
	Moondragon has a mad on. The Interloper, who fought the dragon a thousand
years ago, attacks it now and direct the Defenders against the human host. He has
Isaac blast her, with Manslaughter magnifying the effect with his madness (he is
linked to Moondragon, see iss. 134). The rest are able to restrain her until she
whips up a whirlwind and disappears.
	The Interloper explains that he fought the dragon alongside Arthur.
	Moondragon recuperates in a cave, fighting insanity. The dragon has her call
the Beyonder. She asks to be his disciple to cleanse the world of evil, a token
of which is the dragon as a ring on her finger. She returns to the mansion,
feigning friendship, but then attacks, removing Isaac's human soul and using his
gargoyle body for her servant.
	The Interloper covers them with his cloak of fear and has Valkyrie and
Andromeda stab them through it, but the dragon takes them away and demolishes the
	Moondragon holds Candy hostage and heals Warren so he can see it, holds
Larmouth hostage against Beast, and Carol and Danny against Iceman. Therefore
these three cannot fight, as battle ensues on a mystical battleground. The
Interlopers gathers the rest to him, and they sacrifice their life forces to
destroy the dragon. Warren, Hank, and Bobby go to save the hostages, and return
to find all the combatants reduced to dust and ashes. The hostages have been
restored to health by Moondragon as a parting gesture.
	Note: this is the end of the series. Warren, Hank, and Bobby  immediately join

Issue:	Beauty and the Beast 1
Date:	Dec-84
Story:	Beauty and the Beast Part 1 (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Alison Blaire (Dazzler), Dr. Henry P. McCoy (Beast)
Regular Characters:	Kate, Poltergeist (Mickey) (see next iss.)
Guest Stars:	Marilyn Monroe, Harrison Ford, Errol Flynn; Wonderman (Simon
Villains:	Dr. Victor von Doom, Alexander Flynn, Hugo Longride, Rocker (Max, see
iss. 3), Ralph
Other Characters:	Bronk
Synopsis:	Doom contemplates his art collection. He learns that his son, bastard
and denied by him, is an adult and living in California.
	Beast takes a vacation in Hollywood, scares the locals, and sees stars.
Anti-mutant feelings have been running high since Dazzler made a movie.
	Dazzler has been in hiding, but at a party she meets Flynn, who offers her a
job in a Longride's underground theater, then parties with her, until she gets
splashed in the papers as Queen of Decadence and starts losing control of her
	Beast and Wonderman visit and scuffle with her new friends. She runs off,
confused, passes out on the beach, and is retrieved by some bums, who take her to
Heartbreak Hotel.
	Beast tracks her by beating information out of Rocker. He finds her, glowing
out of control.

Issue:	Beauty and the Beast 2
Date:	Feb-84
Story:	Heartbreak Hotel (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Dazzler, Beast
Regular Characters:	Kate, Poltergeist, Lucy, Link
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Dr. Doom; Alexander Flynn, Hugo Longride, Rocker, Ivich, Horns
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Kate runs the hotel as a haven for misfit mutants (e.g., Lucy can
make flowers change color). Beast and Dazzler spend some time together, and fall
in love. Then Dazzler returns with Flynn to the underground theater.
	Beast attends the performance, a high-priced gladiator match. Dazzler tries to
sing, but is booed, and she agrees to stage a fight, which quickly turns real.
She runs off, the rest of the troupe battles, and the crowd cheers as Horns
	Rocker drugs Dazzler to make her lose control of her power; Hank tries to take
her away, but she wants to stay and be a star.

Issue:	Beauty and the Beast 3
Date:	Apr-84
Story:	ShowTime (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Dazzler, Beast
Regular Characters:	Kate, Poltergeist, Link
Guest Stars:	Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew, in flashback)
Villains:	Dr. Doom; Alexander Flynn, Hugo Longride, Rocker, Ivich, Horns;
Jerry, Phil
Other Characters:	Bobby
Synopsis:	Beast and Dazzler walk on the beach together and are harassed by the
mutant-hating crowd. She returns to the theater and works out with the troupe,
impressing them.
	Kate convince Beast to try again to help her, but she is too caught up in the
spectacle. He yells at her and storms out. He finds a lab, realizes Dazzler is
being drugged, and is captured and drugged himself.
	Poltergeist gets Link to help him rescue Dazzler.
	A ferocious Beast is pitted against Dazzler, the crowd eggs her on, and she
nearly kills him. He snaps out of it, reminds her they are in love, and she snaps
out of it, too. The crowd boos, and the rest of the troupe is sent in to kill
them both. Flynn intervenes and gets the troupe to kill Longride, instead.
	Doom is told his son may be in trouble.

Issue:	Beauty and the Beast 4
Date:	Jun-84
Story:	Checkmate (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Dazzler, Beast
Regular Characters:	Poltergeist, Link
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Dr. Doom; Alexander Flynn, Hugo Longride, Rocker, Ivich 
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Doom arrives in Hollywood. Longride was one of his robots.
	Flynn has Dazzler and Beast captive. He has the mutant ability to charm people
into doing what he wants, and is Doom's son. He plans to take over Latveria.
Rocker and Ivich realize he is crazy; Rocker frees Dazzler and Beast, and they,
Poltergeist, and Link overcome Flynn and his troupe in the arena.
	Doom observes his son lose and turns away in disgust. Rocker decides to start
a new theater, without the killing. Dazzler expresses her appreciation to Beast.
Link and Poltergeist go off into the world together.

Issue:	Iceman 1
Date:	Dec-84
Story:	The Fuse! (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Robert Drake (Iceman)
Regular Characters:	William and Madelaine Drake
Guest Stars:	the Smiths including Marge, Walter
Villains:	Officers Ralph Ratchit; White Light, Idiot, Oblivion (see iss. 3)
Other Characters:	Mary, Joel; Petey the dog, Officer Leo
Synopsis:	There is war on an alien world. Oblivion sends White Light and Idiot
to capture Marge.
	Iceman is late to his dad's retirement party. He stops to talk to his cousin
Mary: he is nervous about his parents and his super-heroism, and...
	He drops his cousin when he sees Marge, a cute girl, and tries to do a stunt
to impress her. He flops. An anti-mutant cop yells at him. The cop's mother yells
at him. The cop's mother's dog barks at him. He runs home.
	His family drives him nuts, expecting him to lead a "normal" life. He goes off
in a huff and bumps into Marge again, who happens to live next door. He complains
to her about being half-Irish, half-Jewish, but before he can get to the mutant
part, White Light and Idiot crash in.
	Bobby fights them, Marge and her family run away through a portal, and the
house collapses. The aliens port away, and Bobby is left in the rubble, about to
be arrested.

Issue:	Iceman 2
Date:	Feb-85
Story:	Instant Karma! (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Iceman
Regular Characters:	William and Madelaine Drake
Guest Stars:	John Lennon, Capt. America (on posters), a BrontĪ sister; the
Smiths including Marge, Walter
Villains:	Officer Ralph Ratchit, Officer Huntz Ratchit; White Light, Idiot,
Kali, Oblivion
Other Characters:	Mary, Joel (in flashback)
Synopsis:	Oblivion sends Kali to finish the job.
	Bobby claims Communists destroyed the Smiths' house and gets off. He assaults
a cop, and gets yelled at by his parents, who are afraid for and ashamed of him.
	He finds a device in the rubble, and it bounces him to 1942, where a cop
shoots him, and he collapses. He wakes to find his parents, young. His father
noticed a resemblance to his brother George, recently killed in the war; his
mother bandaged his arm. They share a moment, then Kali and her troops attack.
William tries to help, but gets clobbered; Marge has been observing from her
haven in 19th Century England and opens a portal to Kali, so she will leave the
Drakes alone.
	Bobby's father dies, which means he can't be born.

Issue:	Iceman 3
Date:	Apr-85
Story:	Quicksand! (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Iceman
Regular Characters:	William and Madelaine Drake (as memories)
Guest Stars:	Prof. Xavier, Beast, Iceman, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Hercules, Ghost
Rider, Darkstar, Valkyrie, Gargoyle, Moondragon (as memories); the Smiths
including Marge (Mirage), Walter
Villains:	White Light, Idiot (as memories); Oblivion, Kali
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Bobby watches a bizarre replay of his own life: parents, X-Men,
Champions, accounting school, New Defenders, and self-doubt throughout. He
bounces around, and lands at the feet of Oblivion, who offers him rest, and takes
away his memories.
	He is the opposite of the multiverse, created Marge for companionship, and
sends Bobby to get her back. In exchange, he will restore his and his father's
	Marge has created a perfect Norman Rockwell world for herself, and wants Bobby
to stay there with her. But he wants to make sure he and his father still exist.
She gets angry, destroys her little world, attacks Bobby, and calls herself
Mirage; she is just like Oblivion.
	Marge fights the Mirage personality; Mirage fights Bobby and fells him. Then
she decides to face her father.

Issue:	Iceman 4
Date:	Jun-85
Story:	The Price You Pay! (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Iceman
Regular Characters:	William and Madelaine Drake 
Guest Stars:	Marge Smith (Mirage), Beast, Angel
Villains:	Oblivion, White Light, Idiot, Kali
Other Characters:	 
Synopsis:	Oblivion puts a guilt trip on his daughter. Iceman has had enough of
that from his own father, and attacks, blaming him for his self-doubt all his
life. Oblivion claims that the universe is an illusion created by him. Bobby
calls him a liar and defeats him.
	Mirage has realized that she is only an extension of Oblivion, and revives
him. Marge was just a dream. Oblivion swallows Bobby into nothingness, but he
struggles to live, realizing that love cannot be conquered. Oblivion concedes,
restoring Bobby and his father, and then merging with Mirage into the void.
	Bobby makes peace with his parents, then runs off with the New Defenders.

Issue:	Valkyrie 1
Date:	Jan-97
Story:	Without Wings (38 pages)
Feature Characters:	Brunnhilda the Valkyrie alias Barbara Norris and Aragorn
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	the Valkyries 
Villains:	D'Spayre
Other Characters:	the Junk Food Junkies: Paulie, Cody, Isaac, Alice
Synopsis:	Note: this takes place after Onslaught, when the Lost Gods have
replaced Thor in Journey into Mystery.
	The Valkyries lead the brave dead to Valhalla, then Aragorn molts his feather,
and Brunnhilda is thrown into the mud. She is attacked by the dead she had deemed
	Barbara wakes from her nightmare, and gets out of bed. She sees a blue glow
around a homeless woman about to die. Then she gets a bite to eat. She feels her
life is a fake, that she is really Brunnhilda.
	She goes by later and sets the dead woman's soul free, but has no idea what
she has done. She visits Paulie's garage band, sees death hovering again, and
runs out.
	She has the nightmare again. When she wakes, Aragorn appears, and she flies
off with him. He throws her; she grabs a ledge to save herself, and wonders who
she really is.
	She beats up an obnoxious drunk, and tries to convince Alice to stop using
drugs. A disguised D'Spayre shows her in a newspaper that the real Barbara was a
	Alice O.D.'s in the bathroom; D'Spayre reveals himself, reveling in her pain
and taking her soul. He attacks Valkyrie, pointing out that she doesn't even know
who she is. Then she remembers: she is Brunnhilda the Valkyrie, she puts her
sword to D'Spayre's throat, and he returns Alice's soul. Valkyrie revives her,
summons Aragorn, and takes her to a hospital.
	Valkyrie senses Paulie has AIDS; D'Spayre delights; Valkyrie takes Paulie
flying, showing him the glory that awaits him after death.
	Note: pin-ups of Valkyrie and D'Spayre follow.

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