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Index to Gambit: 2 / 5

Author: Robert Diehl
Updated: Version 1.4, last modified November 6, 2001

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Issue:	Gambit II:1
Date:	Feb-99
Story:	The Man of Steal (34 pages)
Feature Characters:	Remy LeBeau (Gambit)
Regular Characters:	Courier (Jacob Gavin, Jr.), Elysian Enterprisesı Sekmeht
(Anubar) Conoway, Anwar Anubar
Guest Stars:	Jean-Luc LeBeau, Bella Donna Boudreaux, the X-Menıs Marrow,
Colossus, Cyclops, Iceman, Beast (all in flashback), Nightcrawler, Shadowcat,
Storm, Wolverine, Rogue
Villains:	X-Cutioner (Carl Denti), Fontanelle (Gloria Dayne, see iss. 7, 20);
the Antiquary, Fagan, Julien Boudreaux (all in flashback); the Elysian Guard:
Mariah Ellenthrope, Cosmo Stephanopoulous, Jack Farley
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer & Pencils: Fabian Nicieza, Steve Skroce
	Inks: Rob Hunter
	Colors: Shannon Blanchard
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraftıs Emerson Miranda
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Elysian Enterprises has discovered the twelfth tomb of Garbha-Hsien,
a Celestial who became an Asian dictator in Asia for a thousand years, thanks to
his spacecraft, which was later stolen by Apocalypse (X-Force 37). They have
brought in Agent Denti to help break through the security measures.
	Remy is already in, and Indiana-Joneslike, he steals the treasure (a
gauntlet) and gets away. He delivers it to the Courier of the mysterious New Son,
who saved him from freezing to death in Antarctica (see Uncanny X-Men 350).
	Investigating Remy, Fontanelle invades Jean-Lucıs dreams. The guilds have
been squabbling since Candra disappeared. When Remy was born (with red eyes), the
Antiquary had the Thievesı Guild steal him. Jean-Luc regretted this, and arranged
for him to become part of Faganıs Mob. He and Bella Donna (the daughter of the
head of the Assassinsı Guild) met, fell in love, and married. Thus, Jean-Luc
arranged peace between the guilds, until Remy was challenged to a duel with his
brother-in-law Julien, killed him, got exiled, and joined the X-Men.
	Since returning to the estate, Remy has been staying in the boathouse. The
team visits him there, and horseplay ensues. They are unsure of him since
Antarctica (q.v.).
	Denti guards a shipment to Elysian Enterprisesı facility in Croatia. (He was
partner to Fred Duncan, who was killed. Now as X-Cutioner, he uses leftover
weapons from the X-Menıs foes to kill mutants he thinks are dangerous.)
	The New Son sends Remy, who disables the convoy and destroys the cargo, but
gets glued down by Denti. He charges his chewing gum and spits it at him; Rogue
arrives and carries him away.
	Fontanelle investigates Courierıs dreams and learns Remyıs next assignment is
to steal from the X-Men.

Issue:	Gambit II:2
Date:	Mar-99
Story:	Stormbringers (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Gambit
Regular Characters:	Tante Mattie Baptiste
Guest Stars:	Storm, Moira MacTaggert
Villains:	Umberto Safilios (in flashback), X-Cutioner, Ellenthrope, Cosmo,
Farley, Fontanelle; Grigori and Stanislaus Mengo (-chauzchras)
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer & Pencils: Fabian Nicieza, Steve Skroce
	Inks: Rob Hunter
	Colors: Shannon Blanchard
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraftıs WA
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Remy tried to steal data from Moira; the security system blasted the
datacore into space with him still aboard. He jumps off, but his parachute
catches fire and Remy crash-lands. Much debris falls towards him.
	Remy and Storm had flown to Scotland commercial, and reminisced about their
thieving days (Uncanny X-Men 265-267), when Storm was regressed to a childıs
body. She admitted she framed the Thievesı Guild for the Safilios job, and he in
turn hired the Assassinsı Guild, starting a clan war. She and he have each made
mistakes in life.
	At Muir Island, Moira examines Remyıs new power to delay his charges; Remy
jokingly credits the green energy succubus inside him (see Ann. ı99).
	The X-Cutioner hires the former Elysian Guard to help him nail Remy: they had
been fired after failing to stop Remy (last iss.).
	Fontanelle investigates Tante Mattieıs dreams; in 1891 she was a child voodoo
practitioner, unable to heal a powerful man, and Remy (somehow there as an adult)
saved her from a vengeful mob.
	The electricity goes off in Muir Island; Moira has rigged the system to blast
into space and explode in such a case, to protect it from Bastion or any other
attempted download. Remy goes to retrieve the data (he rigged the power failure,
so he could steal the data). He rides the data core up; parachutes down when it
blows; and is able to save and copy the hard drive.
	Remy avoids the debris and returns to Moiraıs lab and hands her the rescued
hard drive. She thanks him, but he doesnıt feel heroic, as he copied the data,
which he was hired to steal for the New Son.
	The Mengo brothers kill someone in Chicago, and are off to New York.

Issue:	Gambit II:3
Date:	Apr-99
Story:	Monsters Like Us (24 pages)
Feature Characters:	Gambit
Regular Characters:	Courier, Sekmeht Conoway
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	The Mengo brothers; the Crew ASKEW including Ms. T, Mr. Quark; the
Pelican; Fontanelle, Ozymandias
Other Characters:	Huey, Quiet Bill
Credits:	Writer & Pencils: Fabian Nicieza, Steve Skroce
	Inks: Rob Hunter, Hanna, Koblish
	Colors: Shannon Blanchard
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraftıs Albert Deschesne
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis: 	Remy is restless fulfilling his debt to the New Son, so he follows
his messenger Courier to find out more about him. Courier addresses the Crew
A.S.K.E.W., a for-profit research group. One of them, the Pelican, interrupts; he
has acquired a will-sapping gas, which he wants mass-produced. The canister
cracks; turns out the gas has the side effect of melting your face off. The gas
is sucked back into the canister; the Mengo brothers enter; they now control
everyone (they are working for the Pig), except Courier; he can control every
cell in his body and canıt be affected by the gas. Remy blows his way in and
leaves with Courier and the canister.
	Fontanelle investigates Sekmehtıs dreams: digging up relics of En Sabah Nur
in Egypt, confronting Ozymandias, being rescued from a fall by Remy. Fontanelle
says Sekmeht mixes her need for parental approval (archeology) and her repressed
desires (Remy) in her dreams.
	The Mengo brothers trace the canister; Remy rides to "Onslaught Alley" on the
east side, where the air is still energized, to throw them off. They catch up and
start shooting; Remy redirects missiles and collapses two buildings onto each
other, but lets the canister drop.
	The homeless Huey and Quiet Bill are present during the fight. Bill, probably
a mutant, has a portal of green energy around him, in which images of other
realities appear, but he canıt control this. Suddenly a large portal forms and
envelops the Mengoıs ship full of A.S.K.E.W. scientists.
	The Mengos pick up the canister and escape; Remy invites Bill to Xavierıs,
but he declines. Turns out the Mengos only have the outer casing: Remy has the
gas in a container and knows the Pig will come for it.

Issue:	Gambit II:4
Date:	May-99
Story:	Old Wounds, Fresh Blood! (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Gambit
Regular Characters:	Tante Mattie, Jean-Luc LeBeau
Guest Stars:	Blade
Villains:	Francois Chicault; Bella Donna; Tome, Hoard; Fontanelle; Carter
Ryking; X-Cutioner, Ellenthrope, Cosmo, Farley; the Pig, Greg and Stan Mengo
Other Characters:	Jerome Mouchier, Zoe and Shirow Ishihara
Credits:	Writer & Pencils: Fabian Nicieza, Steve Skroce
	Inks: Rob Hunter, Hanna, Koblish
	Colors: Shannon Blanchard
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraftıs Jason, Troy
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Chicault, a former Assassin and now a vampire, has been attacking
children in the Antiquaryıs collection in New Orleans. Blade interrupts, and much
window glass is broken, but the vampire gets away
	Tante Mattie summons Remy home, to a cabin outside the city. She says
Fontanelle and the Antiquary are after him; his father Jean-Luc arrives with the
boy Jerome, who was attacked last night.
	Tome and Hoard, ministers of the Antiquary, inform Bella Donna that her dead
Assassin is actually undead and is killing their clan; Remy arranges to overhear.
	Fontanelle investigates Rykingıs dreams; he was a boyhood friend of Prof.
Xavier in Alamogordo, and he saw an old woman there who said "black womb."
	Denti has been preparing his new team, the former Elysian Guard. He plans to
use Rogue as bait to catch Remy.
	Remy searches the graveyards all day for Chicault; at dusk Blade attacks him,
initially assuming him to be a vampire because he has red eyes. Afterwards, they
talk and ally to go to the Antiquaryıs museum. He is missing; Tome and Hoard are
curators now. Clan LeBeau offers to stop Chicault if they get access to the
	Chicault had bitten Jerome on the wrist, which is enough for him to control
the boy. He has him bite the rest of the Antiquaryıs slave children; they open
the door for him; he enters the library, planning to spend his eternity doing
historical research. Blade, Remy, and Jean-Luc attack. Blade decapitates the
vampire, and the children revert back to normal and are freed. Tome and Hoard
grab Chicaultıs notebook without anyone else noticing.
	The Pig stops torturing the Mengos for their failures and sends them after a
boy named Shirow, who is the source of the mind-controlling gas (last iss.) and
has escaped with Zoe, who drives with him towards New Orleans.

Issue:	Gambit II:5
Date:	Jun-99
Story:	Of Mice and Men (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Gambit
Regular Characters:	Mary Purcell (the green spirit, see Ann ı99); Jean-Luc
Guest Stars:	Rogue, Prof. Xavier, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat
Villains:	X-Cutioner; Ellenthorpe, Cosmo, Farley (now the Firing Squad);
Fontanelle, the Mengo brothers, the New Son
Other Characters:	Zoe and Shirow Ishihara
Credits:	Writer & Pencils: Fabian Nicieza, Steve Skroce
	Inks: Rob Hunter, Walden Wong
	Colors: Marie Javins, Shannon Blanchard
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraftıs Saida T
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Denti questions the disparity between his roles as FBI agent and as
the X-Cutioner. But both halves of him agree to hate Remy. As planned (last
iss.), he has Maria Ellenthorpe ambush Rogue with one of his gizmos, to use her
as bait.
	Realizing Rogue is missing, Xavier lectures Remy on total truthfulness within
the team, saying he should have informed them about his earlier fight with Denti.
(Does anybody remember the Changeling?) The X-Cutioner sends a message, and at
his coordinates, the X-Men find a stargate. Apparently a trap, they decide to use
it anyway, but it only takes Remy.
	Fontanelle decides to look at the dreams of the New Son, who hired her to
investigate Remy. Strange images: some recognizeable as Rogue and Magneto at the
end of the AOA and the Dark Beast. The New Son discovers her presence and kicks
her out of his mind.
	Remy, exhausted, emerges from the stargate. The green energy entity within
him breaks loose; they argue briefly, but then she returns to his body. Remy
bests the Firing Squad and gets past Denti but is knocked out by his last gizmo.
But before Denti can deliver the killing blow, Rogue breaks free, and Remy shoots
Denti with his own staff and leaves with Rogue, meeting the X-Men at the other
side of the stargate.
	Denti, his face mask damaged, shoots at the Firing Squad, mistaking them for
Rogue and Remy. He realizes his error, too late. Just like his father, an army
man who lost control and shot his own men. As X-Cutioner, he should execute
	Zoe takes her brother Shirow to the New Orleans Thievesı Guild for sanctuary.
The Mengos are right behind her, hunting them down for the Pig.

Issue:	Gambit II:6
Date:	Jul-99
Story:	Pig Pen Part 1: Muddy Waters (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Gambit
Regular Characters:	Jean-Luc LeBeau
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Candra, Mme. Hydra (both in flashback), Fontanelle, the Mengo
brothers, the Pig
Other Characters:	Etienne Marceaux (in flashback), Zoe and Shirow Ishihara,
Kimberly Purcell
Credits:	Writer & Pencils: Fabian Nicieza, Steve Skroce
	Inks: Rob Hunter
	Colors: Shannon Blanchard, Keri Wilson
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	At age 15, Remy shepherds his cousin Etienne through the tilling,
the Thievesı Guild rite of passage. They get caught by Candra in Granada, Spain;
she has met Remy before, though he doesnıt know her (time-travel is hinted at).
She was buying a shipment of children from the Pig; he takes Remy and Etienne to
his Pig Pen training facility, intending to sell them to Viper. Remy, still
learning about his own powers, blows their way out of their cells and then blows
up the Hydra airship. The Pig catches Etienne and beats on Remy, who picks up a
spilled deck and finds his motif of throwing charged cards. Both boys fall into
the ocean, Remy is rescued by a fishing trawler, but Etienne drowns.
	Jean-Luc informs Remy that the Pig attacked the Thieves Guild and tells him
about Zoe and Shirow, whom he had to take in because they belong to the Tokyo
branch. They are now missing, but Remy can track Shirowıs bio-gas (iss. 3).
	Fontanelle investigates the dreams of Mary Purcellıs sister. Mary is dead,
but her spirit will turn out to be the green ghost in Remyıs body.
	At the Pigıs place, Shirowıs flesh explodes with mind-sapping gas; Zoe is
trying to rescue him, but the Mengos catch them. Remy comes to the rescue, but
the Mengos explode a building onto them and plan to deliver all of them to the

Issue:	Gambit II:7
Date:	Aug-99
Story:	Pig Pen Part 2: Dirty Troughs (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Gambit
Regular Characters:	Jean-Luc LeBeau
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Fontanelle, the Mengo brothers, the Pig, Kellig; Sabretooth (in
flashback); Scalphunter (Grey Crow), Hole, the New Son
Other Characters:	Zoe and Shirow Ishihara, Genard
Credits:	Writer & Pencils: Fabian Nicieza, Steve Skroce
	Inks: Rob Hunter, Rob Stull, Scott Hanna, Scott Elmer
	Colors: Shannon Blanchard
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	The Pig plans to use Shirowıs mind (and skin) altering gas to bring
unity and peace to the world, under his rule, of course. He has Shirow strapped
into a machine that leeches the gas from his pores.
	The Mengo Brothers torture his captives for information, but Remy and Zoe
refuse to talk. When alone Zoe tells Remy that when her brotherıs bio-gas
started, it was painful, and the Tokyo Thievesı Guild just wanted to milk him.
Zoe interfered, was ousted from the Guild, and escaped to seek the protection of
the New Orleans branch.
	Jean-Luc worries about Remy: no word since he went after the Pig, days ago.
Genard says the Guild is unable to find any trace of him or the Pig.
	Fontanelle investigates Scalphunterıs dreams: Remy led the Marauders into the
Morlock tunnels but didnıt know there was going to be a Mutant Massacre. During
it, he resued the child Sarah (later Marrow). Waking, Fontanelle is brought to
the New Son, who asks for conclusions: she says that Remy was stupid, but not a
murderer. The New Son hints at things to come, and images of Sinister and
Apocalypse are seen.
	The Pigıs base is on Majorca, and he still uses child slaves. Zoe breaks free
and blows up the power plant, which also destroys the gas sucked from her
brother. Remy insists she stays and frees the children, while he goes after
Shirow. The Pig realizes Remy is the boy he fought years ago (last iss.), who
took his eye. They fight; Remy uses the remaining gas on him and orders him to
walk off a cliff. Remy, Zoe and the freed children return to New Orleans.

Issue:	Gambit II Annual ı99
Date:	Sep-99
Story:	With or Without You (40 pages)
Feature Characters:	Gambit
Regular Characters:	Mary Purcell
Guest Stars:	X-Men Marrow, Prof. Xavier, Rogue, Beast; Moira MacTaggert
Villains:	Magneto, Ferris (both in flashback)
Other Characters:	Kimberly Purcell
Credits:	Writer: Fabian Nicieza
	Pencils: Walter McDaniel
	Inks: Russell, Green, Koblish
	Colors: Gina Going
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	While working out in the Danger Room, Marrow has accidentally
stabbed Remy through the heart. But it doesnıt kill him: he pulls the bone-knife
out, and it explodes, but his wound is healed. Xavier wants tests run, and Rogue,
who has seen the green spirit, is suspicious, but Remy isnıt answering questions.
	Xavier double-checks Moiraıs test results (iss. 2), then confronts Remy as to
why he now has two psi-patterns. Moira says the entity is hyper-charging his
powers; Xavier nudges them back, and the entity emerges and knocks everyone out.
	Remy wakes in Manhattan, Indiana, and he sees glimpses of the past: Mary
trapped in an explosion at a gas station. He researches the event in the library
and police station; she was a mutant whose powers blew her up; then the coroner
hushed it up.
	Beast finds and wakes the unconscious X-Men. Unable to trace Remy, they go to
Antarctica where he evidently met Mary. They find Remyıs footprints in Magnetoıs
abandoned base and learn he wandered around and ate plastic to survive. On a tape
recorder, Remy spoke about his mistakes and regrets, and a video data log shows
Magneto, his robot Ferris, and the green spirit in a tube. Mary attacked Magneto,
and he fought her off but didnıt know she was sentient. The video log also shows
that Magneto impersonated Eric the Red and held Remyıs trial (Uncanny X-Men 350),
to distract and weaken the X-Men, while plotting his own return.
	Remy visits Maryıs sister Kimberly, who says Mary always knew she was
different, but nobody believed her, till her mutant power caused the explosion
and killed her. Her father started to drink, and the family fell apart. Remy
leaves and then asks Mary what more she wants: she wants to die with him, so
creating a new being which can live in all planes of existence. Remy has other
ideas. When he found her in Magnetoıs abandoned base, he didnıt know she was
sentient: he just wanted energy to survive the cold.
	Using Magnetoıs files, the X-Men find them. Rogue flies to the rescue with a
device that removes Mary from Remyıs body, but that starts to kill her. She
reminds Remy that she helped him when the X-Men abandoned him, so he charges a
card and explodes the device. He is knocked down but is fine; Mary has
disappeared and is presumed dead.
	Later Remy is tested in the lab, and no trace of Mary is found. He and Rogue
visit her grave, and Rogue apologizes for having abandoned him in Antarctica.

Issue:	Gambit II:8
Date:	Sep-99
Story:	Destined to Repeat It (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Gambit
Regular Characters:	Courier
Guest Stars:	X-Men Wolverine, Cyclops, Phoenix, Prof. Xavier
Villains:	Fontanelle; the New Son; Marauders Scalphunter (Grey Crow),
Sabretooth (Victor Creed) and the Blood Tigers
Other Characters:	Claire De Luc
Credits:	Writer: Fabian Nicieza
	Pencils: Mat Broome
	Inks: Sean Parsons
	Colors: Rosas, Going, Hicks
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraftıs LA
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Xavier has disbanded the X-Men (X-Men II:92), but Remy, suspicious,
breaks his way back in, wearing Xavierıs aftershave and keeping a charged card
near his head to avoid detection by Wolverineıs nose and Xavierıs and Phoenixıs
telepathy. He copies files from Stormıs computer and leaves. The files reveal
that Xavier disbanded the team because he has reason to mistrust at least one of
them (this will turn out to be the Skrull imposter of Wolverine).
	Remy decides to figure it out and needs to retrieve something from his past.
He hides out in Arizona, where he once knew De Luc and Scalphunter. He asks De
Luc if she has seen Scalphunter recently; she denies it, but Remy thinks sheıs
	At night Fontanelle invades Remyıs dreams; she finds many odd images:
Apocalypseıs head at the bottom of a tree, Sabretooth lurking behind it, Magneto
embracing Rogue, five Dr. Dooms next to each other, people selling newspapers, a
pregnant woman in a lab, and a house. In the dream Fontanelle talks with Remy:
she wonders why these images didnıt show up in her other ³patients,² and Remy
hints that they might not have happened yet, though they are not precognitive.
Fontanelle admits that although she is working for the New Son, her discoveries
have given her a more personal reason to continue this dream quest.
	Courier wakes him up and zaps him directly to the New Sonıs crystal
cathedral. Remy says heıs only working for him because he had no choice, and
because he believes the New Son is trying to help human-mutant relations. The New
Son says they have reached a crisis point in time, that will shape reality.
Similar events were the Dark Phoenix saga, and Cyclops sacrificing his son to the
future. This time the convergence point involves Apocalypse. In case the X-Men
canıt stop Apocalypse, the New Son wants ensure that life will rise from the
ashes. He says he knows all this because he already saw it happen elsewhere and
	Remy awakes; Scalphunter has knocked out Courier and is compelled to attack
Remy. (He is a Marauder, cloned and under Sinisterıs control.) De Luc makes them
stop fighting; Remy needs info on Sinsiterıs hideout. The one that the X-Men knew
about was blown up (X-men II:34), but surely there are others. Scalphunter says
the Marauder clones will self-destruct if they betray Sinister, so only
Sabretooth can reveal the information since he is not a clone.
	Remy takes Courier to the Andes to find him. They are attacked by a natives
calling themselves the Blood Tigers. Remy surrenders and says he has come to help
the God of the Hunt, so they take him to Sabretooth, who is dying.

Issue:	Gambit II:9
Date:	Oct-99
Story:	To Thine Own Self Be True (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Gambit
Regular Characters:	Courier
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Sabretooth and the Blood Tigers; Marauders Scalphunter, Riptide,
Harpoon; the Tithe Collector, Fontanelle; Mr. Sinister
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Fabian Nicieza
	Pencils: Mat Broome, Anthony Williams
	Inks: Parsons, Lanning, P. Palmiotti
	Colors: Vasquez, Going
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraftıs TP
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Remy easily defeats the dying Creed and considers finishing him, but
he needs help with Xavierıs secret (last iss.). Creed agrees, so he can live to
revenge himself on whomever attacked him. He will get Remy to Sinisterıs hideout
in exchange for Sinister jumpstarting his healing factor.
	They fly to Tasmania and infiltrate Sinisterıs base, through a portal under a
rock in a river in a gorge. Remy sees itıs like the one in Nebraska (X-Men
II:34), and Creed explains itıs the same base, with entrances around the world.
	The Marauders attack; Scalphunter shoots Courier and Creed; Remy harpoons
Harpoon and blows up Riptide and Scalphunter. He considers destroying the clone
vats, both defeating and freeing them, but Sinister interrupts. Courier, shot
through the head, is still alive
	Fontanelle investigates the Tithe Collectorıs dreams and sees Remy a century
ago in London, when Candra made a pact with the Thievesı Guild
	Remy holds up the vial Sinister gave him in exchange for assembling the
Marauders, intending to pay Sinister with it, but he tells him things arenıt that
serious yet. He says Creedıs adamantium was removed, off-planet, and gives him a
booster shot of healing factor. He hands Remy an injection that will detect
frauds (see Uncanny X-Men 375), and in exchange asks that Creed be left with him.
Remy doesnıt want him to be able to clone him; instead, he offers him a piece of
Courier, to study his cellular control (which is how he survived). Courier can
grow it back, but heıs getting shorter over the years.
	Exiting, Remy gives Creed to his worshippers, blows up Sinisterıs portal, and
has Courier kill the cells he left behind by remote-control.

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