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Non-adamantium-enhanced mutant stories in Marvel Comics Presents

Author: Robert Diehl
Updated: Version 1.0, last modified February 22, 2001

Non-adamantium-enhanced mutant stories in Marvel
Comics Presents
Version 1.0, last modified February 22, 2001
by Robert Diehl (rfdiehl@yahoo.com)
Story:	Colossus: God?s Country (64 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 10-17, Jan-89 to Apr-89
	also available as trade paperback, 1994
Feature Characters:	Peter Nikolievich Rasputin
Regular Characters:	Bruce and Roxanne; their son
Zackery; his grandfather
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Alexander and Cold Warriors including Jack,
Jocko, Gregory, Number Six (alias Nina)
Other Characters:	Elmo, Bob
Synopsis:	Colossus, on vacation, is offended by the
pornography for sale at a newsstand. He says it is an
abuse of the free press, which should be a treasured
freedom. The proprietor tells him to go back to
	Zackery?s family takes him on a picnic; his obsession
with violence (guns, samurai, space attacks) bothers
his liberal, tree-hugging mother and grandfather, but
his dad is just a dumb old redneck Reagan Republican.
	Zackery goes off into the woods alone and happens
upon the cybernetic Cold Warriors. They catch him and
kill Jack, a renegade agent.
	The agents work for Alexander, an old man whose body
and mind are failing. His Cold Warriors covertly
protect America from terrorists.
	Colossus comes across Zackery?s family, tussles with
Bruce, and when they hear Zackery cry out, he runs
over and fights the villains. He defeats them, and
gets away with Zackery and his family.
	Bruce takes them to the police; Colossus realizes
they are corrupt cops, knocks one down, and gets the
family away. Bruce barricades them up in their house,
although Colossus warns him that this is high-stakes
crime and they should hide. Bruce gives Zackery a
pistol to defend himself, and he immediately points it
at Colossus, the Commie. Roxanne has a nervous
breakdown. Grandpa goes outside to live in the car.
The neighbors gossip.
	Colossus criticizes America because it doesn?t
guarantee everyone a job, home, and healthcare, like
they do in Russia. He suggests that both countries
have flawed systems and shouldn?t fight each other.
	At night, the Cold Warriors attack, and Colossus
beats them off. Six begs Colossus to knock her out and
take her inside, so she can talk to the family. She
believes her organization has gone too far in a good
cause, and now wants to expose it. She sends Colossus
to detain Alexander until the press arrives, and she
stays behind to protect the family.
	Colossus breaks through the Cold Warriors, with just
minor damage to his T-shirt. They ask him to kill
them, so their leaders don?t rebuild their bodies and
make them keep fighting. He refuses.
	Jocko breaks through the wall and attacks Roxanne.
Nina and Bruce defeat him; she babbles about killing
the family, so Bruce ties her up. He also gags
Roxanne, who is insane. Zackery gets angry and refuses
to help his father fight. The neighbors gossip but do
	Alexander explains to Colossus how the CIA spawned
his organization, which gets starts wars and runs
drugs to fund itself.
	Grandpa walks through a hail of bullets back into the
house, lays himself down, and dies. He doesn?t want to
live in a world of tough guys. He wills his strength
to Roxanne, who is able to answer the police?s
questions when they arrive.
	Alexander asserts that none of this will be reported
in the papers; Nina is taken into custody; Zackery?s
family draws closer together; Colossus plans to visit
his family in Russia.
Story:	Marvel Girl: The Maiden Phoenix (8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 15, Mar-89
Feature Characters:	Jean Grey (Marvel Girl)
Regular Characters:	Ship
Guest Stars:	Prof. Xavier (as an illusion)
Villains:	Lightning Bug as Phoenix
Other Characters:	 
Synopsis:	Aboard X-Factor?s Ship, ?Phoenix? wakes
Jean, pretends to be Xavier, and makes her come down
into the city, down into the Morlock tunnels beneath
the subways. Rats brush her feet, breaking the trance,
and she immediately fights the Phoenix to keep it from
reclaiming her. Phoenix explains that she is a
Morlock, whose body was destroyed in the Mutant
Massacre (1986), so she needs a new body. Jean fights
this, too, and manifests her own Phoenix, which
destroys the first one. She finds the skeletal remains
of a child, Lightning Bug, and promises to bury her.
Story:	Longshot: Dreamwalk (8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 16, Apr-89
Feature Characters:	Longshot
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	X-Men Wolverine, Rogue, Dazzler, Storm,
Havok; Gateway
Other Characters:	 
Synopsis:	In Australia, Longshot races roos for fun.
He bumps into a native, who was dreamwalking, and who
says Longshot can do it, too: mind awake, body asleep.
(Rather the converse of Longshot?s ordinary state.)
	The X-Men go party in town, but Longshot stays home
and dreamwalks. A creature of his imagination fights
and plays with him. He doesn?t realize the dream is
trashing the place in reality.
Story:	Cyclops: The Retribution Affair (64 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 17-24, Apr-89 to Jul-89
	also available as trade paperback Cyclops:
Retribution, 1994
Feature Characters:	Scott Summers (Cyclops)
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Dr. Moira MacTaggert, Sean Cassidy
(Banshee), Callisto; X-Factor: Archangel, Marvel Girl,
Beast Iceman, X-Men Rogue, Psylocke, Havok, Storm,
Colossus, Dazzler, Wolverine, Longshot, Adam, God,
Einstein, Da Vinci (as memories)
Villains:	Master Mold and Conscience (Stephen Lang),
and servitors
Other Characters:	Bobbie, Mary Campbell, Dr. McKinnon
Synopsis:	Banshee has called Cyclops to Muir, but when
he gets there, he is assaulted by futuristic defense
systems, sees Moira walk past him as though he isn?t
there, and is knocked unconscious by a sonic blast. He
wakes hours later, talks to Moira and Banshee, but
they don?t believe him, especially because there?s no
damage from the previous night?s fight.
	That night Moira, mind-controlled, abducts two
children from their home.
	Next day, Banshee tells Cyclops he knows Moira has
been sleepwalking. They both feel an inexplicable
	Mary Campbell is suddenly deathly ill; her brother
says the little people in the lights did it. That
night, Cyclops destroys a missile that tried to kill
him in his sleep. He realizes Moira is gone.
	She is talking to Master Mold, who has had her infect
the Campbells with a virus that only kills mutants. He
plans to release it into the atmosphere, to kill all
	Cyclops has rushed Banshee to the hospital; he has
the retribution virus, too.
	Master Mold uses a sonic beacon to knock out everyone
in the hospital, then sends his servitors (?little
people?) to take Mary and Banshee so Moira can study
the progress of the disease. Cyclops wakes, blasts the
servitors, but is only able to rescue Moira before
Master Mold gets away. She realizes what she has been
forced to do, and tells Cyclops and Callisto that they
have been exposed and only have a few days to live.
	Conscience (who has also been constructed from Lang?s
engrams) takes servitors to Muir and overcomes and
captures Moira, Cyclops, and Callisto.
	Bobbie and Mary?s nurse have both contracted the
virus, even though they aren?t mutants. Conscience
tells Master Mold to abort the plan, but he wants to
go through with it, since although all mutants will
die, some few non-mutants will survive. Conscience
decides to release the mutants so they can stop Master
Mold; Moira goes to the lab to stop the disease that
she created. Master Mold catches them and blasts
Conscience; Cyclops summons his last reserves, blasts
Master Mold, and collapses. Master Mold goes off to
kill the world.
	Cyclops tells Conscience to infect Master Mold?s
programming, like a computer virus.
	Moira realizes that even when she was
mind-controlled, she created a way to cure the virus.
She gives Banshee the antidote, which restores
(temporarily) his mutant power. Cyclops and he defeat
Master Mold; Conscience takes Master Mold?s ship into
space and blows it up, destroying the rest of the
Story:	Wolfsbane and Mirage: Suffer a Wolf to Live (8
Issue(s):	MCP 22, Jun-89
Feature Characters:	Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane),
Danielle Moonstar (Mirage)
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Dr. Moira MacTaggert, Sean Cassidy
Villains:	Tuatha de Danan (the children of Danu)
including Gwydion, Meghann
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	The two mutants are on summer vacation,
hiking on Muir Island. Rahne runs after a wolf, which
leads her into the woods, and she gets lost. She is
greeted by Meghann, who says she has crossed the Mists
of Avalon and is now home. Rahne spends weeks with
them, hunting and reveling, but always longing for the
home she left behind.
.	Dani, meanwhile, has got Moira to have people search
the island, but no luck. She decides to find Rahne
herself. She envisions her worst fear: that Rahne is
dead, and this snaps Rahne out of it. She tries to
leave, the Celts try to restrain her, since they need
new blood to survive, but she gets away and finds
Dani, the wolf-tribe hard on her heels. Dani summons
an image of their worst fear: medieval soldiers.
	Rahne returns home, but with some regrets.
Story:	Havok: Pharaoh?s Legacy (64 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 24-31, Jul-89 to Nov-89
Feature Characters:	Alex Summers (Havok)
Regular Characters:	 
Guest Stars:	Wolverine (Logan) 
Villains:	Trackers including Plasma (Leila O?Toole),
mercenaries including Brendan, Jake, Tony, Russ,
Pharaoh cultists including Ahmed
Other Characters:	Eileen
Synopsis:	In Australia, Havok helps Leila, whose
rental car broke down. They are attacked by
mercenaries on flying sleds. Havok blasts them, then
tries to get away. Leila knocks him clear just as they
goop his jeep. Car-less, they start walking to the
nearest town.
	Leila explains that she belonged to an Egyptian cult,
and ran away when she realized they practiced human
	At night, the mercenaries net them. Havok blasts the
net, then the ground, burying them. Leila flies them
in a sled to town. Then she convinces him to tour
Australia with her. Alex is reluctant to fall in love,
his relationships with Polaris and Madelyn Pryor
having ended badly. But Leila says she was incomplete
before him.
	In a restaurant, they are attacked. The mercenaries
capture Leila and lob a grenade at Havok. The Tracker,
angry that Havok was killed instead of captured, kills
the mercenary and then flies off with Leila.
	Havok blasts into a club, looking for information.
The locals make fun of his costume, and he beats them
up. He learns Leila was taken to a confectioner?s
warehouse in Cairo.
	In Cairo Airport, Havok is attacked by mercenaries.
He draws them into a hangar, then blasts them.
	He finds the warehouse and falls through a trapdoor
into a cell. He breaks through the guard and the wall
and gets to the cult?s temple. Leila is a hostage, and
he must duel the Trackers or she will be killed. He
agrees; they attack him en masse, trying to get him to
blast them. They think they can absorb his cosmic
energy, and he gives them their chance. Plasma, who is
heir to the Living Pharaoh, keeps fighting, even after
Havok blasts her again. Exhausted, he runs. Wolverine
tracks him from Cairo and finds him collapsed in the
desert. He fights off an attempt by the Trackers to
recapture him, then they go to rescue Leila.
	They battle through the warehouse and into the
complex. Plasma knocks out Wolverine; Havok blasts her
but it just makes her stronger. She reveals herself to
be Leila. She is the Living Pharaoh?s niece and has a
psychic bond to Havok, which is how she found him in
Australia. She tells him to blast her, so she can
absorb his power, but he refuses. She knocks him
around, making the underground complex collapse. Havok
fells her with a right cross, swears off women, and
walks away with Wolverine.
Story:	Ursa Major: Sophia (8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 25, Aug-89
Feature Characters:	Maj. Mikhail Ursus (Ursa Major of
the Soviet Super-Soldiers)
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	?Mountain Men? including Arkady, Pavel
Other Characters:	Sophia Ilyitch Kharkova, her parents
Anton and Idel Kharkov, Capt. Oleg
Synopsis:	Ursa Major is vacationing in the Caucasus
mountains where he grew up. He comes across a little
girl, who befriends him until her parents show up.
Anton, a member of the Politburo, demands to see Ursa
Major?s ID, and when he realizes he is a
Super-Soldier, he lets him go.
	Days later, Ursa Major finds Idel being loaded into
an ambulance. She has been beaten, and Anton and
Sophia taken, and the local military is doing nothing
to help. Ursa Major gets mad, becomes a bear, and
starts his own search. He finds Anton?s captors and
knocks them out, but Anton dies. Ursa Major finds
Sophia?s captors and starts on them. One runs off with
Sophia, falls off a cliff, and Ursa Major catches
Sophia in time. She at first thinks Ursa Major is her
stuffed bear, and rides him home.
Story:	Excalibur: Having a Wild Weekend (64 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 31-38, Nov-89 to Dec-89
Feature Characters:	Excalibur: Brian Braddock (Capt.
Britain), Meggan, Rachel Summers (Phoenix II), Kurt
Wagner (Nightcrawler), Katherine ?Kitty? Pryde
Regular Characters:	Lockheed, Widget
Guest Stars:	 
Villains:	the Loonies (similar to Warner Brothers?
Loonie Tunes): Tailgunner (Road Runner), the Ham
(Porky Pig), Gums Gunny (Bugs Bunny), Rooster Cockburn
(Foghorn Leghorn), Southpaw (Yosemite Sam), Billy Bird
(Daffy Duck), Rochester (Sylvester), Tweedie (Tweety
Bird); Nanny, Heb, Nellie Day, Heathrow, (the Beverley
Hillbillies: Granny, Jeb, Ellie May Clampett, and
Jethro Bodine); Snarla (Carla), Deformy (Norm
Peterson), Biffy (Cliff Clavin), Scam (Sam Malone);
Norman, Lilac, Freddy, and Grampire (Herman, Lily,
Eddie, and Grampa Munster); Belch (Lurch), Twit
(cousin It); Rambo and Van Winkle (Rocky and
Bullwinkle), Karloff and Romanoff (Boris and Natasha);
Gumbo (Dumbo); a scarecrow, a tin man, flying monkeys,
a wicked witch, a lion; Kate Pryde, Dark Phoenix; Bill
the Cat; 68 (Maxwell Smart, Agent 86), 99.9 (Agent
99); Woody Allen as the White Rabbit; the Lone Ranger;
Shooby (Scooby Doo); Munchkins
Other Characters:	 
Synopsis:	In the Lighthouse, Kitty?s computer goes
wild, and the Loonies appear, attack Excalibur, and
take them captive in giant carrots to their HQ, where
they put each into a cell.
	Kitty is attacked by the giant Rochester, realizes
she can?t phase, and that Rochester is electronic. She
reprograms him and puts him to sleep. She removes the
earrings that had been put on her to dampen her power,
finds the control room, and starts reprogramming.
	Brian finds himself in a sea of alcohol, near islands
littered with bottles. He is attacked by his old
selves and fights them. Then Nellie Day shoots them
through their heads. He finds himself on a yellow
brick road, then in Mayberry and Cheers analogs. He
thinks he?s losing his mind.
	Meggan finds herself in a kitchen, attacked by the
furniture and implements. Then she is greeted by a
mixture of Munster and Addams Family wannabes and is
turned into a dragon by the dragon under the stairs.
The Loonies realize someone is tampering with their
	Nightcrawler finds himself caged and mocked as a
freak, but he looks normal, and his audience is
monstrous. He is freed and attacked by moose and
sqvirrel, Russian spies, and circus people in general.
Kitty locates him and phases him out.
	Phoenix is surrounded by fire. She sees herself
burned alive, then sees Kate Pryde (from her own
timeline) accuse her of leaving her to die. She is
then attacked by Dark Phoenix, and defeats her as
Skywalker vs Vader. Tweedie attacks her, making her
age into decrepitude. Kitty has reprogrammed Rochester
and breaks in, just in time. Rochester eats Tweedie,
then turns into Bill the Cat and explodes.
	Lockheed and Widget find themselves dressed as Holmes
and Watson. They rescue a dragon in distress from
being run over by a train.
	Kitty realizes Brian was the only one who wasn?t in a
Murderworld. His adventures have all been illusions.
She locates him, knocks out the Loonies with poppies,
and frees him.
	The team heads for the Emerald City, are delayed by a
twister and evil Munchkins, and break in to see the
wizard. The Loonies attack them; Arcade reveals
himself as the evil mastermind behind all this; and
Kitty reveals that she has prepared her own Loonies to
fight his. Marvin the Martian, Elmer Fudd, the
Tasmanian Devil, Speedy Gonzales, Wiley Coyote, the
Chickenhawk, the Dog, and Pepe Le Pew finally win.
	Excalibur goes home on a hot air balloon.
Story:	Sunfire: The Dreaded Deadline Doom! (8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 32, Nov-89
Feature Characters:	Shiro Yoshida (Sunfire)
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Corrupter and his henchmen; Deadline (Dr.
Kishi Oramosha)
Other Characters:	Erin
Synopsis:	Corrupter has come to Japan to rob banks,
because he thinks there are no heroes there. Sunfire
disabuses him of the notion, then goes to Tokyo
University to attend the opening of a new science
building. Dr. Oramosha, the guest speaker, starts
raving: he plans to use the science building to drill
into the earth and destroy Japan, then force the other
nations to stop fighting and cooperate to solve world
	Sunfire is unable to blast the science building, so
he attacks Deadline, who knocks him down. Erin, a
French exchange student, encourages him, and he goes
into the device, rechannels its energy into itself,
and destroys it.
Story:	Freedom Force: Force Fed! (8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 41, Jan-90
Feature Characters:	Freedom Force: Mystique (aliases
include Raven Darkholm), the Blob (Fred J. Dukes),
Avalanche (Dominic Petros), Spiral (Ricochet Rita),
Pyro (St. John Allerdyce)
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Sen. Robert Kelly
Villains:	Muerte, Tamone and his bandits, the Grip:
Napalm, Vice, Windmill, Uzi, Sprint
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Tamone has Kelly and his aides before a
firing squad, but the drug lord Muerte interrupts and
has them taken to his mansion. Turns out it is really
Mystique. Freedom Force has been sent to rescue Kelly.
	The real Muerte returns, with the exo-skeletoned
Grip. Blob and Pyro easily defeat them; Avalanche
defeats Tamone and his boys and buries Muerte?s base,
with all his ill-gotten gain. Muerte vows vengeance;
so does Mystique.
Story:	Siryn: Hello, Little Girl, Is Your Father Home?
(8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 43, 1990
Feature Characters:	Theresa Cassidy (Siryn)
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	McFadden, Teleplex; The Kinsmen: Wee One,
Boulder, Highlander, Dyke, Rapscallion
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	The Kinsmen are sent to Cassidy Keep. They
are to be Ireland?s super-hero team, and wanted to
take Banshee in for an overdue debriefing. Instead
they find Siryn, who invites them in, then screams at
them to leave. They are new at this, and she
single-handedly (voiced-ly?) beats them, then finds
McFadden and destroys his fancy helicopter.
Story:	Collective Man: The Sons of Mary Tao-Yu (8
Issue(s):	MCP 55, 1990
Feature Characters:	Han, Chang, Lin, Sun, and Ho
Tao-Yu (Collective Man)
Regular Characters:	Mary Tao-Yu, Pukou
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Col. Pong, Ho Ti
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Collective Man has been denied permission to
leave his army base to visit their dying mother. So
they break out, past Pong?s soldiers, and are pursued
by Ho Ti, the ancient Chinese god of happiness, who
has allied with the People?s Republic.
	Mary regrets letting the state take her children,
whom she hasn?t seen since. She doesn?t want to die
	Four of the brothers merge and battle Ho Ti, while
Lin goes to his mother. Each of the brothers then
transports to their mother?s bedside, leaving Ho to
battle Ho Ti alone. He is killed, but his spirit joins
his brothers. Ho Ti realizes this familial love is
more important than he is, and he floats away.
Story:	Black Widow, Darkstar, Starlight: One Into
Three Don?t Go! (8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 70, 1991
Feature Characters:	Natasha Alianovna Romanov (Black
Widow), Laynia Petrovna (Darkstar), Tania (Starlight,
the Red Guardian)
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Larry Kane
Villains:	Presence (Sergei Krylov)
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Darkstar, now a Soviet Super-Soldier, is on
a goodwill tour of America, and meets up with Black
Widow, her old colleague from the Champions. Presence
sees them on the news and sends Starlight to fetch
them: he wants an all-Russian harem. (Note: Darkstar
is his daughter.)
	Starlight attacks them in Widow?s apartment; they
take the fight to the rooftops. Darkstar encases Widow
and Starlight in her darkforce dimension, where Widow
is able to break Presence?s control. Starlight
explains that Presence is a very sick man, and goes
back to try to redeem him.
Story:	Warlock: Fleshtones (8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 71, 1991
Feature Characters:	Warlock
Regular Characters:	Patty Kurlychek
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	The Fleshtones: Drs. Mason, Moore, and Most
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Warlock comes across FBI agent Kurlychek,
who has had a car crash. He shields her from the
explosion and introduces himself. She explains she was
chasing three mad scientists, who show up, having
injected themselves with a bio-toxin that lets them
morphs their bodies at will, like Warlock, when they
are exposed to air. They fight, and a Fleshtones
encapsulates them. Warlock switches things around,
encapsulating the Fleshtones. He dumps them in the
conveniently nearby tar pits, turns into a giant fan,
and they freeze up. Kurlychek, impressed, gives
Warlock her card.
Story:	Human Torch and Iceman: Absolute Zero (8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 74, 1991
Feature Characters:	Johnny Storm (Human Torch), Robert
Drake (Iceman)
Regular Characters:	Alicia Storm
Guest Stars:	
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Johnny races to save Alicia: a madman named
Firebomb has set a bomb to blow her up. Bobby races to
stop Johnny: the madman has rigged to bomb to trigger
off a heat source. They each battle through the
villain?s complex and find Alicia and the bomb; Bobby
freezes it, and Johnny sucks heat away from him.
Together they reduce it to absolute zero, at which
temperature all activity stops.
Story:	Meggan and Shadowcat: Charmed Lives (8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 75, 1991
Feature Characters:	Meggan, Katherine ?Kitty? Pryde
Regular Characters:	Mikhail ?Mischa?; Yuri 
Guest Stars:	Capt. Britain, Phoenix II, Nightcrawler
Villains:	Cypress
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	The mutants rescue two wrecked Russian
fishermen and take them in the lighthouse. Mikhail
plays up to Kitty, reminding her of her failed
relationship with Colossus. Then the boys turn on
them: they demand guns and a boat. The girls quickly
subdue them.
	Mikhail explains that they are really scientists with
Roxxon who have discovered a biological weapon. Their
lab was destroyed; their co-workers killed, so they
ran for it.
	Cypress arrives, gunning for them. Kitty toys with
him, letting his bullets phase through her, and doing
the same for Mikhail and Yuri. But Yuri lets go of her
hand, and is shot.
	Meggan fwooshes Cypress down with the lighthouse?s
sea water hose. Yuri shoots Mikhail, to prevent the
formula from ever being discovered.
Story:	The Incredible Hulk and Selene: Not Interested 
(8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 78, 1991
Feature Characters:	Dr. David Bruce Banner (the Hulk),
Selene (the Black Queen)
Regular Characters:	 
Guest Stars:	Magneto (Eric Magnus Lensherr, the White
King), the White Queen (Emma Frost)
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Selene is bored. She investigates a bar
brawl and finds the Hulk. She propositions him, but he
is not interested.
	She kisses the bartender, sucking the life force out
of him, but Hulk not interested.
	She attacks him psychically and telekinetically, but
he is not interested. She realizes the Hulk is more
powerful than her, and begs mercy.
	She returns to the Hellfire Club, having learned a
little about arrogance, and says Magneto needs that
lesson, too.
Story:	Sunspot: The Tender and the Vulgar (8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 79, 1991
Feature Characters:	Roberto da Costa (Sunspot)
Regular Characters:	Christina Aguilar
Guest Stars:	 
Other Characters:	The Aguilars including Euphy
Synopsis:	In Brazil, Sunspot lifts a fallen tree off
Christina, who is freaked by his power, and because
she has lost her engagement ring.
	They eat dinner at the Aguilar home, where younger
daughter Euphy is overlooked and clumsy. Thugs break
in, and attack them as mutant-lovers. Sunspot?s power
is on the blink, and he is beaten up, as well. He
realizes these thugs cut the tree in the forest and
have the ring. He gets angry, powers up, and defeats
them. The police take them away.
	Sunspot tells Euphy to appreciate having a family;
it?s worse to be a mutant. He leaves, dejected.
Story:	Beast: Just Friends (64 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 85-92, 1991
Feature Characters:	Dr. Henry P. ?Hank? McCoy (Beast)
Regular Characters:	Dr. Jennifer Nyles
Guest Stars:	X-Men Iceman, Angel, Cyclops, Prof. X
(all in flashback); Ship; Red Guardian, Henry Peter
Gyrich, Madison Jeffries, Anthony Stark, Victor Von
Doom (on screen)
Villains:	Evan; the Constrictor (Frank Schlichting);
the Red Ghost (Dr. Ivan Kragoff) and his Super Apes:
Gorilla, Orangutan, Chimp; Lt. Cmdr. Courage and
Were-Borgs; Dr. Meyer Hertzog (in flashback)
Other Characters:	Capt. Masclelein; Edna and Norton
McCoy; a French scientist
Synopsis:	Beast dictates his memoirs to Ship.
Flashback to the early days of the X-Men: Beast is
furious when he learns to protect him, Xavier has
erased him from the memories of his friends, Jennifer
in particular. Xavier coldly says he can quit if he
wants to.
	Hank has regrets, wondering what would have happened
if he had gone with Jennifer.
	In Brussels, Belgium, there have been a series of
grisly murders.
	A postal worker rows out to Ship; an armored Super
Ape attacks her; Ship ports Beast down to rescue her,
and the ape self-destructs. Beast reads his
invitation, from Jennifer, to a conference on mutants
in Brussels.
	On the plane, Beast annoys a French scientist in the
seat next to him with his reminiscences. Flashback: at
the last minute, Jennifer invites Hank to the junior
prom. She even provides his tux and punches out the
school bully who makes fun of them. Then she got the
football coach to make him quarterback. He excels.
Jennifer went to London to study; Hank became an
	In the hotel in Brussels, he is attacked by the
Constrictor. He checks in, fails to find Jennifer,
runs across the Red Ghost, who is dying, and tricks
the Constrictor into attacking an aquarium, shorting
out his suit.
	At the scientist?s reception, Jennifer doesn?t
recognize Beast. The Super Apes attack, knock Beast
down, and kidnap Jennifer.
	Flashback: Hank?s first Danger Room session. He
	Beast puts the pieces together: two specialists in
techo-organics kidnapped, the Red Ghost set up as the
fall guy, and the authorities are in on it. He knocks
out two guards and with the French scientist
infiltrates the Ministry of Defense. He finds Red
Ghost and learns that the Super Apes are no longer
under his control. Then Courage throws him out.
	Beast tells Constrictor that he has been used, and
they are partners now. They battle through Were-Borgs
and into the Ministry. Beast leaves Constrictor to
fight the Super Apes, while he finds Jennifer, who
unexpectedly shoots him with a tranquilizer. He wakes,
caged, and Courage explains that Jennifer and he are
using Hertzog?s research to make Were-Borgs. They had
used corpses first; now they are using the scientists
from the conference. Beast breaks out, fights through
more Were-Borgs, and gets away with an unwilling
Jennifer. He breaks into the computers systems, shows
her that Courage plans to make Were-Borgs out of
living, influential people and rule the world. She
explains she felt like someone had reprogrammed her
mind, so she researched technology to do the same.
Hank kisses her, and she remembers him.
	Constrictor and the French scientist battle
Were-Borgs and rescue Red Ghost. Beast reprograms the
Super Apes to help Constrictor, and they attack
Courage with him. Beast reprograms the Were-Borgs to
stop fighting and dance.
	Courage, desperate, shoots Jennifer. She and Beast
profess their love. Constrictor and Frenchie battle
Courage, who turns out to be a Were-Borg, too. Red
Ghost revives, phases a metal rod through Courage?s
body, then solidifies, killing him. Hank uses his
parts to save Jennifer?s life; they part as friends.
Story:	Spitfire: Young Blood (8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 89, 1991
Feature Characters:	Lady Jacqueline Crichton
Regular Characters:	Kenneth Crichton, Nigel Peters
Guest Stars:	 
Villains:	Selene (the Black Queen), Steven
Other Characters:	 
Synopsis:	Spitfire had received a blood transfusion
from the original Human Torch in the 40?s, which gave
her powers. Now she has received a second transfusion,
which had restored her youth.
	Selene, visiting London, sees this on the news. She
herself has just finished consuming the life force of
a bellboy.
	Spitfire?s son encourages her to marry Peters, whom
she had rescued as a boy, but she is reluctant.
	Selene kidnaps Kenneth and forces Spitfire to meet
her. She wants to vivisect her, to determine how her
metabolism made her young. Spitfire instead beats her
up, and rescues Kenneth from a bomb he was strapped
to. She vows vengeance on Selene, then decides to
start over with Peters.
Story:	Mojo: What?s Wrong with This Picture?! (8
Issue(s):	MCP 89, 1991
Feature Characters:	 
Regular Characters:	 
Guest Stars:	X-Men Storm, Beast, Cyclops, Colossus,
Psylocke, Wolverine, Prof. X, Jubilee, Iceman,
Archangel, Rogue, Jean Grey
Villains:	Mojo, Major Domo, Minor Domo, Yes Men,
Other Characters:	 
Synopsis:	Mojo?s ratings have fallen; people want to
watch documentaries. Minor Domo suggests they make
one, so they secretly film the X-Men in Their Natural
Habitat. Mojo finds them all boring, until the hold a
Danger Room session, but by then they have run out of
	They develop the film and realize that Mojo had the
camera turned around, and filmed his own face. The
Mojo Face-Show becomes a hit, and he films a sequel,
allowing his helpers to hit him with mallets, to get
different expressions.
Story:	Ghost Rider and Cable: Servants of the Dead (64
Issue(s):	MCP 90-97, 1991-1992
	also available as trade paperback, 1992 
Feature Characters:	Cable, Ghost Rider, Daniel Ketch
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Morlocks; the Grateful Undead including
their god, high priest, and a girl; Jubal Jones
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	While Dan visits his sister?s grave, Cable
patrols the Morlock tunnels. He comes across a girl
fleeing the Grateful Undead and shoots many bullets at
them, then kills a Guardian, with a spike through its
heart. Cable and the girl are then captured by the
Undead; Ghost Rider is provoked into action by all
this, frees Cable, and they go to free the girl. They
fight the Undead in a huge underground cavern, and
fall into a chasm. Ghost Rider manages to save them;
they wind up in the bone-filled Cathedral of the Dead
and quickly overcome the Undead there.
	The Undead throw the girl to their god; she is
grabbed by a giant squid, which Cable and Ghost Rider
	Ghost Rider takes them to the surface on his mystical
bike, interrupting the grave-robbing Jones, and
pursued by Warriors of the Dead.
	Turns out the girl is a runaway Undead assassin, and
the various subterranean races are fighting a war. The
Warriors come looking for her; their leader stabs her
with four weapons to prove she is one of them, but she
is still unwilling to return. The dead-god ports them
all back to his cathedral; Ghost Rider and Cable
attack him and show him to be human. He says he was a
powerful necromancer, and is appalled to learn that
his worshippers have become assassins. He gives the
girl her choice; she chooses fall dead. Ghost Rider
and Cable go their ways.
Story:	Northstar: Separate Allies (8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 92, 1991
Feature Characters:	Jean-Paul Beaubier (Northstar)
Regular Characters:	 
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Edoard Glissant, Richelieu
Other Characters:	Montgomery
Synopsis:	Glissant is a colleague of Northstar?s from
his Separatiste days, who wants to kill him for
selling out to the government. Richelieu is a skier
who resents the mutant attending a ski benefit, and
spits in his face.
	Glissant uses a bomb to create an avalanche;
Northstar saves the skiers and creates a whirlwind,
which turns the avalanche into a snowfall.
	Glissant pulls a gun on Northstar; Richelieu takes
the bullet; Northstar punches Glissant out.
	Richelieu thanks Northstar, but he remains arrogant.
Story:	Puck: Razer?s Edge (8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 99, 1992
Feature Characters:	Eugene Milton Judd (Puck)
Regular Characters:	 
Guest Stars:	Heather Hudson
Villains:	Arcade, Razer
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Puck bounces a couple of thugs out of his
favorite bar, and moons over Heather. Arcade wants to
steal the powerful Razer from Puck; he puts him in a
maze, where he is too slow to save Heather from being
crushed by a carousel. The shock sets Razer free,
making Puck a full-size old man, again. Razer attacks
Arcade; he yells to Puck for help, telling him Heather
was just a hologram. Puck grabs Razer?s sword and
reabsorbs him, shrinking in size in process. Arcade
Story:	Nightcrawler: Night of the Ripper (8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 110, 1992
Feature Characters:	Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)
Regular Characters:	 
Guest Stars:	 
Villains:	Dr. Jacqueline Davenport, Harry Flanagan
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Nightcrawler interrupts a London serial
killer who is killing pimps. The killer gets away,
Davenport volunteers to help save the victim, but in
reality she is the Ripper, so she kills him. Davenport
takes Nightcrawler to follow a local pimp named
Flanagan; she tries to kill him, but Nightcrawler has
her figured out and stops her. She explains she is
taking vengeance for her sister, a prostitute who died
from a drug overdose. Nightcrawler scares the wits out
of Flanagan and turns Davenport over to the police.
Story:	Mirage: Of Faith and Fable (8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 121, 1993
Feature Characters:	Danielle Moonstar (Mirage)
Regular Characters:	 
Guest Stars:	Mist, Hota-Mitanio
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	In Asgard, Mirage trains with Mist, but she
feels she is being watched and is distracted. She is
encapsulated by the Cheyenne god Hota-Mitanio, who
wants to take her where she belongs. Mist fights him
until Mirage breaks free and stops them. The god
accuses her of betraying her heritage; she wants to
stay and learn from the Valkyries, and chooses to be
of both worlds.
Story:	Starjammers: Beyond the Call (8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 149, Mar-94
Feature Characters:	Starjammers: Maj. Christopher
Summers (Corsair), Hepzibah, Ch?od, Raza Longknife
Regular Characters:	 
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	the Aris of Bianca IV including Jood?l,
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	The Aris use a tractor beam to force the
Starjammers to land on their planet. They explain that
the Shi?ar are going to destroy their planet, and ask
help refueling their force field generator. They have
to battle a demon guarding the Della gem mine, and
Raza kills it. Hepzibah plans to take a gem for
herself, but the mine collapses and she gives it tot
he Aris. The generator is powered; the planet is safe;
the Starjammers leave.
Story:	Excalibur: Cross Time Critters (8 pages)
Issue(s):	MCP 174, Feb-95
Feature Characters:	Lockheed, Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat)
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur
Villains:	Technet: Gatecrasher, Thug, Bodybag, Yap,
Waxworks, Scatterbrain, Chinadoll, Numbers
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Technet has been sent to capture Phoenix.
They arrive in the Lighthouse to find Lockheed, who
fends them off for a while, burning off Gatecrasher?s
hair. She has Yap port him away, but the open portal
lets Devil Dinosaur through. Technet is unable to
defeat it, so Gatecrasher has Yap switch him with
Lockheed again.
	Kitty comes to see what all the trouble was, and
congratulates Lockheed on besting Technet.
***** DIDN?T DO:
38ff ? Wonder Man, with Beast
60ff ? Scarlet Witch
82ff ? Firestar

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