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Index to X-Men Volume II: 9 / 9

Author: Robert Diehl (rfdiehl@yahoo.com)
Updated: Version 2.1, last modified June 6, 2001

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Index to X-Men Volume II
Version 2.1, last modified June 6, 2001
by Robert Diehl (rfdiehl@yahoo.com)

Issue:	X-Men II:100
Date:	May-00
Story:	End of Days ( pages)
Feature Characters:	Phoenix, Nightcrawler, Colossus,
Rogue, Psylocke, Thunderbird III (Neal 
Regular Characters:	Dr. Cecelia Reyes
Guest Stars:	Dr. Peter Corbeau
Villains:	Neo including Kilmer, Rax, Domina, Jaeger, 
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Chris Claremont 
	Pencils: Leinil Francis Yu
	Inks: Mark Morales
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Liquid! 
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Note: Claremont returns as writer, and six 
months have passed since last iss.
	Kurt is studying for the priesthood. While 
saying the Ave at the altar of St. Michael the 
Archangel, he is shot by an arrow and quickly 
ports away, hiding among the rooftop 
gargoyles. Domina sends Jaeger to finish him 
off; the Neo have declared war on the rest of 
the world. 
	The X-Men are helping Corbeau reconstruct 
the High Evolutionary's space station over the 
objections of the Genoshan government, who 
see it as a security threat.
	Jean loses control of a girder, and Rogue and 
Piotr have to catch it. Thunderbird is a new 
member, with laser eyes and rich parents in 
India. Logan is off somewhere, but Kitty has 
one of his bone claws to use as a saw. Betsy 
has no use of her telepathy but has gained TK.
	The station is complete, and the crew throws a 
party in zero gravity. Piotr talks to Rogue: she 
has broken up with Remy again, because he is 
now head of the Thieves' Guild, and therefore 
can't be loyal to the X-Men, in her opinion. 
They kiss and realize Rogue doesn't absorb his 
psyche when he's armored.
	Kurt pops in to Cecelia's clinic for help. She 
wraps him up, but before they can get to the 
mansion, she is shot with an arrow. She 
battles Jaeger, who wasn't expecting her force 
field. When he is about to kill Kurt, she 
instinctively extends her field, killing him.
	Kitty has a secret rendezvous with Seth, who 
reveals himself to be Neo, shocks her, and 
elaborately binds her. Thinking quickly, she 
phases part of her face and grabs her sword-
shaped earring with her teeth, to use to cut 
her bonds.
	Seth tells Domina that Kitty is one of them and 
he loves her; she realizes Jaeger is dead; Kitty 
kicks Seth, then goes to warn the others as the 
station begins to explode. Seth, in a pressure 
suit, jumps three hundred miles to earth. The 
crew blames the mutants, who rescue them 
anyway: Kitty phases them outside to Piotr 
and Rogue, who toss them quickly to 
Thunderbird and Corbeau aboard the space 
shuttle Intrepid. A girder breaks off and heads 
toward the shuttle; Kitty phases it just in time, 
so she must remain behind. Thunderbird uses 
his fire to propel the shuttle. Kitty finds a 
second pressure suit and jumps to earth.

Issue:	X-Men II:101
Date:	Jun-00
Story:	Hard Landing (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Nightcrawler, Colossus, Rogue,
Thunderbird III
Regular Characters:	Archangel, Dr. Cecelia Reyes
Guest Stars:	Dr. Peter Corbeau, Det. Charlotte Jones; 
Candy Southern (in flashback)
Villains:	Neo including Domina, Tartarus, Elysia;
Other Characters:	Charley, Sidney
Credits:	Writer: Chris Claremont 
	Pencils: Leinil Francis Yu
	Inks: Mark Morales
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Liquid! 
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Betsy uses her TK to soft-land the shuttle
JFK airport and into the bay (cf. UXM 101), 
while the crew complains about mutants. 
	Kurt and Cecelia hide from the Neo; he tries to 
soothe her conscience over killing Jaeger. An 
unrelated truck crashes into the building, and 
Charlotte has a shoot-out with Delgado. 
Warren sees it with eagle eyes, and swoops 
down to save her with eagle wings. Cecelia 
throws her force field over an exploding 
energy weapon and picks up a syringe of 
Rave, an illegal stimulant. Kurt, weak, ports 
away with her.
	Delgado runs into the Neo and takes one 
hostage. Another gives Warren an illusion of 
beautiful women, and Charlotte and Delgado 
an illusion of a skull-filled valley. She arrests 
him, but then bones grow out of her back. 
Warren rejects and breaks out of his illusion 
but bumps his head.
	The Neo surround Kurt and Cecelia; she, 
desperate, takes the Rave to boost her power.

Issue:	X-Men II:102
Date:	Jul-00
Story:	The Cruelest Cut (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Archangel, Nightcrawler,
Colossus, Rogue, Psylocke, Thunderbird III
Regular Characters:	Dr. Cecelia Reyes, Det. Charlotte
Guest Stars:	Danielle Moonstar, Sen. Robert Kelly
Villains:	Sinister, Sabretooth (both in a vision); Neo

including Domina, Anteus, Salvo, Static, 
Jaeger, Barbican; Tessa
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Chris Claremont 
	Pencils: Leinil Francis Yu
	Inks: Mark Morales
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Saida
	Colors: Liquid! Graphics
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Logan slices his way into the Nebraska 
orphanage where Scott grew up and finds it 
trashed like many of Sinister's bases; Sinister 
has been killed at least 17 times. He has 
Moonstar with him, and she accesses the 
place's latent memories to produce of vision of 
the Neo killing Sinister and Sabretooth.
	Tessa, no longer working for Shaw, meets 
with Kelly over his wife's grave. He is running 
for president, and she warns him not to go 
	Cecelia, drug-enhanced, holds off the Neo 
until the cavalry arrive. Rogue kisses Salvo to 
get information, then her power goes wild. 
She absorbs Piotr without touching him, and 
her arms turn into guns like Salvo's. Cecelia 
tries to use her force field to stop her, but it 
takes Kurt porting around the room with her 
to shock her out of it.
	Then Domina shows up. She can mimic all of 
her team's abilities, and she single-handedly 
cuts through the X-Men and captures Cecelia, 
who killed her husband Jaeger.
	Then Logan shows up. Domina goes down, 
but she has Barbican seal the building. Betsy 
uses TK to keep a tunnel open to escape, but 
Charlotte is missing, so Cecelia stays behind.

Issue:	X-Men II:103
Date:	Aug-00
Story:	The Goth (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Archangel, Nightcrawler,
Colossus, Rogue, Psylocke, Thunderbird III
Regular Characters:	Forge
Guest Stars:	Sen. Robert Kelly
Villains:	Tessa; the Goth: Sanguine, Beldame, 
Other Characters:	Melanie, Kim
Credits:	Writer: Chris Claremont 
	Pencils: Tom Raney
	Inks: Scott Hanna
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Saida, 
	Colors: Liquid! 
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	In the Danger Room, Betsy works kills a 
simulacrum of Sabretooth, but her TK is still 
new, and she has no fine control. Tessa has 
been working with the X-Men, claiming to 
have always been an ally.
	Rogue is ambushed in the hall. She wakes in a 
futuristic, ruined city, with no powers and 
Logan stalking her. She uses acrobatics to 
elude him, pepper and manikins to disorient 
him, and bullwhips on weights to string him 
up. But he snaps her spears with his legs and 
gets her in a standoff. He ends the Danger 
Room simulation and announces this was a 
test: she is the new field leader. She decides to 
go back to rescue Cecelia and Charlotte, 
before tracking down Kitty.
	In Harry's Hideaway, Piotr turns off an anti-
mutant harangue on the TV, and nobody stops 
him. Some bikers get transformed into Goth 
and interrupt him while he sketches the local 
	Betsy can fly alongside Warren; they and Neal 
go to Harry's just in time to fight. Wanderer 
has Piotr enthralled; Sanguine feeds off 
Warren; Beldame makes Betsy use her psychic 
katana against herself. Neal, afraid to use his 
powers, just sends up a flare, and Rogue, 
Logan, and Kurt arrive in time to see an 
explosion. They scan the area: Salem Center 
has been depopulated. Rogue decides to call 
Remy's team (see UXM 384).

Issue:	X-Men II:104
Date:	Sep-00
Story:	Painted Ladies (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Wolverine, Rogue, Phoenix,
Beast; Gambit, Psylocke, Cable, Colossus, 
Archangel, Thunderbird III, Storm
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Sen. Robert Kelly
Villains:	Hong Kong Hellfire Club including Liu Wo-
Han, Chung; Mystique (Raven Darkholme); 
Goth including Beldame; Killian and his 
Crimson Pirates and Sea Dogs including 
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Chris Claremont 
	Pencils: Leinil Francis Yu
	Inks: Mark Morales
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft 
	Colors: Liquid! Graphics
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Logan and Rogue crash a party at the Hong 
Kong Hellfire Club, taking out all the 
bodyguards. Jean enters with Kurt and Hank 
and scans the room, identifying a waitress as 
a spy for the slavers (UXM 383). She 
confronts Wo-Han, saying the Triads have 
allied with the Goth and the Crimson Pirates, 
and they are out of their league. The X-Men 
vanish, and Lo-Han makes a call to Beijing.
	Logan tracks the waitress while the rest crash 
at a friend's nearby mansion. Hank has 
reservations about their show of force; Rogue 
says if they play by the rules, the bad guys will 
	Mystique impersonates Val Cooper and asks 
Kelly why he's basing his presidential 
campaign on anti-mutant bigotry. He says the 
world needs to be secure from super villains. 
Mystique consults Destiny's diaries and 
decides she must stop Kelly.
	Remy's team is captive, and Beldame feeds on 
them. Ororo attacks her futilely, tearing off a 
piece of armor and getting herself knocked 
toward Remy, who takes it in his mouth. 
When Beldame leaves, he charges it and frees 
himself, then the others. They wonder why 
alarms haven't sounded, but Remy ignores 
prudence and goes to get the Goth. They take 
guards' armor to disguise Betsy and Neal and 
realize they're in an ancient stronghold in a 
cave in China. It is full of storage containers 
for slaves. The Goth arrive, and Remy suggests 
a deal instead of a battle.
	The Crimson Pirates track down Rogue's team 
and demand surrender. Battle ensues, and the 
Pirates lose. A Hound touches Rogue, and she 
sees her memories: she is Kymri, formerly 
Capt. Britain on an alternate earth (Excalibur 
16-17), which was conquered, and she was 
made a Hound. Killian realizes the battle was 
an illusion and Rogue is actually alone; she 
had absorbed Jean's telepathy. She quickly 
flies off.
	Meanwhile, the X-Men have followed the 
waitress to the Pirates' base in the slums and 
taken their transportation and backup.
	Note: continued in UXM 385.

Issue:	X-Men II:105
Date:	Oct-00
Story:	Killing Angels! (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Archangel, Nightcrawler,
Colossus, Rogue, Psylocke, Thunderbird III, 
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Sen. Robert Kelly, Wolfsbane (Rahne
Villains:	Twisted Sisters: Gyre, Coil, Ringlet,
Helix; Mystique
Other Characters:	Mr. Perry
Credits:	Writer: Chris Claremont 
	Pencils: Leinil Francis Yu
	Inks: Mark Morales, Norm Rapmund
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft 
	Colors: Liquid!, Hi-Fi Design
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	In Manhattan, Betsy uses her TK to fly 
alongside Warren. They returned to his 
penthouse for a romantic evening, but then 
there is an explosion. Betsy instintively erects 
a TK bubble and propels them both to the 
ground: they land in Jersey, where their 
attempted assassins, the Twisted Sisters, try 
	Coil catches Warren, so Betsy fights the rest 
alone, finally felled when Helix's shoots her 
feathers at her. Just then, reinforcements 
arrive, alerted by Cerebro.
	Kelly is in Chicago, running for president and 
making noises about the mutant menace. 
Mystique observes and sees that Nathan is one 
of his aides. She is impersonating Moira to get 
access to Destiny's diaries, and she plans to let 
nothing stop her.
	The X-Men fight the Twisted Sisters, but they 
show effective teamwork, and Helix adapts 
new powers as needed. They scratch Piotr 
with acid, wrap Logan in webbing, and 
collapse a building on all of them. Betsy's TK 
holds, but the nearby dam doesn't, and the 
Hudson River comes pouring in.
	The X-Men capture the villains, and Betsy 
rebuilds the dam. Perry is furious that the 
mutants fought on his property, but Warren 
explains to the police that they rescued him 
from an assassination attempt and offers to 
reimburse the damages.
	A mysterious someone (perhaps Stryfe, see 
2000 Ann.) gloats that Betsy no longer has 
telepathy and doesn't realize the hit was on 

Issue:	X-Men 2000
Date:	2000
Story:	Mutie.Dead (40 pages)
Feature Characters:	Rogue, Thunderbird III, Colossus,
Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Forge
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Danielle Moonstar
Villains:	Lady Deathstrike (Yuriko Oyama); Prime 
Sentinels: Lao Mei-Ling, Samuel Mbende, 
Jrgen Tiebold, Delilah Fremont; Tessa; 
Karmina Shapandar; Stryfe
Other Characters:	 
Credits:	Writer & Pencils: Chris Claremont, Scot Eaton
	Inks: Scott Hanna
	Letters: Jonathan Babcock
	Colors: Hifi Design
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Around the world, various people get e-mail 
which triggers their transformation into Prime 
Sentinels. Lady Deathstrike gets one but blasts 
the computer. Then she is attacked.
	The X-Men swim in Breakstone Lake. Betsy 
beats Rogue in a race swimming, so Rogue 
challenges her to a flying race. Betsy exhausts 
herself, and Neal has to catch her, mid-air; 
Rogue tells both to train harder. 
	Then Deathstrike crashes to earth at their feet, 
Prime Sentinels close behind. They fight; the 
X-Men hold back from killing them, since 
they were human, and Piotr gets knocked 
through the boathouse. Rogue takes her gloves 
off, touches one and realizes the humanity is 
gone, and sanctions lethal force. Neal blasts 
but fells only one. Logan guts another from 
behind, but the Sentinels adapt, so he teams 
up with Neal, cutting holes in two of them so 
Neal can fry their insides. They activate self-
destruct sequences, so Rogue flies them 
skyward, gets caught in the explosion, and 
falls. The last Sentinel attacks her, ignoring 
Betsy since it has telepathic shields. But Betsy's 
new telekinetic katana slices like a real blade, 
and she splits the Sentinel in two.
	Deathstrike insists she wasn't attacking the X-
Men. She surrenders and asks for help. 
	Forge analyzes the Sentinel memory core. His 
assistant is Moonstar, who recently quit X-
Force to protest their new methods. Kurt 
protests Betsy's willingness to kill. Logan says 
Deathstrike isn't human; Tessa disagrees.
	Deathstrike says Bastion has been trying to 
capture her, first through e-mail and then 
physically. Rogue decides to trust her for now 
even though she's not human enough for 
Rogue's power to absorb her thoughts.
	Neal plays cricket in the Danger Room, but 
the bowler becomes his Sentinel girlfriend, 
Shapandar, and throws a bomb at him. He 
bats it away and ends the program.
	Bastion is probably dead (Astonishing X-Men 
2), so Forge thinks someone else is using his 
files. The transformed humans had all been to 
the same resort, so the X-Men fly to Belize. 
They see a tourist about to become a Sentinel, 
and Deathstrike advocates killing them all, but 
Rogue just attaches an inhibitor module. She 
warns Deathstrike to do things the X-Men 
way, then advises her to put away the blood-
feud with Logan and sets her as guard in a 
church tower.
	The X-Men stake out a temple that everyone 
has been visiting. Rogue drops Piotr down 
through it, and it all seems too easy. Then 
Rogue gets blasted.
	Deathstrike sees the tourists begin to 
transform but shoots them with a gun that 
Forge made to scramble the process.
	The X-Men find Stryfe standing over Rogue's 
body. Battle ensues, but Stryfe's telepathy and 
TK are formidable. He is about to make Neal 
fry himself, when Deathstrike interrupts. 
Stryfe says the same man designed her and the 
Prime Sentinels, and he wants the catalyst 
codes so he can trigger an instant army. 
	But then Kurt unplugs his transmitter. Betsy is 
able to sneak up on him, since he's been 
relying on telepathy and her mind is locked 
down tight. She slices him, then Logan and 
Rogue each take a swing. Defeated, his 
automatic systems teleport him away.
	The X-Men relax around a bonfire on the 
beach. They rewrite the code to make sure the 
Prime Sentinels can't all be reactivated at 
once, and Logan thinks Rogue made a 
difference in Deathstrike's attitude.

Issue:	X-Men II:106
Date:	Nov-00
Story:	Search and Rescue (40 pages)
Feature Characters:	Archangel, Wolverine, Colossus,
Psylocke, Thunderbird III, Nightcrawler
Regular Characters:	Dr. Cecelia Reyes
Guest Stars:	Det. Charlotte Jones, Valerie Cooper,
Villains:	The Neo including Domina, Ransome Sole, 
Rax, Antaeus, Static, Junction, Barbican, 
Elysia, Salvo; Jaeger (in flashback); Big Casino; 
Rufus Delgado; Sen. Robert Kelly; the 
Brotherhood of Mutants: Mystique, Blob, 
Avalanche, Sabre, Toad
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer & Pencils: Chris Claremont, Leinil 
Francis Yu, Thomas Derenick, Anthony 
	Inks: Mark Morales, Rick Ketcham, Norm 
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft 
	Colors: Liquid! Graphics, Hi-Fi Design
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	The Neo have holed up in a church in New 
York (iss. 102). They had lived secretly 
alongside humans, expecting them to destroy 
themselves, but then they were attacked, and 
Domina and Jaeger gathered the survivors. 
Cecelia killed Jaeger (iss. 100), so Domina 
practices killing simulcrums of X-Men.
	Junction interrupts: a masked person has been 
destroying the Neo's cyborgs. Cecelia 
observes, having keep hidden with the help of 
vials of Rave. Domina sends Rax to search the 
building for her and Charlotte. Rax and 
Delgado, who has attached himself to Jones, 
plot against her.
	The X-Men reconnoiter, and Kurt senses 
Junction's teleportation, so he thinks he can 
get through Barbican's barrier as well. He and 
Logan convince Rogue to let them go for it. 
Simultanously, the Neo port out and attack 
Rogue. Rax gives her a good beating, then 
proposes an alliance, instead. Rogue suspects 
a trap but needs to get her people out.
	Delgado-Jones have been attacking the Neo, 
and Kurt and Logan get in the way when it 
attacks Elysia. Cecelia intervenes, berates 
Logan for not rescuing her sooner, and gets 
Kurt to port them away.
	Cooper and SHIELD's new head, Carter, listen 
to Kelly's anti-mutant presidential campaign 
speech, then warn him that Mystique is after 
him. He is fatalistic, since there is no defence 
against a shape-shifter, and he's willing to die 
for his beliefs.
	Cecelia sees vials of Rave injecting themselves 
into her. Logan puts his claws to Elysia to 
make her stop the hallucinations. They 
explain to her that the High Evolutionary, not 
the X-Men, caused the deaths of her family 
(UXM 379), but she says Domina will never 
believe them.
	Mystique has assembled a new Brotherhood, 
including Toad, who now has a prehensile 
tongue with psycho-active venom.
	Rogue pretends to be a census-taker, and the 
Neo open the door (!). Betsy throws Piotr to 
Antaeus, who pummels him. He kisses Rogue 
to give her his power, and she confronts 
Domina. Rax and Delgado-Jones make their 
move, tossing Kurt aside and breaking 
through Betsy's TK to get to Domina. Logan 
slices Jones from Delgado, and Elysia defends 
him against Domina. Kurt tries to convince 
her to end her war on humanity, when only 
one was to blame. Rogue insists hope is better 
than despair, and Domina lets the X-Men go, 
but keeps the church as the Neo's fortress.

Issue:	Bishop 15
Date:	Dec-00
Story:	?Been a Long Lonely, Lonely, Lonely, Lonely, 
Lonely Time (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Bishop
Regular Characters:	Nom, Michael (in flashback)
Guest Stars:	Prof. X and Cadre K Skrulls including Fiz
Villains:	Deathbird; Trevor Fitzroy (in flashback)
Other Characters:	 
Credits:	Writer: Joseph Harris
	Pencils: Georges Jeanty
	Inks: Nathan Massengill 
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft 
	Colors: Jason Wright 
	Editor: Mike Marts
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Note: this is part of the Maximum Security 
	Cadre K investigates a wrecked starstation, 
finding nothing but corpses: Deathbird's 
handiwork. An energy field slams into the 
station: Bishop has been returned to our 
	Deathbird knocks out Bishop and carries him 
away, uses him as a shield against the Shi'ar 
energy weapons, and runs away when he 
	Bishop wakes to find Xavier in a Shi'ar suit 
that lets him walk, and Cadre K, the mutant 
Skrulls he now leads. Xavier reads his mind 
and sees his war against Fitzroy and the allies 
he made along the way, including Michael, 
who was left behind.
	Xavier explains that Earth has been made a 
prison planet, with an energy barrier around 
the solar system. Deathbird has a key, and 
Xavier needs to rescue his student Z'Cann, a 
Skrull telepath.
	Deathbird shoots Xavier's suit, so Bishop has 
to go after her alone. She wallops him with a 
metal rod but then uses a blaster, which he 
redirects to her. She throws the key to him, 
wanting to pit Xavier against Lilandra. She 
dares him to kill her, then opens an airlock 
and is sucked into space. Bishop is able to 
close the airlock, and he admits to himself that 
he hates her. He regrets the innocents that 
died before he put down Fitzroy, and he's 
determined to repeate that mistake. 
	Xavier is back on his feet and volunteers 
Bishop to go to Earth.

Issue:	X-Men II:107
Date:	Dec-00
Story:	On the Yard! (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Colossus,
Psylocke, Thunderbird III; Gambit (in 
Regular Characters:	Dr. Cecelia Reyes
Guest Stars:	Z'Cann, Bishop, Cerise
Villains:	Sen. Robert Kelly, the Blood Brothers
Other Characters:	Joey
Credits:	Writer: Chris Claremont
	Pencils: Leinil Francis Yu 
	Inks: Morales, Elmer
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft 
	Colors: Liquid! Graphics
	Asst. Editor: Pete Franco 
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada
Synopsis:	Note: this is part of the Maximum Security 
	Kurt swings through a Danger Room jungle, 
where Cerise pops in and kisses him. He 
shoves her away, explaining that he is 
planning to become a priest. Cerise says she's 
on a mission for Lilandra.
	Rogue is in Salem Center (which now has a 
train station), drowning her sorrows in 
milkshakes. She is remorseful over using 
Remy's power to kill the Goth (UXM 385), 
even though Remy said they had no choice. 
Rogue knows it's important for the X-Men to 
hold to their ideals, or they'll become the 
mutant monsters that people such as Kelly 
fear. She pushes back from the ice cream 
counter, and the patrons applaud her binge. 
	On the train, a conductor wakes Z'Cann, who 
lets her appearance slip. She is a Skrull, and 
the Blood Brothers immediately attack her. 
Rogue, nearby, comes to the rescue and 
knocks them out, but not before they wound 
Z'Cann. She touches Rogue to pass on her 
information and uses telepathy to boost the 
	Bishop is in the prisoner processing facility 
beyond Pluto, where he fights off the 
aggressive convicts. 
	Kurt is nursing Cecelia, who is in withdrawal 
from the drug Rave. Rogue, who is now 
Skrull, arrives carrying Z'Cann, who is now 
human. The X-Men think Rogue may be a 
Skrull spy, so Piotr touches her and collapses, 
proving she has Rogue's power. Rogue is 
slowly recalling Z'Cann's memories and says 
the alien transmat ring is on Ellis Island, and 
they have to stop it by midnight. 
	They fight the guards, whom they realize are 
aliens. Rogue involuntarily takes Logan's form 
and in the nick of time remembers that they're 
not supposed to destroy the ring. Rogue takes 
Colossus to block Neal's blast, just as Bishop 
comes through the transmat. 

Issue:	Bishop 16
Date:	Jan-01
Story:	Dream's End Part 3 (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Bishop
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair), Wolverine 
(Logan), Rogue
Villains:	The Brotherhood of Mutants: Sabretooth 
(Victor Creed), Mystique (Raven Darkholme), 
Toad (Mortimer Toynbee); Sen. Robert Kelly 
(as a template for Mystique)
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell, Joe Pruett
	Pencils: Thomas Derenick
	Inks: Massengill & Team X
	Letters: Jon Babcock
	Colors: Jason Wright 
	Asst. Editor: Mike Raicht
	Editor: Mike Marts
	Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada
Synopsis:	Note: this occurs after Cable 87.
	On Muir, Wolfsbane is trapped under a fallen 
girder, and Sabretooth approaches. But when 
he threatens Moira, she goes wolf, and he 
wallops her. Bishop interrupts, blasting him 
out of the way. He frees Wolfsbane and sends 
her to find Moira. Sabretooth thinks he's out 
of power, but Bishop blasts him again: he 
doesn't bluff.
	He sees Kelly outside, warning about the 
abuse of mutant powers, then Wolverine 
attacks, and Bishop stops him. Kelly was 
Mystique, of course, and she gets away.
	Wolfsbane finds Toad tied up and hanging by 
his tongue. Rogue is there, mixed up with 
various borrowed mutant powers. Then 
Mystique shoots Wolfsbane.
	Bishop and Wolverine find Moira in the 
debris of her lab (blown up in Uncanny X-
Men 388). She is dying, but she says 
Mystique's manipulation of the Legacy Virus 
(to kill only flatscans, Uncanny X-Men 388), 
has given Moira the cure.
	Mystique tells Rogue she shot Wolfsbane with 
the gun the U.S. government had Forge make 
to neutralize mutant powers (Uncanny X-Men 
185). Rogue wonders if it has another charge, 
but Mystique is unwilling to give her an easy 
out, and she kicks her instead. Rogue says 
she's sick and Xavier can help her, but 
Mystique stuff a knife into her belly, actually 
harming her. Mama knows her weaknesses.
	Bishop and Wolverine show up, but Mystique 
takes Wolfsbane hostage and points her gun 
at Wolverine, who would die without his 
healing factor.
	Rogue rallies and stabs her mother with her 
Wolverine claws.
	Note: the story continues in X-Men II:108

Issue:	X-Men II:108
Date:	Jan-01
Story:	Dream's End Part 4: The Future Is Now! (23 
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Phoenix, Beast,
Archangel, Iceman, 
Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, Rogue, Psylocke, 
Gambit, Bishop, Cable
Regular Characters:	Dr. Moira MacTaggert
Guest Stars:	Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair)
Villains:	Mystique (Raven Darkholme), Sen. Robert 
Other Characters:	Angela, Sharon
Credits:	Writer: Chris Claremont
	Pencils: Leinil Francis Yu, Brett Booth
	Inks: Mark Morales, Scott Elmer
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Saida 
	Colors: Liquid! 
	Asst. Editor: Pete Franco 
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada
Synopsis:	Note: this occurs after Bishop 16.
	Muir Island has been blown up (UXM 388), 
and the damaged Blackbird is en route to New 
York. Mystique has mutated the Legacy Virus 
to kill only non-mutants, but Moira has 
realized that's the key to a cure. But she's 
half-dead, so Rogue gets Logan and 
Wolfsbane to help stabilize her.
	Rogue's out of control powers have saved her 
life: Mystique was able to stab her, but 
Logan's healing factor is already knitting the 
	Luckily, Rogue still has Dr. Cecelia Reyes's 
memories, so she can do surgery. Meanwhile, 
Logan is about to kill Mystique when 
Wolfsbane calls him away. She wants to kill 
Mystique herself.
	Hank and Piotr return to the mansion, 
announcing Pyro's death while saving Kelly 
from the Brotherhood (Cable 87). Hank hopes 
Kelly will change society's attitude toward 
mutants, but Piotr says it won't matter: look 
how little the X-Men have changed things.
	Nathan is still with Kelly in Boston, visiting his 
wife's grave (killed by Master Mold, UXM 
247). He says he also lost his wife, then tells 
him his twisted life story, and that good and 
bad mutants are facts of life, for better or for 
worse. Kelly asks to see him as he is, so 
Nathan turns off his image inducer and shows 
metal arm, flashing eye, and costume. They 
shake hands.
	Moira is conscious and says her knowledge 
must be preserved. She is too weak to handle 
Rogue's touch, and her mind is too unstable 
anyway, so they call out mentally to Xavier. 
	Piotr apologizes to Xavier for his outburst. 
Xavier apologizes for taking over his life. But 
Piotr has chosen this life.
	Xavier finally hears Moira and races to 
Cerebro. She is so weak that he is unable to 
establish a mindlink, so Jean helps. Xavier's 
and Moira's psi-forms embrace, and Jean 
watches as they begin to glow, as death 
approaches. Xavier loves Moira, his first love, 
too much to let her go.
	Kelly gives another speech, with Nathan 
nearby as bodyguard, but Jean calls out to 
him, so he goes to the psi-plane and helps her 
convince Xavier to let Moira go. She passes 
into the light, "until we meet again."
	Kelly has meanwhile announced his change of 
attitude toward mutants, and one of his 
supporters has pulled a gun. Four shots; Kelly 
tells Nathan not to retaliate, and dies.

Issue:	X-Men II:109
Date:	Feb-01
Story:	Ceremonies (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Beast, Archangel, Iceman,
Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Colossus, Rogue, 
Psylocke, Gambit, Bishop, Thunderbird III
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Trish Tilby, Cerise, Tessa (Sage)
Villains:	Viper
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Chris Claremont
	Pencils: Thomas Derenick
	Inks: Rick Ketcham, Norm Rapmund
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Saida 
	Colors: Liquid! 
	Asst. Editor: Pete Franco 
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada
Synopsis:	Note: this occurs after UXM 389.
	Neal, who grew up on the slopes of the 
Himalayas, gets the team to join a children's 
snowball fight on Lookout Knob, a hill in 
Salem Center. Bobby has an unnatural 
advantage; children gang up on Piotr; Kurt 
takes down Warren; Betsy tackles Neal; 
Warren gets jealous but says she's free to do 
as she pleases.
	Remy and Rogue pass by; Rogue tells Neal 
Betsy's interested but he should consider the 
consequences; he's mortified and insists it 
wasn't like that. The four of them go for 
cocoa. Rogue is having headaches, and seems 
to have Logan's claws permanently. In the 
wake of Kelly's death, Betsy says mutants will 
always be outcasts; Neal is a Hindu and 
believes in karma and progress toward 
transcendence. He is new to the team.
	Remy goes to the skating pond to confer with 
Ororo and Hank, in a crowd to inhibit 
telepathic eavesdropping. Hank has confirmed 
that Xavier has some of Destiny's diaries. 
Remy doesn't trust him with them, especially 
since Onslaught; Hank angrily defends him. 
Ororo decides that such knowledge is a power 
that can't be trusted to anyone.
	Kurt gets Piotr to join him and Cerise in a 
circus performance. Cerise tempts, but Kurt is 
determined to put his God first. Piotr sees a 
girl like Illyana in the crowd and enjoys 
causing enjoyment.
	Warren looks over his trashed penthouse: he 
is getting evicted as a hazard, from his own 
building. Betsy says he can move in with her, 
but he's jealous of her attraction to Neal, 
realizes they don't have what Scott and Jean 
had, and breaks up with her. 
	At a fire station in Brooklyn, Bishop collects 
toys for tots. Bank robbers drive by; he stops 
their car with his fists. The firemen realize 
he's a mutant but congratulate him and invite 
him in for a drink.
	In Japan, Logan visits Mariko's grave and 
finds Viper there. She has a package for him: 
one of his bone claws. He knows it's from 
Kitty and means she's okay. Viper hopes 
someday their marriage will become a real 
	Rogue and Remy come across kids fixing a 
crche made of mutants, which had been 
vandalized by bigots. When Rogue manifests 
Scott's power, she has to fly away, and the 
kids panic and scatter, not quite as pro mutant 
as they thought.
	That night, everyone is back in the mansion, 
and Rogue wears ruby quartz glasses. Ororo 
announces her intention to get all 13 diaries 
and keep it secret from Xavier. She takes 
Rogue, Hank, Neal, Betsy, and Bishop. Rogue 
refuses to let Remy come, in case she hurts 
him. Ororo wants Logan to stay at the 
mansion and be her contact there, since 
Xavier can't read his mind. She takes Tessa, 
now called Sage, who is a human computer, 
though her team has reservations.
	They open presents: Betsy gives Neal 
something naughty; Xavier gives him Dickens' 
A Tale of Two Cities. Ororo gets a new 
uniform. Xavier speaks to her; she says she 
has no regrets, but he is full of them. She tells 
him to look at his X-Men and know his dream 
	Note: following are reprints of Christmas 
issues: UXM 98, 143, and 341.

Issue:	X-Men II:110
Date:	Mar-01
Story:	One Tin Soldier Rides Away? (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Kitty Pryde, Prof. X; Colossus,
Wolverine (in flashback)
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Illyana Rasputin (in flashback)
Villains:	Mandroids (in flashback), the Neo: Salvo, 
Antaeus, Tartarus, Domina, Rax; Magneto
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: Leinil Francis Yu
	Inks: Mark Morales
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Saida 
	Colors: Liquid! Graphics
	Asst. Editor: Pete Franco 
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada
Synopsis:	Kitty remembers the first time she saw
when the X-Men recruited her (UXM 129). 
Mandroids attacked the malt shop, and Piotr, 
Ororo, and Logan defended her. That's how 
she learned she was a mutant, and she 
developed a crush on Piotr, her hero.
	Piotr is dead (UXM 390); Kitty is flying 
commercial to Moscow. The Legacy Virus is 
cured?even those dying in Genosha are 
recovering?but she is devastated. She drives 
across Russia, stopping in a diner in Yaroslav. 
	She recalls talking to Piotr, brooding alone in 
the cold by the pool after Illyana died (UXM 
303). He blamed himself for endangering her. 
Kitty wanted to say the good outweighed the 
bad, but she didn't believe it, so she just 
hugged him and sat with him all night.
	She reaches the Ust Ordynski Collective, 
uncovers an urn, and lets Piotr's ashes scatter.
	She writes Xavier, quitting the team and 
telling him not to contact her, and enrolls in 
college. Xavier orders Cerebro to delete all 
files referencing her.
	The Neo are still in St. Michael's (iss. 106). 
Magneto arrives and rips through their 
defenses. He orders them to kneel, but they 
attack. He tears Rax and Salvo apart and tells 
Domina he won't tolerate inter-mutant 
bickering. He plans to unite mutants against 
humanity and to deal finally with Xavier.

Issue:	X-Men II:111
Date:	Apr-01
Story:	Prelude to Destruction (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Prof. X
Regular Characters:	Dr. Moira MacTaggert (in
Guest Stars:	Trish Tilby, Jenny Ransome, Sharon Carter
SHIELD, Capt. America, Sabra, Quicksilver
Villains:	Magneto and Genoshan mutates, Johanna 
Other Characters:	Jared Barthmounte, Simon Westphal
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: Leinil Francis Yu
	Inks: Mark Morales
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Liquid! Graphics
	Asst. Editor: Pete Franco 
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada
Synopsis:	Note: this is part of Eve of Destruction.
	Trish reports from Genosha: a genetic war is 
imminent; mutates and immigrant mutants 
have assembled in silence in Magda Square.  
	She reviews the history of Genosha (UXM 
235): a false paradise of racial harmony 
actually built by enslaved mutates; civil war; 
interim government under Ransome; Legacy 
Virus (X-Factor 90); Magneto (iss. 87); revolt 
against him.
	SHIELD and the Avengers say they're ready to 
defend the world from Magneto. Hank says 
Moira found the Legacy Virus cure (iss. 108). 
Sabra calls Magneto a monster and a shandeh 
and makes direct, personal threats. Cargill is 
now Genosha's UN ambassador (and calling 
herself Johanna not Joanna); she calls on the 
world to accept Magneto's vision. Quicksilver 
has wandered aimlessly (after Magneto: Dark 
Seduction 4) and is on a Russian ship. 
	Xavier watches the coverage and decides 
Magneto must end.
	Magneto gives a speech from the throne: 
mankind is racist and unredeemable; mutants 
must be protected; he didn't start the conflict, 
but he will end it.
	Trish says Magneto is looking for a symbol 
over which to declare war, and he will 
commit genocide after condemning it.
	Xavier is missing, a man-shaped hole broken 
through his office wall.

Issue:	X-Men II:112
Date:	May-01
Story:	A Call to Arms (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Cyclops, Wolverine,
Phoenix, Jean-
Paul Beaubier (Northstar), Hector Rendoza 
(Wraith), Paulie Provenzano, Leyu Yashida 
(Sunpyre), Johanna Cargill (Frenzy), Dazzler
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Polaris
Villains:	Magneto and his Acolytes including Amelia 
Voght, Blob, Random
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: Leinil Francis Yu
	Inks: Dexter Vines
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft/ST
	Colors: Liquid! 
	Asst. Editor: Pete Franco 
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada
Synopsis:	Note: this is Part 2 of Eve of Destruction.
	Long ago, Voght told Xavier to just blend in 
and not make himself a target. Now he is on 
display in Genosha as Magneto's hostage, and 
she must take sides.
	Scott is back, a natural-born leader who sees 
the world in black and white. Logan thinks he 
has been changed by his fusion with 
Apocalypse (X-Men: Search for Cyclops); 
witness: he wants to interrupt the mission to 
help Lorna get refugees get to Wakanda.
	Scott and Logan traipse through the sewers, 
and Scott uncharacteristically shows off, 
ricocheting his eyebeam to knock out Blob 
and Random. Humans surround them with 
advanced Roxxon weaponry; Scott takes them 
all out by himself. 
	Jean and her interim team start out from 
Westchester, with Cargill as guide.

Issue:	X-Men II:113
Date:	Jun-01
Story:	Conclusion! (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Phoenix, Northstar, Wraith, Paulie

Provenzano, Sunpyre, Frenzy, Dazzler, Prof. 
X, Cyclops, Wolverine
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Magneto, Amelia Voght
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: Leinil Francis Yu
	Inks: Dexter Vines
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft/ST
	Colors: Liquid! 
	Asst. Editor: Pete Franco 
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada
Synopsis:	Note: this is Part 4 of Eve of Destruction.
	Jean scrambles her team, minus one, against 
Magneto. Paulie insults him, so he tries to 
magnetically manipulate his blood but 
discovers he's truly invulnerable. Jean-Paul 
punches him repeatedly, but he's used to 
Quicksilver and catches him. He throws 
Paulie into the upper atmosphere, so Jean-Paul 
has to rescue him before he suffocates. 
Magneto wraps his former Acolyte Cargill in 
metal and accuses Jean of manipulating her 
	Scott and Logan take out two guards; Scott 
has no qualms about the brutality of war, and 
Logan is convinced that Apocalypse changed 
	Leyu blasts Magneto, but he has encased 
himself in iron and deflects the heat away, 
then encases her in iron. 
	Jean-Paul gets Paulie to an American 
destroyer offshore and gives him mouth-to-
mouth; Paulie pushes him off, mistaking it for 
a sexual advance. But then he thanks him, as 
they return to battle.
	Magneto grabs Hector, asking to see his 
mutant power, and he makes Magneto see-
through like him. Magneto, disoriented, tosses 
him aside. Scott arrives and blasts; Logan is 
unimpressed with Jean's team. Jean tells him 
not to free Xavier; Scott is unimpressed with 
Magneto's megalomania. He blasts; Magneto 
deflects it, but Scott was opting for a ricochet 
and knocks Magneto's helmet into him, and 
then Magneto knocks Scott down with it.
	Magneto vs. Logan, the rematch: Jean has had 
Alison project holograms to fake her death 
and impersonate Xavier, while Voght freed the 
real one, who has telepathically turned off 
Magneto's powers. Logan guts him.
	Xavier speaks to the Genoshans, sympathizing 
with their sufferings but warning them not to 
start a genetic war.
	Back in Westchester, Jean watches her team 
disband, leaving just her, Scott, Logan, and 

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