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Index to X-Men Unlimited: 1 / 4

Author: Robert Diehl
Updated: Version 1.3, last modified May 22, 2001

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Index to X-Men Unlimited
Version 1.3, last modified May 22, 2001
by Robert Diehl (rfdiehl@yahoo.com)

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 1
Date:	Jun-93
Story:	Follow the Leader (49 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Cyclops, Storm
Regular Characters:	Psylocke, Bishop
Guest Stars:	Ka-Zar, Shanna (in flashback)
Villains:	The Gamesmaster, Sienna Blaze
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: Chris Bachalo
	Inks: Dan Panosian
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Glynis Oliver
	Assistant Editor: Jaye Gardner
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Group Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	The Blackbird has crashed in the Antarctic, and Scott has lost his
visor, so he canıt open his eyes. He shouts, mentally, awakening Xavier, and he
acts as Scottıs eyes. They find Ororo in shock from the wound on the ecosystem.
	Sienna has the mutant power to disrupt the earthıs E-M field, and she has
attacked the X-Men to win the Upstartsı game, as judged by the Gamesmaster (his
mutation forces him to hear every thought on the planet).
	The X-Men had been visiting Ka-Zar, Shanna, and their newborn, and collecting
a shipment of vibranium. On their way, home, they were blasted out of the sky.
Ororo went outside to control the landing; Scott blasted off the rear half of the
	Just then, some debris almost lands on them, and Ororo gets mad. She flies
off to take control of the unnatural blizzard. We see the weather through her
eyes: swirls of color. But it is too much even for her, and she falls to ground.
Xavier directs Scott to pulverize snow just in time to cushion her. She is hot to
the touch‹her body overcompensated for the weather; Xavier risks his life by
entering her mind and resetting her temperature.
	Scott thanks Xavier for giving him a life with the X-Men; Xavier tries to get
him to call him Charles, but he canıt bring himself to.
	Psylocke and Bishop fly to the rescue, get caught in the same blizzard, and
have to back off.
	Ororo has regrets about Forge; Scott gets a piece of ruby quartz, so he can
see; Xavier goes off by himself on an ATV, psi-tracking their attacker. Instead,
he finds a black tower, and his ATV gives out, stranding him in the snow; Ororo
flies Scott in the escape pod and track Xavierıs comm-badge. Instead, they find
Sienna, who attacks them. Xavier gives her the illusion of victory and cuts off
her control of her power; Scott and Ororo push back the resulting explosion;
Sienna ports herself away, taking a last shot, which Ororo barely redirects, so
that the escape pod is pushed to safety.
	Psylocke is about to give up; at the last minute Bishop sees the pod and
tractors it in. Xavier explains that a mysterious benefactor in the black tower
saved his life; they are now unable to locate it or Sienna.
	Note: pin-ups follow: Gambit, Wolverine and Jean Grey; Cyclops; Wolverine and
Colossus; Storm, Rogue and Psylocke; Cable; the X-Men.

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 2
Date:	Sep-93
Story:	Point Blank (45 pages)
Feature Characters:	Magneto
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Bova, Dr. Gabrielle Haller, Dr. Moira MacTaggert, Dr. Valerie
Cooper, Alexi Vazhin
Villains:	East German soldiers including Adrian and his brother Utë; Graydon
Creed; Exodus; The Brotherhood of Mutants: Blob, Toad, Pyro, Phantazia; Henry
Peter Gyrich
Other Characters:	Dr. Heisenberg, Prof. Felder, Koppel; J. B. Chambers, Walter
Credits:	Writer: Fabian Nicieza
	Pencils: Jan Duursema
	Inks: Dan Panosian, Keith Williams, Jimmy Palmiotti, Joe Rubinstein
	Letters: Richard Starkings
	Colors: Marie Javins
	Assistant Editor: Jaye Gardner
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Group Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	The East German army attacks Wundergore Mountain; Magneto trounces
them. Fleeing, Adrian and Utë stumble across his wife Magdaıs grave. Utë tries to
surrender to him; he explodes his body, then sends Adrian away with the corpse.
	Seven years later, Communism has collapsed, and Adrian holds a grudge.
	Haller is at Empire State U, lecturing on Magneto as a demagogue. She relates
his history: a Gypsy put into Auschwitz, who survived, married, and moved to the
Ukraine, but his wife fled when his mutant power surfaced, and he moved to Israel
to help camp survivors, where he met Haller. She asserts that he was a crusader,
not a dictator.
	Chambers debates Creed on TV, saying mutants can live peacefully with
	Adrian flies to the U.S. and meets with Haller, saying Magneto is alive (he
and Asteroid M blew up in X-Men II:3), and he wants to capture him.
	Exodus visits the Brotherhood of Mutants, on vacation in Florida, and offers
a haven, but just for Phantazia. She rejects him. Adrian finds them and pays Toad
for information. He reviews Magnetoıs past: leading the Brotherhood and being
repeatedly defeated; his trial before the World Court; being headmaster of
Xavierıs school. 
	Haller tells Moira that Magneto is alive, and asks for help capturing him.
Haller gives her medical data to Rosen, in Genetech, who makes ³fugue armor² for
Adrian, which will mask him and let him shoot Magneto in the brain with a taser.
Adrian modifies the gun to kill.
	Gyrich announces that Magneto is back, cloaked aboard Avalon. Adrian guesses
that he will visit Wundagore and goes to ambush him. He freezes, suddenly
remembering that Utë had shot at Magneto, but the bullet ricocheted off a
magnetic shield and killed him, instead.
	Adrian drops his gun; Magneto notices, says nothing, and floats away. Adrian
has lost, but he has also lost his hate.

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 3
Date:	Dec-93
Story:	The Whispers Scream (52 pages)
Feature Characters:	Sabretooth
Regular Characters:	Rogue, Gambit, Bishop, Beast, Prof. X
Guest Stars:	Maverick, the Silver Samurai; Iron Fist (in flashback)
Other Characters:	Bashur, Geinstach, Uchio Tanaka
Credits:	Writer: Fabian Nicieza
	Pencils: Mike McKone
	Inks: Mark McKenna, Steve Moncuse, Mick Gray
	Letters: Joe Rosen
	Colors: Dana Moreshead
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Group Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Maverick investigates a church, where Sabretooth tortured and killed
a priest. He has gone insane since Birdy died (she was a telepath who kept him
calm, see Sabretooth limited series), and Maverick canıt stop him.
	Geinstach wants to hire Bashur to kill Sabretooth, who has been killing his
former associates: a royal, a psychologist, a priest. Bashur declines, and
suggests Maverick, instead, since Geinstachıs ties to Clan Yashida eliminate
Wolverine, who will not return to Japan.
	Maverick attacks Gambit, Rogue, and Bishop, trying to get in to see
Wolverine, who isnıt even there. Xavier makes him explain himself.
	Sabretooth meets Bashur, asking for a replacement telepath. He offers Tanaka,
of the clan Yashida, and warns him about Maverick and Wolverine. Then he warns
the X-Men about Sabretooth. They split up, to protect Geinstach and the Yashida.
	Rogue, Gambit, and Bishop are too late‹Geinstach is dead. Sabretooth is still
there and attacks. He touches Rogue, sending her mad, then taking her hostage
long enough to escape.
	Beast and Maverick meet with the Silver Samurai, and Sabretooth soon attacks.
The Samurai shows him Tanaka, who has been catatonic ever since the mass deaths
of Hiroshima. But Sabretoothıs madness awakens him, and he mind-links them all.
They see Sabretoothıs past, especially when he murdered an innocent child.
	They awaken hours later; Sabretooth has gone to Xavier, but he wants them to
kill him. He attacks; Xavier mentally zaps him but wants to save him not kill
him. He takes him captive; Bishop aims carefully and knocks him unconscious.
	Xavier enters his mind and sees the blood he has shed. Guilt is a good
beginning for redemption. He sees Creed as a boy, chained in a cellar, with his
father throwing a bunny to kill and eat. Xavier convinces him not to kill, and
announces that Sabretooth will stay at the mansion, in a fake outdoors in the
Danger Room, and he will be reformed.

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 4
Date:	Mar-94
Story:	Theories of Relativity (51 pages)
Feature Characters:	Rogue, Nightcrawler, Mystique
Regular Characters:	Forge
Guest Stars:	Cody, Jimaine Szardos/Amanda Sefton (both in flashback)
Villains:	Gen. Armond Gaudier, Graydon Creed, Gunther Reinhold, Monte
Other Characters:	Princess Lorette, Jarroll, Quinn, Marla, Ian
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: Richard Bennett
	Inks: Steve Moncuse 
	Letters: Dave Sharpe
	Colors: Glynis Oliver
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Group Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Note: as the story title says, these are only theories.
	Mystique has a gun on Gaudier, because he has been secretly arming the
Friends of Humanity and helping Creed, who sent Sabretooth after her (Sabretooth
ltd. series). She kills him, to send a message to Creed, then morphs and slips
	Creed hired Reinhold to investigate, and he confirms that Mystique is his
mother, and he has a brother. He kills him for his efforts.
	Forge has summoned Kurt and Rogue to Washington. Kurt pauses in the airport
to scare the bejeezus out of abusive father.
	At Gaudierıs funeral, the minister turns out to be Mystique. She wired a bomb
to the corpse and says she wants to avenge the people Gaudier killed. Rogue flies
off with it before it explodes; Kurt bamfs away with Mystique, and she hints she
is his mother, too. Creedıs people start shooting at him, so Rogue sweeps down
and rescues him.
	Forge interrogates Creed; he denies all, and reaffirms his intention to be a
powerful politician and rid the country of mutants.
	Rogue takes Kurt home to Caldecott County, Mississippi, to meet Mystique and
arrest her for murder. Mystique had found her, after she kissed Cody and put him
in a coma, and befriended her as a fellow mutant. She and Destiny raised her,
then used her as a weapon.
	Meanwhile, Kurt had been abandoned at birth and was being raised by a loving
circus family.
	Creed meets Kurt on the porch and says they are brothers. He found out that
Mystique married a German count and gave birth to a freak. She ran away and let a
frightened farmer throw her baby over a waterfall. Creed then attacks Kurt.
	Rogue remembers Cody; Mystique shows up with his face. She says Rogue and
Irene are the only people she ever loved.
	Creed shows up, dragging an unconscious Kurt along. Mystique reveals that she
was the farmer who sacrificed Kurt to save her own life. She now shoots at Creed,
but it is really Kurt with an image inducer, and he bamfs and snatches away the
	Creed is angry they arenıt all killing each other; his backup plan is an
attack helicopter. Mystique and Kurt dive over a cliff and are barely hanging on.
Mystique lets go of her rope and falls into the river below, forcing Rogue to
save Kurt.
	Note: a gallery follows: Mystique and Kurt; Kurt and Mystique; Rogue,
Mystique, and Kurt.

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 5
Date:	Jun-94
Story:	Hard Promises (50 pages)
Feature Characters:	Storm, Forge, Jubilee, Prof. X 
Regular Characters:	Cyclops, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Jean Grey, Storm (in
Guest Stars:	The Starjammers (in flashback); Shiıar including LıDeroh,
Baranka, Luten, Deathbird; Kree including Shymır, Trigor, Dantella, Malakii,
Villains:	DıKen, the Supreme Intelligence (both in flashback)
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: John Francis Moore
	Pencils: Liam Sharpe
	Inks: Kevin Conrad, Steve Moncuse, Robbin Riggs, Matthew Ryan 
	Letters: Starkings/Comicraft
	Colors: Marie Javins
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Group Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Lilandra sends an envoy, who arrives late at night and nabs assorted
X-Men and rushes off to Hala, to witness the formal union of the Kree and Shiıar
	Xavier hasnıt seen Lilandra for a long time, and he is bothered that she has
built a beautiful capitol building, while leaving Hala in ruins after the
negabomb explosion (which the Kree Supreme Intelligence had manipulated the
Shiıar into making, planning for a more evolved Kree bred from the survivors) and
making Deathbird the new governor.
	Jubilee sneaks off during the ceremony and tries to talk to a Kree girl,
Shymır; her brother Trigor rushes her away. When Lilandra addresses the crowd,
Trigor tries to shoot her, and when guards stop him, he suicides by grenade.
Ororo and Forge use their powers to keep Lilandraıs balcony from collapsing, and
Xavier telepathically calms the crowd. He finally gets to hmmŠ talk with
Lilandra; she is sympathetic to the Kree, but Deathbird is not.
	Ororo and Forge are also having too much distance in their relationship.
	Jubilee sneaks off and finds Shymır again; the Kree resistance is planning to
collapse the Stargate. She sides with them, seeing their misery, and asks Xavier
to talk to them. They go, with Lilandra, and she talks to the leader, Malakii,
but they are interrupted by Deathbirdıs guards and must flee.
	Two Kree have gone off to blow up the Stargate; the X-Men give chase. Xavier
mind-links Forge and Malakii so they can rewire the bomb; it explodes but doesnıt
destroy the gate. Lilandra lets Deathbird arrest Malakii, since he is still a
terrorist, and she is still the Majestrix. Jubilee is not pleased. Xavier returns
	Note: gallery follows: Lilandra, Xavier, Storm, Forge, Jubilee; Forge and,
Jubilee; Storm.

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 6
Date:	Sep-94
Story:	Primal Scream (56 pages)
Feature Characters:	Havok, Polaris, Cyclops, Phoenix
Regular Characters:	Iceman, Angel, Beast (in flashback)
Guest Stars:	Nereel, Torgah
Villains:	Sauron, Barbarus, Worm, Whiteout, Lupo, Brainchild
Other Characters:	Tuval of the Sky, Lt. Makeba; Tanya Anderssen (in flashback)
Credits:	Writer: John Francis Moore
	Story Boards: Paul Smith
	Pencils: Mandel Alves Flor, Fabio Laguna, Al Rio, Edde Wagner
	Inks: Ralph Cabrera, Keith Champagne, John Lowe, Mark McKenna, Al Milgrom,
Joe Rubinstein, Tim Townsend
	Letters: Steve Dutro, Bill Oakley, Richard Starkings
	Colors: Joe Agostinelli, Ariane, Mel Sanchez, Andrew Triana, Matt Webb
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Group Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Ice Station Alpha guards the Savage Land in Antarctica, and the UN
troops shoot down an approaching aircraft. It contains Worm and Whiteout, who
have Alex captive, food for their master Sauron, who is going mad. He keeps
seeing Tanya, the girlfriend he killed, and himself as Karl Lykos.
	Lorna, Scott, and Jean come to find Alex. They learn from Nereel that Sauron
has taken control of Magnetoıs mutates and has been raiding the villages.
	Sauron leaves Alex out as bait, then attacks, knocking Jean out and
hypnotizing Lorna. Scot surrenders, for now, and Whiteout drugs him with a black
lotus. Brainchild puts him and Alex in a device to transfer their energy to
Sauron. Jean awakens, and prods Lorna awake, but Sauron is already overloading on
the Summersı power. Lorna destroys the machine; Jean nudges Barbarusıs mind into
letting them go.
	But Sauron intercepts them, and they drop into the jungle. Sauron hypnotizes
Lorna and Jean; they see each other as Malice and the Goblin Queen and fight. He
hypnotizes Havok, inciting his resentment of his older brother, but they drop
through a ruined floor and recuperate. They attack and bury Sauron under
pulverized idol. Jean tries to reach into his mind to Karl Lykos, but that
personality obliterates itself, trying to kill Sauron. All thatıs left is an
animal mind, and it flies off into the jungle.
	Note: gallery follows: Wolverine; the original X-Men; Rogue; Colossus and
Magneto; Archangel and Psylocke; Longshot; Cyclops and Phoenix; Generation X

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 7
Date:	Dec-94
Story:	Memories (44 pages)
Feature Characters:	Storm, Phoenix, Gambit
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Achmed El-Gibar, thieves including Jamil, Karima
Villains:	Candra, Bond
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Howard Mackie
	Pencils: John Romita
	Inks: Joe Rubinstein
	Letters: Starkings/Comicraft
	Colors: Matt Webb
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Group Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Ororo has returned to Cairo because her old teacher is dying. She
relates her story to Jean and Remy: her parents dead, she wandered the streets
until El-Gibar took her in, making a thief of her but giving her a second family
with the street urchins. The girl Karima nabs Jeanıs purse and Remyıs wallet;
Ororo stops her with a storm and retrieves them.
	Candra is in town, she and Bond go to see El-Gibar, offering to take over the
urchins after he is dead. Jamil fights with Ororo and goes with Candra. El-Gibar
knows Jamil is a mutant and asks Ororo to rescue him.
	Ororo, Jean, and Remy search the city and are led into an ambush; common
criminals attack them and are quickly swept away. Candra and Bond, however, fell
them and leave them buried in rubble. Jean calms Ororo, who overcomes her
claustrophobia and breaks them out.
	They attack Candraıs palace, just as she has ordered Jamil to kill Karima as
a proof of loyalty. Ororo challenges her to single combat. Jamil and Bond
meanwhile attack Jean and Remy. The X-Men win, with a knife-throwing assist from
Karima. But Jamil still goes with Candra‹anything to get off the streets.
	El-Gibar prepares Karima to take his place.
	Note: gallery follows: original X-Men; Brotherhood of Evil Mutants; Lady
Deathstrike and Psylocke; Bishop; Beast, Iceman and Jubilee; Jean Grey, Storm and
Gambit; Mystique; Wolverine
	Note: The next issue is preempted by X-Men Chronicles, part of the Age of
Apocalypse crossover.

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