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Index to X-Men Unlimited: 2 / 4

Author: Robert Diehl
Updated: Version 1.3, last modified May 22, 2001

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Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 8
Date:	Oct-95
Story:	First Contact (50 pages)
Feature Characters:	Christopher Bradley
Regular Characters:	Phoenix, Gambit, Prof. X, Beast, Iceman, Archangel, Storm 
Guest Stars:	
Other Characters:	Bill, Marion and Cathy Bradley, Jeff, Donna Funaro
Credits:	Writer: Howard Mackie 
	Pencils: Dan Lawlis, Tom Grummett
	Inks: Ian Akin
	Letters: Starkings/Comicraft
	Colors: Matt Webb
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Chris is a high school freshman, and a burgeoning mutant. In the
bathroom one morning, electricity bursts from him. His parents put him in bed for
a day, but he doesnıt want a doctor.
	Next day at school, the X-Men are trailing him, making him even more nervous
as he asks Donna out for the first time. She says yes.
	He feels energy building again, and rushes to the rest room, where sparks
fly. Jean and Remy rush in, and when he passes out they take him home and tell
his parents he is a mutant. He runs off to his best friend, who is now afraid of
	He relents and lets his parents take him to Xavier, who shows him the X-Men
training in the Danger Room. He stays, trains for weeks, learning to control his
powers, and when he is done he decides to go home.
	The X-Men give him a going-away party at Harryıs Hideaway; then the Beast
looks at blood tests and announces that Chris has the Legacy virus.
	He runs off; Bobby follows and calms him down. Back home, his best friend
isnıt any more, but Donna still likes him.
	Note: gallery follows: Iceman and Beast; the Mojoverse; Unlimited 9 sneak

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 9
Date:	Dec-95
Story:	Horse Latitudes (52 pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Psylocke, Wolverine
Regular Characters:	Capt. Lee Forrester, Paolo
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Bloodscream, Belasco, Kierrok and the NıGarai
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Larry Hama
	Pencils: Val Semeiks 
	Inks: Bob McLeod
	Letters: Starkings/Comicraft
	Colors: Tom Vincent
	Separations: Malibuıs Hues
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Forrester rescues Paolo, whose ship had been attacked by
Bloodscream. She calls the X-Men to Florida; Logan arrives at the head of a pack
of raging wild pigs. They eat barbecue for dinner.
	They steer for the Horse Latitudes, in the Bermuda Triangle, where boats have
been disappearing, and find a Spanish galleon, with Bloodscream playing pirate,
with a hypnotized crew. Much fighting, but Bloodscream has been cursed and can
only be killed by the honor sword of the Yashida clan. He also has a U-boat, and
they all sail through a force field, to Belascoıs island, floating in mid-air
(X-Men 160).
	The place is mined against psi-assaults, and filled with ancient art that
shows captive mutants. Belasco arrives and cages Logan and Hank, then puts Betsy
in a prism to use her power to open a NıGarai cairn. The NıGarai attacks him,
though, and Hank and Logan break out.
	Belascoıs plans to conquer the NıGarai dimension with magic and a fleet of
old ships, then use them to conquer Earth. Bloodscream realizes he was just a
pawn; still on her ship, dead-eye Forrester shoots Belascoıs power crystal and
frees Betsy; general mayhem ensues.
	The X-Men flee into their own dimension as the island implodes and start
paddling for shore. Forrester picks them up in the Arcadia.

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 10
Date:	Mar-96
Story:	Need to Know (54 pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast
Regular Characters:	Prof. X, Cannonball, Cyclops, Iceman
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Dark Beast, Fatale
Other Characters:	Norton and Edna McCoy, Willy (all in flashback), Mindy,
Father Michael Shaugnessy
Credits:	Writer: Mark Waid
	Pencils: Frank Toscano, Nick Gnazzo
	Inks: Art Thibert
	Letters: Starkings/Comicraft
	Colors: Malibu Separations
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Flashback to Dunfee Elementary School: Hank is rambunctiously
inquisitive, taking apart the copier and boiler and bus to see how they work.
	Dark Beast is questioning his principal; when done, he smothers him. He has
decided to investigate this worldıs Hank McCoy, and leaves a trail of death
behind him. He genetically alters his appearance so he can impersonate him,
testing himself on Hankıs parents. He canıt bring himself to kill them, so he
kills an innocent bystander, instead.
	The real Hank is obsessively studying the Legacy virus, and even Bobby canıt
get him to relax. Dark Beast sends a message to his computer terminal; he traces
it back to his old Brand Corporation building, now abandoned. Dark Beast captures
him so he can hide from Mr. Sinister by pretending to be Hank. Hank fights back,
but doesnıt kill him because he is too curious about who he really is. A mistake:
Dark Beast knocks him out, chains him up, and bricks him in.

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 11
Date:	Jun-96
Story:	Adrift (46 pages)
Feature Characters:	Rogue, Joseph
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Humanityıs Last Stand including Tom Hurdler, Bastion, Maulers, Trask
Other Characters:	Melody Watkins, Stevie, Mike
Credits:	Writers: Scott Lobdell, Terry Kavagh
	Pencils: Epting, Miller 
	Inks: Sellers, Milgrom, Koblish, Candelario
	Letters: Starkings/Comicraft
	Colors: Malibu Enhancement
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	With some misgivings, but thinking of her son Stevieıs future,
Melody goes to Humanityıs Last Stand to denounce a suspected mutant: Rogue, who
has been renting a room from her and working as a waitress, trying to get away
from the X-Men for a while.
	Melody confesses this to Rogue, too late. Body-armored Maulers attack;
Bastion takes Stevie hostage, tries to shoot Melody, and takes Rogue captive. He
heads an internationally sanctioned organization to rid the world of mutants (Op:
Zero Tolerance) and is allied with Trask. He plans to kill Rogue, massacre
Humanityıs last stand, and frame her for it. Just then, one Mauler powers up and
defeats the rest; it is Joseph. Rogue attacks, thinking he is Magneto (he is his
clone, X-Men II:73). He restrains her and explains he infiltrated Humanityıs Last
Stand to try to stop them; she decides to trust him long enough to defeat the
Maulers and save the humans.
	They donıt appreciate it though, and they run the mutants off. Trask then
attacks; Magneto stops his missiles, lets them explode, and escapes with Rogue.
They say goodbye to Melody and Stevie, and drive to Westchester, like normal
	Note: gallery: Bishop, Rogue, Phoenix; Havok and Cyclops; Rogue; Colossus;
Storm, Colossus, Wolverine; Colossus, Psylocke; the X-women; X-Factor; Phoenix
and the Brood

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 12
Date:	Sep-96
Story:	The Once and Future Juggernaut (45 pages)
Feature Characters:	Juggernaut
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Dr. Strange; Gomurr the Ancient
Villains:	Onslaught (Prof. X with Magnetoıs hatred, in flashback), Tar; Spite
Other Characters:	Kurt Marko, Sharon Xavier (in flashback)
Credits:	Writer: John Francis Moore 
	Pencils: Steve Epting, Ariel Olivetti 
	Inks: Kevin Conrad, Ariel Olivetti 
	Letters: Starkings/Comicraft
	Colors: Marie Javins, Malibu Enhancement
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Note: this issue is part of the Onslaught crossover.
	Strange investigates a mystic disturbance at the X-mansion. He finds the
Cyttorak ruby left out on Xavierıs desk. It had been fused to Marko and given him
his power; Onslaught trapped him inside.
	Meditating on this, Strange is attacked by a neon spider; Gomurr arrives and
saves him. He enters the gem to rescue Marko.
	Marko has been subjected to liquid fire; then he has a vision of himself
crippled, and Xavier running a home for the disabled. Gomurr dispels it, then
dismisses Spite, who generated it to torture Marko. 
	He leads Marko through reminiscences of his youth: having an uncaring father,
who let the elder Xavier die; arguing with him and setting his lab aflame;
watching him die and hating Charles Xavier for it.
	Gomurr tells him he can get out if he rejects the anger and the power of
Juggernaut; otherwise he will continue to destroy until he destroys himself.
Spite reappears and offers him even more power, if he breaks her out, too (her
brother DıSpayre trapped her). He chooses power.
	She takes him to Cyttorak himself, who wants to posses Markoıs body and so
return to Earth. He swallows Spite, then attacks Marko.
	Tar arrives, and partners with Gomurr again (as young monks, they has
originally imprisoned Cyttorak in the gem, after he was summoned by evil, less
capable monks). They infuse Marko with power; he destroys this manifestation of
Cyttorak and frees them all from the gem. He is now and forever the Juggernaut.
	Note: some X-Men trivia and games follow.

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 13
Date:	Dec-96
Story 1:	Fugutive from Space! (45 pages)
Feature Characters:	Phoenix, Cyclops, Beast, Bishop, Rogue
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	The Silver Surfer, Binary, Dr. Peter Corbeau, Lilandra
Villains:	Shiıar including Deathbird, Cmdr. Kıillace, Cmdr. Vivali; Galactus
(in flashback); the Inciters
Other Characters:	Dr. Barnes; the Clench
Credits:	Writers: Perez, Gonzalez
	Pencils: Rouleau, Calafiore, Robinson 
	Inks: Hunter, McKenna, Milgrom 
	Letters: Starkings/Comicraft
	Colors: Smith, Malibu 
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Corbeau has got the mutants to use their energy manipulation powers
to refuel the Starcore. But Binary overloads; a Shiıar appears, sent from
Deathbird, and says Binary is a threat; she flies off; Deathbird sentences the
rest to death for resisting her.
	Binary has been drawn to the white hole star Kiletra, which she created.
Another Shiıar ship fires on her; her out-of-control powers redirect the fire
back, destroying them.
	The X-Men fight being executed; Deathbird orders the ship to self-destruct,
but Lilandra calls to countermand that. Deathbird says the Silver Surfer is on a
rampage and has destroyed his home world, Zenn-la. But itıs news to him, and he
races there to see.
	Hank figures it out: three stars (and garters) are about to go supernova,
which will cause mass destruction across two galaxies. Jean goes to psionically
separate Binary from her star.
	Rogue touches the Surfer to see if he is being controlled; she is knocked for
a loop by his energy but confirms he is okay. He finds a rift in space near
Zenn-la and takes Rogue in; they find the Incitersı ship, which draws Rogue in
and assimilates her.
	She attacks the Surfer; he uses the power cosmic to knock her out, then aims
his surfboard at the ship and destroys it.
	The X-Men return home; the Surfer no longer has one. Lilandra covers up the
incident: the Inciters were an ancient enemy, better forgotten.
Story 1:	Junction (15 pages)
Feature Characters:	Juggernaut
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Gomurr the Ancient
Other Characters:	Marie Cavendish
Synopsis:	Marko revisits Junction, a town that celebrates Halloween with
gusto. Bullies pick on him, just like they did when he was a kid, so he destroys
the town. Gomurr chides him for such frivolity and shows him that he hurt Marie,
the only one who had been kind to him. It is the curse of Cyttorak to always
destroy; Marko refuses to be bound by fate.

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 14
Date:	Mar-97
Story:	Innocence Lost (36 pages)
Feature Characters:	Franklin Richards
Regular Characters:	Artie Maddox, Leech, Beast, Storm, Gambit, Beast, Joseph
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Local losers including Grange Janssen, Buck, Mac
Other Characters:	Norton and Edna McCoy, Mikey, Corrigan, Sheriff Eddie
Credits:	Writer: Terry Kavanagh 
	Pencils: Jim Cheung 
	Inks: Andrew Pepoy 
	Letters: Starkings & Comicraft/AD
	Colors: Kevin Somers
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Franklin is having bad dreams since his parents sacrificed
themselves to destroy Onslaught. The X-Men have taken him, Artie, and Leech to
Hankıs hometown, to eat flapjacks, ride tractors, and generally relax.
	The boys run off, and shots are fired: the locals have resented Hank since
high school, and are full of beer and bigotry. They tie up Artie and Leech, but
let Franklin go since he looks normal. Hank gets caught, as well, and Remy goes
after Franklin. He finds him with Joseph; Franklin ported him in from
Westchester, demanding his parents back.
	Ororo, who has been shot, goes with the McCoys and busts up the locals with
their tractor. Norton lectures them on tolerance, then the sheriff shows up.
	Franklin fights Joseph, but doesnıt remember being Magneto; he apologizes,
and the X-Men calm Franklin down. He goes to play with his friends.

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 15
Date:	Jun-97
Story:	Second Contact (33 pages)
Feature Characters:	Chris Bradley, Maverick, Iceman, Wolverine
Regular Characters:	Phoenix, Gambit, Cyclops, Beast; Bishop (in flashback)
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Weasel, Jumbo, Headcase; Sabretooth (in flashback)
Other Characters:	Bill, Marion and Cathy Bradley, William and Beatrice Drake
Credits:	Writer & Pencils: Duncan Roleau, Howard Mackie
	Inks: Rob Hunter
	Letters: Starkings & Comicraft/KF
	Colors: Shannon Blanchard
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Chris (from iss. 8) and Maverick both have the Legacy Virus. Mutant
haters set fire to the Bradleysı house; Chris is threatening wild things, so his
mom calls Bobby. He tries to convince him that revenge isnıt sweet; he runs off
to meet Maverick (he met him trying to get into a clinic that mutant-haters were
about to blow up).
	Bobby follows him to Maverickıs; so do bad guys. After an explosion, Bobby
calls for Logan. (Maverick saved his and Sabretoothıs life during their black ops
days, and shot his brother to do it.)
	Maverick tells Chris he can only rely on himself and is about to leave, when
the bad guys, Bobby, and Logan arrive and start to fight. Short fight.
	Bobby offers Chris a helping hand, be he really has no answers for him. He
goes off, Maverick decides to go and try to help him; he starts by getting his
family relocated.
	Note: two pages of X-trivia follow.

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 16
Date:	Sep-97
Story:	Primal (36 pages)
Feature Characters:	Banshee, Adam C. Berman
Regular Characters:	White Queen, Moira MacTaggert
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Bastion, Ginny Mahoney
Other Characters:	Jocko Wilkins, MıBala, Arlo
Credits:	Writer: Ben Rand
	Pencils: Melvin Rudi
	Inks: Rod Hunter
	Letters: Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Shannon Blanchard
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Sean and Emma go through applications to find normal humans, as
cover for their mutant school. Sean wants Adam; Emma wants Ginny. 
	Both are geniuses in genetics; Adam is secretly a mutant who can turn into a
lizard, but Ginny was recently abducted and is now a Prime Sentinel. Bastion has
her get close to him.
	Emma has rejected Adam; he goes to see Sean to protest. Emma scans him and
forces him to reveal his mutancy. Angry, he lashes out at Sean, who fends him
off, and he runs away.
	Sean is at their high school next morning, lecturing about Xavierıs summer
program. Ginny forces Adam to go lizard right in the middle, then transforms into
Prime Sentinel and attacks him. Banshee intervenes, and she has second thoughts.
She really likes Adam, and isnıt happy being a machine. Bastion kills her for her
	Sean and Emma patch Adam up, then send him back with his friends.
	Note: 2 pages of an X-trivia game follow. 

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 17
Date:	Dec-97
Story:	Alone in His Head (30 pages)
Feature Characters:	Wolverine, Angel
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Sabretooth, Hoo, Sebastian Shaw
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Terry Kavanagh
	Pencils: Tom Lyle
	Inks: Perotta, Parsons, Wong
	Letters: Starkings & Comicraft/KF
	Colors: Ariane Lenshoek
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Warren spends a few days at the family conglomerate; Logan goes
there to confront him: his company is trying to recreate Forgeıs mutant
neutralizer (Uncanny X-Men 185). Angry, Warren flies off with him to investigate.
	In reality, Loganıs mind has been switched with Creedıs: yesterday, Logan was
skiing in Colorado when Creed showed up, attacking a woman. Logan guts him, too
easily, but then the woman, Hoo, attacks. She swaps their minds. Creed cum
Wolverine leaves Logan cum Sabretooth to bleed in the snow.
	Creed finds the hidden section of Warrenıs lab and attacks the guards; Logan
is already there, disguised as one. Warren, confused, gets a machine gun. They
all enter the lab and find a prototype of the neutralizer. Warren considers that
it might be helpful to some unhappy mutants, but he blows it apart, anyway.
	Logan and Creed fight; Warren intervenes, but when he touches both of them,
their minds switch back, and all are knocked out.
	Shaw had hired Creed; he is not surprised at the failure. Logan and Warren go
	Note: 5 pages of Q&A, and a game follow. 

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