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Index to X-Men Unlimited: 4 / 4

Author: Robert Diehl
Updated: Version 1.3, last modified May 22, 2001

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Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 27
Date:	Jun-00
Story:	New Dawn Rising (26 pages)
Feature Characters:	Phoenix, Cable, Wolfsbane, Colossus, Beast; Neal Sharra
(Thunderbird III)
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Moira MacTaggert
Villains:	Bastion and his Sentinels, Sanjit Sharra
Other Characters:	Karima Shapander
Credits:	Writers: Chris Claremont, Joe Pruett 
	Pencils: Brett Booth, Ron Lim
	Inks: Scott Elmer, Michael Kraiger, Rich Perrotta, Cliff Rathburn, Rod Ramos,
Vince Russell
	Letters: Sharpefont & P.T.
	Colors: Kevin Somers 
	Editor: Jason Liebig
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Jean has been at Muir Island since Scottıs death; now she and Nathan
welcome Neal Sharra, a new mutant.
	Seven months ago he was carefree in Calcutta, on the tea plantation of his
father, the chief of police. Then his brother Sanjit went missing; he was
investigating disappearances among the poor of the city. Neal looked into it and
was attacked in an alley; Shapander rescued him with martial arts, and they fell
in love. They were ambushed by Bastion; Sanjit had become a Prime Sentinel. When
Bastion tried to do the same to Neal, his mutant powers manifested. Bastion
ordered his destruction, but Sanjit turned against the other Sentinels and was
killed. Shapander helped Neal at first, but then warned him that she had been
transformed into an Omega Sentinel and would soon be forced to destroy him.
	Uncharacteristically, Nathan gets seasick on the boat ride to Muir, then
loses control of his T-O virus. The X-Men all use their powers, which scares
Neal. Jean and Rahne calm him down and give him an X-Man uniform: he joins the
	Note: following are unused pages from X-Men 100, Mutant X 2000 Annual, X-Men
Unlimited 25, Gambit 7, and X-Man. Following further are The Bishop Chronicles,
including drawings of the characters from Bishop: The Last X-Man.

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 28
Date:	Sep-00
Story 1:	A Plague among Us (25 pages)
Feature Characters:	Cable, Gambit, Beast, Storm, Phoenix
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Darkstar (Laynia Petrovna)
Villains:	Russians including Black Death (Dr. Ivan Kivelki)
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Joe Pruett 
	Pencils: Brett Booth, Ron Lim
	Inks: Sal Regla, Derek Mei
	Letters: Sharpefont & P.T./JC
	Colors: Marie Javins
	Editor: Jason Liebig
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	140 nations banned biological weapons in 1972. The USSR secretly
broke that treaty, but when it collapsed, it abandoned its facility on
Vozrozhdeniya, or Rebirth Island, in the Aral Sea. Now it is reborn. Kivelki is a
researcher there and secretly a mutant. His government decides to test their
anti-mutant plague on him, so they sabotage his containment suit.
	The X-Men are in Moscow, vacationing after their recent adventure (Uncanny
X-Men 383). Remy sees a beautiful woman and offers to light her cigarette; she
reveals herself to be Darkstar and flips him. Hank recognizes her: former
Champion, member of the Winter Guard, with the mutant power to tap the Darkforce.
	She traps Ororo in a black bubble, bats away Nathanıs psimitar, and then
trips him. Remy tosses cards; Hank grabs her and tries to reason with her. Ororo
gets free and lets fly with lightning. She falls down unconscious, then pops
right back up, acting like a hero now. Jean scans her mind: she doesnıt remember
attacking and remembers the island. Remy insists they join her, so she teleports
them via the Darkforce. 
	Darkstar says itıs a military bioresearch station that she went to
investigate and was overcome. Remy lights a match in the darkened main building:
armored men surround them but are quickly felled.
	Kivelki, now Black Death, says he wants Hankıs help. He has the mutant power
of suggestion, which the plague he was exposed to made stronger, but he now
exudes toxins and is stuck in a containment suit.
	Remy thinks heıs lying, but Hank agrees to help, saying however that Reed
Richards and Bruce Banner are more qualified. Kivelki refuses, not trusting
non-mutants, and he takes control of the X-Men, now his hostages.
	Hank sets to work but calls to Jean in his mind, breaking her out of the
fantasy Kivelki trapped her in. She is caged, so she wakes Ororo, who blasts them
all free. They confront Kivelki; Jean says he wonıt catch them off-guard again,
so he removes his helmet. Remy has Ororo drench him in rain to keep his toxins to
himself (and the floor?), so Nathan, Remy, and Hank can knock him out. Darkstar
encases him in Darkforce, and the X-Men return home.

Story 2:	Garden State Slaughter (11 pages)
Feature Characters:	Deadpool
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Jack Krush (in flashback)
Other Characters:	Sandee (in flashback)
Credits:	Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti
	Pencils & Inks: Liam McCormack-Sharp 
	Letters: Sharpefont & P.T.
	Colors: Marie Javins
	Editor: Jason Liebig, Mike Marts
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Deadpool wanders Manhattan, down on his luck after his apartment
blew up. With his last $200 he buys a shovel and gloves and takes a cab to Fort
Lee. He remembers Sandee, in Wildwood three years ago:
	He is there to get a bounty on Krush, who robbed a casino. He finds him in a
bar, fights him on the boardwalk, and kills him by throwing him in front of the
roller coaster. He searches the body parts to find his hotel key, goes there, and
finds a girl held by two thugs. He uses his image inducer to impersonate a pizza
delivery boy and shoot a thug, but Sandeeıs mother shoots him in the back. The
other thug kills the mother and accidentally his partner; Sandee claws and blinds
him, and he falls out the window.
	Sandee helps Deadpool, driving him to Cape May so he can recuperate in a
hotel. She isnıt freaked by his grotesque face, and he tells her his whole story.
Then the second thug crashes in through the window: heıs Sandeeıs father. She
apologizes to him and points a gun at Deadpool, but then shoots her father, dead
this time.
	Deadpool counts the money and realizes the casino was committing fraud, so he
contacts the insurance company and they let him keep the loot. Deadpool puts
Sandee in a psychiatric hospital, but next week she suicides. He has her buried
with the cash, but now he needs it, so he starts digging in the graveyard at

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 29
Date:	Dec-00
Story 1:	Renewed Acquaintances (26 pages)
Feature Characters:	Bishop, Colossus, Rogue, Thunderbird III, Wolverine,
Psylocke, Nightcrawler, Prof. X
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Cerise, Forge, ZıCann; Avengers: Goliath, Warbird (Carol
Danvers); Cadre K
Villains:	Tessa, Ronan the Accuser
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Joe Pruett 
	Pencils: Brett Booth 
	Inks: Sal Regla, Sandu Florea
	Letters: Sharpefont & P.T.
	Colors: Joe Rosas
	Asst. Editor: Lysa Hawkins
	Editor: Jason Liebig
	Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada
Synopsis:	Note: this occurs after X-Men II:107.
	The X-Men see Bishop arrive via the Shiıar transmat; they are immediately
attacked by Skrull guards. Bishop absorbs and blasts back; Rogue says ZıCann gave
her all the pertinent information, so she knew to notify the Avengers to pick
them up. Only Goliath and Warbird were available, and they take them into space.
With their new cloaking device they get through and crash into Ronanıs base (see
Maximum Security 1). Fighting ensues, and Rogue sees through a window that Earth
is well on its way being transformed by the Egospore. Then Ronan appears.
	In Westchester, the Skrull telepath ZıCann is near death, despite Forge and
Tessaıs best efforts.
	Bishop gets to the right computer terminal, activated with the key implanted
in his body (Logan slices it out). Itıs in Kree, which Warbird knows, so Rogue
asks permission to steal her memories again (Avengers Ann. 10), adding them to
	Meanwhile, Goliath, Piotr, Betsy, and Kurt hold off Ronan. Neal uses his
power to superheat his universal weapon, but Ronan uses it to stop them all. He
realizes heıs out of time, so he orders Egoıs power transferred to himself, even
though the process was only 60% complete. Kurt wisely calls a retreat, but they
are cut off from the Quinjet. Rogue has retrieved the data, and now she kisses an
alien pilot so they can take his craft, and ³in the immortal words of them Duke
boys, ŒYeee Haaw!² They blast away, and Ronan lets them.
	Xavier tells Cadre K itıs time to act.
	Note: continued in Maximum Security 3.

Story 2:	Tempered Steel (12 pages)
Feature Characters:	Colossus, Wolverine
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Illyana Rasputin
Other Characters:	Lex
Credits:	Writer & Art: Cully Hamner
	Letters: Sharpefont & P.T.
	Colors: Marie Javins
	Asst. Editor: Lysa Hawkins
	Editor: Jason Liebig
	Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada
Synopsis:	A few years ago, Piotr took his sister to the Guggenheim. On the
train back to Salem Center, Lex, a girl who was also there strikes up a
conversation. She is studying to be an artist. 
	A car stalls on the tracks, and the train crashes. Piotr steels up, makes an
exit, and gets the passengers out. But Lex dies.
	Later, Logan finds Piotr on the grounds pounding boulders and says he did
what he could, but Piotr feels guilty because he protected Illyana first. He
thinks he should go back to the farm; Logan flicks a cigarette at him and says
heıs a quitter and a loser. Piotr knocks him to the ground, saying heıs callous
and cruel and wonıt let him up even when he bares his claws. Logan insists you
canıt save them all, then goes to his date with Mariko.
	Piotr says heıll deal with it and uses the boulder to sculpt an image that
Lex liked.

Issue:	X-Men Unlimited 30
Date:	Jan-01
Story 1:	Mother Knows Best (12 pages)
Feature Characters:	Husk, Jubilee, M
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Andi Watson
	Pencils & Inks: Jim Mahfood
	Letters: Jim Mahfood
	Colors: Kevin Tinsley
	Asst. Editor: Lysa Hawkins
	Editor: Jason Liebig
	Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada
Synopsis:	Note: this is a Generation X Underground episode.
	The girls are in a rocket ship telling unfunny jokes, battling a monster, and
finally getting to an intergalactic disco partay. I will refrain further comment.

Story 2:	Covenant with the Devil (11 pages)
Feature Characters:	Nightcrawler, Storm, Gambit
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Colossus, Illyana Rasputin (in a dream)
Villains:	Mr. Sinister
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writers: Joe Pruett, John Czop
	Pencils & Inks: C. Michaels 
	Letters: P. Tutrone, D. Sharpe
	Colors: K. Tinsley
	Asst. Editor: L. Hawkins
	Editor: L. Spangler
	Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada
Synopsis:	Kurt dreams of Piotr and Illyana, happy in a wheat field. Both are
now dead (Uncanny X-Men 390). He wakes with a start, and Ororo hears and checks
on him. She says, ³although I still mourn the loss of a dear friend, I have found
my peace. Colossus surrendered his life so that others may live. I can think of
no nobler death.²
	Kurt doesnıt accept it so glibly, throws his coffee, and bamfs away. He goes
to Salem Center and yells at a street painter and his girlfriend, then realizes
heıs behaving irrationally, apologizes, and leaves. Sinister finds him and offers
to bring Piotr back as a clone. Kurt pauses, then smashes the DNA material,
saying nothing can restore Piotrıs spirit, and Sinister melts away.
	That night at the mansion, Kurt writes a letter to Ororo, saying heıs taking
some time to straighten out his own head.
	Rant: to cast Kurtıs rejection and Ororoıs acceptance of Piotrıs suicide as
unstable and mature, respectively, is egregiously self-serving of the Marvel

Story 3:	Wild and Free (12 pages)
Feature Characters:	Rogue
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Friends of Humanity including W.C. Taylor, Hanratty
Other Characters:	Billy Lansdale, Sue Ann and Jimmy Bodine
Credits:	Writer: John Ostrander
	Pencils: Mike Lilly 
	Inks: Pond Scum
	Letters: Sharpefont & PT
	Colors: Joe Rosas
	Editor: Lysa Hawkins
	Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada
Synopsis:	Jimmy is getting over a broken heart, which his friend Billy says is
his mutant power. He goes to a bar and falls for Rogue; his sister Sue Ann says
Billy is pretending to join the Friends of Humanity as a joke on W.C. Jimmy knows
a fight is inevitable, and Billy makes fools of the FOH, pointing out that there
are super-powered humans who arenıt mutants.
	Jimmy talks to Rogue, apologizing for Billy and saying mutants can be good or
bad, just like everyone else. Sue Ann comes running, saying thereıs a fight.
Jimmy goes to help; Rogue picks up a truck (Jimmyıs) and throws it, then knocks
out all the FOH by herself. The sheriff comes and arrests them; Rogue tells Jimmy
she canıt touch other people, and he agrees their relationship would never work
for him.

Story 4:	Seeds of War (4 pages)
Feature Characters:	Wolverine 
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Quicksilver
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writers: Joe Pruett, John Czop
	Pencils & Inks: C. Michaels 
	Letters: P. Tutrone, D. Sharpe
	Colors: K. Tinsley
	Asst. Editor: L. Hawkins
	Editor: L. Spangler
	Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada
Synopsis:	Quicksilver runs to Westchester and finds Logan on the boat dock. He
says heıs no longer working for his father (see Magneto: Dark Seduction 4), gives
his condolences over Piotrıs death, and warns that Magneto has united Genosha and
is likely to attack soon. Logan says heıll be ready.

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