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Dazzler Synopsi: 1 / 5

Author: William George Ferguson
Created: 1996 April 22 and 26 (posted to racmx in 5 parts)

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UX 129-BTS
UX 130
UX 131
CX 37/2
CX 38/2
ASM 203
FF 217

This is in response to request for synopsi of Dazzlers solo run.

Background first.  Alison Blaire first appeared in UXM#130, in the
mini-arc that formed the penultimate chapter of the Dark Phoenix saga.
Professor X and his X-Men were trying to head off a recruitment drive
by Sebastion Shaw and Emma Frost of the Hellfire Club, which targeted
two hitherto unknown mutants, Katherine Pryde and Alison Blaire.
Kitty accepted the X-Men's offer to join, showing up at the X-Mansion
while the X-Men were at Jean/Phoenix' funeral service.  Ali turned
down the offer, preferring to pursue her singing career.

Between UXM#130/131 and Dazzler #1, Ali made a grand tour of Marvel
titles, appearing in Amazing Spiderman and Fantastic Four.  It is
important in making sense out of the 1st two issues, to know that
virtually the entire greater New York superhero community was on a
speaking acquaintance with Marvel's Mutant Songbird before Dazzler #1.


Dazzler #1 So Bright This Star
DeFalco writes; Romita fils, Alcala, & G.Wein portray
An 'origin' issue explaining Dazzler's past through flashbacks and
setting up the running plotline of Judge Blaire's disapproval of his
daughter's choice of professions.  At the end of the issue, Ali
seriously ticks off Amora the Enchantress by beating her out of a
singing job at a discotheque.  Apropos to comments made on the
newsgroup, Ali doesn't sleep with anyone.

Dazzler #2 Where Demons Fear To Dwell (cover: Last Stand In Discoland)
DeFalco; JR fils, Alcala, & K.Klaczak
First half is vamp til ready, with Dazz preparing for her new gig, and
various superfolk getting ready to attend.  When the show starts,
Enchantress shows up and casts a rapid-aging spell on Ali (good thing
Amora isn't petty or spiteful), nice scene of P.Parker ducking into
the Men's room only to find all the stalls full of folks changing to
spandex.  Chanty is thwarted and vows vengeance.  Joseph Ercoli intros
her to sleazeball agent with a heart of gold Harry Osgood, setting up
her supporting cast for the next couple of years.  Ali doesn't sleep
with anyone.

Dazzler #3 The Jewels Of Doom (cover: Enter Doom)
DeFalco; committee art (JRJr&A.Kupperberg-pencils, Bulanadi&Gil-Inks,
and Bob Sharen is the 3rd colorist in 3 issues)
R.Richards runs tests & is the first in a long series of folks to tell
Ali she's a lot more powerful than she thinks.  J.Storm flirts with
Ali and she flirts with Ben ("Torchy's a hunk, but he's too macho for
me to take seriously").  One page developing the 'dance for my father'
subplot.  Intro another supporting character, field rep Lancelot
Steele, Macho Jerk.  She does a U.N. charity gig and gets to meet a
genuine head of state (see title).  Ali doesn't sleep with anyone.

Dazzler #4 Here Nightmares Abide (cover: A Force For Good... A Force
For Evil... As Doom Commands)
DeFalco; Springer-pencils, Bulandi&Gil-ink, & Slifer is 4th colorist
in 4 issues
Doom sends Ali into a familiar (at least to this long-time Dr. Strange
reader) dimension.  Ali battles dreams and nightmares until meeting
the real thing.  About 2/3rds page development with Judge Blaire.
Torchy, who was at the concert, figures Vic made the grab and starts
checking know Doom hangouts.  Ali thwarts Doc and gets her butt
kicked, but Johnny shows up and rescues her.  Ali doesn't sleep with

Dazzler #5 Tell Joey I Love Him (And a bunch of cover blurbs)
DeFalco; Springer, Villamonte, & Don Warfield (#5 in a series)
Ali recaps her 1st 4 ish's on the splash, so far she's faced a major
Thor villain, The major FF villain, and a major Dr. Strange villain,
its time for a break.  She's in ER courtesy of J.Storm, in the capable
hands of Dr. "Call me Paul" Jansen.  Ali's admitted for overnight
observation and gets involved with the elderly lady sharing her room,
Mrs. Cartelli.  This leads to the intro of The Blue Shield, a
potentially interesting character with whom absolute squat has been
done for the last 15 years.  Fun underworld "Green Hornet" type stuff.
Ali doesn' sleep with anyone, not even Dr. Paul Jansen.

Dazzler #6 The Hulk May Be Hazardous To Your Health
DeFalco & Fingeroth; Springer, Quickdraw Studios (bet you didn't know
they were contracting out in 81)&Gil-inks, & Warfield answers the
trivia question 'who is the 1st colorist to do 2 consecutive issues of
Intro the 'backup band'.  Scene showing Ali's social responsibility.
Some Paul smooching.  A gig at college.  Wandering stranger shows up
to get a menial job at science lab, while he secretly tries to find a
cure, gets caught, and drops his tranquilizers before he can keep from
getting big and green.  Dazz does the Achy Breaky with the Hulkster.
Ali doesn't sleep with Dr. Jansen, but not for lack of trying (damn

Dazzler #7 Fort Apache The Hulk (cover: You've Got To Admit...The
Lady's Got Guts)
DeFalco&Fingeroth; Springer, McGlaughlin&Gil, & Warfield
Hulk round 2, and Dazzler wins (well the only way anyone beat the
'Hulk Smash' Hulk).  A mysterious figure hires The Enforcers to whack
Harry Osgood, who he accuses of being a mass murderer.  Another
mysterious figure is shadowing Ali.  Dazz makes it back to her
apartment and folds out her (empty) bed.  Ali doesn't sleep with
anyone, and she's starting to get grumpy about it.

Dazzler #8 Hell...Hell Is For Harry (guess what pop singer was big at
this time)
Fingeroth ("from an idea by DeFalco"); Springer&Colletta-art,&Warfield
The Enforcers go for Harry (it's sort of a Phantom of the Paradise
plot)  Dazz goes for the Enforcers, lessee The Enforcers a some lame
3rd rate Spiderman villains, and Dazz has been waltzing with the
Enchantress, Dr. Doom, Nightmare, and The Hulk.  Sorry about that, Ox.
Ali gets in a car to see Mr. Meeker, didn't her dad teach her not to
do that (not that she listens to dad).
Ali doesn't sleep with Paul Jansen, and she's starting to get real
cheesed about it.

Dazzler #9 The Sound And The Fury
Fingeroth (faibDeFalco); Springer&Colletta; hey its Christie Scheele
Mr. Meeker takes Dazz to Project Pegasus.  She starts to get annoyed
by all the clinical treatment, pointless secrecy, and general polite
bullying, but then meets Security Chief Wendell Vaughn aka Quasar
(Paul who? Did I know someone named Paul?).  Eventually, though the
machinations of the scientists wear her down (along the way, they
document that her ability to absorb and transduce sound is unlimited).
When she decides to leave, they tell her they have yellow-dog riders
in her 'standard release'.  Klaw, Master of Sound, an incarerated
villain, convinces her the scientists are the real bad guys (at this
point it doesn't take much convincing) and gets her to release him.
When he goes on a rampage, rather than just escaping, Dazz goes after
him.  Klaw's problem is this: He's made out of sound; Dazzler eats
sound.  Dazzler eats him, boosting her power levels way past previous
high points, powerful enough to attract the attention of (see next
thrilling issue).
By the way, Ali doesn't sleep with anyone (Wendell "makes Captain
Americal lool loose moraled" Vaughn? Get real)

Dazzler #10 In The Darkness A Light (cover: Enter Galactus)
(The Enchantress, Dr. Doom, Nightmare, and The Hulk obviously weren't
challenging enough)
Fingeroth (but they still blame DeFalco); Springer & Colletta admit
that one pencils and one inks; featuring the return of Don Warfield &
after 9 straight issues of lettering alone, Joe Rosen gets some help
from Janice Chiang.
The Big G confirms the Project Pegasus jer, er, scientists' findings
that Dazz's ability to absorb and transduce sound to light has no
upper limit, and, after reaching a threshold of absorption, she can
store sound energy for later use, also without an upper limit.  Having
completely absorbed Klaw, she has reached a power level sufficient to
attract his attention, but she ain't powerful enough yet.  After
expending her energy in a single titanic blast, just to get his
attention (an event that has repercussions in Secret Wars I a year
later.  Paying attention to continuity and having events in one comic
have repercussions in another later, what a concept), Big G explains
what he wants.  His latest Herald, Terrax, has cut and run, and G
wants him back.  Terrax is hiding in a black hole, and G needs an
agent powerful enough to go in and get him.  To get her powered up
enough he exposes her to a nice range of sounds, exploding galaxies,
The Big Bang, stuff like that.  He then gives her a Power Cosmic (tm)
coat to let her breathe and protect her from the pressure of the black
hole and sends her off.
The only one available to sleep with here is Galactus.  I don't think

Dazzler #11 ...Lest Ye Be Judged
Fingeroth still blames DeFalco; Springer, Colletta, Warfield
Well, since Terrax gets jerked around by Galactus for several more
years, and since we know what happens to Ali, you know who wins the
fight in the black hole.  After the battle, G has Dazz click her heels
3 times and she goes home, ending up wasted on her couch, where she is
found by her entire supporting cast (Judge Blaire included), who all
immediately assume she's strung out on drugs.  11 issues, and she
hasn't even slept with a stuffed toy (Don't even suggest Terrax).
Next issue they promise that she'll actually get to sing.

And that was the beginning and end of the 1st chapter

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