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Dazzler Synopsi: 2 / 5

Author: William George Ferguson
Created: 1996 April 22 and 26 (posted to racmx in 5 parts)

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The continuing saga.

In the first 11 issues, Dazzler got a job at a trendy disco, beating
out The Enchantress for the job.  She lost it when Amora trashed the
disco in the middle of her 1st performance, but got an agent, Harry
Osgood.  She got a charity gig at a Unicef benefit, but no-showed
because of being kidnapped by Dr. Doom and being forced to go into
Nightmare's dimension.  At the emergency room, after being trashed by
Doom, she met Dr. Paul Jansen and generated some sparks, but before
anything could happen she had to go to a gig at Gordon University in
upstate NY.  Dr. Banner was on campus incognito, and hulked out in the
middle of her performance.  On the way home, she was picked up by 'Mr.
Meeker' an agent of Project Pegasus and coerced into accompanying him,
causing her to no-show for a gig at the Flash Club.  Ultimately she
ended up in outer space with Galactus, retrieving his current Herald,
Terrax, from a black hole.  So far, for her last 6 gigs, she has had 4
broken up by super-brawls and has no-showed for the other 2 due to
various kidnappings.  Her career is pretty much in the toilet.

Dazzler #12 Endless Hate (cover: The Light That Failed)
Fingeroth; Springer, Colletta, and Warfield
Dazz is trying to put her life together, after last ish, & gets a call
from Dr. Paul, who is still interested.  Harry has guards because of
the attack in #8.  Harry give Dazz the bad news about her career and
sends her to a lower level agent until he can convince folks that she
can be reliable.  Dazz finally completes a gig (singing backup behind
a burger clown at a grand opening).  Her date with Dr. Paul goes like
everything else in her life till they get back to her apartment.
FINALLY, ALI NAILS PAUL.  However, Dr. Paul is having 2nd thoughts
afterward.  The guy who put the contract out on Harry (cause he thinks
Harry ruined him) tries again and gets whupped by Ali.  Ali and Harry
rapproche.  Ali doesn't... well yes she does.

Dazzler #13 Trial.. And Terror
Fingeroth; Springer, Colletta, and Warfield
1st setup for the next major plot arc, Ali finds that winged brooch.
Judge Blaire is still doing his 'I have no daughter' bit.  Dazzler
manages to complete her 2nd straight gig (singing telegram).  The good
news, Dr. Paul dumps Ali.  The bad news, Project Pegasus' sterling
agents are gonna frame her for Klaw's murder, to force her back into
their control.  They rush through the trial (taken into custody and
tried the next day?).  She still has to spend the night on Ryker's
Island, where she meets the Grapplers.  Caged Heat, Women Behind Bars,
Catfight Tonight.  When they do the trial next day(?), the prosecution
has a crap case, Quasar testifies for Dazzler, and when the
prosecution calls Ali to the stand (the prosecution calls the
defendent to the stand????), she does a bang-up job.  The jury finds
her not guilty (lessee, from arrest to jury verdict in a capital crime
in 2 days, who says the american justice system is slow).  And her
court-appointed attorney, Ken Garnett is a hunk, can you say rebound?
Ali doesn't sleep with anyone.

Dazzler #14 Without Getting Killed Or Caught
Fingeroth; Springer, Colletta, and Warfield
Dazzler gets a real gig, opening for a glitz rocker named Bruce Harris
in LA, and steals the show.  Ken Garnett sends flowers.  There is a
sniper attempt in the middle of her act, but she breaks it up without
breaking up the show (she's learning).  The hit was intended for
crimelord Joey Cartelli (aka Blue Shield), and they mix it up with a
mind-controlled She-Hulk thrown in.  Ali doesn't sleep with anyone
(she's in LA and Ken's in NY)

Dazzler #15 Private Eyes
Fingeroth; Springer, Colletta, and Warfield
Dazz and band continue to open for Bruce Harris, with the next show in
the Cow Palace in SF.  Ali decides she wants to trace her mother, who
disappeared when she was a child, and locates a P.I. in the phone
book, one Jessica Drew (actually she's already met Jessie through the
X-Men, and Fingeroth even remembers that, continuity, ain't it
wonderful).  Jessie and Ali didn't get along real well in their first
meeting, and still don't, but she takes the case.  Typical superhero
stuff ensues.  Ali doesn't sleep with anyone.

Dazzler #16 Black Magic Woman
Fingeroth; Springer, Colletta, and Warfield
Dazz and co. open for Bruce the last time, in Seattle.  He's basically
had her kicked off the bill because she's getting more attention the
he is, both from critics and audiences.  She steals the show again.
Ken Garnett joins her in Seattle for some wining, dining, and...
On the way back to NY, Ali's kidnapped by Amora, who's still rankling
at being aced out of a singing gig by Ali back in #1.  Enchantress
fights Ali, magic against light powers until Odin shows up and has
them do another singing competition.  Dazz wins hands down again, and
is returned to Kennedy International and a worried Ken.  Ali doesn't
sleep with anyone important (well, she sleeps with Ken, but I said

Dazzler #17 The Angel And The Octopus
Fingeroth; Springer, Colletta, and Warfield
The course of true love starts to run rocky, a gang of muggers jump
Ken and Ali, and, of course, Ali wastes them.  Ken actually handles
his first exposure to Ali in superheroine mode pretty well.  Ali goes
home and finds a letter from Jessie Drew reporting her lack of
progress in finding Ali's mom.  Meantime Dazz is in demand following
her reviews opening for Bruce Harris, and lands a gig, laying down
background vocals over an already recorded track.  She meets new
supporting character and fellowing aspiring singer Vanessa Tooks
there.  On her way home some rich-geek fanboy named Warren Worthington
tries to pick her up and fails miserably, even after she realized he's
the Angel.  He carries on a romancing campaign and starts to turn her
head from Ken when Doc Ock happens by,  Angel whups him, with Dazz's
help, but Dazz walks on him.  She still wants to be a singer not a
superheroine, and Angel is pulling her into the superheroine stuff.
After she Dear Warren's him he sees Jessie's letter and plots a new
way to win his way into Ali's heart.  Ali doesn't really get a chance
to sleep with anyone this ish.  By the way, Judge Blaire is starting
to crack.

Dazzler #18 The Absorbing Man Wants You
Fingeroth; Springer, Colletta, and Warfield
Opens at the Baxter Building, Dazz is hanging with the FF.  Reed whips
up a super-amplified cassette player for Dazz to use as a power
source.  She not really interested, but Sue convinces her to take it,
sort of like a can of mace.  She's got another local gig, and is
apparently doing well, but when she tries to use the souped up
cassette player, theres too much power for the crowd to handle.
Meanwhile Crusher Creel shows up, planning on using Ali as a hostage
against the Avengers.  Ali blasts Creel with her light powers.
Unfortunately, this is about as effective as Klaw (or Screaming Mimi)
blasting her with sound.  On the continuing plot front, Warren pumps
Grandma Blaire for info on Dazz's mother, and Judge Blaire is
beginning to lose it big time (here comes that 19th nervous
breakdown).  Ali doesn't sleep with anyone.

Dazzler #19 Creel And Inhuman Treatment
Fingeroth; Springer, Colletta, and Warfield
OK, Creel is big and bright and made of light, and Ali's desparately
looking for help.  She can't reach the Avengers or the FF, but hooks
up with the Inhumans.  Black Bolt speaks, Ali absorbs, and she's back
up to Galactus-stooge levels.  She takes out Creel. (That's Crusher
Creel, the Absorbing Man, who fights Thor, The Hulk and others dead
even).  Ken and Angel show up at the end of the fight and she lets
them get acquainted while she mops up.  Vanessa (remember her) is off
for voice lessons with her teacher Barbara London, and sees something
that shocks her speechless.  Grandma Blaire has called in a
psychiatrist for Judge Blaire.  Angel has continued to try to locate
Dazzler's mother.  Ali has no opportunity to sleep with anyone.

Dazzler #20 Out Of The Past
Fingeroth; Springer, Colletta, and Warfield
Judge Blaire is in never-never land.  Ali is walking alone in Central
Park (guess you can do that when you're a major-league mutant).  A
would-be mugger jumps her with expected consequences, however the
winged brooch pops open during the tussle, showing some pictures
inside.  Meanwhile, what Vanessa saw last ish was a room made into a
Dazzler shrine (If you can't figure out 'Barbara London' is...),  Dazz
is hanging with her band at her bassist's loft when a couple of evil
musicians from the band's past show up, hassle the adults, and
threaten the basssist's child.  Dazz takes a lot longer than she
should to take them out. (An important tip to Marvel supervillains, if
you have a sound-based power, Dazzler really isn't the superhero you
want to fight).  Angel shows up to take Dazz to her dad, hoping to
pull him out of his tailspin.  Barbara London confesses who she is to
Vanessa, but the picture of her daughter on the piano isn't Ali.  Ali
doesn't sleep with anyone.

Dazzler #21 Alison Blaire, This Is Your Life (double-sized)
Fingeroth; Springer, Colletta, and Warfield
Ali's appearance pulls Judge Blaire from his funk, but he still won't
accept Ali's decision for her career and life.  He tell her, from his
point of view, the story of his love and marriage to Katherine, their
fights over her continuing to perform, and her love affair with a
sleazy underworld type named Nick Brown.  At the same time, across
town, Katherine Blaire (Barbara London) is telling Vanessa the same
story from her point of view, including a half-sister Ali never knew.
Vanessa gets Barbara to go to a major benefit concer Ali's doing at
Carnegie Hall, and Judge Blaire decides that he will go see her also
(can you say harmonic convergence coming up).  Meanwhile Ali is
getting major exposure to the underside of the music biz.  She's had
to have always known of it, but now that she is on the verge of being
a Name, she is getting the treatment.  About 4 different people offer
her various versions of Musician's Little Helper, and she suspects at
least one of them was sent by Harry Osgood.  When Judge Blaire shows
up backstage and act like a real human being and father, she's ready
to pack it in, when Vanessa shows up and tells her her mother is in
the audience.  Balanced against her disillusionment with the industry
she has chosen is that fact that her unknown mother, and all her
friends, super and non-super are waiting to see her.  And finally her
true calling, her life is on the stage.  After the performance, after
everyone else has left, Ali walks out onto the stage and meets the
woman she has no memory of.  When Barbara tries to tell her of the
shameful things she's done, that she's not worthy of being Ali's
mother, Ali tells her that it doesn't matter, she her mother and she
loves her.  And a voice from behind them say "The girl is right Kate,
you should listen to her...Our duaghter did very well tonight, didn't
she?amp;quot;  Hearts & Flowers, Trumpets & Cornets, rainbows forming over the
stage, the kind of flat out unabashed happy ending you don't see in
superhero comics.

And that was the morning and the evening of the second arc.

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