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Dazzler Synopsi: 3 / 5

Author: William George Ferguson
Created: 1996 April 22 and 26 (posted to racmx in 5 parts)

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So Far:
In the first major arc of stories (#1-#11), Ali gathered the mechanics
of a performing career (agent, back-up band, etc.) while not having
any luck in actually performing.  On the personal side, she fended off
the interest of a superhero would-be boyfriend (Johnny Storm), and
tried to connect with a non-super powered professional man (Dr. Paul
Jansen).  She also had to deal with her father's disapproval

In the second major arc of stories (#12-#21), Ali began to acheive
success as a performer, gaining name recognition and respect.  On the
personal side, she tried to locate her mother, eventually succeeding,
became reconciled with her father, dropped one professional man boy
friend, acquired another (lawyer Ken Garnett), stopped being pursued
by one super-powered boy friend wannabe, and started being pursued by
another (Warren Worthington).

On to the 3rd arc, the Rogue years.

Dazzler #22 The Sisterhood
Fingeroth; Springer, Colletta, Warfield
The female half of The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is after Angel (the
only X-Man whose identity is public knowledge) to use him to find the
rest.  Ali is cutting her first demo tape,  Judge Blaire is sending
Barbara's momentos to her, and Barbara is waiting for her other
daughter to arrive home from college.  Angel starts to take Ali up to
Westchester at her request, when they are attacked by the Rogue (she
was so much older when she was young, at least in appearance),
Mystique, and Destiny.  Mystique and Destiny consider Ali an otherwise
unimportant young lady who was in the wrong place at the wrong time,
but Rogue recognizes her immediately (considering that Ali had only
done clubs and one benefit on the east coast, and didn't have a demo
tape, much less a record, I still say this qualifies her as a fan).
Fun ensues, with Dazz swatting Rogue down 3 separate times.  If
Mystique had taken the time to id her, they might not have chosen to
fight beside a noisy waterfall with a helicopter running right next to
them.  Last line of the book "My names Lois London, I'm your sister."
Ali doesn't sleep with anyone this issue (there was plenty of time for
her to sleep with the NY Yankees starting lineup between #21 and #22,
but nothings really indicated except, probably, Ken)

Dazzler #23 Fire In The Night (cover: His Name Is...Flame)
Fingeroth; Springer, Colletta, Warfield
Ali's been up most the night talking to Lois.  She wakes to a
deliberately set apartment fire in the morning.  Thinking Mystique &
Co are responsible, she hires some protection from her acquaintances
in the superhero community, the reputable firm of Heroes For Hire.
Turns out to be insurance scam arson.  a one page set-up keeps Rogue
on the active list (and on the Rogue is a fan question: Mystique to
Rogue "I know the girl has piqued your curiosity, especially since
she's a performer you so admire").  Ali doesn't really have the
opportunity to sleep with anyone, either before or during this issue.
By the way, Lois is having fainting spells.

Dazzler #24 A Rogue In The House
Fingeroth; Springer, Colletta, Warfield
Some time must have passed between #23 and #24, since most the fire
damage is repaired at Ali's apartment.  It doesn't fair so well at
Rogue's hands.  Luke and Danny do their job, more or less, but Rogue
decides to get at Ali through Lois (whose fainting spells are growing
worse).  Rogue finally has a thought, and uses her absorbing powers,
but Luke and Danny show up and save the day.  Ali tells Rogue this is
all pointless since she's supposedly doing it to get at the X-Men and
they have kidnapped by the Brood and are light-years away.  Ali
doesn't sleep with anyone, except Ken, and Warren.

Dazzler #25 The Jagged Edge
Steve Grant-script; Marc Bright-pencils; Bulanadi-inks; Scheele &
I smell filler ish.  The plot is basically obsessed fan/stalker, none
of the sub-plots are advanced really, and Ali doesn't sleep with
anyone, at least within the issue.

Dazzler #26 Against The Wind (cover: Beginning: The Startling Secret
Of Dazzler's Sister) Fingeroth; Springer, Colletta, Yanchus
Dazzler seems to have greatly improved on squashing robberies and such
without ruining the show.  Lois' fainting spells are worse, she takes
a walk to get some air and is accosted by would be mugger.  She
panics, her hand glows, the mugger dies.  She goes to Ali for help and
Ali, with memories of her own murder trial still fresh, doesn't think
Lois will get a fair break.  Go west young woman.  Ali doesn't sleep
with anyone.

Dazzler #27 Fugitive
Spinger tries scripting as well as pencilling; Colletta, Yanchus
In LA, after some roguish nightmares, Ali tries to convince Lois to
face the music, but as she succeeds, some pictures turn up showing
Lois and the in-the-process-of-being-late mugger.  The blackmail is
basically to get the girls to dispose of an unknown someone.  Ali
calls Warren for backup and pretends to go through with it.  After the
dustup, Lois and the would-be victim look at each other and say "You!"
Ali doesn't have any opportunity to sleep with anyone.

Dazzler #28 Vendetta
Springer double-duty; Colletta, Yanchus
Rogue has gotten just the least little bit obsessive.  Ken shows up
with the cops (Angel called him). The man Ali and Lois were being set
up to hit turns out to be Nick Brown, Ali's step-father and Lois'
father (he has stopped being a young minor-league underworld
sleazeball, he is now an old major-league underworld sleazeball).  The
blackmail pictures end up exonerating Lois as they show the mugger
attacking her, and the cause of death is a heart attack (but she knows
better).  Playing on the radio, in LA, is Ali's 1st single.  And Nick
is going to introduce Ali to Roman Nekobah (can you say Frank
Sinatra?)  At this point the obsessed skunk-stripe shows up for one
last waltz.  Ali and Rogue fight a running battle over Nick Brown's
ridiculously large estate, ending up on his private airfield.  Ali
manages to get a jet started, and, for the first time faces Rogue with
a major sound source at hand.  Since this whole issue takes place in a
morning and afternoon, Ali really doesn't have the opportunity to
sleep with anyone.

3 arcs down and 2 to go.  Next up, the Roman Nekobah arc (or, Ali Has
No Taste In Men)

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