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Dazzler Synopsi: 4 / 5

Author: William George Ferguson
Created: 1996 April 22 and 26 (posted to racmx in 5 parts)

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The synopses so far:

Arc 1 #1-#11, let's call it Vamping Till Ready
Ali gathers the necessary machineries for a career while fighting
pointless superhero battles

Arc 2 #12-#21, let's call it Gettin' The Show On The Road
Ali gets success and and name recognition as a live act, and gets her
personal life together.

Arc 3 #22-#28, The Rogue Years
The first steps towards being a recording artist are interrupted by a
run-in with Rogue and friends.  Rogue, primarily out of injured pride,
keeps coming back for more.  Ali meets her half-sister who promptly
gets into a world of trouble

Arc 4 #29-#34  Roman Nekobah

Dazzler#29 Fame (cover: Dazzler, Sounds of Light And Fury)
Frank gets some help from the boss: Springer&Shooter; Springer,
Colletta, Yanchus
Ali & Lois girl talk about Nick.  Nick has Ali do publicity stills.
Ali meets That Sleazy Slimeball Scumbag, er, excuse me, Roman Nekobah,
who wines and dines her and takes her flying in his Learjet.  An
unidentified military fighter jet does a strafing run.  Ali engages
her own personal Star Wars and the unlucky fighter pilot manages to
bail out in time.  However, TSSS's pilot was wounded in the strafing
run, leaving Ali the only one conscious.   Ali doesn't sleep with TSSS

Dazzler#30 The Debt (this is an Assistant Editor's Month issue)
Ken McDonald; Springer, Colletta, Yanchus (cover by Sienkiewicz)
Ali locates some parachutes and bails them all out, TSSS comes out
smelling like a rose, and the pilot survives.  Nick jumps on Ali for
not taking advantage of the free publicity, and they fight.  Lois
sides with Nick, and Ali walks.  She gets a lift from Ralph Macchio,
who is on his way to the San Diego Con, and he loans her $20.
Meanwhile, Bob Harras is left in charge in New York, and, after a
confrontation with other AEs, including Ann Nocenti and Weezie (I
don't remember if she was still Jones, or had become Simonson by
then), decides to really take charge.  He becomes a power-mad maniac,
making pointless changes in the art and story.  Thankfully, it just
happens in the comic book, not real life.  Ali gets an advance from
Harry Osgood (that demo she started in #22, is now a hit record).
Ralph is mobbed by his adoring fans (the life of a comic book editor
is so tough). Ali decides to take in the San Diego Con (and she needs
to pay Ralph the $20 she borrowed).  Turns out the jet that Ali aced
last ish belongs to a secret paramilitary group with covert support
from the elements of the government, whose agenda is the destruction
of mutantkind (no, this was not a new plot, even back in 1984).  They
have last names like Zalme and Crespi.  They run a kirbytech machine
which is supposed to make mutants powers run amok.  Unfortunately the
first one affected is their leader, Zalme.  Ali take him down, he
reverts, and Ali manages to pay Macchio back the $20 she owes him.
Ali doesn't sleep with Ralph Macchio (although there's that drive from
LA to San Diego...).

Dazzler#31 Tidal Wave (cover: The Last Wave, again by Sienkiewicz)
Shooter; Springer, Colletta, Sean
Harry doesn't renew his contract with Ali, he's NY-based and can't do
the job he thinks she needs since she's relocated to LA.  Meanwhile
Ali gets a new romantic interest, stuntman Bill Reington.
Unfortunately, when they start to have a romantic interlude, he has
performance difficulties.  Turns out he an adrenalin junkie, and can
only get aroused when in danger; the greater the danger, the more his
interest.  Danger, however, is a turn-off for Ali.  Oh well.  Given
the above, Ali doesn't sleep with anyone.

Dazzler#32 Moonlighting (another Sienkiewicz cover)
Shooter&Carlin; Bright, Colletta, Yanchus
Dazzler has a day job as an aerobics instructor, which is interrupted
by Medusa and Lockjaw.  A creeping dark cloud  is threatening Attilan
on the Moon, and they want Ali to do the same power up trick she did
with Black Bolt back in #19 to combat it.  The cloud is courtesy of
Blackout and Moonstone, and, as expected Dazzler wins.  Ali flirts
with one of the Inhumans, but doesn't stay around long enough for
anything to happen.

Dazzler#33 Chiller (Sienkiewicz yet again)
Carlin, Bright, Colletta, Yanchus
Dazzler doesn't care for horror films, she gets enough in real life,
thank you.  Roman TSSS is now acting as Ali's agent.  John La... er
Bob Benson offers Ali a dancer job in a new music video he's shooting
for Michael Ja... er Teddy Lingard.  Benson's car is bombed and he
says accidents seem to be happening all around him.  The video is done
in zombie makeup and Ali's grave is sans breathing tube.  Turns out
Benson has been setting up the accidents for the publicity.  Ali
doesn't sleep with Micha... Teddy.

Dazzler#34 Where Have All The Models Gone (cover: Captive - Bill S.)
Carlin; Isherwood, Colletta, Yanchus
Ali goes Modeling With Millie.  Missing models, Chili Storm, a wacky
wannabe villain, basically just a fun issue, and Ali tells TSSS to
buzz off.  Unfortunately, that won't last.

Which brings us up to Dazzler: The Movie, followed immediately in
continuity by Beauty And The Beast LS.  Everything will be very
different in #35.

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