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Index to the Age of Apocalypse: 1 / 4

Author: Robert Diehl
Updated: Version 1.0, last modified February 3, 2001

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Index to the Age of Apocalypse
Version 1.0, last modified February 3, 2001
by Robert Diehl (rfdiehl@yahoo.com)

Note: I will follow the continuity from Rajiv Mote,


Note: those who switched sides during the story,
voluntarily or otherwise, are marked with an

Magneto and the X-Men: Amazing (Quicksilver, Banshee,
Iceman, Storm, Exodus, Dazzler), Astonishing (Rogue,
Sunfire, Morph, Blink, Sabretooth, Wild Child);
Charles Lensherr, Nanny; Scarlet Witch, Bova
Colossus, Shadowcat, and Generation Next: Chamber,
Know-It-All (Claudia St. Croix), Husk, Mondo, Skin,
Gambit and the X-Ternals: Lila Cheney, Jubilee, Strong
Guy*, Sunspot
Weapon X and Jean Grey
Forge and his troupe: X-Man (Nathaniel Summers),
Soaron, Toad, Mastermind, Brute, Sonique (Theresa
X-Calibre: Nightcrawler (Kurt Darkholme), Mystique,
Switchback, Damask; Destiny and Avalon inhabitants
including, Cain Marko, Douglas Ramsey, Wendy*,
Marcus*, Anatoly
Bishop, Illyana Rasputin
the Human High Council: Bolivar and Moira Trask,
Mariko Yashida, Brian Braddock*, Emma Frost,
Thunderbolt Ross; Sentinels; Gwen Stacy, Anthony
Stark, Clint Barton, Dr. Donald Blake, Susan Storm,
Ben Grimm, Victor Von Doom, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner*,
Carol Danvers*, Gateway, Bullseye
Angel* and staff: Scarlett McKenzie, Karma; Val
Cooper, Henry Peter Gyrich, Joe Robinson, Jonath,
Capt. Newell, Ace, Benjamin, N'Kim
Starjammers: Deathbird (Lady Cal'syee), Ch'od,
Hepzibah, Raza; Imperial Guard including Gladiator,
Oracle, Starbolt; Jahf, B'nee and C'cil
victims: Artemis, Phantazia, Newt (Mortimer Toynbee),
Avalanche, Pyro, Polaris, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing,
Robert Kelly, Corsair, John Proudstar, Tommy Chang,
Samantha DuPris, Blob, Rossovich, May, Jodie Craig,
Jeremy Graves; Rafe, Marta, Frankie

Apocalypse, Ship, Shadow King, Rex
the Horsemen: Holocaust (formerly Nemesis), Sinister*
(also as Essex), Mikhail Rasputin, Abyss; previous
Horsemen: Candra, Gideon, Sabretooth*, War, Death
Sinister's aides: Beast, Cyclops*, Havok, Aurora,
Northstar, Elizabeth and Sam Guthrie, the Bedlam
brothers* (Terrence and Jesse Aaronson), previously
Emplate and the Monets
Mikhail's aides: Empath, Matt Murdock*, Stryfe Force
Jamie Madrox* and Madri, Infinites (Fedayeen)
including Rictor; Wolverine; Domino, Grizzly, and
Caliban; Vanisher; Damask*, "Dead Man" Wade Wilson,
and Danielle Moonstar; the Brotherhood: Copycat, Box,
Spyne, Yeti, Arclight; Sugar Man, Quietus, Monte,
Poxlips, Malthus, Enrique, Mat; Undercloaks;
Balrog-Class Meta-Cyborgs; Diablo, Absorbing Man;
Cyborgs including Donald Pierce, Clegg, Mangle,
Deadeye, Vultura; Marauders: Red (Osborne), Dirigible
(Fisk), Arcade, Owl; Dr. Peter Corbeau*; Magma, Unus,
Delgado, Cotter; Sebastian Shaw
Emperor D'Ken and Shi'ar, Brood
Callisto and crew including Einarsson, Weekes
bandits including Carlo

Issue:	X-Men: Year of the Mutants Collectors' Preview
(48 pages)
Date:	Feb-95
Credits:	There's a page full, listing every AOA
contributor, from Marvel CEO William C. Bevins, Jr.,
to designated "elf" John Conray. 
Synopsis:	"Reality is whatever the writer wants it to
be." - Steve Saffel, p. 1
	Legion went back in time to kill Magneto and
accidentally killed Xavier. The Legion-Magneto battle
was reported on TV and alerted Apocalypse, who arose
early and took over America, giving parts of it to his
horsemen: Holocaust (originally Nemesis), Mikhail
Rasputin, Sinister, and Abyss. Sinister has Cyclops,
Havok, and Beast as allies and X-Man (Cable in our
universe) as a pawn.
	Magneto formed the X-Men, with his wife Rogue and son
Quicksilver as deputies. Gambit split off and formed
the X-Ternals. Sinister had captured Jean, so Logan
split off to rescue her. Colossus and Kitty train the
next generation of mutants. Moira married Bolivar
Trask, and they created Sentinels as the ultimate
defense. They head the Human High Council, in London.
	Central and South America, France, Wundagore
Mountain, and Japan are destroyed. There's a mutant
haven in Antarctica. Security Platforms guard the
Atlantic and Pacific oceans. An enormous wall blocks
escape through Alaska. The humans have militarized
	Between X-Men Unlimited 7-8 comes X-Men Chronicles.
Issue 1 shows Magneto's X-Men challenging Apocalypse
at Cape Citadel. Issue 2 shows why Logan and Gambit
each left the X-Men.
	X-Men Alpha: Bishop, lost in time, half-remembers
that this reality is not the true one.
	Between Uncanny X-Men 321-322 comes The Mutants: The
Astonishing X-Men, and between X-Men II:41-42 comes
The Mutants: the Amazing X-Men. Magneto's X-Men battle
Abyss and Holocaust.
	Between X-Factor 111-112 comes Factor-X, telling the
tale of feuding brothers, Cyclops and Havok.
	Between Cable 20-21 comes X-Man. Sinister has bred a
pawn from Scott and Jean's DNA, to use against
	Between Wolverine 90-91 comes Weapon X. Logan and
Jean work with the Human High Council.
	Between Excalibur 86-87 comes X-Calibre. Magneto
sends Mystique and Nightcrawler to find Destiny, to
confirm Bishop's claims.
	Between X-Force 43-44 comes Gambit and the X-Ternals.
A Robin-Hood-like team steals the M'Kraan Crystal.
	Between Generation X 4-5 comes Generation Next.
Colossus and Kitty are together and lead a team to
rescue Illyana.
	X-Men Omega: the final war between humans and
mutants, and the fate of Jean and Scott. 

Issue:	X-Men Chronicles 1
Date:	Mar-95
Story:	Origins: The First Adventure of Magneto's
Astonishing X-Men (43 pages)
Feature Characters:	Magneto, Quicksilver, Iceman,
Storm, the Scarlet Witch, Jean Grey, Colossus, Weapon
X, Rogue
Regular Characters:	Bova
Guest Stars:	Mystique; mutant students (including
Sunspot?, Doug Ramsey?)
Villains:	Apocalypse and his Horsemen: Candra, Gideon,
War, Death, Sabretooth; Ship; Nemesis
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Howard Mackie
	Pencils: Terry Dodson
	Inks: Klaus Janson
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Matt Webb
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Magneto's attitude changed when Xavier died
saving his life. He created an isolated base on
Wundagore Mountain, where he trains his X-Men in the
Killing Zone, his version of the Danger Room. He
presses them hard, so they will survive. He introduces
the new recruit Logan and tells Jean to learn to
telepathically control his berserker rages.
	Mutant hysteria has grown in the United States, and
then Apocalypse's herald Candra flies Ship over
Manhattan with a warning.
	Mystique gives Rogue to Magneto to keep her safe
(Polaris had tried to abduct her, but she absorbed her
	Apocalypse sends his Horsemen to the nuclear base
Cape Citadel, and Magneto realizes the struggle has
begun. Ship decloaks and fires at the Blackbird. 
	Nemesis attacks the school; Rogue and Wanda defend
	Sabretooth realizes Apocalypse plans to launch the
nukes, which is more than he bargained for. Apocalypse
orders him killed, but then the X-Men arrive, so
Candra releases him for the duration of the battle. He
duels with Logan; Jean goes up against Candra, another
psi; Magneto goes to stop Gideon, but he uses his own
power against him and starts the countdown. Ororo uses
lightning against a human being for the first time and
worries that she may have killed Death. Bobby and
Piotr take out War. Logan severs Sabretooth's spine.
Magneto overloads Gideon, exploding him, and the
magnetic pulse destroys the computers. 
	Apocalypse congratulates the X-Men. He collects his
team, leaving Sabretooth behind as a failure. He arms
Ship's weapons, but Magneto blasts first and destroys
	Magneto tells his team, "He is the reason I have
pulled you all together." They return home to find
Wanda has been killed.
	Note: following are pin-ups of Beast; Magneto and
Rogue; Weapon X and Jean Grey; Factor X; the X-Men;
Gambit and the X-Ternals; Generation Next; and Angel.

Issue:	Tales from the Age of Apocalypse: Sinister
Bloodlines (48 pages)
Date:	1997
Feature Characters:	
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Corsair (Maj. Christopher Summers),
Katherine Summers (in flashback), Joe Robinson, Angel;
Star Jammers: Hepzibah, Ch'od, Raza (in flashback);
Weapon X, Jean Grey, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing
Villains:	Sinister, Cyclops, Havok, Beast, Northstar,
Aurora, the Bedlam brothers (Terrence and Jesse
Aaronson), Emplate, the Monets; Shi'ar (in flashback),
Cobra, (Hulk?), Brood
Other Characters:	Benjamin
Credits:	Writer: John Francis Moore, Brian K. Vaughan
	Pencils: Steve Epting, Nick Napolitano
	Inks: Al Milgrom
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft/KF
	Colors: Kevin Tinsley
	Editor: Matt Idelson
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Apocalypse has put his image in place of the
Statue of Liberty. His forces shoot down an aircraft,
recover it, and are shocked at its contents.
	Scott and Alex box with androids, and Alex panics and
uses his mutant power. Sinister is disappointed and
wishes he would put aside his jealousy and learn from
his brother. Hank, not yet bestial in appearance,
takes Sinister to the lab.
	Five years later, Corsair finally escapes from the
lab and goes to rescue his sons. Beast, now physically
transformed, sends guards after him, but he gets out
to the ruins of Manhattan. Joe Robertson takes him in
and tells him what has happened to his sons.
	Sinister sends his sibling teams out to recover
Corsair but keeps Scott and Alex inside. Scott is
suspicious. Alex goes to Angel's nightclub Heaven with
the Bedlam brothers. 
	The others find Robertson dead, and yet alive. Aurora
flash fries him. They track Corsair to the (sealed)
Lincoln Tunnel; cornered, he shoots Emplate, then a
car, making it explode and knock out Aurora and
Northstar. He has to restrain himself from more
	Scott finds his brother in the club and yells at him;
they have to go back up the first team. They find
Emplate dead, his sisters catatonic, and the Canucks
unconscious. They track Corsair to a graveyard; he
pulls a gun, but Havok blasts him. He says he's their
father, and that he tried to fly them to Canada before
the war started but was captured and experimented on
by aliens, broke out, and was captured and
experimented on by Sinister. Alex believes him, but
Scott is loyal to Sinister.
	Then scavengers attack, wanting to eat them, and they
beat them off, then go to an abandoned church for
shelter from a storm.
	Beast has found Jean, a perfect complement to Scott's
DNA. Sinister is worried about the Summers reunion.
	Scott scouts around and finds fresh corpses, then
frees Knight. They find Wing, dead, then return to
Corsair and Havok, who are bonding over a motorcycle.
Turns out the corpses aren't dead but have become
monsters and attack; Knight is forced to kill Wing.
They run but get cornered, and Sinister comes to their
rescue in an aircraft.
	Scott confronts him with his lies, but then Corsair
can't control it any longer and becomes Brood.
Sinister says he didn't want the Summerses to see
their father this way; Scott is forced to blast him.
Dying, he explains the Brood infected the Shi'ar and
then him and tells Scott to look after Alex. The boys
burn down the building as his pyre. Alex says he'll
never forgive Scott; Scott considers making changes in
his life.
	Note: X-Man -1 is next in the continuity, showing
that Sinister has created X-Man.

Issue:	X-Men Chronicles 2
Date:	Jun-95
Story:	Shattered Dreams (44 pages)
Feature Characters:	Magneto, Weapon X, Iceman,
Sabretooth, Quicksilver, Jean Grey, Colossus, Storm,
Rogue, Gambit; the Scarlet Witch (in flashback)
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Holocaust, Wolverine; bandits including
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Howard Mackie
	Pencils: Ian Churchill
	Inks: Hanna, Vey, Moncuse, Wiacek
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Matt Webb, Digital Chameleon
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Logan tells Magneto that he and Jean are
leaving; he is furious that he abandoned her and he
had to rescue her alone, losing his hand in the
process. Magneto lets them go; Jean telepathically
tells him she forgives him, and Logan needs her.
	Holocaust has just lived up to his name in Spokane.
Beast has made his lieutenant, Wolverine, whom he now
sends to kill Quicksilver, to hurt Magneto, who is the
one that wounded him so badly he needs body armor.
	Magneto leads the team to the ruins of Denver, where
bandits have been making trouble. The defeat them, but
too sloppily for Magneto's taste. He is distracted by
Logan and Jean's defection. Wolverine arrives and uses
his power to super-charge two of the bandits. One
throws a non-metallic knife and hits Magneto; Remy
takes charge and calls a retreat, to their current
base in New Mexico.
	Wolverine stays hidden and notes that either Remy or
Rogue is the most important to Magneto. He kills the
bandits' leader and takes charge of them.
	Bobby talks to Remy about his infatuation with Rogue.
Meanwhile, she is with Magneto, encouraging his dream.
Then she talks with Quicksilver, who still misses his
sister. Remy interrupts and says he wants a
relationship with her; she runs. Pietro suggests he
talk about her with Magneto, who just stammers. Rogue
interrupts and wants to talk to Magneto about her
feelings; he touches her, showing he has learned to
use his magnetic power to sheathe himself. She thanks
him in tears; Remy is furious and confronts them. 
	They are interrupted by the bandits' attack, which
the team quickly beats off. Then Wolverine appears and
knocks down Magneto. He and Remy get cornered, and
Rogue swoops in and saves Magneto: she has made her
choice. The X-Men attack Wolverine but are defeated.
Remy charges a large rock and puts it behind
Wolverine's belt; it blows him off the mountain. Remy
leaves, and Rogue doesn't call him back. 
	Note: pin-ups follow: Holocaust; the Rescue of
Chamber; the Funeral of the Scarlet Witch; the
Transformation of Nemesis into Holocaust; the
Salvation of Exodus

Issue:	Tales from the Age of Apocalypse: By the Light
(48 pages)
Date:	1996
Feature Characters:	Magneto, Nightcrawler, Sabretooth,
Blink, Morph, Colossus
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Robert Kelly, Sunfire
Villains:	Diablo, the Absorbing Man (Crusher Creel),
Cyclops, Death, Ship
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell, Ralph Macchio
	Pencils: Joe Bennett
	Inks: Joe Pimentel
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Gloria Vasquez, Digital Chameleon
	Asst. Editor: Jason Liebig
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Magneto rescues Kelly from a POW camp in
Central America. He reshapes his helmet into a club to
beat off the Absorbing Man. Kurt pops in to save Kelly
from Diablo; Rogue absorbs the Absorbing Man's power
and knocks him out. Kelly thanks them.
	Cyclops looks on with distaste at Sunfire being
tortured. Death questions his loyalty, then says
Apocalypse is not available. He is an Inhuman, and he
refuses to give him the Terrigen mist, as Sinister had
	Magneto's base is under the ruins of the Guthrie farm
in Kentucky. Sabretooth tries but fails to help Blink,
whom he rescued from Abyss, but who is having
catatonic episodes. He gets mad when Morph tries to
lighten the mood, shaped like Alice's white rabbit. 
	Kurt says his mother and Destiny have determined that
Apocalypse is recuperating on Ship, on the Blue Area
of the moon. They need Blink's power to get them
there, so Morph shapeshifts into Sabretooth's form and
tries to encourage her. She sees through his disguise
but agrees to help.
	Rogue encourages Magneto, who says the war is not
going well. Blink takes the team to the moon, where
Death has a team of mutated Inhumans who defeat and
capture them. Morph morphs into Blink's shape,
allowing her to escape. Cyclops finds her, says
Apocalypse ported away as soon as the X-Men attacked,
and agrees to help her save them. He frees Sunfire,
whose power immediately overloads and destroys Ship.
Blink ports everyone away in time.

Issue:	X-Men: Alpha  
Date:	Feb-95
Story:	Beginnings... (48 pages)
Feature Characters:	Bishop, Magneto and the X-Men:
Sabretooth, Wild Child, Blink, Morph (Sidney), Rogue,
Quicksilver, Storm, Iceman, Nightcrawler; Angel,
Gambit, Weapon X, Jean Grey
Regular Characters:	Nanny, Charles Lensherr, the Human
High Council: Moira Trask, Emma Frost, Brian Braddock
Guest Stars:	the Blob, Sentinels, Scarlett McKenzie,
Villains:	Prelate Unus, Infinites (Fedayeen), Beast,
Havok, Cyclops, Sinister, Abyss, Holocaust, Apocalypse
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell, Mark Waid
	Pencils: Roger Cruz, Steve Epting
	Inks: Tim Townsend, Dan Panosian
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Steve Buccellato, Electric Crayons
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Bishop climbs through the piles of dead
humans in Seattle: the aftermath of a culling. A
little girl runs to him in terror, chased by Unus and
Infinite soldiers. Unus tries to crush him with a
force field, but he absorbs the power, revealing
himself to be a mutant.
	Then the X-Men arrive to help him and quickly and
savagely defeat the Infinites. Unus pulls a plastic
gun on Magneto, so Bobby freezes and shatters him.
Magneto remembers a time that he himself believed in
mutant supremacy, but now he fights for Xavier's
dream, and not too effectively.
	Magneto goes to question Bishop, who has been
wandering silently for twenty years. Now he attacks
Magneto, saying it's his fault Legion killed Xavier.
Magneto puts him to sleep by slowing the blood flow to
his brain.
	Beast enhances weak mutants so they can serve
Apocalypse. Blob, in pain, breaks free, and Havok and
Cyclops have to save him. Cyclops says they should
have shut down the lab, since the Kelly Pact. Havok
asserts that he is head of security, and Sinister
stops their squabble. Sinister says one of their own
has gone mad, and he leaves Scott to find the answers
he hid from him.
	Sentinels patrol, enforcing the pact with the humans.
Warren runs Heaven, a nightclub and haven for mutants.
Karma is his assistant, and Scarlett his singer. Remy
arrives, unexpected and unwelcome, and insists he
arrange a meeting with Magneto.
	Magneto's base is in the ruins of the X-mansion.
Magneto and Rogue are married and have a little boy,
Charles. Bishop insists Magneto explain how Xavier
died, but he refuses. 
	Apocalypse meets with his Horsemen, planning to
conquer the rest of the humans, in defiance of the
recent pact. Sinister is worried that mutants may not
survive the conflict either, but Apocalypse puts him
in his place.
	Sinister has his own agenda and has been giving
information to Logan and Jean, who sneak through
ruined London to find the Human High Council.
	Magneto wants Rogue to touch Bishop and steal his
memories, while he uses his power to shield her from
Bishop's madness. But at first touch, they hit
Bishop's counterforce and see broken shards of his
memories, of our reality. Remy appears and pushes
Rogue away. Sabretooth catches him, but Quicksilver
says he's here at Magneto's invitation. Magneto sends
Kurt to find his mother, Mystique, then retires to
	Apocalypse lets Holocaust send his forces after the
traitor Sinister. 
	The universe begins to crystallize. 

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