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Index to the Age of Apocalypse: 3 / 4

Author: Robert Diehl
Updated: Version 1.0, last modified February 3, 2001

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Issue:	Weapon X 2
Date:	Apr-95
Story:	Fire in the Sky! (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Logan, Jean Grey
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Sentinels; Moira Trask, Emma Frost, Brian
Braddock, Mariko Yashida
Villains:	Pierce, Clegg, Box, Copycat
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Larry Hama
	Pencils: Adam Kubert
	Inks: Dan Green 
	Letters: Pat Brosseau
	Colors: Joe Rosas, Digital Chameleon
	Editor: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Jean is missing. Logan uses their psi-link
to trace her to Bristol, England, where the Sentinels
brought the humans. They argue: she's against the
planned Doomsday strike on Apocalypse. Box and Copycat
are stopped at the weapons checkpoint, then attack
everyone in sight. Logan immediately guts Box, then
goes to help the Human High Council pick its targets.
Mariko takes him aside, also hoping for another way.
She doesn't trust Braddock, whose company manufactures
the Sentinels. Just then Pierce's men attack one of
the airships, so Logan leaps down through the flames
and onto the airship. He kills Pierce and his men, but
not before the airship rams the one with the key
guidance system. Logan emerges from the wreckage,
horribly burnt. 
	He rushes to Jean, who had telepathically said
goodbye. She is flying an old plane from Cornwall back
to America, to warn them. Logan jumps onto the plane;
Jean kisses him, then tells him to kill her quickly if
he wants to stop her. Instead, he jumps off, letting
her go.

Issue:	Generation Next 2
Date:	Apr-95
Story:	Hither Comes the Sugar Man! (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Colossus, Shadowcat, Chamber,
Husk, Mondo, Skin, Vicente
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Illyana Rasputin 
Villains:	Sugar Man, Enrique, Mat, Undercloaks,
Other Characters:	Ace
Credits:	Writer & Pencils: Scott Lobdell, Chris
	Inks: Mark Buckingham
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Steve Buccellato, Electric Crayon
	Editor: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Illyana is in the Seattle Core, teaching the
new prisoners how to avoid drawing Sugar Man's
attention. Two of the guards are in a cab on their way
to a club. One feels guilty about helping Sugar Man.
Chamber kills them, so he and Skin can use their
uniforms. Colossus plans to send the kids through the
front door, while he and Kitty phase through the back.
Kitty thinks it's suicide, then she is abducted by an
Undercloak. Colossus rips up the hillside, exposing it
to moonlight and making it vulnerable, and Kitty
impales it.
	Husk impersonates a spa attendant, so Quietus, the
head of the Core, will take her to his place. He has a
vaporizer that makes mutant ill, so he detects and
beats her. But she has hidden Vincente in the wine
bottle, and he kills Quietus from the inside, and
emerges covered in gore. They think Colossus is
sending them on a suicide mission, but they do their
job and find Illyana's file. Together, they
impersonate Quietus and walk through the front gate,
with Chamber and Skin as workers.

Issue:	Gambit and the X-Ternals 3
Date:	May-95
Story:	To the Limits of Infinity (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Gambit and the X-Ternals: Jubilee,
Strong Guy, Sunspot, Lila Cheney
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Gladiator, the Starjammers: Ch'od,
Deathbird, Hepzibah, Raza; Jahf
Villains:	Rictor, Emperor D'Ken
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Fabian Nicieza
	Pencils: Salvador Larroca
	Inks: Al Milgrom
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Javins, Rosas, Webb, Thomas, Electric Crayon
	Editor: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	D'Ken has built a huge engine to absorb the
energy of the M'Kraan crystal. Remy has second
thoughts about trying to sneak in, but Deathbird says
they have no choice, and she beams down to the planet
with them, then takes Remy and Lila to the crystal
while Strong Guy, Jubilee, and Sunspot fight off the
soldiers. The crystal is huge, but even a sliver
contains its totality. When Lila approaches it, a hand
grabs her and pulls her into it, and Remy and
Deathbird go in after her and find Jahf, the guardian
of the crystal for the entire multiverse.
	The universe blinks, and Sunspot's hand turns white.
Gladiator and Rictor arrive and attack.
	Lila and D'Ken are transfixed by beams of light from
the heart of the crystal. When Deathbird moves to kill
her brother, a beam transfixes her. Jahf confirms
Bishop's story: because Xavier was killed, Jean Grey
never "became" Phoenix and never repaired the crystal.
This reality isn't the true one, and the damage is
spreading to all the others. He tells Remy to steal a
piece of crystal, and send Bishop back in time to fix
the problem. But to take part of the crystal, you have
to give part of yourself in return.
	The universe blinks, Sunspot absorbs more of the
energy, and the people nearest the crystal turn to
glass. Sunspot gets Strong Guy and Jubilee to jump
into the crystal, then takes Rictor along. 
	Jahf tells Remy he has to do it to save Rogue, so he
smacks the crystal with his staff. It accepts the
offer of love, breaks free of D'Ken's machine, and
gives Remy a shard. Lila transports them back to
Earth, leaving Sunspot behind because he has already
absorbed too much energy.

Issue:	Factor X 3
Date:	May-95
Story:	Open Wounds (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Jean Grey; Logan (in flashback), Angel,
Scarlett McKenzie
Villains:	Infinites, Cyclops, Havok, Apocalypse, the
Bedlam brothers, Beast; Elizabeth and Sam Guthrie,
Rex, Rahne Sinclair
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: John Francis Moore
	Pencils: Steve Epting
	Inks: Al Milgrom 
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Glynis Oliver 
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	The Infinite guards in the Kennel are unable
to restrain a mutant grizzly bear-Bengal tiger, so
Havok puts it down. He challenges Scott, implying he
knows about his attack on the Beaubiers, but then the
tiger-bear recovers, and Scott has to kill it. He
tries to look at Havok's wounds, but he turns away in
	Jean sneaks into the facility in a prisoner transport
wagon. She telekinetically knocks out a guard, then
animates his body to make it march inside with her.
She wants to warn Scott: he has to stop Apocalypse
before the Human High Council nukes New York. She
fights past the Brain Trust's sedation and through the
wreckage of Sinister's base. He had betrayed
Apocalypse, giving information to her and Logan to
prevent the coming world war. A wolf attacks her; she
blasts its human mind, but then Havok attacks her.
	Scarlett suspects she's pregnant, then the Bedlam
brothers arrest her, and Angel does nothing to help,
since he himself is under suspicion.
	Alex directly accuses his brother of treason, then
takes him to Beast's lab, where Jean is under
interrogation. He has been fascinated by her since he
first captured her. Sinister had tried to turn her,
but she resisted, and then Logan returned to rescue
her and Scott traded an eye for his hand. 
	Alex says Scott and Jean have been in cahoots ever
since; they both deny it; Alex tells Scott to execute
her; he refuses. Alex signals the Guthries to attack,
and they knock out Scott. Alex gives him to Beast to
play with. 
	Jean forces through the telekinetic inhibitor on her
head and removes Scott's visor, blasting Beast. She
knows Scott is decent at heart, helping to free the
prisoners he can, and he agrees to help her liberate
the pens. 
	Apocalypse instructs Rex to liquidate the pens, now
that Sinister is gone.

Issue:	X-Universe 1 
Date:	May-95
Story:	Last Stand (34 pages)
Feature Characters:	Gwen Stacy, Anthony Stark, Clint
Barton, Dr. Donald Blake, Susan Storm, Ben Grimm,
Victor Von Doom
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Marauders: Red (Osborne), Dirigible (Fisk),
Arcade, Owl; Mikhail Rasputin, Matt Murdock, Hulk (Dr.
Robert Bruce Banner), Empath (Manuel Alfonso Rodrigo
de la Rocha)
Other Characters:	N'Kim
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell, Terry Kavanagh
	Pencils: Carlos Pacheco
	Inks: Cam Smith
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Kevin Somers, Electric Crayon
	Editor: Marie Javins
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Wakanda is in ruins, its people starving,
and then the Marauders attack. Apocalypse tolerates
them, as long as they keep killing humans. Stacy uses
an outmoded rifle to take one shot, at Dirigible.
Before Arcade can retaliate, a transport arrives and
drops its cargo of medical supplies on him. Then it
blasts Red and Owl.
	Barton distributes the supplies, while Stark smarmily
introduces himself to Stacy. He has been sent to bring
Blake back to England. 
	Mikhail is there, claiming he wants to help the
humans. Sue Storm is mistrustful, since her brother
and first boyfriend were both killed by mutants. His
staff of augmented humans confirms the nuclear-capable
	Grimm and Storm are almost caught in an explosion at
the Field Command Center, which kills every pilot they
had left. They find Hulk in the wreckage: he allied
with Apocalypse to get enhanced and ensure his
survival. Storm shoots his ear off, and he reverts to
	The Human High Council is in session, so Doom greets
Mikhail, who speaks to the crowd, saying he wants to
establish a new world under his protection. He invites
Doom, Stark, Stacy, Blake, and Banner to tour his
ship, then reveals that he has Empath stirring up the
crowd, and they are all his captives.

Issue:	Weapon X 3
Date:	May-95
Story:	The Common Right of Toads and Men (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Logan
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Carol Danvers, Moira and Bolivar Trask,
Mariko Yashida, Emma Frost, Brian Braddock
Villains:	Mangle, Deadeye, Donald Pierce, Vultura
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Larry Hama
	Pencils: Adam Kubert
	Inks: Dan Green, Mike Sellers
	Letters: Pat Brosseau
	Colors: Joe Rosas, Digital Chameleon
	Editor: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Cyborgs identify Logan, walking across the
snow to Wundagore, and attack. He kills them,
reminisces about his time with the X-Men, and catches
Danvers trying to sneak up on him. 
	In London, the Human High Council makes final plans
for the attack on Apocalypse. 
	Logan climbs the tower where Gateway monitors TV
broadcasts in a catatonic state, making himself the
repository of man's knowledge. He slashes through the
equipment to get his attention, then takes his hand to
download his recent memories. Gateway refuses to pilot
the lead ship attacking Apocalypse, then spins his
bolo to transport Logan back, but there's an
explosion. The cyborgs have patched themselves
together and are attacking, and Vultura and Pierce
attack from the air. Logan gets them onto Pierce's
plane; Vultura swoops by and gets gutted; Danvers
throws herself onto Pierce before he attacks Logan,
and they fall out of the plane. She blows them both up
with a grenade before they hit the ground. 
	Gateway agrees to head the armada, assembling in

Issue:	Astonishing X-Men 3
Date:	May-95
Story:	In Excess (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Rogue, Sunfire, Morph, Blink,
Sabretooth, Wild Child, Magneto
Regular Characters:	Nanny, Charles Lensherr
Guest Stars:	Bishop
Villains:	Infinites, Holocaust
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell, Jeph Loeb
	Pencils: Joe Madureira 
	Inks: Townsend, Milgrom
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Steve Buccellato, Digital Chameleon
	Editor: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Infinites chase down Wild Child, blasting
him through the chest. Holocaust takes him in custody,
then generates a top hat and cane - it is Morph, and
Sunfire kills the Infinites. Rogue asks Wild Child
about Sabretooth, but he can't communicate, so he
licks her, and she sees that he is fighting the real
	Blink remembers him rescuing her as a child, while
Sunfire flies them all to the Infinite processing
	Magneto prepares Bishop to murder Legion, but he's
reluctant. Nanny sounds an alert and transforms
herself into a cocoon around Charles: Apocalypse is
	Morph takes the shape of a whale and swims into the
plant's coolant system, with the team in his belly.
Blink sees Sabretooth hanging by chains and goes to
help him.

Issue:	X-Man 2
Date:	Apr-95
Story:	Choosing Sides (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	X-Man 
Regular Characters:	Forge, Toad, Soaron, Brute,
Mastermind, Sonique (Theresa Rourke)
Guest Stars:	Magneto, Charles Lensherr
Villains:	Rossovich, Domino, Grizzly, Caliban, Essex
(Sinister), Madri, Infinites
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Jeph Loeb
	Pencils: Steve Skroce
	Inks: Mike Sellers, LaRosa, Conrad, Hanna
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Mike Thomas, Digital Chameleon
	Editor: Lisa Patrick
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Domino demands Rossovich tell her about
X-Man, but he refuses, so she gets Grizzly to help
knock him out. She also has Caliban, as her tracker.
	Forge trains Nate, trying to teach him not to rely
solely on his TK, but he's too cocky. The team's new
member, Essex, has quickly gained Nate's confidence.
He suggests Nate try to fly, and he does, but gets a
headache and nosebleed in the process. He then
convinces Forge to have them reconnoiter Beast's lab:
he wants Nate to use his power on bigger targets than
Infinite patrols. 
	They find it patrolled by Madri as well as Infinites,
but they are detected before they can retreat. Nate
lets loose with his power, destroying the factory, but
he is easily knocked down by a Madri, to Essex's
surprise. He telepathically turns off the minds of his
attackers, then collapses. 
	The team retreats to an abandoned farmhouse. That
night, Nate sneaks out in his astral form: he is
determined to do more than Forge will let him. Theresa
comes along, and they go back to the X-mansion. Little
Charles detects them, and Magneto confronts them, so
Theresa breaks the psi-link to force them back into
their bodies. 
	Brute finally realizes that Essex is Sinister, who
destroyed his mind, so Sinister kills him. Forge has
meanwhile decided to kick him out, but then Domino,
Grizzly, and Caliban arrive.

Issue:	X-Calibre 2
Date:	Apr-95
Story:	Burn (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Nightcrawler, Mystique, Destiny
Regular Characters:	Douglas Ramsey
Guest Stars:	Switchback, Cain Marko, Sentinels, John
Villains:	Madri; Pale Riders: Damask, Wade Wilson,
Danielle Moonstar; Apocalypse, Callisto and crew
including Einarsson, Weekes
Other Characters:	Capt. Newell
Credits:	Writer: Warren Ellis
	Pencils: Roger Cruz, Renato Arlem, Charles Mota,
Eddie Wagner
	Inks: Phil Moy, Tom Wegrzyn, Harry Candelario
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Joe Rosas, Digital Chameleon
	Editor: Suzanne Gaffney
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Destiny sees Avalon under attack when she
touches Switchback.  Madri attack Proudstar's Ghost
Dance. The sub carrying Kurt loses its equipment and
has to surface before they all suffocate. They send up
a flare, and Callisto's ship comes to the rescue,
cutting through the door to release the passengers.
Kurt had meanwhile ported out, too weak to save the
	Damask observes all this, waiting for them to get
their act together so she can track them to Avalon.
Apocalypse sends a transmission ordering them to also
destroy Avalon. Moonstar tortures Wade for the fun of
it, so Damask kills her, for the same reason.
	Callisto takes charge of the passengers and sends the
sub back. She takes their valuables, hides them in a
ballast tank, and plans to kill them all. Kurt gets to
the tank an opens it to find them all drowned. 
	The ship runs aground in corpses, dumped on islands
by Apocalypse. Callisto shoots her navigator, while
Kurt starts killing the crew for vengeance. Then
Mystique arrives.

Issue:	X-Calibre 3
Date:	May-95
Story:	Body Heat (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Nightcrawler, Mystique, Destiny
Regular Characters:	Douglas Ramsey
Guest Stars:	Switchback, Cain Marko
Villains:	Pale Riders: Damask, Wade Wilson; Danielle
Moonstar, Callisto and crew (all dead)
Other Characters:	 
Credits:	Writer: Warren Ellis
	Pencils: Ken Lashley
	Inks: Tom Wegrzyn, Philip Moy
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Joe Rosas, Digital Chameleon
	Editor: Suzanne Gaffney
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Mystique kills Callisto. "Hi, Mom." She
takes Kurt to her frigid Antarctic base, and he asks
her why she won't just go to Avalon. She avoids the
question; he accuses her of fleecing her passengers;
she says it's not her fault. She takes him by
ferryboat to Marko and says she needs to talk to
	En route, Cain tells him how he was a murderer, but
is now a man of peace like his dead brother. They find
Destiny with her adopted son, Doug. She is surprised
to hear Mystique wants her to go back, takes her into
the village to meet Switchback, and says they're all
going to die. 
	Damask is amazed at the beauty of Avalon; Wade wants
to kill it all. He starts with a rocket launcher,
which wounds Doug. Kurt tries to get Cain to defend
his own, and the stress causes him an aneurysm. Damask
attacks Wade, wanting to save Avalon, but he just
regenerates. Till Kurt ports his head off, that is.

Issue:	Amazing X-Men 3
Date:	May-95
Story:	Parents of the Atom (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Magneto, Exodus, Quicksilver,
Banshee, Dazzler, Storm, Iceman
Regular Characters:	Nanny, Charles Lensherr
Guest Stars:	Bishop, Angel
Villains:	Infinites, Vanisher, Apocalypse, Madri, the
Shadow King, Abyss
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Fabian Nicieza
	Pencils: Andy Kubert
	Inks: Matt Ryan 
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Kevin Somers, Digital Chameleon
	Editor: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Magneto visits Xavier's grave, but Bishop
reminds him they're on a perimeter alert. Magneto
destroys and recreates the gun he has pointed at him,
then tells Bishop to fire over his left shoulder. He
could sense the Infinites' teleportation, which was
done by Vanisher, who vanishes.
	Magneto and Bishop destroy the Infinites, but then
Apocalypse himself attacks and defeats them. Magneto
plans to set a plasma rifle to overload and kill them
all, but Apocalypse says Vanisher is going after
Charles, so he wants to live to protect him.
	Apocalypse recalls how Magneto nearly defeated him,
making Ship crash but losing half his magnetic power.
Now he beats him into the ground. Under the mansion,
Nanny generates many big guns to protect Charles from
	The X-Men return and find signs of battle but no
survivors. Bobby finds Vanisher's body in the tunnels,
and they realize Nanny did it. Quicksilver sends
Exodus and Dazzler to find her and Charles, Bobby to
find Rogue, and Ororo and Sean to stay at the mansion,
while he runs to get information from Angel, whom he
punches, disarms, and generally insults. Angel is more
than willing to cooperate, having tired of playing
both sides, and he says Apocalypse has his father in
his citadel, while Bishop is at the Madri Tabernacle
in Quebec. 
	The Madri torture Bishop, then let the Shadow King
loose on him. He remembers Xavier, but knows that
Bishop's memories didn't happen. Then he is ejected
from Bishop's mind, which shocks the Madri, who are
then swallowed by Abyss, who is unwilling to let
Bishop end this reality.
	Quicksilver preps the team to rescue Bishop, since he
is more crucial than his father and brother. 

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