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Index to Alpha Flight 1-130, including annuals, specials, and miniseries: 1 / 9

Author: Robert Diehl
Updated: Version 1.3, last modified July 4, 1998

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Index to Alpha Flight 1-130, including annuals, specials, and miniseries
Version 1.3, last modified July 4, 1998
by Robert Diehl (rfdiehl@yahoo.com)

The Confusion of Names:

James MacDonald Hudson is called James, Jim, Jimmy, Jamie, Mac, Hudson, Weapon
Alpha, Vindicator, Guardian, or Antiguard, depending on the speaker and
Heather McNeil Hudson becomes Guardian in iss. 32, but on the cover is referred
to as Vindicator, which name she adopts in iss. 34, until she takes the name
Guardian in iss. 90, when Mac returns as Vindicator. Her family name is sometimes
spelled MacNeil.
Snowbird's real name is Narya, but she had an identity as Corp. Anne McKenzie,
RCMP, and becomes Mrs. Douglas Thompson in iss. 34.
Walter Langkowski is Sasquatch, but so is Tanaraq, and so is Snowbird, when she
wants to be, but her sasquatch is albino and female, and Walter possessed that
body in iss. 46-68 and was Wanda.
Box is originally Roger Bochs, but is sometimes Walter and is taken over by
Madison Jeffries in iss. 48.
Jeanne-Marie Beaubier is Aurora, but the two names usually refer to separate
Jean-Paul Beaubier is Northstar, but he had been known as Jean-Paul Martin before
he was reunited with his sister.
Madison Jeffries's first name is not revealed until he joins the team in iss. 30.
He is not to be confused with his brother Dr. Lionel Jeffries (Scramble), who
merges with Roger and becomes Omega.
Michael Twoyoungmen is Shaman, and his daughter Elizabeth becomes Talisman, but
then Michael is Talisman in iss. 38-68, until first Walter/Wanda and then
Elizabeth take it back.
Dr. Whitman Knapp is occasionally called William. His various personas have the
code names Prime Unit, Proto, Apeman, and Highbrow (once Hybrow).
Kara Killgrave is the Purple Girl until iss. 81, when she becomes Persuasion. Her
father was Zebediah Killgrave, the Purple Man.
Laura Dean and Goblyn are twin sisters. Laura is not given her codename Pathway
until iss. 114, and Goblyn was never given a civilian name.
Kyle Gibney is Wild Child until iss. 102, when he returns as Weapon Omega, not to
be confused with Weapon Alpha or Weapon X (which name was first given to Logan,
then Garrison Kane), or Omega (the merger of Scramble and Roger Bochs), or Omega
Red (the Soviet super villain), or either Omega Flight, although he had been a
member of the first Omega Flight. He becomes Wildheart in iss. 118. His last name
was never revealed in the pages of Alpha Flight.
Albert Louis is not given his codename Feedback until he joins the team in iss.
126, so he is a superhero for all of 5 issues.

Disclaimer: I have never seen a series with so many flashbacks! I have tried to
catalogue all the characters shown, but have doubtlessly missed some. Mac, in
particular, does much more in flashback than real-time.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 1
Date:	Aug-83
Story:	Tundra! (36 pages)
Feature Characters:	James MacDonald Hudson (Vindicator); Dr. Michael
Twoyoungmen (Shaman); Jeanne-Marie Beaubier (Aurora); Jean-Paul Beaubier
(Northstar); Prof. Walter Langkowski (Sasquatch); Narya/Corp. Anne McKenzie, RCMP
Regular Characters:	Gary Cody; Heather McNeil Hudson, Michael's grandfather
Guest Stars:	X-Men Wolverine, Nightcrawler (in flashback); Beta Flight: Eugene
Milton Judd (Puck), Marrina, Roger Bochs (Box), Flashback; Gamma Flight: Madison
Jeffries, Alec Thorne (Smart Alec), Lillian Crawley (Diamond Lil), Kyle Gibney
(Wild Child) (trust me).
Villains:	Wendigo (in flashback); Richard Easton, Tundra
Other Characters:	Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau; Sister Anne,
a nun at Mme DuPont's School for Girls in LaValle, Quebec, students including
Angelique, Jacqueline; a barmaid named Mary; Dan Smallwood; Private Thomas
Crossman; the Hudsons' landlords Georges and Francois
Synopsis:	Mac stands in the now-empty Department H installation beneath
Parliament Hill in Ottawa, thinking about the department's recent dissolution by
the Canadian government.
	In the Northwest Territories, Easton (see iss. 7) begins a strange ritual,
which is noticed by Michael's dead grandfather.
	Northstar visits Jeanne-Marie and yells at her for hiding her beauty and her
mutant power. We learn she has a split personality.
	Mac flies off to investigate strange happenings in the Northwest Territories,
and Heather signals the rest of Alpha Flight, Marrina and Judd to help him.
	Snowbird sees Tundra rise from the earth, having consumed the spirit of its
human agent. She calls on her goddess-mother Nelvanna to aid her against this
ancient foe, who attacks her with mosquitoes. It is linked to and controls the
land, so the team attacks it with the forces of natural erosion, Northstar and
Aurora generating wind, Michael rain, and Marrina a waterspout. The creature
	The team decides to remain together, without government sanction.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 2
Date:	Sep-83
Story 1:	Shadows of the Past (17 pages)
Feature Characters:	Mac, Michael, Jeanne-Marie, Jean-Paul, Walter, Snowbird,
Judd, Marrina
Regular Characters:	Gary Cody, Sgt. Douglas Thompson
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	The Master (of the World)
Other Characters:	Chief Inspector Hamilton; Mary D crewmen including Captain
Tom Smallwood, First Mate Angus, Tom's wife Gladys and son Dan
Synopsis:	The team plays war games in the Albany River Proving Grounds in
Ontario. Mac struggles with taking over as team leader from Wolverine.
	Suddenly, Marrina falls ill, attacks Judd, and flees into the water. Michael
rushes Judd to the hospital and operates. The rest of the team goes after Marrina
in their Omni-Ship.
	Mac relates Marrina's origin: in a storm off Newfoundland a ship's captain was
washed overboard. Drowning, he picked up a glowing object that buoyed him to the
surface. It proved to be an egg, from which Marrina hatched. The Smallwoods
raised her until she became a teenager and displayed super-human abilities. She
then joined Department H.
	Marrina is summoned to a lab under the ice near the North Pole, where the
Master welcomes her home.

Story 2:	The Origins of Alpha Flight: In the Beginning... (5 pages)
Feature Characters:	Mac
Regular Characters:	Heather McNeil
Guest Stars:	
Other Characters:	Jerome "Jerry" Jaxxon/Jaxon
Synopsis:	Mac protests that Am-Can Petroleum Company is turning over an
invention of his to the US military. The suit, intended to facilitate
exploration, will be used instead in the Vietnam War. He uses the suit to destroy
the blueprints, taking back the cybernetic helmet, which was his own property.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 3
Date:	Oct-83
Story 1:	Yesterday Man (17 pages)
Feature Characters:	Mac (Guardian henceforth), Jeanne-Marie, Jean-Paul, Walter,
Snowbird, Marrina
Regular Characters:	Gary Cody
Guest Stars:	Namor the Sub-Mariner; Susan Richards the Invisible Girl
Villains:	The Master of the World
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Snowbird, sensing evil in the north, comes across Alpha Flight's
crashed ship. She uses her powers to see that the ship was attacked and then
turns into a polar bear to track her teammates.
	Mac and Walter try to find Northstar and Aurora, who are attacked and trapped
by rods extending from the walls. Aurora slips into her Jeanne-Marie persona
under the stress.
	Marrina is shackled and probed by the Master. He tells her his origin: 40,000
years ago, during the Ice Age, he was a bully and driven out of his tribe. He was
oddly called north and came across a crashed spaceship, which captured and
dissected him, using his brain as part of its computer matrix. Over the
millennia, his will asserted itself, controlling the ship and making it construct
a perfect body for him. He plans to destroy Marrina and her brood-mate and then
take over the world. He is interrupted by Namor and Sue Richards.
	NOTE: the story continues in the Fantastic Four 260.

Story 2:	Purpose (6 pages)
Feature Characters:	Mac
Regular Characters:	Heather McNeil
Guest Stars:	Wolverine
Other Characters:	Canadian bureaucrat Frank Hulme, Prime Minister Trudeau
Synopsis:	Heather brings groceries to an out-of-work and depressed Mac, and
confesses her love to him. They fly to Ottawa, explain Mac's actions last iss.,
and are retroactively hired by Trudeau, the beginning of Department H.
	Mac and Heather marry, and the Fantastic Four provide a model for Mac to

Issue:	Alpha Flight 4
Date:	Nov-83
Story:	Resolutions! (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Mac, Jeanne-Marie, Jean-Paul, Walter, Snowbird, Marrina
Regular Characters:	Gary Cody
Guest Stars:	Namor the Sub-Mariner; Susan Richards the Invisible Girl
Villains:	The Master of the World
Other Characters:	Dan Smallwood
Synopsis:	Beginning before the end of the previous iss., Namor and Sue approach
the Master's ice cap base and are shot out of the sky.
	Mac explains that Aurora has a split personality and is now in her
Jeanne-Marie persona. Walter goes after her, while Mac looks for Northstar. Mac
taps into the base's circuitry and learns that it is a threat to all life on
	The Master explains that his ship was built by a conquering race from an old,
crowded planet. The ship colonizes an uninhabited planet, reading local DNA and
distributing egg pods. Marrina sprang from this process.
	Namor and Sue interrupt the Master, and he sets his machinery to kill Marrina,
but Snowbird arrives as a swarm of mosquitoes and saves her.
	Mac and Northstar have been busting up the ship, and after they meet up with
the rest, it explodes, destroying the ice cap. The Master is unaccounted for.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 5
Date:	Dec-83
Story 1:	What Fools These Mortals Be... (17 pages)
Feature Characters:	Judd, Michael
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Other Characters:	nurses including Margaret "Maggie" Cambridge, Daly; Dr.
Craigborne; Sgt. McNamara
Synopsis:	Judd, in the hospital under Michael's care since iss. 2, is
recovering but oddly still in great pain. He looks for a nurse, and finds one
acting sneakily. He investigates and finds that the painkillers are being
diluted. He convinces Craigborne to let him prove there is drug trafficking in
the hospital, and that night sees such a transaction. He jumps on the back of the
van with the drugs, and in the criminals' boathouse, he attacks them, ripping his
stitches out in the process.
	Back in the hospital, he is congratulated by McNamara, but Craigborne tries to
kill him by injecting him with insulin. Judd hits him and exposes him as the drug
traffic ringleader

Story 2	Deathwatch (5 pages)
Feature Characters:	Michael
Regular Characters:	Heather McNeil, her parents Ramsey and Claire, Michael's
Guest Stars:	
Other Characters:	Michael's wife Katheryn and daughter Elizabeth; Dr. Max
Synopsis:	Fifteen years ago, Michael rejects his grandfather's teachings as a
medicine man, opting instead to remain a man of science. Returning home, he
learns that his wife is dying. For months he tries to find a cure, but to no
avail. When she dies, Elizabeth feels betrayed by Michael and goes to live with
the McNeils.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 6
Date:	Jan-84
Story 1:	Snowblind (16 pages)
Feature Characters:	Snowbird, Mac
Regular Characters:	Sgt. Douglas Thompson
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Kolomaq
Other Characters:	Chief Inspector Hamilton; Ed Barrow, Thom
Synopsis:	Hamilton orders an investigation of Anne's absences and confines her
	Further north, an oil rig drills up the beast Kolomaq, embodiment of winter.
Snowbird breaks out of her cell to confront him.
	Mac muses on Dept. H's dissolution, Alpha Flight's independence from the
government, and his role as superhero. Returning home, he gets a surprising
letter from Roxxon.
	Kolomaq recognizes Snowbird as the spirit of the Hodiak and the power of
Nelvanna and fights her with snowblindness. She transforms to a bear, an owl, and
a human and fights him, finally tricking him into causing an avalanche of rock,
burying him beneath the tundra again.

Story 2	The Old Ways (6 pages)
Feature Characters:	Michael
Regular Characters:	Michael's grandfather
Guest Stars:	Dr. Stephen Strange, the Ancient One
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Michael opens a bag containing his grandfather's skull and is
confronted with his spirit, who begins teaching him to be a shaman. His final
test is to take pine needles from an empty medicine bag, and when he passes, Dr.
Strange and the Ancient One applaud from New York.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 7
Date:	Feb-84
Story 1:	The Importance of Being Deadly (15 pages)
Feature Characters:	Jeanne-Marie, Jean-Paul
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Ernest St. Ives (Deadly Ernest); Delphine Courtney
Other Characters:	Dr. Bosson, Raymonde Belmonde, his daughter Danielle; Alec
Thorne (Gamma Flight's Smart Alec), Meg
Synopsis:	Northstar has taken his sister to a doctor, who can't find any
problems with her, but warns him she may develop a third personality. We learn
that the twins had been raised separately and were only recently reunited.
	In the street, a mugger takes her purse, triggering the transformation to
Aurora. The mugger is bailed out by St. Ives.
	Northstar's dear friend Belmonde takes them to his cafe, which is empty
because of St. Ives' harassment. He wants to buy the cafe, and arrives with
thugs. He kills Belmonde with a touch and takes Aurora, mistaking her for
	In Winnipeg, Courtney enthralls Smart Alec.

Story 2	Let a Child Be Born (7 pages)
Feature Characters:	Michael, Snowbird
Regular Characters:	Nelvanna, Hodiak, Turoq the Shaper
Guest Stars:	
Other Characters:	Prof. Camperton, Dr. David Efford, Richard Easton, Carmichael
Synopsis:	15 years ago at an archaeological dig, a metal headband is found.
Late that night, Easton dons it and is confronted by the gods. He spends one
night with a beautified Nelvanna, reappears 9 years later and goes mad.
	Nelvanna then appears to Michael, who helps her give birth to Snowbird. She is
to fight the beasts that threaten the world.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 8
Date:	Mar-84
Story 1:	Cold Hands Cold Heart (17 pages)
Feature Characters:	Jeanne-Marie, Jean-Paul
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Nemesis
Villains:	Ernest St. Ives (Deadly Ernest); Delphine Courtney
Other Characters:	Danielle Belmonde; Alec Thorne (Gamma Flight's Smart Alec),
Synopsis:	Belmonde's autopsy reveals nothing. To rescue his sister, Northstar
breaks into St. Ives' mansion; and Nemesis vows to kill him. Aurora is making
nice with St. Ives, and Northstar is knocked cold with a blackjack. He wakes with
Nemesis' atom-wide sword at his throat, but they ally.
	St. Ives was a soldier in WW1, gassed and dying, but he rejected death and
vanquished it. In doing so, his touch became deadly.
	Nemesis attacks St. Ives, whose touch doesn't work on her. She slices him to
pieces before Northstar can stop her. She knocks him cold, and Aurora lets her
flee. She takes Northstar to confront Danielle, who was working with St. Ives,
and has her arrested.
	Northstar assumed Aurora had trysted with St. Ives to save her life. Outraged,
she breaks their partnership.

Story 2	Genesis (5 pages)
Feature Characters:	Michael, Snowbird, Mac
Regular Characters:	Heather McNeil
Guest Stars:	
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Years ago, Heather introduces Mac to Michael, and he introduces
Snowbird, without explaining what she is. Late that night, Heather spies on her
and sees her transform into an owl. Michael explains (see last iss.), and James
offers to take them into Dept. H.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 9
Date:	Apr-84
Story 1:	Things Aren't Always What They Seem (14 pages)
Feature Characters:	Walter
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	the Super Skrull
Other Characters:	Kortgaard, Col. McMurdo, Dr. Duncan, Megan Masterson, Greene
Synopsis:	At Mt. Logan Cosmic Ray Research Station, Walter conducts an
experiment, which latches onto the Thing and materializes him.
	Duncan attends to the unconscious Thing and is attacked and killed. Walter
realizes it is an attempted frame-up of the Thing, and follows to find the real
	He is attacked, as is the station. Walter is the only survivor and realizes
that their enemy is the Super Skrull, impersonating the Thing.

Story 2	A Stranger in My Mirror (8 pages)
Feature Characters:	Jeanne-Marie
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Logan (Wolverine)
Other Characters:	Sister Anne, Father Tyrel
Synopsis:	At the age of 13, Jeanne-Marie tried to commit suicide by jumping off
the roof of her girls' school, but instead learns that she can fly. She tells
Sister Anne, who punishes her for blasphemy. She sees another self in the mirror
and runs away for three days. Returning, she is again punished and decides to
repress her Aurora personality. She joins the teaching staff, but then relapses,
visiting a nightspot, getting mugged, and fighting back. Wolverine notices her
and decides to introduce her to James Hudson.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 10
Date:	May-84
Story 1:	Blood Battle (17 pages)
Feature Characters:	Walter, Mac, Jeanne-Marie
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Steven Rogers (Capt. America), Bernie; Spider-man, Ms. Marvel
Villains:	the Super Skrull, Galactus
Other Characters:	Kevin
Synopsis:	The Hudsons move to New York, since James has got a new job with
Roxxon oil company.
	Walter battles the Super Skrull and nearly defeats him, but is hypnotized. The
Super Skrull orders him to help return to his home world, and Walter plays possum
long enough to beam him randomly into space.
	Returning home to Vancouver, Walter finds that Aurora has returned to him
after leaving her brother (iss. 8).

Story 2	Family Ties (5 pages)
Feature Characters:	Jeanne-Marie, Jean-Paul, Mac
Regular Characters:	Gary Cody
Guest Stars:	
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Mac determines that Aurora has a twin brother, Jean-Paul Martin, and
confronts him, telling him he knows he has mutant powers and has used them to
become a champion skier (who is not a ladies' man). Aurora introduces herself and
convinces him to join the team.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 11
Date:	Jun-84
Story 1:	Set-Up (12 pages)
Feature Characters:	Mac
Regular Characters:	Heather McNeil Hudson
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Delphine Courtney, Jerry Jaxxon; Omega Flight: Roger Bochs (Box),
Lillian Crawley (Diamond Lil), Flashback, Alec Thorne (Smart Alec), Kyle Gibney
(Wild Child)
Other Characters:	La Pierre
Synopsis:	Courtney approaches Bochs with an offer, and he is unable to warn
	Heather moves from Ottawa to New York.
	Courtney has assembled former Dept. H members in the World Trade Center using
a mind-influencer and introduces Jaxxon, who wants them to destroy Mac.
	Mac fails to meet Heather at the airport and realizes that she has been taken
by Jaxxon, his old enemy (see iss. 2), who contacts him and sics Omega Flight on

Story 2	Unleash the Beast (9 pages)
Feature Characters:	Walter, Snowbird, Michael, Mac
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Bruce Banner (the Hulk)
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Walter conducts experiments on himself, based on Banner's research,
and is transformed into Sasquatch. Snowbird checks on his lab and follows a path
of destruction to Walter, unconscious in the snow. Michael doctors him, and he
joins Alpha Flight.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 12
Date:	Jul-84
Story:	...And One Shall Surely Die (38 pages)
Feature Characters:	Michael, Snowbird, Walter, Jeanne-Marie, Judd, Jean-Paul,
Marrina, Mac
Regular Characters:	Heather McNeil Hudson
Guest Stars:	Namor the Sub-Mariner
Villains:	Delphine Courtney, Jerome Jaxxon, August D'Angelo; Omega Flight: Box,
Diamond Lil, Flashback, Smart Alec, Wild Child
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Heather realizes she has been kidnapped by Jaxxon, who wants revenge
on Mac for betraying him and ruining his life (see iss. 2). She tries to escape
Courtney, and discovers she is a robot.
	Alpha Flight (except for a romantically-engaged Marrina) assemble in response
to Mac's distress call. Northstar and Walter fight over Aurora until Judd,
Michael, and Snowbird stop them. Aurora snaps Walter out of his rage, and Michael
ports all of them to Mac's side, where he is engaged with Omega Flight.
	Michael realizes that he has bound Anne's spirit to the land of Canada. Smart
Alec looks into Michael's medicine bag and goes mad.
	Jaxxon takes over Box to have the privilege of killing Mac, but he tears out
the circuitry, and the feedback kills Jaxxon. The power pack in Mac's suit
explodes, burning him to cinders, just as Heather finds him.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 13
Date:	Aug-84
Story:	Nightmare! (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Michael, Snowbird, Walter, Jeanne-Marie, Judd, Jean-Paul,
Heather McNeil Hudson
Regular Characters:	Gary Cody
Guest Stars:	Logan (Wolverine)
Villains:	Delphine Courtney, Jerome Jaxxon, Omega Flight: Box, Diamond Lil,
Flashback, Smart Alec, Wild Child
Other Characters:	Jacob Vandernet
Synopsis:	At Mac's funeral, his flaming corpse rises from the grave and attacks
Heather and Wolverine. But it was just Heather's nightmare, a month after Mac's
	Michael has shrunk Smart Alec's body, keeping it until he can restore his
	Michael, Judd, and Heather meet with Cody in Ottawa, explain how Mac was
killed, and learn that the government has disavowed all knowledge of Alpha
	Heather is left a destitute widow, and Vandernet is sucked under the waters of
Lake Ontario.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 14
Date:	Sep-84
Story:	Biology Class (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Michael, Snowbird, Walter, Jeanne-Marie, Judd, Heather
McNeil Hudson, Marrina, Elizabeth Twoyoungmen
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Namor the Sub-Mariner, Ramin
Other Characters:	Timmy Rodgers's mother, Inspector MacMurry
Synopsis:	Snowbird, having faced death last iss., returns to Canada. She leaves
a mysterious stain on the rock where she had been standing.
	Judd and Heather spend some time vacationing in Toronto, and are interrupted
by the scream of a woman who lost her baby in Lake Ontario. Heather dives in
after the baby and is attacked by a tentacled monster.
	Aurora is attacked by her Jeanne-Marie personality in the mirror.
	Heather recovers in the hospital while Judd is briefed by MacMurry on the
serial killer sea monster.
	Namor proposes to Marrina, but Judd then summons her. He thinks the sea
creature is another of her kind and wants her to help destroy it.
	At an archaeological dig in Calgary, Elizabeth unearths a vengeful skull (of
Zebediah Chase, see iss. 19) and decides to seek her father's help.

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