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Index to Alpha Flight 1-130, including annuals, specials, and miniseries: 2 / 9

Author: Robert Diehl
Updated: Version 1.3, last modified July 4, 1998

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Issue:	Alpha Flight 15
Date:	Oct-84
Story:	Blind Date (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Snowbird, Judd, Marrina, Jeanne-Marie, Michael, Elizabeth
Regular Characters:	Sgt. Douglas Thompson
Guest Stars:	Namor the Sub-Mariner
Villains:	The Master of the World
Other Characters:	Paul, Sarah
Synopsis:	Snowbird returns to the Northwest Territories and reveals her true
nature to Thompson. As she turns to leave, he professes his love for her.
	Marrina investigates the monster in Lake Ontario and finds a mysterious
chamber. She emerges from the lake enraged and monstrous herself, and attacks
Judd for the second time (see iss. 2). Namor arrives and at first assumes Judd is
the aggressor and fells him.
	Elizabeth storms into her father's office, reunited with him for the first
time in 15 years (see iss. 5), but only seeking his help as Shaman.
	Namor realizes he must battle Marrina, and they are observed by the Master,
who fells first Judd and then Namor and plans to take over the world.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 16
Date:	Nov-84
Story:	...And Forsaking All Others... (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Judd, Marrina, Heather
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Namor the Sub-Mariner, Roger Bochs (Box), Madison Jeffries; Logan
Villains:	The Master of the World
Other Characters:	Gladys Smallwood
Synopsis:	Judd and Namor are captives of the Master, who explains that he used
Alpha Flight to free him from his ship (iss. 4). He also has Marrina captive, and
she has regressed to her race's true, monstrous nature.
	Bochs hires Jeffries, who has the ability to telekinetically make machines, to
help him avenge Mac's death.
	The Master exposes Marrina to the serial killer sea monster, and the water
	Puck feigns death to get the Master to release him. He pulls off the Master's
helmet to crack the glass and free Marrina, simultaneously refreshing Namor with
water. However, the helmet was how the Master controlled the ship, and also the
sea monster is now free.
	Namor throws Marrina free of the ship and flies Judd out just as it explodes.
He searches, but is unable to find any trace of her or of the Master, and so
returns to Atlantis.
	Marrina emerges, tells Judd she is just an inhuman monster, and returns to the

Issue:	Alpha Flight 17
Date:	Dec-84
Story:	Dreams Die Hard... (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Mac as Weapon Alpha, Heather, Judd, Jeanne-Marie, Walter
Regular Characters:	Gary Cody
Guest Stars:	Logan (Weapon X/Wolverine); Sean Cassidy (Banshee), Ororo Munroe
(Storm), Dr. Moira MacTaggert, Peter Rasputin (Colossus)
Villains:	Krakoa, Sentinels, Magneto, Dark Phoenix
Other Characters:	(Maj.) Chasen
Synopsis:	Heather remembers when Mac first led Alpha Flight, and Logan had gone
off to join the X-Men. The Canadian government ordered Mac to recover him, and he
catches up to him in the woods (see Uncanny X-Men 109, back in 1978). He winds up
nearly killing Moira and is driven off by Colossus, Storm, and Banshee.
	Heather blames herself for distracting Mac and causing his death. Logan
comforts her, and Judd convinces her to take over as team leader.
	Walter experiments on Aurora, trying to realign her molecules, so she won't be
a mutant any more.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 18
Date:	Jan-85
Story:	How Long Will a Man Lie in the Earth 'Ere He Rot? (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Heather, Judd, Jean-Paul, Michael, Snowbird, Elizabeth
Regular Characters:	Sgt. Douglas Thompson
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Ranaq the Great Devourer
Other Characters:	Northstar's boyfriend, Michael's receptionist, Inspector
MacMurry; Lucas and Emily Stang
Synopsis:	Heather tries to reassemble the team. Northstar refuses her, and
Michael is off with his daughter, investigating an evil skull (see iss. 14).
	Stang, an old man, is convinced by his great-granddaughter Emily to take his
pills. He has been an evil man and did not know her until a year before, but she
sees good in him and evil in a frying pan.
	Snowbird refuses Doug's love (see iss. 15) and, to convince him, shows him her
true face.
	Michael and Elizabeth investigate Emily's monster scrambled eggs, and combat
them with an incompatible interdimensional interface. Michael realizes this was
just a diversion, and they go to find Lucas surrounded by mysterious energies. He
attacks Michael, while Emily is possessed by Ranaq and attacks Elizabeth, forcing
her latent spiritual (and possibly mutant) powers to the surface.
	Together, Michael and Elizabeth vanquish the monster, returning Emily to
normal, and Michael plans to take a pilgrimage back in time.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 19
Date:	Feb-85
Story:	Turn Again, Turn Again, Time in Thy Flight... (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Heather, Judd, Michael, Snowbird, Elizabeth (Talisman,
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Ranaq the Great Devourer, Zebediah Chase
Other Characters:	Lucas Stang, Emily Stang
Synopsis:	Michael determines that the evil (previous iss.) is still active, and
that he indeed must go back 100 years to when Lucas put it in motion.
	Snowbird arrives and bows to Elizabeth, acknowledging her as the fulfillment
of an ancient prophesy: the one who binds all evil. Michael has her pull a
coronet from his medicine bag, and she is transformed into Talisman.
	Michael transports himself, Elizabeth, Judd, and Snowbird back to Calgary in
1884. They find Chase and Lucas forcing an Indian to conjure up Ranaq. Protected
by talismans, they force Ranaq to give them women and money. Ranaq fools Chase
into removing his talisman and possesses him. Snowbird and Elizabeth attack him.
	The old Indian gets Lucas to shoot Ranaq's host body with a piece of talisman,
killing him. They bury the body on the site of Ft. Calgary, where it will be
discovered in 100 years (iss. 14).

Issue:	Alpha Flight 20
Date:	Mar-85
Story:	Gold and Love Affairs! (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Walter, Jeanne-Marie, Snowbird, Michael, Heather, Judd,
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Lillian van Loont (Gilded Lily)
Other Characters:	Cavelli, Chuck
Synopsis:	Walter clears some land for a new sanitarium, and Aurora arrives with
new couture and coiffure and modified powers, and flirts with the construction
	Snowbird and Michael try to explain to Elizabeth her prophesied role. She is
reluctant to be a messiah, but finds she is unable to remove her coronet.
	Michael notes Judd's growing affection for Heather and encourages him.
	Walter and Aurora go to an isolated family mansion of his, preparing it as a
new base for the team. They find it inhabited. Walter is abducted, and Aurora put
in darkness, forcing her to struggle with her Jeanne-Marie personality. She
escapes into a room containing the gold statues of Walter's great-aunt's eight
husbands, which she realizes are alive. She bumps into Gilded Lily, who takes her
to Walter, likewise transformed into a golden statue.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 21
Date:	Apr-85
Story:	"Love Wrought New Alchemy..." (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Walter, Jeanne-Marie
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Lillian van Loont (Gilded Lily), Esteban Diablo
Other Characters:	Lionel
Synopsis:	Gilded Lily tells her story: a hundred years ago in Transylvania, her
husband was killed in a carriage accident, and she wandered to Diablo's castle.
He nursed her back to health, revealed himself as a thousand year-old the
alchemist, and became her lover until the local villagers rebelled, sealing him
inside his lab.
	Lily escaped to England, researched alchemy until she learned to transform
things to gold, and then got revenge on Diablo's attackers by marrying them and
turning them to gold statues.
	Walter wakes and transforms to Sasquatch, which breaks him out of his coating
of gold.
	Snowbird is attacked by her own gods, and does not know why.
	Walter attacks Lily just as she is about to dip Jeanne-Marie into liquid gold.
Lily turns out to be mostly robot, and when Walter lifts her mask, she dissolves
to powder, as does the house around them.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 22
Date:	May-85
Story:	Rub-Out (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Jeanne-Marie, Jean-Paul, Walter, Heather, Elizabeth, Mac
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Roger Bochs (Box), Madison Jeffries
Villains:	Pearl Gross (Pink Pearl), Bones
Other Characters:	Rhonda, Clementine D'Arbanville
Synopsis:	Jeanne-Marie, half-frozen, shows up at her brother's door. It seems
she came out of her Aurora personality and fled from Walter, flying all the way
to Quebec, which power had previously been Aurora's.
	Heather sees Mac in a crowd in Vancouver, alive.
	Northstar and Jeanne-Marie answer his old terrorist friend Clementine's
request for help. It seems Pearl the fat lady wants to take over the circus. She
attacks and subdues all three of them.
	Jeffries has perfected Bochs' Box, allowing him to physically fuse with the
machine, but he cannot stay inside for long, or the fusion will become permanent.
	Pearl is using the circus to get close enough to bomb a meeting of the Prime
Minister of Canada and the US President.
	Aurora (back in control and now able to glow) and Northstar attack, and Bones
accidentally plunges a knife into Pearl, knocking her unconscious.
	Aurora threatens to tell Alpha Flight of Northstar's terrorist past. (He was a
Separatiste, who wanted the independence of Quebec from the rest of Canada.)

Issue:	Alpha Flight 23
Date:	Jun-85
Story:	Night of the Beast (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Snowbird, Judd, Elizabeth, Walter, Jeanne-Marie
Regular Characters:	Sgt. Douglas Thompson, Nelvanna, Hodiak, Turoq the Shaper
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Caliber, Tanaraq (Sasquatch)
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	The gods order Snowbird to battle Sasquatch, one of the seven great
	Heather is recuperating from seeing her dead husband alive (see last iss.).
	Caliber attacks Vancouver, and Alpha Flight stops him. Walter is wounded in
the shoulder in process, and is then immediately attacked by Snowbird. "Get your
claws out of my man," yells Aurora, but turns out it isn't Walter any more, but
Tanaraq. Snowbird explains that Walter's original experiment didn't transform him
Hulk-like, but opened a door to Tanaraq. Snowbird transforms herself into another
Sasquatch and rips his heart out. Walter lies there, dead, and Snowbird explains
the only way to save his spirit is to enter the Kingdom of the Beasts.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 24
Date:	Jul-85
Story:	Final Conflict (37 pages)
Feature Characters:	Snowbird, Judd, Heather, Jeanne-Marie, Jean-Paul, Walter,
Elizabeth, Michael, Roger Bochs (Box)
Regular Characters:	Sgt. Douglas Thompson
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	The Great Beasts: Somon the artificer, Tundra of the land, Kariooq
the corrupter, Tolamaq the fire beast (the rest of the 7 were already destroyed
by Alpha Flight: Kolomaq of the snow in iss. 6, Ranaq the devourer in iss. 18,
and Tanaraq the Sasquatch in iss. 23).
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Michael opens a portal so Alpha Flight can enter the realm of the
beasts. They were from another universe, and were trapped there by the Indian
	Heather remains with Walter's body, crystallized for preservation. Bochs
arrives and notices Walter is crumbling.
	Somon summons the beasts to attack Alpha Flight, but when Snowbird attacks
him, he loses control, and the beasts fight each other. Michael pulls her off
before she kills Somon and forces him to help them find Walter. They need to have
one who loves him (Aurora), one who hates him (Northstar) and one who wields
great power (Elizabeth) to retrieve him from the Well of Ultimate Sadness. But
Somon betrays them and kills all three in the well, so Snowbird kills Somon.
	Walter's soul, in the sphere above the well, rekindles the three slain, and
Michael transports all back to earth, only to find that Walter's body has
disintegrated. So, Bochs removes himself from Box, so the robot can house
Walter's spirit. Snowbird leaves, her purpose on earth done. She secretly goes to
Yellowknife to be with Thompson.
	NOTE: a pin-up of Shaman follows. 

Issue:	Alpha Flight 25
Date:	Aug-85
Story:	...And Graves Give Up Their Dead... (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Jean-Paul, Jeanne-Marie, Michael, Heather, Walter as Box,
Roger, Elizabeth
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Caliber, Delphine Courtney impersonating Mac (see next iss., later
known as the Dark Guardian, see iss. 30)
Other Characters:	Quwrlln
Synopsis:	The team confronts Northstar, since Aurora has told them that he was
a terrorist (see iss. 22). He responds with arrogance, and they are interrupted
by a fight downtown between Caliber and Mac (back from the dead, see iss. 12).
Elizabeth mystically dissolves Caliber's armor, leaving him lying in the street
in his skivvies.
	The team arrives, and Mac kisses Heather.
	Mac tells this story: to avoid exploding with Heather in the room, he quickly
reconfigured his suit to open a dimensional rift. So he didn't die, but was
transported to Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter, where aliens called Quwrlln saved his
	On desiring to return to earth, Mac learned that he had been transported
10,000 years into the past, as well. So he gets the Quwrlln to put him into
suspended animation. He wakes, finds the alien civilization in ruins, but a space
ship nearby, which takes him back to earth.
	After splashdown in the Pacific, he swims to Canada, steals clothes, and bumps
into Heather in Vancouver (iss. 22) whom he is unable to face since the aliens in
saving his life melded his body with his suit, so he is now partly machine.
	Aurora is not sure she loves Walter, now that his human body is gone. But
Roger has a plan.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 26
Date:	Sep-85
Story:	If at First You Don't Succeed... (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Jeanne-Marie, Walter, Elizabeth, Michael, Judd
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Omega Flight: Lillian Crawley (Diamond Lil), Flashback, Kyle Gibney
(Wild Child), Delphine Courtney impersonating Mac
Other Characters:	Capt. Mansfield
Synopsis:	The team battles the Macro System, military test robots, who merge
into one giant robot and are defeated.
	Mac gets a message from Heather that there is trouble at the West Edmonton
Mall. Mac, Judd, Elizabeth, Northstar, and Heather are separately defeated by
Omega Flight and Mac, who turns out to be a robot (previously Delphine Courtney).

Issue:	Alpha Flight 27
Date:	Oct-85
Story:	Betrayal (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Heather, Judd, Elizabeth, Jean-Paul, Jeanne-Marie, Michael,
Walter, Roger, Snowbird
Regular Characters:	Sgt. Douglas Thompson
Guest Stars:	the Hulk (on screen)
Villains:	Omega Flight: Diamond Lil, Flashback, Wild Child, Delphine Courtney
impersonating Mac
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Omega Flight gloats over having defeated half the team.
	Roger has built an interdimensional scanner to find a new body for Walter.
	Michael and Snowbird feel that Elizabeth is being tortured and go to aid her
with Aurora and Walter. Delphine poses as Mac again and convinces them everything
is okay. He finds that Michael is carrying Smart Alec in his medicine bag (see
iss. 13) and takes it from him. Accidentally, he releases the void within the
bag, which begins expanding and sucks Alpha Flight inside. Michael sends
Elizabeth in to retrieve the rest, but is interrupted by Delphine before he can
get Elizabeth herself back. The void collapses back within the bag, trapping her.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 28
Date:	Nov-85
Story:	Cross-Over (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Elizabeth, Walter, Heather, Michael, Judd, Jean-Paul,
Snowbird, Jeanne-Marie, Roger
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	the Hulk, Madison Jeffries
Villains:	Omega Flight: Diamond Lil, Flashback, Wild Child, Delphine Courtney
impersonating Mac; the Beyonder
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	NOTE: This iss. is a cross-over to the Secret Wars II miniseries.
	As Omega Flight flees the mall, Jeffries arrives, transforms a car into a
monster, and attacks them. He believes his old Gamma Flight teammates Lil and
Wild Child have been mind-controlled and is come to free them. He rips Courtney's
insides out, taking revenge for Mac's death.
	The Beyonder, having battled Alpha Flight and saved Elizabeth (see Secret Wars
II #4), makes peace with them and disappears.
	Elizabeth is furious at her father for leaving her in the void, and she
transports the team away to their Vancouver base.
	Heather takes a bath.
	Roger opens a dimensional barrier to get Walter a new body, and pulls the Hulk
through, who immediately attacks.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 29
Date:	Dec-85
Story:	Cut Bait & Run! (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Roger, Heather, Judd, Jean-Paul, Jeanne-Marie, Michael,
Elizabeth, Snowbird
Regular Characters:	Gary Cody
Guest Stars:	the Hulk, Madison Jeffries
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Hulk smash Box.
	Jeffries helps Roger get out of Box, and Judd and Heather (!) battle the Hulk,
while Aurora fears that they've lost Walter forever and Michael loses faith in
	The Hulk smashes his way out of the building and leaps away.
	The team regroups and goes after the Hulk, to stop him from smashing
Vancouver. The Hulk tears Box to pieces, and when Northstar and Aurora touch
hands, they cancel all the powers (a side-effect of Walter's experiments, iss.
17). Snowbird arrives, transforms to a sasquatch, and with the help of the army
convinces Hulk to leap away. She pursues him to the US border.
	Gary Cody arrives, announcing that Dept. H has been reestablished with

Issue:	Alpha Flight 30
Date:	Jan-86
Story:	Enter... Scramble! (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Roger, Madison Jeffries, Jean-Paul, Jeanne-Marie, Judd,
Heather, Michael, Snowbird
Regular Characters:	Gary Cody, Sgt. Douglas Thompson
Guest Stars:	The Hulk, Mac, Walter, Elizabeth, Marrina (as memories)
Villains:	Delphine Courtney impersonating Mac (as a memory, here called Dark
Guardian), Dr. Lionel Jeffries (Scramble), Ernest St. Ives (Deadly Ernest)
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	The team moves from Roger's lab in Vancouver to Walter's isolated
estate (see iss. 21) off the coast of British Colombia, which has been refitted
with sophisticated technology by the Canadian government, complete with Omnijet,
Alphanex computer, and indoor pool.
	Michael has given up his power and goes off on a pilgrimage.
	Heather demands absolute independence from government control, contemplates
her place as team leader, comes across Roger and Jeffries reinventing the Dark
Guardian's suit (see iss. 26), and flies to Montreal to investigate Jeffries's
brother Lionel. Turns out he's in a padded cell in a hospital.
	Lionel transmutes flesh (like his brother transmutes metal), and in Vietnam
lost his mind when trying to piece together a blown-apart squadron.
	Heather accidentally frees him, and Alpha Flight arrives in time to battle the
monstrously transformed hospital staff.
	Madison confronts Lionel and forces him to reconstruct his own demented brain,
restoring him to sanity. Lionel restores all the people he had transformed.
Unnoticed, the reassembled body of Deadly Ernest comes to life in the morgue.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 31
Date:	Feb-86
Story:	The Grateful Dead! (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Roger, Judd, Heather, Madison, Jeanne-Marie, Jean-Paul,
Snowbird, Michael
Regular Characters:	Sgt. Douglas Thompson, Michael's grandfather, Dr. Lionel
Jeffries (Scramble)
Guest Stars:	Nemesis; Elizabeth (in flashback)
Villains:	Ernest St. Ives (Deadly Ernest)
Other Characters:	Brian
Synopsis:	Ernest prowls Montreal, and Nemesis seeks to kill him again (see iss.
8). His first victim shows up at Lionel's hospital, and Alpha Flight recognizes
his handiwork.
	Snowbird and Thompson track Michael through a blizzard, while he stumbles
across his own cabin containing his grandfather's skull and spirit, who restores
his faith in himself.
	Nemesis and Alpha Flight confront Ernest in the metro, and he fells Brian,
Roger, Northstar, and Aurora, takes Heather hostage, and escapes. Nemesis hands
Judd her sword, tells him to use it to regain their spirits from Ernest, and
remains behind to keep them semi-alive.
	Judd, with some reservations, hacks Ernest to pieces, but even when the pieces
are run over by a train, he still lives.
	Nemesis uses the sword to restore the dead, reveals herself as Earnest's'
daughter, sworn to stop his murdering. That done, she dies herself, collapsing to

Issue:	Alpha Flight 32
Date:	Mar-86
Story:	Short Story! (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Heather (Guardian henceforth), Judd, Roger, Madison
Jeffries, Jean-Paul, Jeanne-Marie
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Razer
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Heather shows up for training in Guardian's suit. She has had done
with being powerless. Jeffries controls the Danger Room's machines with his mind
and gives her quite a workout.
	Judd is overcome with pain in the elevator, which fills with a strange
darkness. It billows out over the mansion, announces itself as Razer, and claims
Judd, who has been transformed into a tall old man. It uses its Black Blade to
slice Northstar and Roger, and this attack shrinks them slightly.
	Judd explains to Jeffries that this is his true form, that he stole the Black
Blade of Baghdad in 1939, accidentally freeing Razer, an ancient mystic, whom he
defeated by imprisoning him inside his own body. He was shrunk to dwarf-size and
in constant pain since.
	Judd gets Aurora and Northstar to attack Razer with light and a swirling
vortex. He grapples the blade out of its hand and impales himself, releasing the
energy of his soul and imprisoning Razer within himself once more.

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