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Index to Alpha Flight 1-130, including annuals, specials, and miniseries: 7 / 9

Author: Robert Diehl
Updated: Version 1.3, last modified July 4, 1998

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Issue:	Alpha Flight 101
Date:	Oct-91
Story:	Death and How to Live It (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Walter, Windshear, Jean-Paul, Heather, Judd, Lil, Madison
Jeffries, Knapp
Regular Characters:	Kerry Patrick, Gen. Jeremy Clarke
Guest Stars:	Her (J'Ridia/Starduster); Avengers Vision, Sersi, Hercules,
Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk), Wendell Vaughn (Quasar); Dr. Stephen Strange, Wong
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Hercules attacks Walter as a jest, and Quasar has to break them up.
	Sersi, Vision, and Northstar visit Dr. Strange, to get his help finding Aurora
and the others (see iss. 98). He takes them to the Cross-Roads of Time and uses
the Eye of Agamotto to search the dimensions, accidentally allowing some monsters
to break in on them, whom they quickly defeat. Ultimately, Strange is unable to
find them: there are just too many dimensions.
	Heather and Judd visit Mac's tombstone, and Patrick and Clarke assert the
government's full support of Alpha Flight. At a memorial service, Heather honors
his memory.
	Lil's tumor was benign.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 102
Date:	Nov-91
Story:	...I Want to Live (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Heather, Judd, Windshear, Madison Jeffries, Walter, Lil,
Jean-Paul; Weapon Omega (Kyle Gibney/Wild Child, see iss. 104)
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	USAgent
Villains:	Esteban Diablo, the Whirlwind, Arthur Goddard (Headlock)
Other Characters:	Gunther, Bryce
Synopsis:	Diablo has taken over a Central American country and killed all the
former junta. Alpha Flight is sent in covertly to stop him. Heather learns an
unknown person is helping her. Northstar defeats Whirlwind, who was hired by
Diablo. Jeffries as Box hits scramblers and crash lands. He lies wounded with
Lil, while Diablo's fire elemental approaches.
	Diablo captures Heather with vines he has alchemically altered to steel, and
then to acid. Kyle tries to rescue her and introduces himself as a new Dept. H
operative, just before being captured himself. Diablo has done all this for an
international audience, who want to trade with him for vibranium.
	We learn Aurora (her hair darker again) is being held in a cell with Headlock.
	Walter, trying to blow up Diablo's communication towers, is stopped by

Issue:	Alpha Flight 103
Date:	Dec-91
Story:	Spontaneous Combustion! (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Heather, Lil, Madison Jeffries, Walter, Windshear, Judd,
Jean-Paul, Jeanne-Marie, Kyle
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	USAgent
Villains:	Esteban Diablo, Arthur Goddard (Headlock)
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Diablo has Heather in a flask, and Kyle on an X. Madison, about to be
burned by a fire elemental, proposes to Lil, who accepts. Walter and USAgent
fight and debates politics.
	Windshear is attacked on TV by a journalist, complaining about the devastation
of Toronto when Alpha Flight defended Her against the Consortium (iss. 97-100).
	Kyle slips his bonds and frees Heather, who destroys Diablo's earth
elementals. Northstar resets the bombs that Walter had set and USAgent had
defused, blowing up Diablo's communication towers. Heather denounces Diablo's
vibranium to his buyers (since made with alchemy, it is transient). Diablo
creates the Elematrix, an elemental of earth, wind, fire, and water, and
paralyzes the heroes. But Jeffries drills up through the ground, destroying the
Elematrix (he had been able to reconstruct a Box to save himself and Lil from the
fire elemental).
	Diablo starts to attack with cyanide, but Kyle throws a remnant of his
exploding cloak at him, detonating all his chemicals and disintegrating him. Kyle
then unmasks himself.
	Meanwhile, Headlock is torturing Aurora.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 104
Date:	Jan-92
Story:	Headache (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Heather, Walter, Jean-Paul, Lil, Madison Jeffries, Kyle,
Jeanne-Marie, Windshear, Knapp, Judd
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	USAgent
Villains:	Esteban Diablo, Arthur Goddard (Headlock)
Other Characters:	Strunk; Sister Anne (as illusion)
Synopsis:	Heather orders the team to accept a handsome, humorous, and
government-certified sane Kyle into the team.
	Headlock enters Aurora's mind and finds five personalities (school marm, hero,
strumpet, nun, spiritual hero). He decides to reintegrate them and takes the
image of Sister Anne. He forces her to remember when she tried to commit suicide.
	Jean-Paul senses his sister is alive and races to her rescue. The team
follows, and they find her mentally battling Headlock. Her base Jeanne-Marie
asserts itself and uses the last of Aurora's healing power to set Headlock free
(and kill him). We learn Aurora had not been ported away by Laura (iss. 98) but
had been captured by Headlock on her way to the landing bay. She is back to her
original split-personality.
	The team gets standardized uniforms, Jeffries and Lil quit to get married,
Jeanne-Marie deigns to join the team, Windshear is relegated to desk jockey, and
Puck is troubleshooter.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 105
Date:	Feb-92
Story:	The Bachelor Party! (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Jean-Paul, Walter, Judd, Madison Jeffries, Kyle, Windshear,
Heather, Lil, Jeanne-Marie
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Other Characters:	Corky, Tungsten Ravitch, Pearl Gross (Pink Pearl)
Synopsis:	In Corky's bar, the men have a bachelor party for Jeffries, who picks
Kyle as his best man. A drunk Northstar makes his first joke and harasses some
men who were harassing some homosexuals. Judd tells the bartender he is really
Puck, but nobody believes him. Walter is about to make a confession to Kyle, but
a man bursts in with a shotgun. He is quickly subdued, and pleads poverty and
Christmas eve, so they buy his house for him, and Jeffries makes his kids toys
from scrap metal.
	In Poughkeepsie, NY, a woman is buried in her wedding gown.
	The women have a bachelorette party for Lil at a male strip club. Jeanne-Marie
is mortified, until Aurora takes over. She hops on stage and makes a spectacle.
The boss, Pink Pearl, tries to bounce her, and Lil punches her out the window.
The Alphans are arrested, and Jeanne-Marie calls her brother to bail them out. He
thinks she's joking and rolls into bed.
	NOTE: a pin-up of the bachelorette party follows.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 106
Date:	Mar-92
Story:	The Walking Wounded (21 pages)
Feature Characters:	Walter, Jean-Paul, Heather, Jeanne-Marie, Windshear, Judd,
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	the Invaders: Captain America, the original Human Torch, Namor the
Sub-Mariner (flashbacks), Maj. Louis Sadler (Major Mapleleaf); Logan (Wolverine)
Villains:	Mr. Hyde
Other Characters:	Michael Sadler (flashback), Dr. Cahill, Joanne Beaubier
Synopsis:	Mapleleaf reviews a film of his own career, and then breaks down,
	While helping Alpha Flight subdue Hyde, Northstar finds an abandoned baby
girl, who is soon diagnosed as being HIV positive, infected in the womb.
	Mapleleaf attacks Northstar in the hospital, and while fighting they talk:
Mapeleaf's son Michael died of AIDS, but because he was gay, nobody cared.
Mapleleaf is angry at the media attention Northstar's adopted baby is getting.
Northstar retorts: "I am gay" (making Marvel history, finally; you could have
guessed it since iss. 7). Mapleleaf says he should make his lifestyle public, to
counter homophobia. Northstar subdues him, and they get back to the hospital in
time to hold the baby as she dies. He proclaims his homosexuality in the press
the next day.
	NOTE: a pin-up of Wolverine, Judd, and Northstar follows.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 107
Date:	Apr-92
Story:	Rage Against the Dying Light (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Heather, Kyle, Jean-Paul, Jeanne-Marie, Walter
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	X-Factor: Alex Summers (Havok), Lorna Dane (Polaris), Guido
Carosella (Strong Guy), James Madrox (Multiple Man), Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane),
Valerie Cooper (government liaison)
Villains:	Amy Brewer
Other Characters:	Malcolm Codsworth
Synopsis:	NOTE: this begins the World Tour '92.
	Alpha Flight has been sent to visit X-Factor in Washington, and because their
luggage was lost, they all have to wear X-Factor uniforms. They are all called
off to Poughkeepsie, where flowers, food, a dress, and three hundred people have
been mysteriously dragged to a graveyard. Madrox correctly guesses that a wedding
is being planned. They are escorted by risen corpses to the bride, who explains
she had died of food poisoning (see iss. 105) but her mind kept living. She
raised the dead, and wants the wedding to go on ("I know it sounds disgusting,
but when you're dead and lonely and angry, you'll try anything."). 
	When the heroes won't submit, she has the dead attack them. Walter realizes
Amy is powered by rage, so Aurora convinces Malcolm to marry her (it's the "love
is eternal" shtick). This calms her, and when the vows are exchanged, she

Issue:	Alpha Flight 108
Date:	May-92
Story:	The Global Village (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Heather, Kyle, Jean-Paul, Jeanne-Marie, Walter
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Le Peregrine, Shamrock, Micro-Max, Prodigy, Omerta, Ursula;
British P.M. John Major, Polish President Lech Walesa
Villains:	Werner Schmidt (The Brain Drain); the Master of the World; Adolph
Hitler (flashback)
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Alpha Flight attends a conference in Switzerland, with European
heroes live by satellite. They are attacked by the ice sculpture, in which is the
Brain Drain. He had been a Nazi scientist (Invaders 2), and is now a brain in a
jar that can control minds. He says he has planted commands in each hero's mind
to kill his own country's leader. Jeanne-Marie switches control of her mind with
Aurora, who dashes forward and throws the brain out the window. Alpha Flight
splits up to stop the assassinations.
	Walter knocks out the Peregrine in France. Aurora catches a small Micro-Max
and shakes him till he passes out. Prodigy takes over Heather's battle suit. She
is nearly forced to kill Walesa, but then just turns her suit off, and womphs the
brat. Northstar finds out that Shamrock's good luck had shorted out the broadcast
before her mind was effected. Kyle womphs Omerta and gets his mask ripped in
half. All the heroes reassemble in Switzerland for a party.
	The Master retrieves a sad-eyed Brain Drain as the first member of the new
Omega Flight.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 109
Date:	Jun-92
Story 1:	By Right of Memory (18 pages)
Feature Characters:	Heather, Kyle, Jean-Paul, Jeanne-Marie, Walter, Judd
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	the Hand; Magneto, the Presence (flashbacks)
Other Characters:	Alexei, Tretiak, Polyani, Edvarde, Mickey Romanov, Col.
Pushkin, Turgenev
Synopsis:	In Red Square in Moscow, the team is attacked by ninjas who had been
disguised as soldiers. They are just as abruptly rescued by three gunmen (well,
one's a woman, but you think of a word for them, then) and escorted to KGB
headquarters. There, Romanov explains the Hand is trying to take over the Omega
Red facility, and he asks for their help.
	They attack the facility with Russian assistance, and are beset by ninjas.
Jean-Paul gets cut, while Jeanne-Marie creates quite a blast. Heather and Alexei
penetrate the base, enter the self-destruct codes, and blow it up. They have lost
five Russians.

Story 2:	Distant Thunder (5 pages)
Feature Characters:	Laura, Goblyn, Witchfire, Kara; Heather, Judd, Jean-Paul,
Kyle, Jeanne-Marie, Walter, Madison Jeffries, Lil, Windshear, Knapp; Elizabeth
(not seen since iss. 91)
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Reed Richards
Villains:	The Dreamqueen
Other Characters:	Darby and Susan Dean
Synopsis:	In Liveworld, the Dreamqueen chases Goblyn and those Laura ported
here to help rescue her (iss. 98, but where's Michael?).
	In Toronto, Richards notifies Heather of an important meeting the next
morning. (Alpha Flight's world tour and the Jeffries' honeymoon were both cut
	Laura opens a portal and brings everyone through to Alpha Flight HQ, angering
Windshear, who has to push back the Dreamqueen's demons. Elizabeth mystically
realizes trouble is coming.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 110
Date:	Jul-92
Story:	Bare Bones (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Walter, Jean-Paul, Judd, Elizabeth, Windshear, Heather,
Madison Jeffries, Knapp, Kara, Witchfire, Goblyn, Laura, Jeanne-Marie, Kyle,
Judd, Michael
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Avengers Hercules, Dane Whitman (the Black Knight), Bruce Banner
(the Hulk), Steve Rogers (Capt. America), Sersi; X-Factor's Guido Carosella
(Strong Guy); X-Men Bobby Drake (Iceman), Logan (Wolverine), Scott Summers
(Cyclops); New Warrior Robbie Baldwin (Speedball)
Villains:	The Master of the World; the Ska'r; Omega Flight: Tech-Noir, Miss
Mass, Sinew, Strongarm, Brain Drain, Bile; Firebug
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	NOTE: this is an Infinity War crossover.
	The Master tells of the Ska'r, a race who feed on base emotions. He says a
storm is coming, and must move precipitously to confirm his dominion.
	Elizabeth, shopping in a mall, is attacked by the Master's new Omega Flight.
Brain Drain forces Elizabeth's mind, letting something out. As she is taken to
the hospital, she warns Windshear.
	Beta Flight has been renamed Gamma Flight, and they sneak out to fight some
petty thugs for fun. Then they run into Firebug.
	Michael has appeared (not seen since iss. 98) without explanation, in 4
Freedoms Plaza, where Reed Richards (or his impersonator) has gathered heroes to
battle Thanos. Wolverine pauses to be intimidating to Kyle.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 111
Date:	Aug-92
Story:	Bare Bones Part 2 (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Windshear, Witchfire, Knapp, Laura, Goblyn, Kara, Walter,
Heather, Michael, Judd, Jean-Paul, Kyle
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	X-Men Warren Worthington, III (Archangel), Scott Summers
(Cyclops), Logan (Wolverine), Dr. Henry McCoy (Beast); Avengers Steve Rogers
(Capt. America), Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk), Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet Witch),
Dr. Druid; Agatha Harkness; Bruce Banner (the Incredible Hulk); the Fantastic
Four's Ben Grimm (the Thing), Johnny Storm (the Human Torch)
Villains:	Firebug, Mad Dog, Thanos; The Infinity Watch's Adam Warlock, Drax,
Gamora; the Ska'r; The Master of the World; Omega Flight: Tech-Noir, Miss Mass,
Sinew, Strongarm, Brain Drain, Bile
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	NOTE: this is an Infinity War crossover.
	Toronto goes mad.
	Witchfire prevents Firebug from reintegrating, but Mad Dog attacks, and
Windshear breaks her concentration saving her, so Firebug explodes himself again.
Windshear blows him to the four winds, nearly exploding Knapp, too.
	Some of the team are in the crossover, fighting Thanos and the Infinity Watch.
Michael contacts Elizabeth's mind, forcing her to open an inner door and see the
Ska'r, who have been released and are causing the trouble in Toronto. All a part
of the Master's plan: he will sacrifice Canada to the Ska'r and keep the rest of
the world for himself, even if he has to fight Magus for it. Witchfire senses the
Ska'r, and Omega Flight attacks.
	In 4 Freedoms Plaza, the rest of the team fights evil duplicates. Kyle is
faced by himself as Wild Child, who incites him to blood lust.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 112
Date:	Sep-92
Story:	Bare Bones Part 3 (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Windshear, Kara, Knapp, Witchfire, Goblyn, Laura,
Elizabeth, Kyle, Walter, Jean-Paul, Heather, Judd, Jeanne-Marie
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	X-Men Prof. Charles Xavier, Jean Grey; Infinity Watch's Moondragon
Villains:	The Master of the World; Omega Flight: Tech-Noir, Miss Mass, Sinew,
Strongarm, Brain Drain, Bile
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	NOTE: this is an Infinity War crossover.
	Windshear and Gamma Flight fight Omega Flight in Toronto and bests them.
	Elizabeth mentally explores the Ska'r city, a race that feeds on bad emotions.
A Talisman had trapped them in their universe, so they ate all the humans they
had and hibernated. She accidentally let them out and resolves to lock them back
	The Master attacks Gamma Flight, with Firebug's collected molecules.
Witchfire's shield holds, but the team is rendered unconscious. Before he can
finish the job, the Ska'r attack Omega Flight, and he has to put Tech-Noir down
before she kills them all. Then they attack him; he instinctively retaliates, and
his hold on Magus is broken. Elizabeth awakens the team, Laura opens a portal to
the Ska'r city, and Windshear blows them all through, including the Master.
Windshear is impressed with the team, and restores the Beta Flight name to them.
They get new standardized uniforms.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 113
Date:	Oct-92
Story:	Speaking of Experience (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Heather, Kyle; Madison Jeffries, Jean-Paul, Jeanne-Marie,
Judd (flashbacks); Mac (sub-flashback)
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Reavers including the Mauler
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Heather trains with Kyle and to boost his self-confidence tells him
one of her early misadventures as Guardian:
	Reavers crash a Maple Leafs' game, trying to capture Heather. The team fells
most of them (Northstar: "I'm better than human! I'm French-Canadian!"), while
Heather races after Mauler, and we get a good idea of what it's like to operate
the suit, which she is still learning to use. After some difficulty, she finally
captures him on the US border.
	Roxxon executives plan to replace Mauler.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 114
Date:	Nov-92
Story:	Bloodline! (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Kyle, Heather, Windshear, Knapp, Witchfire, Kara, Goblyn,
Laura (Pathway henceforth), Jeanne-Marie, Walter, Jean-Paul, Judd; Mac
Regular Characters:	Wyre
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Jackal II
Other Characters:	Chief Conrad
Synopsis:	Flashback: Kyle's origin as Wild Child, being observed in an
artificial environment as he kills a man. Flash forward: Kyle as Weapon Omega
runs through the woods and realizes he has blood on his hand.
	Heather has deployed Beta Flight to deal with the Jackal, who is holding
hostages in Sudbury. Kara's power is getting stronger; the Jackal slashes Knapp
with poisoned claws; Kara talks to the Jackal, learning about his evil father
(the original Jackal), but Witchfire attacks him, wanting an antidote.
	Walter runs tests on Aurora and Jeanne-Marie, to see how their powers work.
She are proud of and angry at her gay brother.
	Judd has investigated Kyle's supposed rehabilitation and voices his suspicions
to Heather. Kyle is attacked by Wyre, whom he says is his child.

Issue:	Alpha Flight 115
Date:	Dec-92
Story:	Extreme Prejudice Part I (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Kyle, Judd, Heather, Walter, Elizabeth, Windshear,
Jeanne-Marie, Witchfire, Kara, Knapp, Laura, Jean-Paul
Regular Characters:	Nemesis, Wyre
Guest Stars:	Garrison Kane (Weapon X)
Villains:	Rok
Other Characters:	
Synopsis:	Wyre is hunting down his evil children, starting with Kyle, who sees
his point, since he has of late been struggling with his psychotic tendencies.
Alpha Flight tracks Kyle and beats off Wyre.
	Witchfire has fried the Jackal's brain (last iss.), so Beta Flight has no
antidote to the poison he used on Knapp, who is unconscious and hairy. Nobody
answers their call to HQ (Northstar was supposed to be there, but was off on a
personal mission), so they take him to the hospital, by which time he is covered
in a cocoon.
	Kyle and Judd separately want to investigate his connection to Wyre. Kyle
decides to find Nemesis, who is being held prisoner by Rok.

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