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Index to Wolverine: 10 / 10

Author: Robert Diehl
Updated: Version 1.1, last modified October 20, 2001

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Issue:	Wolverine, Nick Fury: The Scorpio Connection
Date:	1989
Story:	The Scorpio Connection (60 pages)
Feature Characters:	Wolverine, Col. Nick Fury
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	SHIELD including Lars, Val, Cross, Dum Dum Dugan, Hazeltine,
Bellini, Palo, Giulietta; X-Men Rogue, Dazzler, Colossus
Villains:	Arcade, Ms. Locke; Scorpio (Jacob ³Jake² Fury, in flashback),
Scorpio (Mikel ³Mickey² Fury), Amber DıAlexis; Swift Sword Network including
Skorzeny, David Nanjiwarra
Other Characters:	Scott and Kevin Dugan, Mario, Tracey, Blair
Credits:	Writer: Archie Goodwin
	Pencils & Inks: Howard Chaykin
	Letters: Ken Bruzenak
	Color Art & Special Effects: Richard Ory, Barb Rausch
	Asst. Editors: Sara Tuchinsky, Evan Skolnick
	Editors: Gregory Wright, Mark Gruenwald
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
	Acknowledgement To: Jim Steranko
Synopsis:	Nanjiwarra, an Australian aborigine, is in SHIELD, with an
anti-terrorism team posing as archeologists at the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru.
After uneventful weeks they are attacked and killed by one man, who tosses a disk
bearing the sign of the scorpion.
	SHIELD now owns the Hotel Adirondack in New York, and Fury and Dugan work out
in the gym there. Duganıs wife brings his kids to see him in the office, and Fury
wishes he had a personal life.
	Arcade knows heıs been found and prepares traps and exploding androids, thus
escaping the X-Men. He leaves a message for Logan, telling him Nanjiwarra is
	Fury, annoyed that Hazeltine is too young to remember Scorpio, takes charge
of the case himself. Seems Scorpio was his brother, Jake, who committed suicide,
and Fury covered it up (he also shot Fury, which is how he lost his left eye).
Logan catches up to him in a bar and demands to be let in on the action.
	On a yacht at the island of Andros in Greece, Mickey reports to his mother on
his latest mission. Annoyed, he transforms into Scorpio, with a key in the shape
of a scorpion symbol and excellent fighting skills. He wants to end this; she has
allied with the Swift Sword Network of terrorists to get revenge on SHIELD and
Fury, who killed Mickeyıs father.
	Logan remembers tracking an assassin from Canada to his base in Australia,
attacking it, and getting shot in the desert by a helicopter. He walked until
dehydrated; Nanjiwarra found him and saved his life. He had been undercover at
the base for the Australian government. Logan got him a beer from a racist
bartender and suggested he join SHIELD.
	Logan tracks scents from Machu Picchu to a copper mine with its own airstrip.
He sets a fire to distract the guards, breaks in, and sees that it is a Swift
Sword outpost.
	SHIELDıs base in Venice is on alert, but Scorpio still breaks in. Fury is
there and fights him, relieved but disappointed he isnıt Jake. They land in the
canals; Scorpio says heıs Jakeıs son, vows his death, and gets away.
	Logan tracks the copper mine director to DıAlexisıs casino in Istanbul; she
has him shot before Logan can ask questions. Logan attacks the guards, but
Scorpio defends his mother, and Logan is nearly killed till Fury knocks out the
lights and gets him away.
	Fury had met DıAlexis, operating a casino in Macao, when he was with the CIA.
She married his brother, a biophysicist for Dimension Research. Fury seduced her,
gathered evidence, and had her arrested. Jake wasnıt happy and made himself
Scorpio, fighting Fury till he suicided. Fury feels guilty and hasnıt told SHIELD
everything, especially since he suspects a leak.
	Fury put a homing tracer on Scorpio; he and Logan use glide suits to land on
Andros, and they break into a villa. Itıs deserted, but DıAlexis left a
videotape. The room seals itself, and poison gas knocks them out.
	Scorpio attacks SHIELDıs underground base in Atlanta, planning to destroy
their main computer. He is surprised to see Fury there, with Logan (his healing
factor cured him; Fury got an antidote from SHIELD). Scorpio blasts and runs.
Fury, getting older, canıt keep up. Logan fights Scorpio on the roof of a
building, and DıAlexis tries to ram him with a prop plane. Fury uses SHIELD props
to get there, stop the plane, and capture DıAlexis, who tells him Scorpio is his
son and runs.
	Scorpio aims at Fury, but Logan knocks the key away. Fury shoots, knocking
Scorpio down and away from Loganıs avenging claws. DıAlexis has the key now and
blasts Fury and then Logan. She turns to vent anger at Fury; Logan rises and
impales her. Scorpio gets to the plane and tries to take off; Fury and Logan grab
onto it, while SHIELD and SWAT team helicopters look on, helplessly. The plane
crashes down into a mall; Logan and Scorpio are in a Mexican standoff with claws
and key. Fury tells Logan Nanjiwarra was the mole within SHIELD, so Logan backs
off, and Scorpio drops the key. Fury gets his boy to the medics, and Logan tosses
the new dad a cigar.

Issue:	The Punisher War Journal 6
Date:	Jun-89
Story:	On the Track of Unknown Animals (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	the Punisher (Frank Castle, alias Charles ³Chuck² Fort)
Regular Characters:	Microchip
Guest Stars:	Wolverine (Logan)
Villains:	Norma Wyeth, Cpl. Ebambe, Otis C. Roberts (see next iss.)
Other Characters:	Prof. Richard Wyeth, Father Murray, Lt. Bokenga, Kurt
Reader, Bill Lim, Chief Victor Obiang, Jacques Tsolo, Jean NıDosa
Credits:	Writer: Carl Potts
	Pencils: Carl Potts, Jim Lee
	Inks: Jim Lee
	Letters: Jim Novak
	Colors: Gregory Wright
	Editor: Don Daley
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Note: this and iss. 7 were reprinted as The Punisher and Wolverine
in Africa Saga, 1988/89.
	Frank, wounded from recent vigilantism, gets Microchip to give him first aid.
As a vacation, Microchip gets him to act as guide for a Congo expedition, seeking
a surviving dinosaur, ³Mokele Mbembe.²
	In Texas, Roberts, a millionaire hunter, has one empty spot on his trophy
	In Madripoor, Wolverine accosts a truck driver with a cheetah-skin jacket,
demands to know whoıs killing endangered animals, and replaces him as the
	Frankıs expedition delivers medical supplies to the local mission. A black
mamba bites a child, and Frank supplies the antidote; he shoots another one the
next day, and a native shoots its mate with an arrow. Mosquitoes, moths, and rain
are other annoyances.
	They split up into teams: Norma wants to see if gorillas live in the area;
Reader explores geology; Wyeth searches for the dinosaur underwater with sonar.
	Frankıs Asian friend has a vision and follows it to Texas.
	Norma and Ebambe find and shoot gorillas; the boy Jean plans to tattle, so
they kill him and blame the gorillas.
	Wolverine, with the cheetah pelt around his shoulders, hunts poachers in the
	Frank finds a dead gorilla and realizes what happened; another attacks him,
and he has to kill it; Wolverine attacks him as a poacher and knocks him in the
river, where crocodiles lurk.
	Note: a page of the Punisherıs equipment follows.

Issue:	The Punisher War Journal 7
Date:	Jul-89
Story:	Endangered Species (21 pages)
Feature Characters:	the Punisher
Regular Characters:	Microchip
Guest Stars:	Wolverine
Villains:	Norma Wyeth, Cpl. Ebambe
Other Characters:	Prof. Richard Wyeth, Father Murray, Lt. Bokenga, Kurt
Reader, Bill Lim, Chief Victor Obiang, Jacques Tsolo
Credits:	Writer: Carl Potts
	Pencils: Carl Potts, Jim Lee
	Inks: Jim Lee
	Letters: Jim Novak
	Colors: Gregory Wright
	Asst. Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Editor: Don Daley
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Frank wrestles a crocodile and gets to shore, determined to find
Wolverine, who he thinks is the poacher. Wolverine uses his claws to hunt for
breakfast; he lets a hungry cheetah have his leftovers.
	Norma and Ebambe bribe a native girl and find the dinosaurs. Wolverine
approaches them, and Frank shoots him; they fight, scaring away the dinosaurs.
The expedition catches up, and Norma orders Ebambe to kill everyone, but Bokenga
shoots him first. Frank shoots Norma and then uses the rifle to scare the
dinosaurs away from the mines she set for them. He lets Wolverine go and wraps
the wounded Ebambe in the cheetah skin and lets gorillas attack him.
	Norma was working for the Texas millionaire. Someone leaves a newspaper
report of his financial demise on Frankıs doorstep back home.
	Note: a page of the Punisherıs arsenal is included.

Issue:	Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure
Date:	1990
Story:	The Jungle Adventure (48 pages)
Feature Characters:	Wolverine
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur)
Other Characters:	the Tribe of Fire including Gahk, Falke, Kaffkal, Chakel
Credits:	Writer: Walter Simonson
	Pencils: Mike Mignola
	Inks: Bob Wiacek
	Letters: Ken Bruzenak
	Colors: Mark Chiarello
	Asst. Editor: Daryl Edelman
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	An elder of the Tribe of Fire tells a tale:
	For weeks they worshipped a SHIELD Zippo lighter (inscribed ³To Logan from
Nick²), and then an airplane landed. Logan emerged and lit a cigar with his lost
lighter, which they indicated fell from the sky. Gahk said heıs too short to be a
god and attacked; Logan knocked him out, was made chief in his place, and got his
cave. Gahk goes to him to make peace and ensure heıll stay; he turns out to be a
very tall she and smooches Logan, realizing heıs a man.
	Flashback: Logan received a ticket to a Broadway show supposedly from Patch.
Curious, he went and at intermission was given a note supposedly from Jean Grey,
asking to meet behind the theater. Curious, he went and was zapped. He threw
pavement and knocked out his attacker; after slicing a hydrant, he saw it was a
cyborg that smelled like him and like the Savage Land. So he took ship there and
found his lighter among the natives.
	Gahk doesnıt care and just wants to spend the night. Logan fits well with the
tribe, leading hunts, killing dinosaurs, wearing a loincloth. But then a T-Rex
eats a young man; the father blames the god Logan and spears him as a demon.
Logan lives and grants the man his life; he gathers the tribe to dig a pit to
trap the man-eater, but it doesnıt fall in and turns on the tribe. Logan attacks
and gets swallowed; the dinosaur drops, and Logan cuts his way out of its belly.
He sees itıs a cyborg, designed to capture men. Logan wants to fly to its base,
but his plane is missing, so he takes a party overland.
	Logan suits up and goes alone into the base, in a volcano. He falls through a
trap door and finds himself a captive of Apocalypse, who has his plane and has
been making tribes people into cyborgs. Gahk breaks in and is captured, but she
is able to toss Logan his lighter, which he uses to burn the ropes from his
hands. He cuts the latest captiveıs tank and tells Gahk to get him to safety,
while he sticks his claws in Apocalypseıs neck. He spouts something about killing
mutants to make the world safe for humans, and Logan realizes heıs a fake: a
robot. Logan slices it to pieces.
	Logan investigates and finds a skull made of adamantium. Apocalypse speaks by
hologram, saying his robot servant exceeded its programming, and he arranged for
Logan to stop it by planting his lighter there. Logan uses it to blow up the base
and flies his plane over the tribe people on his way back home.
	Gahk, listening to the tale, holds a baby, presumably Loganıs.

Story:	Wolverine: Rahne of Terra 
Date:	1991
	Note: summarized with the New Mutants.

Issue:	Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Punisher: Hearts of Darkness
Date:	1991
Story:	Hearts of Darkness (47 pages)
Feature Characters:	Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch), Wolverine (Logan), Punisher
(Frank Castle)
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Blackheart, Mephisto
Other Characters:	Flo and Lucy Crumm
Credits:	Writer: Howard Mackie
	Pencils: John Romita, Jr.
	Inks: Klaus Janson
	Letters: Joe Rosen
	Colors: John Wellington
	Asst. Editor: Chris Cooper
	Editor: Bobbie Chase
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
	Designer: Dawn Geiger
Synopsis:	On a hill above the town Christıs Crown, hooded figures sacrifice a
woman, to summon the demon Blackheart, son of Mephisto. Annoyed, he kills them
all and selects men to corrupt.
	Ketch, Logan, and Castle are each enticed to town and meet in Floıs rooming
house. That night, Blackheart confronts each of them. He says theyıre a new type
of hero, willing to go to ³the edge² of savagery, and he wants them to kill
Mephisto. He tries to sell it as a boon to humanity, but they donıt buy, so he
entrances all adults in town. When Ketch goes to get his bike, he realizes
Blackheart nabbed it and Floıs daughter Lucy.
	Blackheart has the people surround him, so they canıt get through without
hurting innocents. Ketch smashes a showroom window, steals another bike, and
becomes Ghost Rider: itıs in him, not the bike. Castle takes Logan in his van,
but Blackheart has surrounded himself with thorns. Ghost Rider cuts a trail, and
Blackheart offers them answers to their core problems (the murder of Castleıs
family, the secret of Loganıs adamantium, the origin of Ghost Rider as the demon
Zarathos). They attack him instead, fighting past his little green men and into
hell to rescue Lucy. With chain, fist, claw, and bullet they beat the demon to
pieces. Ghost Rider sends Lucy back to earth with Logan and Castle, and then
Mephisto appears, congratulating his son, who learned you canıt change peopleıs
nature, and he swallows him and sends Ghost Rider away.

Issue:	Wolverine: Inner Fury
Date:	1992
Story:	Inner Fury (48 pages)
Feature Characters:	Wolverine
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	SHIELD including Col. Nick Fury
Villains:	Hydra including Leon, Foster, Van, Johnson; the Whale; ³Big²
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: D.G. Chichester
	Pencils & Inks: Bill Sienkiewicz
	Letters: Michael Heisler
	Colors: Sherilyn van Valkenburgh
	Editor: Suzanne Gaffney
	Group Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	The Whale created nanotechs for Hydra and has been pampered by them.
Now he realizes they just wanted weapons, so he has his nanotechs dissolve the
wheels of the tractor-trailer heıs being transported in. It crashes; he escapes.
Hydra fight among themselves trying to cover up the mistake.
	SHIELD caught a Hydra messenger with Loganıs name on a communiqué. Fury tells
Logan; Logan attacks Hydra; Hydra infects him with nanotechs; Big shoots Hydra
before Logan gets killed. He says heıs a mercenary hired by the families of
Hydraıs victims and tells him heıs infected. His immune system has been diverted
from his healing factor and set against his adamantium: itıs coming out on his
hair and nails. Logan helps Big attack another Hydra base, and a Hydra is killed
by adamantium spikes that erupt from his spine.
	Big and Logan track the Whale to a small menıs clothing store and a pet shop
(he eats fish), a used car lot, a wharf where electronics were smuggled, and a
movie theater. Loganıs still bleeding and confused; he has dreams of himself as
captain Ahab chasing the white whale while the adamantium twists his flesh apart.

	Logan and Big easily capture the Whale in the logging camp he made into a
lab. Logan realizes Big is a tall woman, and the Whaleıs Hydra co-leader. They
fight, and when she uses a chain saw, Loganıs claws nearly come off the bone.
	So, Logan decides to reboot his healing factor by giving himself a major
trauma: he uses his claws to slice his own brain apart (I hate it when that
happens). Bigıs chainsaw bounces back, and she falls on a meat hook. The Whale
wants to use nanotechs to help people, but Logan just wants a beer.

Issue:	Wolverine: Killing
Date:	1993
Story:	Killing (48 pages)
Feature Characters:	Wolverine
Regular Characters:	Jubilee
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Nirissa, tribune Tane, Slith
Other Characters:	Serra
Credits:	Writer: John Ney Reiber
	Pencils & Inks: Kent Williams
	Letters: Bill Oakley
	Colors: Sherilyn van Valkenburgh
	Asst. Editor: Daryl Edelman
	Editor: Suzanne Gaffney
	Group Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Logan, hating the world, went into Manhattan to see a Bogart double
feature and bikes back to Westchester in a snowstorm. He dreams of the city, the
crowds crushing him, and falling underground onto broken machinery. He wakes,
having slashed the couch apart, and catches the first plane to the Himalayas.
	There, Tane tells Nirissa heıs successfully called their beast. She wants her
grandchildren to be fathered by him, to get his healing factor. Her daughter
Serra overhears and runs; Nirissa has Tane give her a compulsion to flee across
the snowscape.
	Logan enters Tibet from China and has to fight a military ambush. He is drawn
toward a fire at night but expects another ambush. He claws a branch out of his
way, and an old man appears, shows him the tree has a face and asks him what
claws are good for beside killing. A many-handed idol grabs Logan, and he fights
the bestial impulse to slash it; it just cuts him below the eye to make a tear of
	The old man tells Logan the real battles are in the soul, and sends him to
find Serra before she freezes. He takes her home; Tane, who wants her for
himself, has the snake-like Slith attack; Logan kills him but gets poisoned.
	Logan wakes and immediately mistrusts Nirissa. He has Serra show him the
sights of her secluded fortress home, tells her thereıs a world outside, and gets
romantic. Tane, observing, takes Logan up on his challenge and duels him,
creating pain directly in his mind and then beating him. Logan lets the beast out
and slices apart Taneıs technology, but lets him live. He leaves a note for
Serra, saying heıll be waiting if she ever wants out.

Issue:	Wolverine & the Punisher: Damaging Evidence 1
Date:	Oct-93
Story:	Wolverine & the Punisher: Damaging Evidence Part 1 (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Wolverine (Logan), the Punisher (Frank Castle)
Regular Characters:	Microchip
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), and mobster including Arranger, Loomis,
Phillips, Moore, Sniper; Donald Pierce, Reese, Dr. Daltry; Damage
Other Characters:	Kevin Moore
Credits:	Writer: Carl Potts
	Pencils & Inks: Gary Erskine
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft, John Gaushell
	Colors: Marie Javins
	Editors: Greg Wright, Rob Tokar
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Phillips shoots Loomis for stealing from Kingpin. Frank confronts
him; Moore causes a distraction; Phillips shoots; Frank is faster. Then he starts
shooting up Kingpinıs drug center in Mexico. Guns blaze everywhere, and Mooreıs
son Kevin tries to shoot Frank; Sniper does from a helicopter, but Kevlar and a
helicopter crash save him and let him escape. He gets back to Microchip, who says
heıs been attacking Kingpin because itıs the anniversary of his murder of
	Kingpin makes a deal with Pierce to kill Frank in exchange for technology.
Daltry makes Damage a cyborg: his body was destroyed by Frank, and he wants
revenge. Arranger has him kill a disobedient worker for practice.
	In Hong Kong, Logan fights Reese and uses a shipıs propeller to kill him,
then uses his radio to hear their plans about Frank. He flies back to warn him
and is disturbed by newspaper reports of his vigilantism. Frank wants to find out
whoıs impersonating him.

Issue:	Wolverine & the Punisher: Damaging Evidence 2
Date:	Nov-93
Story:	Wolverine & the Punisher: Damaging Evidence Part 2 (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Wolverine, the Punisher
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Kingpin, Arranger, Sniper, Damage
Other Characters:	Det. Fort, John
Credits:	Writer: Carl Potts
	Pencils & Inks: Gary Erskine
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft, John Gaushell
	Colors: Marie Javins
	Editors: Greg Wright, Rob Tokar
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Note: this occurs before UXM 248 and Daredevil 296.
	Frank investigates a crime scene to find out whoıs impersonating him. Logan
tries to find him in the city by scent. Kingpin sends Sniper to follow Damage
while he tries to kill Frank. Frank shoots up one of Kingpinıs crack dens. He
sees a TV report of himself killing innocents in the next apartment and worries
he may be having blackouts. Kingpin identifies Logan and has Sniper take him out
with a tranquillizer dart and keep him sedated.
	Frank: another crack den. A criminal misses him and shoots a bystander.
Damage, impersonating him, mows down innocents. Logan, groggy but conscious,
confronts him; they fight, and Damage uses a flamethrower on him.

Issue:	Wolverine & the Punisher: Damaging Evidence 3
Date:	Dec-93
Story:	Wolverine & the Punisher: Damaging Evidence Part 3 (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Wolverine, the Punisher
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Damage, Sniper, Kingpin, Arranger, Donald Pierce
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Carl Potts
	Pencils & Inks: Gary Erskine
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft, John Gaushell
	Colors: Garrahy, Javins, Matthys
	Editors: Greg Wright, Rob Tokar
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Logan claws Damage but gets electrocuted. Sniper considers finishing
off Damage but is afraid of Kingpin. Logan picks up the grenade launcher that
fell out of Damage and blows up his insides. Keeps on ticking, though, till Logan
finally drowns him.
	Frank goes to the funeral of the innocents he thinks he may have killed.
Sniper starts shooting; Frank pulls a gun; the crowd panics. Frank realizes who
it is (Sniper was supposedly dead); Sniper takes a woman hostage; Frank drops,
rolls, and guts him with a knife, and thereıs a handy grave for him to fall into.
	Frank finds Logan stuck to Damageıs corpse and pulls him free. They wonder
who Damage is, since he looks like Frank; Damage rises yet again, and Frank blows
him up with a grenade.
	Kingpin has to pay off Pierce and sends him Damageıs head, to rebuild him.

Issue:	Wolverine: Evilution
Date:	1994
Story:	Evilution (48 pages)
Feature Characters:	Wolverine
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Boom Boom (Tabitha Smith)
Villains:	the Deadman and Devo including Jimmy, Steven
Other Characters:	Suzy, Silvio, Red (Water) Fall
Credits:	Writer: Ann Nocenti
	Layouts: Mark Texeira
	Pencils: John Royle
	Inks: Philip Moy, Andrew Pepoy
	Letters: Dave Sharpe
	Colors: Monica Bennett
	Editor: Suzanne Gaffney
	Group Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Note: this occurs before X-Men II:25.
	Jimmy scares his sister with a dummyıs head and fake blood.
	Logan has a nightmare of himself towering over a nuclear plant and then being
blasted by nuclear warheads, leaving only metal. He wakes, and though he doesnıt
believe in visions, he goes to Prescott, the town near the plant.
	Two kids find a canister of radioactive waste and paint themselves with it.
Boom Boom is visiting friends and overhears Jimmy, whoıs against progress and in
favor of devolution. He has an Indian statue and has started a tribe, the Devos.
Boom Boom tosses a plasma ball into his soda. Silvio doesnıt believe in progress,
either, and his TV wipes away peopleıs minds.
	Red Fall, a wise old Indian, sneaks up on Logan. Gycon, the nuclear plant,
was forced by environmentalists and the government to close and buy out all the
nearby residents, but he wonıt sell. He has a picture of the statue Jimmy stole
from the local museum.
	Jimmy hears Deadmanıs voice and digs up his coffin. In Germany, Steven steals
the Spear of Destiny, which Longinus supposedly used to impale Christ, while his
father takes part in a Masonic ritual in the museum. Steven flies home with it,
wanting to help Jimmy change destiny.
	13 children have died of radiation poisoning.
	The president of Gycon tells his shareholders that Red Fall must bow to
	In the high school, a biology teacher has the kids dissect live frogs, and
Jimmy takes out the heart, still beating.
	The Devos sacrifice animals and dance around a pentagram, and the dead man
disappears from his coffin.
	Logan catches Boom Boom in Jimmyıs house, trying to get back the stolen
statue. She hits him with a plasma bomb; he shows her the dead animals in the
woods and tells her to go home. She instead goes to Jimmyıs attic; he takes her
to the plant to initiate her to the Devos, which begins by slashing a chicken.
She throws bombs but just gets tied to the ductwork. She explodes one, and
Deadman emerges from it.
	Red Fall gets Logan to guard him while he enters a vision: the spear flying
toward Boom Boom, tied to a cross at the top of the plant. Men surround them, and
Logan slashes them all, marking them.
	Jimmyıs dad owns the plant. Appliances start melting anywhere Jimmy goes, and
Steven gives him the spear. When the carıs engine melts, dad gets into a
fistfight with Jimmy, who says heıd like to blow up the plant.
	The Devos return to the plant to taunt Boom Boom, who says itıs about to
explode. Appliances melt all over town; gene splicing is performed in France;
immunizations cause a plague in Africa; dogs go mad.
	Logan approaches the plant, claws bared, but Red Fall tells him the boysı
intentions are good. They, meanwhile, are about to spear Boom Boom to resurrect
the Deadman and return humanity to a pretechnological state. Logan attacks, and
knocks out the unnaturally strong boys. Red Fall frees Boom Boom, and then
Deadman attacks. Claws and plasma bombs have little effect, but then Red Fall
tells them to use the spear, and Deadman dissipates, promising to return.
	The plant is closed; Red Fall farms; the townspeople go to church, and Boom
Boom and Logan despise them.
	Note: compare this to the New Mutants Summer Special, 1990, by the same

Issue:	Wolverine & Nick Fury: Scorpio Rising
Date:	1994
Story:	Scorpio Rising (44 pages)
Feature Characters:	Wolverine, Col. Nick Fury
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	SHIELD
Villains:	Scorpio (Mikel ³Mickey² Fury), Hydra, Pavel
Other Characters:	Pres. Tankosic, Dmitri Cabrinovic, Sofia Rudavsk, Josip
Potiorek, Jasnia Schweik; Duffy
Credits:	Writer: Howard Chaykin
	Pencils & Inks: Shawn McManus
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Gloria Vasquez
	Designer: Joe Kaufman
	Asst. Editor: Michael Marts
	Group Editor: Nelson Yomtov
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
	Introduction By: Peter Sanderson
Synopsis:	Note: this is the sequel to The Scorpio Connection.
	Carpasia: a former Communist country, now plagued with the black market. The
new president promises freedom and appoints his cabinet, but that night, they are
each assassinated, and the country is plunged into civil war.
	On a SHIELD base on a remote island, Fury trains his son in hand-to-hand,
bullying him. Mikel wants to return to Carpasia with the Scorpio key to stop the
war, but Nick says heıs not ready. So he overpowers a guard and takes the key.
	Loganıs in Carpasia, too, saves a nun and some children from a tank, and
immediately falls in with the pro-democracy forces.
	Hydra backs the other side, wanting to put Pavel on the throne. They send two
female agents to recruit Scorpio.
	Fury runs into Logan in a bar, and then Scorpio enters, is quickly
overpowered, and then rescued by the Hydra seductresses. Heıs enjoying his
evening in bed with them until his mother shows up, asking for the key. Then Nick
and Logan break in (Nick put a tracer in his own sonıs skull), and Logan beheads
mom: a life model decoy. Hydraıs been creating new rebel troops that way.
	They get the kid out, and he tells them he hid the key in the ruins of the
capital. Hydra put a bug on him, so they know, too, and get there first. They
blast Fury and Logan with the key; Scorpio grabs Logan up to Hydraıs helicopter
before they get away. Scorpio flies the copter, and Logan uses the key to blast
apart the LMD factory disguised as a nuclear plant.
	Pavel isnıt king; Scorpio is interim president; Logan and Fury take a bus out
of town.

Issue:	Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Punisher: The Dark Design
Date:	1994
Story:	The Dark Design (47 pages)
Feature Characters:	Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch), Wolverine (Logan), Punisher
(Frank Castle)
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Blackheart and the Corrupt including Vana, Hank; Mephisto
Other Characters:	Lucy Crumm, Norma Jean, Barbara Ketch
Credits:	Writer: Howard Mackie
	Pencils: Ron Garney
	Inks: Al Milgrom
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Paul Mounts
	Asst. Editor: James ³Professor² Felder
	Editor: Bobbie Chase
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
	Designer: Dawn Geiger
Synopsis:	Note: this is the sequel to Hearts of Darkness.
	Ghost Rider runs, with Lucy in his arms, and gives her to her cousin Norma
Jean, while he fights the townsfolk Blackheart has corrupted. He gets poisoned
and reverts to Ketchıs form.
	Logan arrives and is also attacked; the fight ends with Castle showing up and
killing five of them. Lucy has sent them psychic messages, and they see the town
transformed into something Gothic.
	Blackheart sits at the center of it, near madness, conserving his power to
fulfill his destiny and kill his father. A dove flies in, overhears his plans,
and laughs. Blackheart blasts it: it is Mephisto, who says he has diluted his
power by corrupting so many humans.
	Ketch is feverish: the corruption has begun. Lucy says he, Logan, and Castle
can help because they never give in to the darkness, even if they come close to
the edge. She has grown and has the power to calm and to inspire hope. Her mother
Flo has been killed.
	The Corrupt attack, and Ketch has to become Ghost Rider, although he may be
corrupt himself. They nab him and Lucy and leave Logan and Castle behind.
Blackheart dresses Lucy as his bride, to keep him sane a build a kindler, gentler
hell after Mephisto is killed. He has Ghost Rider strung up and tortured, and
Logan and Castle as well, when they attack. He puts them into their own pasts:
Logan in the Canadian woods, Castle on a street with killers, Ghost Rider in the
cemetery where his sister is buried. Logan used to this scenario, refuses to go
berserk. Castle starts firing and realizes heıs killed these men before. Barbara
shows Ghost Rider heıs about to kill Ketch, his link to humanity. They each fight
back, still refusing to help Blackheart replace his father, and they defeat him.
	Norma Jean says the rest of the Corrupt are dead or fleeing. Lucy forgives
Blackheart, who has some of her innocent blood on his knife and uses it to kill
Mephisto. A new king reigns in hell.

Story:	Wolverine: Knight of Terra 
Date:	1995
	Note: summarized with the New Mutants.

Issue:	Logan: Shadow Society
Date:	1996
Story:	Shadow Society (48 pages)
Feature Characters:	Wolverine
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Carol Danvers; Warren Worthington Jr., Warren Worthington III
Villains:	Jacques Preen, the Hellfire Club including Sebastian Shaw, Victor
Other Characters:	Neil Langram, Sidney Hallorman, Malcolm, Patrick Hoolin, Dr.
Perry Edwards, Bob, Doug, Jonathan
Credits:	Writer: Howard Mackie, Mark Jason
	Pencils & Inks: Tomm Coker, Keith Aiken, Octavio Cariello
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft/EM
	Colors: Christie Sheele, Malibuıs Hues
	Asst. Editor: Dan Hosek 
	Editor: Mark Bernardo, Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
	Book Design: Comicraftıs John G. Roshell
	In Loving Memory Of: William E. Aiken, Sr.
Synopsis:	Note: this takes place before Logan joined Dept. H.
	Hoolin is a talk show host, whose guest, Edwards, wrote a book called ³Shadow
Society² about mutants hidden among us. He says the government has been
exploiting them.
	Langram is a Canadian secret agent, waiting to meet Logan. He decides he will
tell his partner everything, when he is attacked and ripped open. 
	Danvers is a U.S. secret agent, in Toronto to help the Canadians shut down
Preen, an arms dealer. She goes to him to make a purchase, but heıs been tipped
off and has his bodyguards pull guns on her. She disarms one and points the gun
at Preenıs head; he orders his other men to kill her, but Logan appears, throws
knives, and takes them all out, including Preen. He and Danvers have a beer, and
she calls backup to clean up and interrogate, not letting Logan do that himself.
	Logan remembers training Danvers in the field; he considers telling her
everything. Danvers learns Langram was killed.
	Hallorman, a bureaucrat, investigates and says Langram must have been a
traitor; Logan shoves and threatens the fool with a knife. Malcolm takes over the
case and tells Logan to take some time off. He goes with Danvers to his
apartment, seeing conspiracies everywhere. He tells her Langram and he were
working together. He uses an experimental computer to break into the defense
ministry, but access is denied, and the computer blows up. Danvers has to get
back to Washington, so Logan goes to bed alone.
	He is awakened by gunshots; he gets out the front door and kills the gunman
there. He jumps through the hall window to the street below and gets to a
payphone to call his control. He is sent to the hockey stadium for pickup, but
instead gunmen find him there, and he has to fight them. He interrogates one, who
just says a woman was also a target. 
	Logan gets to Danversı hotel room, but sheıs already taken down four
attackers. Bob and Doug are inept guards at the defense ministry, and Danvers and
Logan get the vault key from them. Itıs Loganıs first look at Dept. H, and they
find a computer with Mutant Agenda information.
	They go to New York to find Edwards, who runs, thinking Loganıs trying to
kill him. He finds Danvers in his room, who pushes him down and fights the gunmen
who trailed him. Logan helps.
	Edwards says thereıs a secret hierarchy of super-powered mutants who want him
dead before he exposes them. He shows them the Hellfire Club and tells them about
the Inner Circle. Logan goes in, telling Danvers to keep Edwards safe. Denied by
the doorman, he hops across roofs and gets to a computer, but itıs all encrypted.
Hellfire Club goons catch him, he learns they have a Canadian installation and
then pushes out the window with them; Danvers reappears with a  gas grenade, and
they get away.
	Shaw observes, wishes he could get Logan to work for him, but instead sends
Creed to silence him and keep mutants a secret. Logan and Danvers get to the
darkened facility on the Canadian border, but Creed is already there and has
killed many including Hallorman and Malcolm. He grabs Danvers and taunts Logan;
Danvers kicks away, not needing a rescuer; Logan fights him with a large knife;
Creed tells him to admit heıs a mutant, so he does.
	Creed says the Hellfire Club is assembling a mutant army; Langram turned down
the invitation, so Creed killed him. Logan impales Creed; he has a bomb; Danvers
and Logan shoots him and flee, and the bomb explodes.
	Danvers recovers in a safe house and wants to find somebody in the government
who will believe their story. She knows a junior senator named Kelly. Logan heads
for the Yukon to forget all about mutants.

Issue:	Logan: Path of the Warlord
Date:	Feb-96
Story:	Path of the Warlord (49 pages)
Feature Characters:	Logan
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Kimora and the Hand, Oracle, Shadow Walker
Other Characters:	Dr. Carling, Rose Carling, Miyagi
Credits:	Writer: Howard Mackie
	Pencils: John Paul Leon
	Inks: Shawn Martinbrough
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Gregory Wright
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
	Design: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
Synopsis:	Note: this takes place while Logan is training as a samurai.
	On a bridge on foggy night in Japan, Logan pulls a gun: he is being followed,
while on a paying job for Chang of LLL (see Wolverine 5), protecting a scientist,
Carling, and his daughter. He fights off many, using his gun and knives, but
loses the Carlings.
	He finds Chang, who says Kimora is to blame and he was also attacked. Against
his advice, Logan goes looking to get even.
	Kimora tortures Carling, wanting the device that will let him open portals to
other worlds, including his own. Logan arrives, and they fight. Logan frees
Carling, who finds a sword and finishes Kimora before he chokes Logan to death.
He tells Logan to forget all this.
	Years later, Logan is bathing near Jasmine Falls when Miyagi attacks. Logan
draws first blood and then apologizes.
	Chang appears, but Logan insists heıs out of the game and is content where he
is. Loganıs sensei (Ogun, presumably), takes away his sword till he learns
control, and gives him a childıs wooden blade. Chang says Kimora is alive and has
taken Carling again; Logan now agrees to help.
	Chang shows Logan that LLL is using Carlingıs device to fight an
interdimensional war, and profiting from it. Carling had initially gone to
Kimoraıs world, where he rules as dictator; he married and had Rose there. Kimora
wanted the device, killed Roseıs mother, followed Carling when he escaped to our
world and has been chasing him since. Chang takes Logan through to Kimoraıs
world. Kimoraıs Oracle (Xavier?) alerts him.
	Loganıs senses are overloaded with the new world, and Chang abandons him. He
is caught by Shadow Walker, who controls shadows, and his wife with poison
daggers in her hair (Cloak and Dagger?). Changıs local contact, Rose, rescues
him; she can control her bodyıs mass. He passes out from the poison.
	Although Oracle already read his mind, Kimora tortures Carling, wanting him
to operate the portal, but he refuses. Logan, Chang, and Rose see Kimoraıs army;
they pretend to join, knocking out a monk who is denouncing Kimoraıs plan. Chang
passes his hands through the guardıs heads, putting them to sleep. They fight
past the next bunch of guards, and Logan realizes these people have unusual
powers he doesnıt understand.
	Shadow Walker nabs Rose; Chang traps the shadow, and he and Logan go through.
	Chang stops, having to fight a battle on another plane. Shadow Walker holds
Rose hostage, while Kimora escapes. Logan realizes Shadow Walker is going to kill
Rose, and he goes berserk on him, till Rose stops him. She and Chang follow him
as he tracks Carling, fighting through guards. They may have to kill him if he
gives in to the feral side. Kimora kills Carling, and Logan goes off on him. Rose
calls him back from bloodlust back to humanity, tossing him his wooden sword.
Kimora cannot die, so Logan tosses Kimora into the dimensional rift and breaks
the machinery, trapping him forever. 
	3 days later in Japan, Rose joins LLL (see Wolverine 87), and Logan goes to
consider everything heıs seen.

Issue:	Wolverine: Days of Future Past 1
Date:	Dec-97
Story:	Ill Winds (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Wolverine
Regular Characters:	Jubilee (Jubilation Lee), Synch (Everett Thomas), Leech,
Guest Stars:	the Crimson Dynamo (Dmitri Bukharin), Amiko
Villains:	Sentinels; Helmut Zero; Shinobi Shaw (the Black King), Psylocke
(Betsy Braddock, the Red Queen), Midnight (Amiko, see next iss.)
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: John Francis Moore
	Pencils: Joe Bennett
	Inks: Jon Holdredge
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraftıs Albert Deschesne
	Colors: Mike Thomas, Monica Megerdoomian
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	In a horrific future (just before UXM 141-142), the U.S. tried to
shut down the Sentinels, but was instead conquered by them. Now, every citizen is
tested for the x-factor, and mutants are put into camps. The X-Men are outlaws,
and most have been killed.
	Jubilee, carrying fake id and a dampener, is hiding in the ruins of a mall in
L.A. with mutants including Synch and Leech. She wants to find a way to break the
other X-Men out of the camps.
	4th wave Sentinels attack (1-Bolivarıs, 2-Larryıs, 3-Bastionıs). Jubilee and
Synch gang up on one, to no effect. Then Magneto arrives and easily finishes the
battle. He hasnıt been heard from in years, and now he wants Jubilee to help him
find Logan.
	Logan is in Moscow, which is seedy, full of freaks and junkies. He pushes his
way into a bar for old soldiers, run by the ex-Crimson Dynamo, whom he shakes
down for information about a photo taken in the bar: a Japanese woman had been
there talking to ex-Hydra engineers.
	When Logan exits to the street, the Hand attacks. He fights back and demands
information on Amiko. A woman in a cloak touches his head, wipes his memory, and
leaves him for the scavengers.
	Jubilee is reluctant to trust Magneto (cf. X-Men II:25), but he says somebody
is toying with the weather to destroy the world. Jubilee tells him Logan started
receiving photos of Amiko, thought dead, and is in Russia investigating. She
agrees to help, if Magneto will help her free the X-Men. She sends Leech and
Synch to the resistance in Portland and kisses Synch goodbye.
	Magneto lifts an aircraft through electrical storms over the Pacific; Jubilee
asks him about Genosha, but he refuses to answer.
	The 3 Sentinel Master Molds in Washington send the Thunderbolts to stop
	Jubilee uses a modified tracking device from a Sentinel to find Logan, who
has gone feral. Jubileeıs fireworks blind him; Magneto lifts him off his feet; he
knows someone who can bring him back to humanity. 
	Shinobi is the one trying to destroy the world; Psylocke, now his Red Queen,
and is the one who wiped Loganıs mind. 

Issue:	Wolverine: Days of Future Past 2
Date:	Jan-98
Story:	Uneasy Alliances (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Wolverine
Regular Characters:	Jubilee, Synch, Leech, Magneto
Guest Stars:	White Queen (Emma Frost), the Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff),
Charlotte Jones; Colossus, Kate Pryde, Storm, Rachel Summers, Franklin Richards;
James MacDonald Hudson; Angel, Yukio, the Silver Samurai (all in flashback)
Villains:	Shinobi Shaw, Psylocke, Midnight, Helmut Zemo and the Thunderbolts
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: John Francis Moore, Joe Casey
	Pencils: Joe Bennett
	Inks: Jon Holdredge, Wellington Diaz
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft/AD
	Colors: Monica Megerdoomianıs Colorgraphix
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Magneto and Jubilee go to an island near India, where the White
Queen lives in a mansion. Impatient, Magneto has her drop the illusion to reveal
a high-tech command center: sheıs a telepathic mercenary. They want her to fix
Logan; she reassembles the fragments of his memories, and he wakes, sees Magneto,
and goes berserk until Jubilee calms him. 
	Magneto says his daughter is alive and being forced to cause natural
disasters; Shinobi has her captive under the Hoover Dam, hooked into the
Cataclysm Engine. Psylocke senses Loganıs reemergence, and Shinobi orders
Midnight to kill him.
	Charlotte, a resistance leader, meets Synch and Leech in Portland, and gives
them information about the imprisoned X-Men. They are attacked.
	Magneto, Jubilee, and Logan are at the ruins of Dept. H in Canada. Hudson is
there with gunmen, but he lowers weapons and lets Logan take the Blackbird, which
he stashed there. Midnight is there and bides her time.
	They fly to Hoover Dam, and Shinobiıs men shoot missiles at them.
	The Thunderbolts catch Charlotte, Synch, and Leech and demands to know where
Magneto and Jubilee are. 
	Magneto, in a force bubble with Jubilee, floats groundward. They were a
distraction, letting Logan get into Shinobiıs base. He gets to the Scarlet Witch,
but Midnight attacks him. Logan realizes sheıs Amiko, and she stabs him with
poisoned blades. Shinobi continues his plan to collapse society via cataclysms,
and the Scarlet Witch screams.

Issue:	Wolverine: Days of Future Past 3
Date:	Feb-98
Story:	Chain Reactions (24 pages)
Feature Characters:	Wolverine
Regular Characters:	Jubilee, Magneto, Midnight (Amiko), Synch, Leech
Guest Stars:	the Scarlet Witch, the White Queen
Villains:	Sentinels, Shinobi Shaw, Psylocke, Helmut Zemo
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: John Francis Moore, Joe Casey
	Pencils: Joe Bennett
	Inks: Holdredge, Diaz, Hanna, Wong
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraftıs Emerson Miranda
	Colors: Monica Megerdoomian
	Editor: Mark Powers
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Shinobi exults in the prospect of ruling a ruined world, while
Psylocke reminds him sheıs his queen and points out the Scarlet Witch may not
survive long enough.
	Logan is half-dead in one of the damıs drainage shafts. Amiko grabs him out
of the water: she knew he would survive the poison and wants his help against
Shinobi. Magneto, not having heard from Logan, decides on a frontal assault to
save his daughter, and Jubilee follows.
	Zemo arrives, bringing Synch and Leech for Shinobi to kill. Logan attacks the
guards and frees them.
	Shinobi prepares to destroy New York and Sentinel command in Washington, when
Magneto bursts in. Shinobiıs automatic defenses generate a magnetic field to
counter his, trapping him. Jubilee, dressed as a technician, tries to free the
Scarlet Witch, but Psylocke realizes itıs a trick and attacks her with her
psi-blade. Synch mimics Psylockeıs power and fells Zemo. Leech grabs and
neutralizes Psylocke. Jubilee, Logan, and Amiko attack, felling Psylocke. Shinobi
tries to phase his hands through Logan and crush his heart, but Amiko interposes
herself, while Logan frees the Scarlet Witch, who destroys the engine, and the
dam starts to collapse. Amiko had disabled the generators, and Magneto grabs
Shinobi, who flees; Magneto chases him and disperses his intangible atoms, but is
then knocked down by a fallen beam.
	Logan gets the others into Zemoıs helicopter and goes back for Magneto; the
dam bursts; Magneto, in extreme pain, lifts them up in a magnetic bubble. 
	They find refuge on the White Queenıs island; Magneto is in a wheelchair, and
he sits with his daughter as she dies. Amiko tells Logan that when the Silver
Samurai became emperor, he faked her death to keep her safe. She trained to be
like Logan, and the Samurai sent her to infiltrate Shinobiıs organization. The
White Queen arranges to turn Psylocke over to her brother. Amiko and Magneto join
Jubileeıs team. 

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