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Last updated 2006 August 3

A Multiverse of Discourse

This web site is a fully cited and volunteer edited historical or ontological database for (usually) fictional stories of any medium and language, specializing in serials, that indexes both the events detailed in the stories, and the publications they appear in.

What This Is Intended To Be

This site is intended to be an actual multi-editor database (the current site is static files). The database is an ongoing project with great and vast plans going for it. When this is complete I expect to have a fan-edited resource with full citations that lists fiction from a wide range of media from around the world, cross-referenced with information on creators of said works, character appearances, crossovers, timelines, publication dates, and so on. In addition, works created by fans of the above fictions will be indexed and cross-referenced where appropriate, including fan fictions, fan art, fan websites, and fan translations of works into languages where they weren't officially published. In addition, the site might be available simultaneously in multiple languages. Initially the focus of this site will be on science fiction and fantasy with modern-day settings, and it will be editable by approved site visitors using a web interface.

What This Is Today

What you see on this site right now is a 3MB+ collection of source text data which I have the authors' permission to use in my database. It is meant to be a description of the Marvel x-titles and related books arranged in order of continuity, and be an index to said books at the same time with synopsis, creator credits, and characters.

I would like to thank Eric Borer, Robert Diehl, William George Fergusun, Alan Quan, Markus Mueller and Paulo Costa, James Manning, Dan Wilson and Brian Alan Smith, Hypert, and Katya for their contributions. This site would be much smaller without them. See the Timelines section for Eric Borer's works and Indexes for the others. I would also like to thank Chuck Raney for convincing me to start a web site in the first place, rather than just sticking to my two FAQs (also found on "Timelines" and "Indexes").


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Bookmarks and Linking to this Site

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