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Last updated 2002 May 30

External Links

This section contains, you guessed it, external links to other websites that you may find interesting. The sites are grouped according to their main themes. Not all sites are on this page; ones that focus on issue indexes or continuity are in those respective sections of this site instead. This list is by no means exhaustive, but you are welcome to e-mail me with requests to add your site to it.

First Things First

Website of Darren Duncan: by Darren Duncan
-- This is my personal website, in case you were interested. It has nothing to do with X-Men, but is focused on explaining and showcasing my skills for potential employers; in fact, both that site and this X-titles one are generated by the same set of reusable Perl libraries which I wrote. Included are my resume, links to all the websites I have done. I should be adding more personal information some time or other.

Resource Directories

The Mutant Page: by Steve Thoemke
-- This was the original X-resource directory, and now it houses a substantial collection of: Mutant History, Mutant Indexes, Mutant Texts, Team Lineups, ...

Home Pages and Mailing Lists

Southern Comfort: by the members
-- website for the Gambit-friendly Rogue mailing list.

Gambit Guild: by the members
-- website for the Rogue-friendly Gambit mailing list.

Britain's Greatest Heroes: by Katya

X-Fans Discussion List Web Site -- Version 2.0: by Jacob "Dark Claw/DC" Bond
-- This web site respresents the X-Fans Discussion List, which is located on YahooGroups. The list has existed for well over six years now and its purpose is to give fans of the X-comics a place to discuss anything related to the X-Men. We are always looking for more members, especially those who love to post!

Mutatis Mutandis: by David Sanders

The Phoenix Force: by Rick Summers
-- a site dedicated to all those who have possessed the Phoenix Force and the lives of those who've been affected by it.

Subliminal Rachel Summers: by Edwin (subliminal)
-- A site dedicated to Rachel Summers.

X-Assault: by NixonVision
-- A popular Flash-based game where you can recruit a team of mutants from all over the x-verse and strategically have them fight everyone else. The game is constantly evolving to add new characters, and has other hidden surprises.

Rogue Unlimited: by Mitz Capalla (blueXrogue)
-- Too many stuff you can get and Too many fun you can have.

the Matt-Online X-Men Page: by Matt

Kitty Pryde Home Page: by Matt Thomason
-- everything you ever wanted to know about Kitty Pryde but were too busy to look it up yourself.

Ace's X-Men Site: by Don Thore (Ace)

The Dazzler Database: by Ben Ring (Havoc1)

X-Fan: the Unofficial X-Men Homepage: by Eric J. Moreels

Children of the Atom: by J. Logan Meller

X-Men Movie News

Coming Attractions: The X-Men: by Corona
-- Want to know what the latest scoop is on the X-Men movie? It's all right here, updated as news and scoops come in.

-- "The Laughing Man's report on an X-MEN script!!! Not necessarily THE script!"

The Marvel Universe: by Angell
-- reprints an interview with director Bryan Singer from Wizard #80, page 130.

X-Movie Casting Call: last maintained by Julian Murgatroyd
-- here's every suggestion for X-Men movie casting ever made on rac(m).xbooks (as of 13 Sep 1996).

Make Your Own X-Men Movie: by
-- If they're going to make an X-MEN movie, why not make one that's already been a blockbuster?

Find Your X-Men Genetic Mutation: by Liam Gorsky
-- The world is infested with groovy genetic mutations. This section of Gorsky's Comedy helps you to find yours, and see what you are able to do with it.

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