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Index to X-Men Volume I, since 281: 3 / 15

Author: Robert Diehl (rfdiehl@yahoo.com)
Updated: Version 2.1, last modified June 9, 2001

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Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 301
Date:	Jun-93
Story:	Dominion! (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Archangel, Iceman,
Colossus, Bishop
Regular Characters:	Dr. Moira MacTaggert
Guest Stars:	Illyana Rasputin, Forge, Opal Tanaka
Villains:	Selene (the Black Queen), Gamesmaster and 
the Upstarts: Trevor Fitzroy and Bantam, 
Shinobi Shaw, Sienna Blaze, Fabian Cortez, 
Graydon Creed; Mystique
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: Jon Romita, Jr.
	Inks: Dan Green
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Steve Buccellato
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Fitzroy has Selene captive and is "spooling"
her: continuously shredding and reintegrating 
her. He's using her agony to get the 
Gamesmaster's attention to call a meeting of 
the Upstarts on the astral plane and announce 
the next mutant whose murder is worth the 
most points: Forge.
	Piotr is stuck in armored form (because of 
injuries, Ann. 17), and he and Illyana nurse 
each other. Moira and Xavier debate whether 
Illyana really has the Legacy Virus, and if they 
should tell Piotr. Xavier has contacted Forge to 
help the Shi'ar med lab do a proper diagnosis.
	Forge is in his lab in Eagle Plaza in Dallas, 
working for the Pentagon. He regrets not 
alerting the X-Men that Magneto may have 
survived (iss. 299), but he wants to distance 
himself from Ororo. He works out with 
Mystique, who lost her mind after Destiny 
was killed (iss. 256).
	Ororo and Bishop, who aren't sure if they're 
dating, fly the Blackbird to Dallas, and 
Cerebro detects another mutant approaching. 
Forge's alarms go off, and Fitzroy bursts 
through his defenses. Forge has Mystique call 
for help; Fitzroy boasts of his armor, from the 
future; Forge's gun, invented this morning, 
blows him through the wall.
	Opal visits the mansion to talk to Bobby about 
Hiro (iss. 290), but Warren interrupts, saying 
they have to go to Texas.
	Fitzroy plays possum, breaks Forge's bionic 
leg, then catches his bionic hand, so when he 
tries to siphon energy, it explodes. Bishop 
arrives; Fitzroy attacks him, and he implodes, 
revealing him to be Mystique.
	Ororo flies toward the building, just as the top 
floors explode.

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 302
Date:	Jul-93
Story:	Province (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Jean Grey, Archangel,
Iceman, Storm, 
Colossus, Jubilee, Bishop
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Illyana Rasputin, Kitty Pryde
Villains:	Trevor Fitzroy, Mystique
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: Jon Romita, Jr.
	Inks: Dan Green, Dan Panosian
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos, Jon Babcock
	Colors: Steve Buccellato
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Steel, glass, and concrete rain down on 
bystanders below. Ororo uses her power to 
sweep it away, also blowing over a mutant 
hater in the crowd.
	Bishop enters the flaming building, worried 
that Forge won't become Genesis, take over 
after the Summers Rebellion, and establish the 
XSE. He finds a futuristic machine still 
standing and realizes Fitzroy is involved.
	Ororo is in trouble, since her wind just keeps 
knocking more debris loose, and a piece hits 
her in the head. The mob surrounds her, but 
then a cop arrives and protects her.
	Bishop finds Forge, who tells him to get 
Mystique to a medic and says Fitzroy is 
somewhere under the rubble.
	Bobby arrives, cools off the mutant hater, then 
fences off the mob with ice. Jean shatters 
Fitzroy's exoskeleton; Forge stops Bishop from 
blasting him, giving him time to cloak himself, 
and he catches them both behind the neck and 
starts siphoning. Piotr tackles him, says he's 
fed up with would-be mutant dictators, even 
Xavier, and punches him repeatedly, until 
Warren catches his arm. Piotr pushes Warren 
through the wall, so the rest of the team has to 
restrain him. Jean points to Fitzroy and says 
Piotr shouldn't want a world where violence 
begets violence. Even Bishop advises him to 
stand down.
	Jubilee is in the mansion, not studying 
algebra. She answers the door and finds Kitty, 
who has come because of Illyana.

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 303
Date:	Aug-93
Story:	Going Through the Motions (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Jean Grey, Iceman, Storm,
Jubilee, Bishop; Cyclops, Nightcrawler (both 
in flashback)
Regular Characters:	Dr. Moira MacTaggert
Guest Stars:	Kitty Pryde; New Mutants: Sunspot, 
Cannonball, Mirage, Cypher, Wolfsbane, 
Magma, Warlock (all in flashback)
Villains:	Arcade (in flashback)
Other Characters:	Nikolai and Alexandra Rasputin (both
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: Richard Bennett
	Inks: Richard Bennett, Dan Green
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Joe Rosas
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Jean checks on Jubilee, who is sulking in 
Xavier's Ready Room. She refuses to cry or to 
	Six hours ago: most of the X-Men were in 
Texas or Japan, and Illyana was sick. Xavier 
was waiting for Forge to help with the 
medical equipment, and Illyana was happy to 
see Kitty. 
	Jean explains that Illyana had been older, as 
Magik, and friends with Kitty (see various 
issues of the New Mutants), even after she 
was reverted to childhood and returned to 
	Jubilee realized Xavier had no cure. She sat 
with Kitty, who translated, to talk with 
Illyana, and made friends with both of them. 
Ororo reported in that Fitzroy was in custody, 
and Forge kept Piotr from being arrested for 
assault. Then Illyana had a downturn, and 
everyone scrambled. Xavier put a Shi'ar 
helmet on her that would only keep her DNA 
in its current state; Moira refused to doom 
Illyana to a life in a coma, and Kitty 
passionately agreed with her. Jubilee can't 
think of anything to do, so she gets Kitty's 
Bamf doll and puts it under Illyana's arm; 
later, when things were calm, she read Hans 
Christian Andersen to her in English. Then it 
	The Blackbird returned, and Bobby was about 
to make jokes, when he realized. Xavier broke 
the news to Piotr, who showed no reaction.
	Jubilee tells Jean that the X-Men could handle 
everything, but couldn't save one little girl. 
Now she just wants to be left alone. Jean hugs 
her instead, saying between birth and death 
we only have each other.

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 304
Date:	Sep-93
Story:	?For What I Have Done (51 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Cyclops, Jean Grey,
Beast, Archangel, 
Iceman, Storm, Wolverine, Banshee, Colossus, 
Rogue, Jubilee, Gambit, Bishop 
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Lilandra, Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler;
Rictor, Cannonball, Boomer, Feral, Shatterstar, 
Sunspot; X-Factor: Havok, Polaris, Strong Guy, 
Multiple Man, Wolfsbane, Quicksilver
Villains:	Magneto and his Acolytes: Fabian Cortez,
and Harlan Kleinstock, Joanna Cargill, 
Carmella Unuscione, Senyaka, Javitz, Scanner, 
Milan, Amelia Voght, Katu, Exodus
Other Characters:	Anya (in flashback)
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: John Romita Jr., Jae Lee, Chris 
Sprouse, Brandon Peterson, Paul Smith
	Inks: Dan Green, Dan Panosian, Terry Austin, 
Tom Palmer, Keith Williams
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Mike Thomas
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Note: this is part 3 of the Fatal
	The Acolytes attack Cortez when Exodus tells 
them he tried to kill Magneto. He pushes them 
back and denies the charge.
	Exodus proclaims himself the voice of 
Magneto, says the Acolytes should prepare for 
the ascension, and tells Cortez Magneto will 
let him live, implying he will die of the Legacy 
	Xavier has changed his self-image three times: 
when he realized he was a mutant, when he 
lost his legs, and now at his biggest failure, the 
death of Illyana Rasputin. Lilandra contacts 
him by holographic projection and says he 
tried his best and he isn't alone. The 
transmission cuts out; Xavier knows he is 
truly alone. Even his allies in the Mutant 
Underground are distant contacts.
	Magneto is on his space station, Avalon. 
(Chrome had changed him to omnium steel, 
dying to save him, X-Men II:3.) He 
remembers when he was just Eric Lensherr, 
who lost his daughter in a fire and lashed out 
with his newfound mutant power. Soldiers 
tracked him, caught him, shot him. He forced 
one soldiers to shoot the others and them 
himself, and lost his own humanity. Now, he 
dons his helmet and pledges to protect 
mutants by force.
	Kitty wishes they weren't mutants and Illyana 
was still alive; Ororo takes her flying, 
cheering her up until she sees Piotr burning 
all his paintings. He is impassive and metal; all 
she can do is rescue the portrait of Illyana 
from him.
	Bishop tells Sean future rumors of him as the 
leader of the next generation of mutants; Sean 
doesn't want to hear it, since that future is a 
dark one.
	X's from all over attend Illyana's funeral, at 
the cemetery of the old pilgrim chapel 
adjacent to the estate. Ororo gives the eulogy, 
saying how she triumphed over evil (New 
Mutants 73). Xavier tries to comfort Piotr, but 
he yells, saying his dream failed. Xavier 
calmly agrees with him, then Magneto 
descends from the sky. He says he has been 
recuperating, watching mutant factions fight 
each other, and offers all of them sanctuary 
from the coming genocide. 
	The X-Men charge up; Magneto forces 
Logan's claws to retract, destroys Xavier's 
wheelchair, and holds all of them still by the 
iron in their blood. Then he wraps Senyaka in 
his own whip, as punishment for murdering 
without permission (X-Factor 92). He lowers 
Avalon from the sky; Xavier recognizes the 
pilfered Shi'ar technology; Exodus begins 
raising mutants to it, but Xavier rejects his 
appeal, saying he's no better than Hitler. 
	Bishop overloads from Magneto's power, 
blasting him through the chapel, which he 
destroys in anger while Scott has the team 
recharge Bishop with all their energy 
signatures. Rogue tries to get Magneto to see 
reason, and when that doesn't work she kisses 
him, but she can't absorb enough power to 
make a difference. He thanks her, pushes her 
away, and wraps the others in iron fenceposts.
	Bishop, Remy, Sunspot, and Bobby blast 
Magneto, while Jean and Ororo keep Avalon 
aloft. Piotr makes his decision, pounds Bishop, 
and joins Magneto, whose dream is the same 
as Xavier's, differing only in method. Xavier 
takes over Magneto, using his power to keep 
Avalon together. He appeals to him to 
remember the dream they both promised to 
keep and says he always hoped he would 
come to his senses, but if he won't, Xavier will 
take responsibility for him. He has Magneto 
lift them both to Avalon, then fling it into 
space. He drops, knowing his X-Men will 
catch him, and Warren does.
	Note: continued in X-Men II:25.

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 305
Date:	Oct-93
Story:	The Measure of the Man (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Iceman, Storm, Rogue,
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Opal Tanaka
Villains:	Sen. Robert Kelly
Other Characters:	Ambassador Louis St. Croix
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: John Duuresma
	Inks: Jose Marzan
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Joe Rosas
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Bobby goes to Opal's house in Montclair, NJ;

silent gunmen attack them. Bobby throws up 
an ice shield while Rogue and Bishop knock 
out the men, who dissolve into sludge.
	Opal demands answers: Bobby says Cerebro 
identified anomalies nearby. Opal resents 
being bait, and when Bobby tries to explain 
what he's been busy with, she gets angrier, 
wanting to live a normal, boring life.  
	Xavier and Ororo are at a party in DC, 
listening to St. Croix argue with Kelly about 
Magneto. Xavier speaks with St. Croix, who is 
an early member of his Mutant Underground 
(and distinctly Caucasian). Ororo asks him 
why, and he explains: in 1947 he and his new 
bride Lenore were hit by a drunk driver. The 
trauma triggered her mutant power, which 
scared off the ambulance drivers, so she died.
	The Blackbird hovers cloaked over the 
Parkway. Inside, the X-Men interrogate the 
surviving gunman with no luck. So Rogue 
touches him, he explodes, and she starts to 
	St. Croix informs them about the assassination 
attempt on Magneto (X-Men Unlimited 2), 
and that they used a suit to be invisible to his 
powers. Xavier wants Ororo to steal data 
about it, for Forge. This is the first moment she 
ever doubted him, but she goes.
	Bishop grabs Rogue so she absorbs his powers, 
which disrupt hers long enough for her to 
reincorporate. Rogue got one word from the 
gunman: "Hodge."
	Ororo remembers how she met Xavier in 
Cairo: she picked his pocket, and he spoke to 
her mind, and was then attacked by Amahl 
Farouk. She wonders if he implanted a 
suggestion in her mind. She breaks into the 
facility and returns with a disk full of data. 
She tells Xavier never to ask her steal again.

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 306
Date:	Nov-93
Story:	Mortal Coils (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Jean Grey, Beast,
Archangel, Storm, 
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Candy Southern, Quicksilver, Forge
Villains:	Cameron Hodge
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: John Romita, Jr.
	Inks: Dan Green
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: S. Bucce
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Note: this occurs between iss. 304 and X-Men

	Warren takes Jean flying in the Colorado 
Rockies. Playfully, he lets them drop and asks 
for a kiss good-bye; Jean says, "If I kissed 
every guy every time I almost died, my lips 
would have fallen off years ago," and she 
catches them telekinetically. He tells her Scott 
is a fool for not marrying her years ago, and 
he remembers losing his one true love, Candy 
Southern (killed by Cameron Hodge in X-
Factor 34).
	Just then, Candy walks through the door. 
Warren thinks she's is a construct like the 
ones that attacked Bobby; Jean says she has a 
	Uncharacteristically, Xavier is working out 
with Quicksilver in the Danger Room, in a 
weightless environment. He finds it hard to 
catch his quick mind and gets a knuckle 
sandwich for his efforts. He comes back 
throwing a handful of dust and insults about 
Quicksilver's father; Beast calls time before it 
can go further.
	Ororo goes to a restaurant in the West Village 
to meet Forge (recently head of X-Factor, X-
Factor 93). He regrets walking away mad (iss. 
290) and wants her back, at least as a friend. 
They dance, though there is no music.
	Candy asks Jean to read her mind; she merges 
Warren in, as well. They see her death, and 
Warren realizes she was awake, and saw him 
kill Hodge.
	Later, she woke in a lab, but before they can 
identify the scientists responsible, a psionic 
failsafe goes off. Then Hodge reveals himself, 
and Warren attacks, but he is now mostly T-
O, as is Candy. He tries to use her for spare 
parts, but she doesn't want to be used and 
starts to rip herself apart, so Jean shuts down 
her pain receptors. Hodge absorbs a lamp and 
a chair and says there are more like him 
passing as human all around the world. 
Candy's self-destruction overloads him and he 
explodes; Candy gurgles her love for Warren 
and dies (again).
	Note: a preview of the Midnight Sons line is 

Issue:	Avengers 368
Date:	Nov-93
Story:	Bloodties Part 1: Family Legacy (21 pages)
Feature Characters:	Capt. America, Hercules,
Giant-Man, Vision, 
Black Widow, Sersi, Black Knight, War 
Machine, Crystal
Regular Characters:	Marilla, Luna
Guest Stars:	Avengers West Coast: Hawkeye, Spider-
Woman, Scarlet Witch, U.S. Agent; Prof. X 
and the X-Men: Beast, Storm, Iceman, Gambit, 
Rogue, Bishop, Cyclops, Jean Grey; 
Quicksilver, Val Cooper, SHIELD including 
Nick Fury, Philip Moreau, Jennifer Ransome, 
Trish Tilby
Villains:	Fabian Cortez, Henry Peter Gyrich; Genoshan 
humans and mutates including 682
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Bob Harras
	Pencils: Steve Epting
	Inks: Tom Palmer
	Letters: Bill Oakley
	Colors: Tom Palmer
	Editor: Ralph Macchio
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
	Special Thanks To: Scott Lobdell, Fabian 
Synopsis:	Cortez sits atop a skyscraper in Hammer Bay,

holding Luna, and waits for her parents 
(Quicksilver and Crystal) and grandfather 
(Magneto) to respond.
	Cooper briefs Fury and Gyrich at the Bureau 
of Mutant Affairs: Magneto's E-M pulse (X-
Men II:25) scared the Genoshans into trying 
to slaughter their mutates, but the mutates 
fought back and took over. The U.S. President 
wants Xavier to broker a peace, but Fury 
unenthusiastic. Jets are launched from the 
SHIELD helicarrier, with orders to secure and 
subdue. Fury is sent to tell the Avengers to stay 
out of it until the UN can act; Crystal realizes 
her daughter is in danger and rushes to take 
her from her nanny, Marilla. But it isn't her: 
she transforms into a mutate, who tells the 
mutates are on the warpath, then explodes.
	In Westchester, Ransome and Moreau tell 
Xavier how vicious the war has become; he 
agrees to go, with Gyrich, U.S. Agent, and 
Beast as bodyguards. Gyrich tells Beast that 
his girlfriend Tilby made the videotape that 
alerted the world to the genocide.
	Quicksilver has been visiting the X-mansion 
and he considers visiting Crystal, to try to 
restore their marriage. Xavier interrupts a 
Danger Room session, telling the X-Men to 
rendezvous with him in Genosha. Storm is 
unenthusiastic (cf. UXM 270-272).
	Crystal created a cyclone to redirect the 
explosion; Black Knight tries to comfort her, 
but she is furious and leads the Avengers to 
Genosha. Fury has orders to stop them, and 
SHIELD surrounds the building.
	Cortez broadcasts and announcement that his 
mutates have taken over Hammer Bay, and if 
the human army doesn't surrender, he'll begin 
executing prisoners.
	Note: continued in X-Men II:26.

Issue:	Avengers West Coast 101
Date:	Dec-93
Story:	Bloodties Part 3: Genosha, Mon Amour (22 
Feature Characters:	Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, Scarlet
Witch, U.S. 
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Avengers: Capt. America, Hercules, Giant-
Man, Vision, Black Widow, Sersi, Black 
Knight, War Machine, Crystal; Prof. X and the 
X-Men: Beast, Cyclops, Gambit, Bishop, 
Rogue, Jean Grey, Archangel, Storm, Iceman; 
SHIELD, Quicksilver
Villains:	Fabian Cortez, Exodus, Genoshan humans 
including the Magistrate Elite, mutates 
including the Unforgiven including Skelter, 
Other Characters:	 
Credits:	Writer: Roy Thomas
	Pencils: Dave Ross
	Inks: Tim Dzon
	Letters: Steve Dutro
	Colors: Bob Sharen
	Editor: Nel Yomtov
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Hawkeye (plus Spider-Woman, Vision, Black 
Widow, and Hercules) crashes the UN 
Security Council meeting on Genosha, furious 
that SHIELD tried to stop the Avengers from 
getting involved and threatening to end their 
UN charter.
	In Hammer Bay, Exodus greets Cap (plus 
Black Knight, Sersi, War Machine, Crystal, 
and Scarlet Witch). He realizes Scarlet Witch 
ally with him, so he flies off, and when Crystal 
tries to stop him, he blasts her psionically. 
Then War Machine scuffles with him, while 
the others try to keep humans and mutates 
from killing each other; Crystal separates 
them with a deluge, then goes to find Luna. 
Scarlet Witch goes along to keep her from 
killing anyone.
	Xavier takes Hank and U.S. Agent into the 
tunnels to reveal hundreds of mutates being 
held captive by the Magistrate Elite.
	The X-Men battle the Unforgiven. Jean falls; 
Warren and Remy protect her, and she says 
she has locked onto Luna. The X-Men defeat 
the rest and capture Cortez, who turns out to 
be a mutate shape-shifter.
	Exodus tells War Machine that some species 
are born to be masters and some slaves; he 
rams him, but Exodus just catches him, 
scrambles his mind, and lets him fall to the 
ground. Then Sersi attacks.
	Note: continued in UXM 307.

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 307
Date:	Dec-93
Story:	Bloodties Part 4: Night and Fog (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Cyclops, Jean Grey,
Beast, Archangel, 
Iceman, Storm, Rogue, Psylocke, Gambit, 
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Jennifer Ransome, Philip Moreau,
Luna; Avengers: Capt. America, Hercules, 
Giant-Man, Vision, Black Widow, Sersi, Black 
Knight, War Machine, Crystal; Avengers West 
Coast: U.S. Agent, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, 
Scarlet Witch
Villains:	Fabian Cortez; Genoshan humans including 
the Magistrate Elite, mutates; Exodus
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: John Romita, Jr.
	Inks: Dan Green
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Buccellato, Somers
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	The Magistrate Elite explain the mutate 
concentration camp is to quarantine them: 
they all have the Legacy Virus. Xavier 
psionically blasts their equipment, letting 
Hank and U.S. Agent defeat them, and letting 
Moreau realize he is a mutant.
	Black Widow speaks to the UN for the 
Avengers and resigns their commission, 
saying the team is out of politics. The X-Men 
reach Hammer Bay and find slaughtered 
	The Sersi and Exodus blastathon is a draw, 
and they are destroying Hammer Bay. Black 
Knight intervenes between them, recognizes 
Exodus from somewhere, and orders Sersi to 
stand down.
	Jean and Quicksilver are in the sewers, trying 
to track Luna; they run into Crystal and 
Scarlet Witch, doing the same. Quicksilver 
and Crystal embrace, then Cortez shows up 
with Luna as a hostage. Quicksilver blocks 
Scarlet Witch's hex, since Cortez can 
manipulate the powers of others. Crystal begs 
the life of her child; Cortez is distraught with 
fear of Magneto and Exodus and thinks she's 
his only shield. Exodus crashes through the 
ceiling, and Cortez calls on the others to 
destroy him.

Issue:	Avengers 369
Date:	Dec-93
Story:	Bloodties Part 5: Of Kith and Kin (40 pages)
Feature Characters:	Capt. America, Hercules,
Giant-Man, Vision, 
Black Widow, Sersi, Black Knight, War 
Machine, Crystal
Regular Characters:	Luna
Guest Stars:	Quicksilver, SHIELD including Nick Fury, 
Trish Tilby; Avengers West Coast: Hawkeye, 
Scarlet Witch, U.S. Agent; Prof. X and the X-
Men: Beast, Storm, Iceman, Gambit, Rogue, 
Bishop, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Revanche; Philip 
Moreau, Jennifer Ransome 
Villains:	Fabian Cortez, Exodus, Henry Peter Gyrich; 
Genoshan magistrates, mutates including the 
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Bob Harras
	Pencils: Steve Epting, Jan Duuresema
	Inks: Tom Palmer
	Letters: Bill Oakley
	Colors: Mike Rockwitz
	Editor: Ralph Macchio
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Avengers West Coast is on the SHIELD 
helicarrier, on the way to Genosha, which 
Exodus has encased in an energy barrier. 
Cortez is cornered and scared out of his wits, 
saying Magneto was a fool to awaken Exodus. 
He holds Luna hostage, and when Quicksilver 
races towards him he shuts off his power. 
	Exodus says he is the true heir of Magneto 
and plans to kill Cortez. First he takes over his 
motor functions and forces him to hand over 
Luna. Then, as Jean calls for him to stop, he 
blasts Cortez, and then the rest of them. 
	X-Men and Avengers clean up after the battles 
in Hammer Bay, as Tilby continues reporting. 
They realize Exodus's barrier has cut them off 
from the outside world, and they agree to 
team up. War Machine's sensors don't register 
the barrier, so he flies into it, gets knocked 
down, and Storm and Sersi catch him. Storm 
says it must be a telekinetic barrier. Just then 
Xavier shouts a telepathic call for aid; 
magistrates are firing on him in the mutate 
concentration camp. Gyrich reflects on the 
irony of dying while defending mutants; 
Ransome gets tagged in the shoulder; the X-
Men and Avengers come to the rescue and 
make short work of the magistrates.
	From a distance, Exodus lashes out at Rogue, 
who he says also betrayed Magneto. Then he 
speeds up Quicksilver and says he plans to kill 
millions. Aboard the helicarrier, Vision 
realizes that the force barrier is shrinking and 
will crush all beneath it.
	Exodus arrives with Jean, Quicksilver, Crystal, 
Scarlet Witch, and Luna all under his control 
(!), says Magneto always respected Xavier, 
calls for the rescued mutates to kill the 
humans, and psionically enhances their fear 
and hatred. The heroes split up to put down 
the mob and to attack Exodus. Neither force 
makes much headway, and the barrier starts 
to crush the tallest skyscraper.
	Exodus holds Luna aloft, ready to kill her. 
Quicksilver and Crystal recoil in horror; 
Xavier psi-blasts Exodus, but he was 
expecting it, then the Black Knight slices him 
from behind, which he wasn't expecting, and 
he falls. Luna is reunited with her parents.
	Xavier calls upon the mutates to stop the war: 
oppression is no excuse for the murder of 
innocents. He tells Exodus he is too young and 
raw and overextended himself, while Jean 
secretly probed for weaknesses. Exodus says 
he'll learn, blasts Quicksilver, and flies away. 
Black Knight does CPR on Quicksilver and 
brings him back; Crystal thanks him. Dawn 
breaks over Hammer Bay; the helicarrier is 
ready to start humanitarian relief. Ransome 
tells Xavier it's hypocritical to hide the fact 
he's a mutant, but he's not sure. Cap says, 
"Charles, in a world where we continuously 
find reasons to hate and kill one another, who 
can ever be sure?quot; 

Issue:	Black Knight and Exodus
Date:	Dec-96
Story:	The Bond (40 pages)
Feature Characters:	the Black Knight (Dane Whitman,
a.k.a. Sir 
Eobar Garrington), Sersi
Regular Characters:	 
Guest Stars:	Avengers: Giant Man, Vision, Capt.
Crystal (all in flashback) 
Villains:	Exodus (Bennet du Paris), Sahreed, a scarab 
beast, Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur)
Other Characters:	knights including Angus
Credits:	Writer: Ben Raab
	Pencils: Jimmy Cheung 
	Inks: Andy Lanning 
	Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
	Colors: Tom Zuiko
	Editor: Kelly Corvese
	Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras
Synopsis:	Sersi struggles to hold a portal open, to
get her 
and Dane back from a parallel dimension. He 
wakes, with Bennet calling him Eobar 
Garrington and saying they're best friends. He 
doesn't remember anything but finds they are 
knights in the Crusades, wandering with 
Bedouins in the desert, on a quest to the 
Eternal Pharaoh in his tower near Akkaba. 
Sahreed is their guide, and a servant of the 
Pharaoh. He tries to take the ebon sword; 
Dane knocks him down and fires him; the 
sword is one thing he remembers. 
	Sersi spies outside, trying to figure how to 
complete her bond with Dane (the Gann 
Josin), if his mind is in his ancestor's body. 
Knights catch her; she turns them to stone, but 
then her power backfires and knocks her cold. 
Dane half-remembers her and halts her 
execution, but he refuses to use her as a 
sorceress, since that would be heresy. Bennet 
argues with him, saying this is a test of 
loyalty, and Dane has changed. That night, 
Bennet leaves camp alone, driving his camel 
through a sandstorm till it collapses. 
	Dane wants to go look for him, at night. Sersi 
instead tries to reopen the portal, but she falls. 
He is astounded, and then he remembers her 
	Bennet trudges through a valley, desperate to 
find the tower. A voice challenges him to be 
one of the strong; he accepts; a boulder falls 
toward him; his mutant power manifests, and 
he bursts it apart. Then an insect-like being 
battles him, knocks his sword away, names 
him Exodus, and says his only hope is within 
him. So he reaches inside and disintegrates the 
beast. Then he disappears.
	Dane and Sersi ride a camel across the 
trackless sands. She explains to him who he 
really is, and he realizes if Dane is to live, 
Garrington must die. He kisses her, willing to 
risk his life for his descendant, and she 
psionically removes Eobar's soul from his 
body. Dane comes to and realizes he's in his 
ancestor's body.
	Sahreed leaps from under the sand and 
attacks; his arms are tentacles; Dane cuts 
them off and demands to know where Bennet 
is; he belongs to Apocalypse now.
	Dane and Sersi find themselves hanging by 
chains on a wall of Apocalypse's fortress. They 
recognize Exodus from the future (UXM 307); 
he takes Dane to test him; Sersi easily breaks 
	Apocalypse orders Exodus to kill Dane; Dane 
fights back and cuts Exodus's forehead but 
chooses not to kill him. Sersi attacks 
telepathically and goads Dane to finish him, 
but he feels the bonds of friendship, and Sersi 
loses her grip. Exodus refuses to kill them and 
blasts Apocalypse, who easily wraps him in a 
force bubble and takes away the power he 
	Six months later, Exodus is still unconscious, 
and Dane and Sersi place him in one of 
Apocalypse's crypts in the Alps. The other 
knights vow to guard it in perpetuity.

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 308
Date:	Jan-94
Story:	Mixed Blessings (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Cyclops, Jean Grey,
Beast, Archangel, 
Iceman, Storm, Banshee, Rogue, Psylocke, 
Revanche, Jubilee, Gambit, Bishop
Regular Characters:	Dr. Moira MacTaggert
Guest Stars:	Rachel Summers, Nathan Christopher 
Summers (in flashback), Forge, Trish Tilby, 
Det. Charlotte Jones 
Villains:	the Phoenix Force (in flashback); Phalanx 
including Mauro
Other Characters:	William and Maddy Drake 
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: John Romita, Jr.
	Inks: Dan Green, Al Vey
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Steve Buccellato
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	On Thanksgiving morning, Scott and Jean 
stroll, and she reminisces: 
	Shortly after she joined the team, he was in 
the Danger Room doing repairs, and she went 
to talk to him. Red eyes met green eyes; he fell 
off his ladder; she caught him telekinetically. 
	 "Relax. I've got you." 
	 "I don't doubt that you do, Jean."
	(He's such a smoothie.) As a telepath (or 
perhaps just as a woman), she remembers 
every thought, sight, smell, and taste.
	Jubilee on his back, Hank bounds through and 
into the leaves Sean, Forge, and Ororo were 
raking. Ororo was told it would be 
therapeutic, but now she yells at him, so he 
buries her in leaves.
	Remy, Rogue, and Bobby show Bishop how to 
make scarecrows; he reminisces about fleeing 
marrow-sucking Emplates in his childhood. 
Scott tosses a football, but Bishop doesn't 
understand that, either. Jean sees how easily 
Scott finds the right touch for everyone.
	She remembers Xavier helping her after three 
years in a coma: he showed her she was 
subconsciously reaching out to Scott, 
circumventing the failsafes he placed in her 
mind. She asked him what if Scott didn't love 
her back; he said it's called "risk." Later, she 
first consciously used her powers, creating an 
image of Scott.
	Scott says Jean is his inspiration and 
remembers fighting beside the Phoenix force, 
being blasted, and seeing it lash out to avenge 
him. But Jean's humanity reached out from 
the bottom of the East River and saved them 
	In St. Louis, Mauro gets in a van marked 
	The X-Men play football, but Warren swoops 
in and steals the ball. Scott and Jean, sitting on 
a hill nearby, are glad to see them acting like 
family. Jean talks about starting a family, and 
Scott strategically says they already have 
Rachel and Nathan.
	Xavier interrupts the game to announce 
dinner. A fumble; the ball bounces into 
Xavier's lap; he gets tackled.
	Jean: "Marry me."
	Scott: "Wha--?! What did you say?quot;
	Jean: "I'm tired of waiting, Scott" (Note: this 
speech is missing!! but can be found on the 
letters page of iss. 310. Note also: she's been 
waiting since 1963.)
	He reminds her she already turned him down 
(X-Factor 53); she says she's ready now. He 
says he loves her, and they embrace, framed 
by a romantic sunset.
	The X-Men are joined at table by family and 
friends. Xavier speaks, reflecting on the past 
year: Illyana's death, Piotr's defection, Logan's 
injuries. He is thankful the X-Men are still 
with him, still striving for the day they're no 
longer needed.
	Scott and Jean announce their engagement, to 
general acclaim and one wet blanket: Xavier 
has reservations. At least he keeps quiet; "for 
these few moment, his 'children' are happy."

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