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Index to X-Men Volume I, since 281: 4 / 15

Author: Robert Diehl (rfdiehl@yahoo.com)
Updated: Version 2.1, last modified June 9, 2001

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Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 309
Date:	Feb-94
Story:	?When the Tigers Come at Night! (20 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Jean Grey; Cyclops (in a
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Gabrielle Haller, Lilandra Neramani,
Voght (in a dream)
Villains:	Magneto, Kurt Marko (in a dream)
Other Characters:	Sharon Xavier (in a dream)
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: John Romita, Jr.
	Inks: Dan Green, Jon Holdredge
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Steve Buccellato
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Note: this occurs after X-Men II:28.
	Xavier remembers nearly dying in Antarctica 
(X-Men Unlimited 1) and feeling both afraid 
and relieved. He has lived his life trying to 
change the world and just wanted to rest. 
	He was rescued and revived; now he 
remembers his mysterious benefactor was 
Magneto. He feels guilty over wiping his mind 
(X-Men II:25); his conscience is one of the 
things that makes him different from 
Magneto, to whom he is now talking in his 
dreams (cf. the Onslaught crossover).
	Magneto asks for one word to describes him: 
Xavier replies, "Abuse." Magneto asks him if 
he ever abused his own power, to take what 
he wanted. Xavier denies any resentment of 
Scott and Jean's happiness, compared to the 
waste of his own life.
	Magneto asks about his family; he tells about 
his beloved mother. Magneto forces him to be 
honest, his mother accepting beatings from 
Kurt Marko and drinking too much. Xavier 
says she married him for her son's sake, and 
he used his emerging psychic powers to 
comfort her.
	Magneto says he has a fetish for aiding 
helpless human women. Xavier remembers 
leaving Gabrielle, and Moira dumping him for 
Joe. He has Lilandra; Magneto laughs at this 
interstellar relationship.
	Xavier admits to unfinished business: after he 
was first crippled in Tibet (iss. 20), he was in 
a hospital in Bombay and wanted to die. 
Amelia was his nurse and was the first 
woman who didn't need him but just wanted 
	Then she found his notes on creating Cerebro 
and angrily accused him of using her because 
she's a mutant. He demonstrated his telepathy; 
she realized she wasn't the only freak in the 
world; they embraced, his first positive 
meeting with another mutant.
	Later, they returned to the States. He attended 
Columbia; she reluctantly helped him compile 
prospective X-Men. When he brought Scott 
into the mansion, she left him, foreseeing that 
his team-building would spur a genetic arms 
race. She preferred to remain hidden and safe 
and said, "You can't change the world with a 
dream, Charles," and she left.
	Magneto makes him admit the whole truth: 
panicked, he momentarily took control of her 
mind, then recoiled in horror at himself. She 
said nothing, just slapped him. He still feels 
guilty, abusing her like his stepfather forced 
his mother. He swears he'll never be like that, 
like Magneto, who says he can strive for his 
dream and achieve personal happiness, too.
	Jean wakes him; he was napping by the fire. 
He apologizes for letting the X-Men down; she 
says that although they disagree with 
harboring Sabretooth (X-Men Unlimited 3), 
they all owe him a debt. Xavier asks her to do 
something for him: to love Scott, because the 
chance for happiness is what the X-Men were 
created to secure. They embrace and say they 
love each other.

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 310
Date:	Mar-94
Story:	"?Show Me the Way To Go Home?quot; (22 
Feature Characters:	Cyclops, Beast, Archangel, Iceman,
Gambit, Bishop; Jean Grey (in flashback)
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Forge, Cable, Nightcrawler; Askani,
Jones (in flashback)
Villains:	X-Cutioner (Carl Denti), Sabretooth, Emma 
Grace Frost
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: John Romita, Jr.
	Inks: Dan Green 
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Steve Buccellato
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Scott and Sean are on their way to Scott's 
bachelor party, when an alarm goes off in the 
Danger Room, in the depths of the mansion. 
They are shocked to find a holographic replay 
of Scott giving Nathan Christopher to Askani 
(X-Factor 68). The computer refuses to shut it 
off, so Scott blasts the controls. Cable reveals 
himself; he wanted to get Scott's attention. 
Scott recently learned Cable is his son (Cable 
7), back from the future. 
	Sean is ready to attack him, for corrupting his 
daughter (Siryn, X-Force 3), but Scott sends 
him ahead to the party, in a bar in Greenwich 
Village, which is a dud, especially when 
Bishop starts comparing it to future rites of 
passing and Hank starts telling jokes in Latin.
	X-Cutioner has piggybacked Cable's bodyslide 
into the mansion, looking for a particular 
	Cable got the wedding invitation and 
sarcastically asks if he's supposed to carry the 
rings. He's angry that Scott gave him up, 
dispassionate and not considering the effect 
on his life. 
	Warren muses if he can convince Jean to 
dump Scott at the altar. Remy asks him about 
having Sabretooth in the house; he says there's 
obviously a skeleton in Remy's closet, but he 
doesn't care. Remy moves on to Bobby, who is 
busy being carded.
	Scott has the computer bring up his personal 
logs, which reveal his anguish and guilt after 
giving up his son. Cable says that doesn't 
change anything, and Scott didn't think it 
	Sabretooth the uninvited guest and alerts 
Scott. X-Cutioner breaks into the med lab, to 
get at Frost (middle name Grace, comatose 
since iss. 283). He raises a hand to execute 
her, but Scott, wordlessly, blasts him. When 
he bodyslides behind Scott, Cable throws a 
half-ton of medical equipment at him, then he 
and Scott blast in unison, and X-Cutioner has 
to port away. Scott immediately turns to help 
Frost; Cable is impressed and says he's now 
proud to know him and call him father. All he 
wanted is to know Scott missed him; Scott 
says he would have given anything to raise 
him (see The Adventures of Cyclops and 
Phoenix limited series). Cable bodyslides him 
to his bachelor party; Scott finds the wedding 
RSVP in his hand.

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 311
Date:	Apr-94
Story:	Putting the Cat Out (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Beast, Iceman, Storm, Jubilee,
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Yukio
Villains:	Sabretooth, Emma Frost, Phalanx
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: John Romita, Jr.
	Inks: Dan Green, Al Vey
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Steve Buccellato, Marie Javins
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Jubilee yells at Hank, who is performing a 
diagnostic on the Shi'ar power core when he's 
supposed to be taking her into Salem Center 
for a movie. She tries to get Bobby to take her, 
but he's busy enhancing security around the 
med lab. So she waits for Hank: "Almost 
done." "Then you'll probably have to shed or 
	Bishop sits in the snow, remembering when 
his sister Shard showed him they could absorb 
the energy of it melting (but from their body 
heat, so it shouldn't work). Ororo checks if 
he's okay, before she goes into town. He says 
he's trying to start living in the moment and 
playfully throws a snowball at him. She easily 
avoids it, then buries him in a snow bank.
	Sabretooth is in his cell, raging. Hank finds a 
glitch in the core, caused by Magneto's E-M 
pulse (X-Men II:25), and the power goes off. 
Bobby tries to cover Frost, still comatose, as 
both of them are caught in an energy 
backlash. Hank alerts Bishop, who runs to 
secure the tiger in the tank, who has got loose 
and got Jubilee by the hair. 
	Bishop runs with his hands tearing through 
the walls, absorbing any residual energy. 
Jubilee tries her best: "Eat host plasma bursts! 
Ya' third-rate Wolverine wannabe loser 
nobody!" Sabretooth tosses her away, and she 
breaks a rib. She wishes Logan were there.
	Bishop bursts through the wall, and 
Sabretooth flees. Jubilee is scared to be alone, 
but Bishop has to chase Sabretooth before he 
gets to the Morlock tunnel entrance. Hank is 
frantically making repairs, ten seconds from a 
core meltdown.
	Sabretooth tries to jump Bishop, but he blasts 
him and grabs his head. He says he wishes he 
could just execute him; Sabretooth says he's 
bluffing and has run out of energy, and dares 
him to kill him before he rips his face off. 
Unexpectedly, Jubilee has arrived and zaps 
him into unconsciousness with a taser.
	Hank has restored the core; Bobby is 
unconscious and lying across Frost.
	Ororo is in a nightclub in the city meeting 
Yukio. She realizes she is panicked, under a 
calm fa┴ade. She is being hit on by triplets, 
who now reveal themselves to be Phalanx. 
Ororo tells Yukio they should have met at the 

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 312
Date:	May-94
Story:	Romp (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Beast, Iceman, Storm,
Jubilee, Bishop, 
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Yukio
Villains:	Phalanx, Emma Frost, Sabretooth
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: Joe Madureira 
	Inks: Green, Candelario 
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Steve Buccellato, Kevin Somers
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Ororo and Yukio, unlikely friends but
spirits, flee the Phalanx. They are after Yukio 
because she is part of Xavier's Mutant 
Underground, she says to fulfill her social 
conscience and get a danger rush, as she leaps 
off a building. Ororo catches her, astonished 
at her recklessness. She flies them north, 
toward the mansion and away from 
	Remy is on his motorcycle on his way to the 
club, and he asks a beautiful woman for 
directions. He notices Ororo's lightning: she 
has caught a Phalanx between her and the big 
billboard in Times Square. Yukio pokes at the 
remains, trying to figure out what it is; it 
reassembles and blasts her; Ororo blasts it and 
douses Yukio with rain to put out the fire. 
Yukio says she came to the states because she 
was afraid for Ororo.
	A New Yorker with a baseball bat beats the 
remains of the Phalanx; it grabs and 
assimilates him, and Ororo and a cop are 
unable to free him. The Phalanx grabs Ororo, 
saying it has adapted to her powers, so she 
sends lightning to the sidewalk under it, 
instead. It adapts and grabs her again, 
wanting to assimilate her and all the X-Men's 
secrets. Remy arrives, and Yukio and the 
Phalanx both recognize him. Ororo freezes 
the Phalanx around her, shattering it. Remy 
crashes his bike into it, but it just laughs and 
incorporates it. Remy points out it just 
assimilated gasoline; he throws a card and 
ignites it. Ororo directs the blast away from 
bystanders and flies Remy and Yukio away 
from harm and to the USS Intrepid's dock.
	Yukio pulls a knife on Remy; they once had 
conflicting contracts in Milan, and she warns 
him not to harm Ororo. The woman Remy hit 
on shows up: she is an agent from the 
National Security Council, investigating the 
Phalanx since it appeared in Montclair (iss. 
303) and Colorado (iss. 306). Remy realizes 
no one knows about Colorado; she transforms 
into Phalanx. 
	In the mansion, Hank does CPR on Bobby; he 
breathes and babbles about Pierce (see iss. 
281). Bishop has Sabretooth in restraints, and 
he starts insulting them all, so Xavier 
telepathically shuts him up. He is unable to 
probe Bobby's mind, because Frost, still 
comatose, is causing interference. 

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 313
Date:	Jun-94
Story:	Hands across the Water (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Beast, Iceman, Storm,
Jubilee, Gambit, Bishop
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Yukio, Doug Ramsey
Villains:	Phalanx including Steven Lang, Cameron 
Hodge, M. Camden, H. Schwandt; Sabretooth, 
Emma Frost
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: Joe Madureira 
	Inks: Dan Green 
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Steve Buccellato, Kevin Somers
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Remy swims for his life across the Hudson 
River, a giant Phalanx in pursuit. It catches 
and drags him under, wanting to assimilate 
him, but he pulls out cards and explodes its 
innards. Swimming his way to the surface, he 
rescues Yukio, near drowned.
	In Westchester, Bobby is comatose and 
glaciating the med lab. When Hank jokes and 
calls him a popsicle, Jubilee yells at him, guilty 
about calling Illyana a "pimple" and now 
aware of death. She talks to Sean, saying she 
doesn't feel ready to be an X-Man.
	Sabretooth is caged again; Xavier says he'll 
cure him or die trying.
	Ororo is battling another Phalanx and realizes 
it is made of human volunteers who want to 
purge the world of mutants. She destroys the 
Phalanx, which also kills the NSC agent (last 
iss.), who reverts to human form. When 
Ororo goes to check on her, she pops back up 
with a T-O gun emerging from her belly, but 
Remy arrives and knocks her out.
	Lang (iss. 96, 291) is part of the Phalanx and 
its brains; he has recreated Doug Ramsey 
from his corpse (New Mutants 64), to help 
improve the assimilation of humans, but he 
resists. Hodge is there, too (iss. 306, see X-
Terminators 2, 1988), directing the capture of 
	Phalanx approach Yukio, who pleads for her 
life while Remy charges a ship's anchor; when 
ready, Ororo blasts the anchor chain and 
drops it on the Phalanx, Yukio and Remy dive 
into the water, and the explosion is enormous. 
	Yukio kicks Remy in the jaw instead of 
thanking him: she doesn't trust him, and she 
asks Ororo to drop her at the airport.
	Bishop questions his usefulness, since he 
didn't stop Sabretooth in time (last iss.). 
Jubilee calls: Bobby is up and raging. Xavier 
arrives and realizes it is Emma Frost in his 

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 314
Date:	Jul-94
Story:	Early Frost (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Archangel, Iceman, Storm,
Jubilee, Bishop
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Shard
Villains:	Emma Frost; Trevor Fitzroy (in flashback)
Other Characters:	Brett
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: Joe Madureira 
	Inks: Dan Green 
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Steve Buccellato, Kevin Somers
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Frost has broken out of her coma (iss. 281)
taking over Bobby's body (iss. 311), and she's 
using his powers much better than he ever 
did. Warren and Ororo chase her; she doesn't 
believe her students are dead (iss. 282), jumps 
in the Hudson, and freezes it behind her. 
Xavier recalls Warren and Ororo; Sean and 
he are in the Blackbird, and he knows where 
she's headed.
	Bishop works out against a robot in the 
Danger Room. He has recreated a hologram 
of his sister and commanding officer, Shard, 
who critiques his performance. He misses her. 
Jubilee enters and asks about her; Bishop says 
she's dead, and he killed her. 
	Frost gets to the Frost Enterprises building, but 
she doesn't know how to de-ice, and the 
guards find her skulking outside. She 
demands to enter the building; they shoot a 
hold in her chest, but that doesn't stop her. 
She melts and slides into the building, taking 
out the guards there but chiding herself for 
being unaccustomed to physical combat. She 
says she founded the Hellions to protect her, 
but also to help them. She gets to her 
computer and sees that Fitzroy killed them all. 
She cries out, saying she'll never forgive 
herself, and when guards surround her, she 
tells them to kill her.
	Xavier arrives and telepathically stops the 
guards. She tells him she set the Hellions up as 
targets; he says he has also felt that 
responsibility; Sean takes her hand, saying 
they can't bring back the dead, but they can 
build a new future. He carries her out; Xavier 
looks at the roster of dead Hellions and vows, 
"Never again."

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men Ann. 18
Date:	1994
Story 1:	Trust Is a Two-Edged Sword (38 pages)
Feature Characters:	Jubilee, Prof. X, Storm, Jean
Grey, Beast
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Stevie Hunter, Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde)
Villains:	Caliban (Death), Sabretooth
Other Characters:	Smitty, Lopez, Dean, Goose Man
Credits:	Writer: Glenn Herding
	Pencils: Ian Churchill
	Inks: Hilary Barta, Bud LaRosa
	Letters: Richard Starkings
	Colors: Dana Moreshead, Mike Thomas
	Editor: Lisa Patrick
	Group Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Four boys camp out; three of them look at 
dirty magazines, but the fourth brought comic 
books, which one of them says are bad 
because they glorify mutants. Caliban comes 
out of the woods and says one of them is a 
mutant; they run off scared. He takes their 
supplies and goes into the sewers. He has 
Jubilee shackled there, and left a note for 
Xavier saying he'll trade her for Sabretooth 
(X-Men Unlimited 3), who killed his people 
(iss. 211). He will only deal with Kitty, so the 
X-Men contact her in the UK.
	Xavier goes to talk to Sabretooth, who won't 
help unless they release him. Xavier walks 
	Jubilee gets Caliban to unshackle her, then 
tries to blind his light-sensitive eyes with her 
fireworks. She runs, but Caliban says there's 
worse things in the tunnels than him and 
recaptures her.
	Kitty doesn't want to betray Caliban like she 
did Colossus (Excalibur 71), but Xavier says 
lives were at stake in both cases. Jean gives 
Sabretooth enough telepathic "glow" to settle 
him down, and Kitty takes him into the 
tunnels. Caliban senses them coming; he now 
has Jubilee bound to the ceiling. Sabretooth, 
shackled, still attacks Kitty, but she phases, 
uses her martial arts, and gets him to back 
	Caliban traps them in a chamber filling with 
water. He tells Kitty to phase and save herself, 
but she shorts out a fuse box to open a door, 
one that Caliban says is too dangerous. A 
squid grabs Kitty; Caliban punches Sabretooth 
when he abandons her, then attacks the squid 
and gets beaten. Sabretooth lends a hand and 
tears the squid apart. Kitty is shocked to see 
how Apocalypse transformed Caliban (X-
Factor 24) and tells him Sabretooth may be 
capable of reform.
	Sabretooth tricks Kitty into phasing, so he can 
swipe his manacles through her and free 
himself. He goes at Caliban, Jubilee shoots 
fireworks, and Kitty gets the shackles back on 
him. Caliban runs off, ashamed. 

Story 2:	And Nothing Will Ever Be the Same (10 
Feature Characters:	Bishop, Jubilee
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Malcolm, Randall (as holograms)
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Jeph Loeb
	Pencils: Tim Sale
	Inks: Joe Rosen 
	Colors: Greg Wright 
	Editor: Lisa Patrick
	Group Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Bishop uses the Danger Room to recreate a 
mission that nearly ended in Malcolm's death. 
	Jubilee asks him if he wants to go 
rollerblading, and he says no, still brooding on 
the past. But he changes his mind, and walks 
along with her.
	Note: pin-ups of Wolverine, Archangel and 
Jean Grey, Caliban, and Cable follow.

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 315
Date:	Aug-94
Story:	Peers (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Colossus
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Magneto and Acolytes including Neophyte, 
Amelia Voght, Exodus, Scanner, Javitz, Milan, 
Joanna Cargill, Carmella Unuscione, Sven and 
Harlan Kleinstock, Rusty Collins, Skids (Sally 
Other Characters:	
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: Roger Cruz
	Inks: Green, Rubinstein, LaRosa, Barta
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Buccellato, Javins
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Piotr is on Avalon (since iss. 304). He is
as defense attorney for Neophyte, who is 
being tried for treason (iss. 300). They expect 
it to be a kangaroo court.
	Exodus talks to Magneto, propped up 
comatose on his throne. Scanner dares to look 
at him, so Exodus zaps and chokes her. 
	Piotr talks to Voght, the prosecutor, hoping to 
find independence of thought, but she says she 
doesn't trust her judgment, so she does as 
she's told. 
	The trial starts: Voght says Neophyte betrayed 
their trust; Piotr says if Magneto could be 
choose to ally with Xavier, then Neophyte has 
a right to make his own decisions. Milan 
shows how the Acolytes found Neophyte 
holed up in an abandoned church in 
Switzerland. They gave him a home and a 
leader, and he betrayed them. Neophyte 
speaks for himself, saying he changed his 
mind when he saw Moira being tortured, and 
he thinks Xavier's way is better. Unuscione 
grabs the boy with her exoskeleton, but Voght 
ports him away, to wait until the verdict. 
Exodus halts the fighting, then goes to consult 
with Magneto.
	Voght suggests neither Xavier nor Magneto is 
100% correct; Piotr has second thoughts about 
joining the Acolytes. Exodus returns with the 
verdict, but before he can pronounce, Piotr 
insists that Magneto would have respected 
Neophyte's decision, and that no one deserves 
blind obedience. Exodus finishes saying that 
Neophyte's punishment is exile to earth, and 
he ports him away. 
	Voght asks if Piotr is happy, having alienated 
the others; he is glad to have said what he did; 
Exodus realizes that his leadership will no 
longer be unquestioned. In his darkened 
chamber, Magneto smiles.

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 316
Date:	Sep-94
Story:	Generation Next Part 1: Encounter (24 pages)
Feature Characters:	Cyclops, Jean Grey, Banshee,
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	M (Monet St. Croix)
Villains:	Emma Frost, Phalanx including duplicates of 
Iceman, Storm, Archangel, Psylocke, Gambit, 
Bishop, Beast, Rogue
Other Characters:	Col. Gayle Cord-Becker, ret.
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: Joe Madureira
	Inks: Terry Austin, Dan Green
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Steve Buccellato
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Note: this is part of the Phalanx Covenant 
	M is being chauffeured along a rainy road in 
Monaco. Cord-Becker, her bodyguard, 
complains that she has refused to talk for 
three months, since the trouble with her 
brother and the twins; she wants to send her 
to Xavier's school, but her father doesn't want 
to admit she needs help. Suddenly the highly 
armored limo is wrecked by the Phalanx. 
Cord-Becker throws M out the door and pulls 
gun. The Phalanx absorbs the limo, chauffer, 
and Cord-Becker. It is unable to analyze M 
due to psionic interference; the Phalanx 
hypothesizes she is the most powerful of the 
next generation of mutants, so it plans to kill 
her. For now it takes her captive.
	Xavier has put Frost back into her own body 
(see iss. 314), and she is restrained and raving 
in the med lab. Sean tries to help, but *Storm 
shows him the door, making him realize he 
has become an outsider. Scott and Jean call 
for Xavier; Sean directs them to Muir (see 
Wolverine 85). *Archangel shows up and tells 
him to let full-time X-Men handle 
	Sean sees that Jubilee is alone in the Danger 
Room, then notices *Psylocke leaving Xavier's 
Ready Room, which is supposed to be private. 
He goes in and finds *Gambit and *Bishop 
fiddling with Cerebro. He chats, letting drop 
that Xavier is walking, and they don't notice 
the lie, so he realizes they're either impostors 
or under mind-control. The computer tells 
him the only humans in the building are him, 
Frost, Jubilee, and Sabretooth. He tries to send 
for help, but *Beast has gutted the 
communications room, so he goes to release 
Sabretooth. When *Rogue tries to stop him, he 
screams at it, shredding it into T-O bits, and 
he realizes he's up against the Phalanx. 
*Rogue reassembles, and Sabretooth, still 
shackled, busts it to bits.
	Sean says he has the detonator for 
Sabretooth's muzzle and sends him to free 
Jubilee and Frost. The Phalanx are alerted, but 
they're busy downloading all of Xavier's data: 
they are unable to assimilate mutants and 
have the X-Men captive, as test subjects. 
	Sean uses firearms to destroy *Gambit and 
*Bishop, and realizes the Phalanx were going 
after the child mutants Xavier has identified. 
Frost disrupts *Storm and *Iceman 
telepathically. Sean self-destructs the Ready 
Room, and the rest of the Phalanx with it. He 
rendezvous with Sabretooth, Frost, and Jubilee 
in the Morlock tunnels, and plans to rescue 
the children.
	Note: continued in X-Men II:36.

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 317
Date:	Oct-94
Story:	Generation Next Part 3: Enter Freely and of 
Your Own Will (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Banshee, Jubilee 
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	SHIELD including Agt. Santora
Villains:	Emma Frost, Phalanx including Gregor, 
Other Characters:	Husk (Paige Guthrie), Skin (Angelo
Blink (Clarice Ferguson), M (Monet St. Croix), 
Synch (Everett Thomas)
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: Joe Madureira
	Inks: Dan Green
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Steve Buccellato
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Note: this is part of the Phalanx Covenant 
	Paige wakes, a captive of the Phalanx, and 
realizes the blanket over her is actually Skin. 
With them are Gregor, optimistic, Clarice, 
pessimistic, and M, catatonic. They are unable 
to break out, but Paige assures them the X-
Men will rescue them. She realizes she is 
infected with the transmode virus.
	Sean, Frost, Jubilee, and Everett go to Frost's 
highly fortified townhouse on a skyscraper in 
San Francisco. Frost is unable to trace Paige 
any further. Sean warns Frost not to try 
anything and sonically disrupts the targeting 
devices trained on him. Emma brings up the 
(stolen) schematics of the local SHIELD safe 
house, saying they can use it to track the 
	Harvest visits the children, saying he was a 
human who joined the Phalanx and now 
wants to eradicate all organic life. Clarice uses 
her power to teleport him elsewhere, in many 
pieces. But he's Phalanx, so he'll recover.
	Everett talks to Jubilee, who feels useless as an 
X-Man, only able to generate fireworks. He 
agrees with her, which is a mistake.
	Sean and Emma use their sonic and telepathic 
powers to mask them as they walk through 
the front door of the SHIELD facility. 
	M speaks. She had been planning their escape, 
and has reconfigured part of the T-O clothing 
they are all wearing. She blasts Gregor, 
having deduced it is Phalanx. 
	SHIELD sees the puddles Sean and Frost 
dragged in and captures them. Frost threatens 
to fry their minds; Sean just screams, instead. 
	M punches the wall and frees them. Paige is 
starting to feel the T-O virus. They realize 
they're on a ship at sea.
	Note: continued in X-Men II:37.

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 318
Date:	Nov-94
Story:	Moving Day (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Cyclops, Jean Grey,
Beast, Archangel, 
Iceman, Storm, Banshee, Jubilee, Gambit, 
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Skin (Angelo Espinosa), M (Monet St.
Husk (Paige Guthrie), Synch (Everett Thomas); 
Nathan Christopher Summers (in flashback)
Villains:	Emma Frost (henceforth a hero) 
Other Characters:	Ike, Moke
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: Roger Cruz
	Inks: Tim Townsend
	Letters: Grover (?) Eliopoulos
	Colors: Steve Buccellato
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Workmen remove the "Xavier's School for 
Gifted Youngsters" sign and see Angelo on his 
way to hitchhike to New York. Hank stops for 
him and agrees to drive him to the airport, 
since he doesn't want to leave his family and 
be an X-Man.
	Scott is guilty over abandoning his son, again 
(Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix 4). Xavier, 
having absorbed 10 years of his and Jean's 
memories, says he had no choice. Scott isn't 
sure if he should tell Cable the whole story. 
Xavier says their experiences in the future 
may help them cure the Legacy Virus, then he 
drops his tea, and Jean catches it mid-air. He 
says the strain is getting to him, and with the 
loss of the years of data in his Ready Room 
(iss. 316), he feels useless.
	Monet takes the other kids to the mall. Sean is 
looking forward to being headmaster of the 
new school; Bishop says he'll have his hands 
	Angelo won't let Hank talk him out of leaving, 
so he sings along with the Rolling Stones 
instead. He stops the car when Angelo's skin 
starts growing again; he can't control it.
	Frost impatiently oversees workmen installing 
the new sign: "Xavier Institute for Higher 
Learning." She refrains from taking over their 
minds and starts acting like one of the good 
	Bobby goes to talk to her, about her taking 
over his body and using his powers better 
than he can. She calls him a loser and a fool 
and a clown and goes inside his head to make 
him manifest icy spikes, then turns it off and 
says he'll have to learn for himself.
	Hank gives Angelo the car keys and tells him 
to find a hopeless place without music, where 
he can ignore the world, and he drives off.
	Jubilee packs to leave and suddenly feels 
homesick. Warren says goodbye, and she yells 
at him, saying he's never been a friend. He 
says he's not expressive; she says he ought to 
try being human. But they hug.
	Scott and Jean are moving into the boathouse; 
they get the thief Remy to help carry their 
stuff. He envies Scott: "?a future with a wife 
dat loves you ? and a past filled wit' things 
you're not ashamed of." Scott says he had 
Bella Donna and has Rogue; Remy says his 
marriage was forced, and he won't give a 
straight answer on Rogue. 
	Xavier sees Sean off: Xavier's school is 
officially moving to the Massachusetts 
Academy, with Sean and Frost running it. 
Sean has doubts about her; Xavier says the 
former White Queen has a big heart, and Sean 
can help her get over the loss of her Hellions. 
Jubilee comes downstairs and doesn't let 
Xavier say anything or she'll cry; she just hugs 
him and leaves. Angelo drives up and politely 
asks to join the school. Xavier says he can 
catch Sean if he hurries.
	Note: the story continues in the Generation X 

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 319
Date:	Dec-94
Story:	Untapped Potential (23 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Beast, Archangel, Iceman,
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	
Villains:	Legion (David Haller)
Other Characters:	William and Maddy Drake
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell
	Pencils: Steve Epting
	Inks: Dan Green, Tim Townsend
	Letters: Chris, Audra
	Colors: Buccellato, Becton, Hicks
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Note: this occurs after the Rogue limited 
	Bobby makes an ice castle for Rogue on the 
Long Island shore; he remembers his father 
criticizing his sand castles, saying you don't 
get ahead by dreaming. He's been feeling like 
a slacker since Emma Frost took over his body.
	Xavier dreams of Israel, where he and 
Magneto were friends. He says he's always 
drawn his resolution from Magneto, and 
wonders what would have happened if he had 
never been around.
	Bobby thanks Rogue for driving him home for 
a visit and says Remy's a jerk for playing with 
her head. She begins to defend him, but Bobby 
points out the surprise wife, and she calls 
herself pathetic. "There's nothing pathetic 
about wanting to be loved, Rogue." They show 
up at the Drakes three hours late, so dad is 
ticked already.
	Warren arranges for Betsy to sing at a 
nightclub he owns. He mentions that although 
he lost Worthington Enterprises (X-Factor 
21), he still has a personal fortune, then he 
makes his move, and she lets him fly off with 
	Mrs. Drake serves a late repast; Mr. Drake 
serves up insults until Bobby, fed up, ices over 
his newspaper. Dad doesn't like his girl 
friends: Italian, Japanese, or mutant (Zelda, 
Opal, Rogue). Bobby storms out, saying he's 
sorry to have disappointed him. Rogue says 
Bobby told her good things about his father 
but never mentioned he was a bigot.
	Dream-Magneto says he and Xavier have 
caused a war, and the world would have been 
better without him. He reveals himself to be 
Legion, Xavier's insane son.
	Warren dances with Betsy in mid-air. They 
joke that things are supposed to be more 
complicated, full of angst and plot twists, and 
then they kiss. 
	Rogue sits with Bobby on the beach while he 
builds a sand castle. He says he always 
protected the underdogs and thought he 
learned that from his father. Rogue says his 
father is just wrong.
	Hank hears Xavier cry out and goes to wake 
him up. Xavier explains that Legion has 
reassembled his fractured psyche; Hank hopes 
that's a good thing, but Xavier says he's 
unlimited and unstable.

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 320
Date:	Jan-95
Story:	The Son Rises in the East (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Jean Grey, Iceman, Storm,
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Gabrielle Haller, Lilandra Neramani, 
Gladiator, Jahf
Villains:	Legion (David Haller)
Other Characters:	Dr. Hessen
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell, Mark Waid
	Pencils: Roger Cruz
	Inks: Tim Townsend
	Letters: Bill Oakley 
	Colors: Steve Buccellato 
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Note: this is part 1 of the Legion Quest 
	There's a storm in the desert, but Ororo is still 
unable to get Legion's attention. Bishop is 
unable to siphon off his energy, and Jean is 
barely holding herself upright, while Bobby 
and Betsy hide under an ice shield. Ororo 
realizes they were arrogant to think they 
could overcome Legion.
	Flashback: the X-Men land in Israel and see 
the army and the PLO working together, so 
things must be bad. Gabrielle briefs them: 
their attack was thrown back with heavy 
casualties, Legion has erected a black dome in 
the desert, his energy readings are off the 
charts, and the government is considering a 
nuclear strike. Legion has recently emerged 
from his coma and overcome his 
schizophrenia; his unified mind is "ten times" 
as powerful as his father, Xavier. The X-Men 
go to see what they could do.
	Legion finally speaks to Ororo, and since she's 
unhappy with what he's done there, he 
teleports them both back in time to Cairo, 
where she witnesses the jet crashing into her 
building, about to kill her mother. She 
instinctively races to rescue her, but there's no 
time, and they wind up back in the Negev. 
Legion says time travel is his newest power 
and he intends to change history. Bishop 
rushes him and gets felled, but that makes an 
opening for Bobby and Jean to attack.
	Flashback: as they approached, Legion 
telekinetically grabs the Blackbird, the makes 
it disappear. Jean congratulates him on his 
progress in healing his mind, but fails to 
convince him he needs more work. Legion 
says he plans to fortify his father's dream.
	Ororo realizes Legion plans to go back in time 
and remake Xavier's dream. She grabs Betsy 
and has her spike Bishop, who still has some 
of Legion's chronal energy. When he ports 
away, they all go with him, leaving Jean alone 
in the desert.
	Jahf knocks down Gladiator to warn Lilandra 
of "the end of all that is."
	Note: continued in X-Men II:40.

Issue:	Uncanny X-Men 321
Date:	Feb-95
Story:	Auld Lang Syne (22 pages)
Feature Characters:	Prof. X, Cyclops, Jean Grey,
Beast, Archangel, 
Iceman, Storm, Rogue, Psylocke, Gambit, 
Regular Characters:	
Guest Stars:	Erik Magnus Lensherr, Cable
Villains:	Legion (David Haller)
Other Characters:	 
Credits:	Writer: Scott Lobdell, Mark Waid
	Pencils: Ron Garney
	Inks: Townsend, Green, Rubinstein
	Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
	Colors: Steve Buccellato 
	Editor: Bob Harras
	Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Synopsis:	Note: this is part 3 of the Legion Quest 
crossover and takes place after Cable 20.
	Past: in a bar in Israel, Xavier theorizes about 
the existence of mutants and tries to convince 
Magnus they can live in harmony with 
humans, but he thinks homo superior will 
need to fight to survive. A legless veteran rolls 
in on a cart and begs; the patrons toss small 
change and insults. Xavier stands; Magnus 
gives the bartender some money for the 
damages; Xavier twists the arm of a fat 
boorish drunk, then takes a bill from him and 
hands it to the veteran. A brawl breaks out. 
Magnus: "And you dreamed of a world 
without violence." Xavier: "Any dream worth 
having, Erik, is a dream worth fighting for." 
Together then beat up 14 sailors, then leave.
	Present: the Shi'ar have cobbled together a 
psi-boosting machine, letting Jean hold 
Cable's body together while his latent time 
travel power (?) is jump-started by Xavier, 
sending his mind to the past. 
	Past: Bobby and Bishop are dockworkers, 
while Betsy probes Ororo's mind, trying to 
overcome her amnesia. They are all frustrated. 
Meanwhile, Xavier admits he feels guilty 
about falling in love with a patient; Magnus 
tells him life is too short for such worries. At 
the hospital, Legion telepathically masks 
himself as Xavier and accosts Gabrielle 
(possibly fathering himself). Xavier senses the 
attack. Cable appears to Bishop; Ororo flashes 
lightning at him, assuming he's an enemy; he 
catches Bishop and makes him remember to 
stop Legion. Xavier and Magnus find Gabrielle 
on the ground and Legion powered up, 
planning to kill Magnus before he can become 
	Note: continued in X-Men II:41.
	Note: the Age of Apocalypse intervenes, see 
the Astonishing X-Men 1-4.

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